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Happy tots playgroup
Happy tots playgroup

Personal Training male/female. pre and post natal training, youth development, mobility and movement Personal Training, fat loss, health and wellbeing

Operating as usual

Photos from Julianne Larkin- Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist's post 25/01/2021

Guys for everyone using the app can you all make sure you log workouts, put photos in, log nutrition etc and any questions or anything use the in app messenging service or messenger through fb as theres still quite a few clients not logging or tracking anything or basically using it to its potential. Thanks !!!


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Delta Fitness


Warehouse Gym

Some changes inside and outside the gym for when we open our doors again currently in the works 😎

We still haven't any confirmed dates for reopening but keep an eye out for any updates on the page we will keep yous all posted 💪


I’d like to thank everyone of my clients for the encouragement and support over these tough weeks. No matter what decisions you decide to choose I will always stand by your decisions 100%. I will be continuing my one to one sessions until otherwise told by the government or authorities. I also have on line facilities in place for both training and nutrition so anyone wishing to continue and train at home can do so. I think it’s important for everyone to work round the current situation and adapt and overcome like we have done over the previous years. Any info or questions feel free to send me a DM through messenger or the training app. Stay safe and I will see you all soon.


Warehouse Gym

New prowler track arrived in yesterday aswell as our 3rd cybex smith machine 😎

Torque tank due in next week aswell for the new track.

New coloured bumper plates and racks have arrived already as I'm sure some if you have seen, so the added on area will be ready next week aswell



Warehouse Gym


Squat University

Ask yourself this question: could you sit in a deep squat comfortably for 1 full minute? What about 5? The ability to easily sit in a deep squat was something we all could do when we were young ... but over the years many of us have lost it. It’s time we get it back.🥊

Some will come out with the argument, “adults have different bone structures & proportions as babies” as an excuse for why they shouldn’t squat so easily. “Babies have larger heads & shorter torsos!!!” Yet if you look at certain populations over the world, the deep body weight squat is a position many use EVERYDAY to rest, prepare food and hang out with others!🤯

When we say “squat like a baby” I mean you should have the ease of moving through full ranges into positions your body SHOULD have access to! You SHOULD be able to easily sit into a deep squat just as you did as a child. Remember the squat is a movement ever before it’s an exercise, but if you only ever use it as an exercise you’re missing out on the amazing benefits this movement has to offer!🙌🏼

Tag a friend below and challenge them to start working on sitting in a deep body weight squat everyday. Start off small, 30 seconds even. And work up as you can. Expose yourself to the positions you want to improve ... with the end goal of sitting comfortably for at least 2-3 minutes👍🏼


What is the Rotator Cuff and Why It's Important to Shoulder Health The rotator cuff is a group of 4 muscles and their associated tendons that span the shoulder joint, or more anatomically speaking, the glenohumeral joint.


Warehouse Gym

Amazing what abit of paint does to freshen the place up!

Also a sneaky few sets of force fitness dumbells have been added this week, more equipment due in at the end of the month aswell!

We don't do a little refurb every couple of years like most gyms (if your lucky lol) we are continually growing and adding for our members by the month!


Range of Motion



"WHAT DO YOU MEAN......'FORGOTTEN 11'?!?!?!?"

These are the muscles most associated with POOR PERFORMANCE and CHRONIC PAIN because:

1. As we age they will get WEAKER if we don't train them effectively.
2. They are POSTURAL MUSCLES which means they must be trained for endurance (and who really does that?)
3. These muscles are NOT part of most functional fitness training programs.


ORDER, "A Training Manual for Correcting Weak Links", while it is ON SALE. Here is the link with details,

Become a Better Human


Inspired Diaries


Would you believe that these pics are taken within 12 hours of one another? Not the typical before and after now is it? 🙊

I believe that vacations are a time immerse yourself into new cultures, experiences, foods, languages and fun. It’s a time to let go of home stressors and responsibilities in favour of making memories. 👈🏼

For many that means more stress not less. Especially when so many are still worried about bloating, weight gain and looking fat while away or in the pics they post. ❌❌❌

Our diet culture has us leaning out before a trip to look our best while away and then dieting away the calories we ate when we return because we over indulged. It’s a crazy way to live and I ditched this mindset quite a while ago. So I didn’t panic after a late night dinner that left me with this food baby. 🤰🏻😂😜

So, here’s some REAL TALK. You’re going to bloat, gains few lbs and feel dehydrated while on vacation. It’s inevitable. You’re out of routine and in a different environment. Embrace the moments that become memories instead of stressing about how you look in a bikini. Know and find comfort that your routine is waiting for you when you get home and you’ll be just fine. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on all the fun and just get caught up in your own self destructive BS. THE BEST VACATIONS COME FROM THIS MINDSET. PERIOD.



Image: York To Lancaster: Lt Michael Murphy and his Memorial WOD Found on Google from


Metcon Leaderboard as follows

250m row
5 x 40kg deadlifts
10 x jump squats
15 x situps

5 rounds

20 mins or less

fastest times:

Helene Atkinson 18 mins 55 seconds
Noele Moore 19 mins 25 seconds
Kelly Brown 22 mins 8 seconds
Lyndsey Fields 23 mins 25 seconds



Inspiration right there.

US Navy SEAL, David Goggins, will inspire you to overcome any adversity. No matter what.

(Interview with Tom Bilyeu)


Elite Performance Institute

Nice video tutorial on anatomy of the Shoulder joint


Testosterone Nation



Warehouse Gym

Our members can now buddy up again on the stairs 💪🏼


Stolen Valor


Testosterone Nation

Wise words.


Warehouse Gym

The functional training room coming along 💪💪💪💪


Testosterone Nation


Kevin "Dauber" Lacz

'and when the machine breaks down, we break down'-Platoon
Stress is the #1 inhibitor of performance. Unfortunately, most people overlook its often easy remedies bc they don’t understand what it is or its impact. As a PA, I ask people to list their stressors, & they respond: work/kids/job/finances. Yes, these can be huge stressors, but they're usually not easily correctable & they're external. Think of your body like a machine (a car). External dents affect how new it looks, but the engine keeps it running. As a clinician, I start with the basics: Energy level? Sleep? Hormone symptoms? Exercise? Stress level? Often, stress is a cause of problems in the first 4. Manage it, the rest improve.
What is stress? "Easy" answer: stress is ubiquitous. Yes, work is stressful. Most people don't realize that an unhealthy diet is stressful to your body, as is a hormonal imbalance or lack of exercise or adequate sleep. So if you're doing things like forcing yourself to wake up early to meet a 'mindset' instead of getting ample rest time, experimenting with meds bc you have an undetected hormonal imbalance, or skipping a checkup and maybe missing physiologic deficiencies, you’re creating more stress for your body. People don't realize that to your body, the 'kids/work/finances stress' is the same as the 'poor diet' stress. It just adds up until the machine breaks down. Some people feel stressed and hit the gym - exercise is a must, but overtraining will put that car in the shop. Stress is stress is stress to the body. Trying to fit an image you see online or overtraining are not plans for reaching your body's peak performance. Your body gives you alerts. Find a healthcare provider who listens and helps you navigate the path to less stress - not in a Yoga kind of way, in a chronic stress=cortisol=decreased immunity, increased abdominal fat storage, muscle loss kind of way. Listen now or Pay the Man later.
Stress is the source of success or failure. You decide the course of action. Act now with some preventative maintenance or wait til it hurts.
People will look anywhere for health info. Trust your body, it's talking to you. cred:onlyeasydaywasyesterday


Testosterone Nation



Right guys hit me with the times for this week you know the drill things are getting busy for me so get your slots booked in advance!!!!


The Fitness Café


The Fitness Café

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81kg power clean, bodyweight 102kg.  Failed this attempt but didn't let it beat me.





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