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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for 14 nice days in Regent Oxford. Vera
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Regent Oxford feeling festive!
Regent Oxford making the most of the festivities this winter!

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A vocal masterclass from Simon at the Regent Oxford Host family party!
The excellent Marco giving a testimonial about his time at Regent Oxford.

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رائع جدا
Today is a day to thank all of you who have been part of my life. Thanks to the Regent school because they welcomed me with open arms and I have a great human experience of friendship, appreciation and coexistence. To all my professors, my gratitude for their teachings. You have marked my life. A fraternal hug. Francisco
Hello. I am Sébastien Franc, a French English teacher who came for a training two years ago and I loved being with you. I'm sending you a padlet with a work done by my 10th year ESL students, if ever you are interested, could you leave a comment in English to show them that their work is also done to create links abroad. Thanks

Regent Oxford is the lead provider of Academic Excellence and oldest language school in the City.

Since we were established in 1953 we have been dedicated to providing life-changing English language experiences for the ambitious and professional. Regent Oxford provides transformational group and individual tuition for outcome-focused, ambitious learners who are the future influential global communicators. We are renowned for our academic excellence provided within a social environment, giving

Operating as usual


4 Reasons to Learn a Second Language


Regent Oxford 2018 Review

Wow....great Regent memories from 2018 and 2019! See you all again soon - we’ll be here and ready to offer you our amazing experience once again soon 🙂 Till then...stay safe everyone and do share your memories from Regent Oxford with us!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 25/03/2020

Don’t forget to log in to today at 4pm to join us for a Speaking Workshop with Michael - our first Wednesday Workshop online!!

Plenary 24/03/2020


Many of our past students will remember their favourite plenary as well as the first they delivered themselves (a milestone!). It is always daunting speaking in front of a large audience but this time join in as before only from home! Would you like to post or take part? Let us know! For now, try and solve the riddle below.... is it possible? A prize awaits!

Plenary An inspirational way to start your day

Discussion Group 24/03/2020

Discussion Group

Come and take a look at our discussion group where you can chat with your favourite teachers and other students, past and present. This week's question - If you are self-isolating what do you do? Who do you call? How do you stay sane?

Curious what Sean is up to? What has Michael been cooking? Want to say hello to Steve? Join now and start posting.

Discussion Group Chat with students and teachers online to develop your English skills. If you don't know what to say, find ideas here


Our first online lessons, up and running!

Thank you Saad for taking the lead and continuing your English classes online with our teacher Sean 😀

If you'd like to start online classes with our teachers, get in touch today!


Learn English Online with Regent Oxford! 💻📚🇬🇧

In light of the uncertainty we all face in our daily lives with the outbreak of Covid-19, we are pleased to offer you an online course of bespoke English tuition:

✅ 5 hours per week of individual online tuition with Regent teachers

✅ 2.5 hours per week of guided self study

✅ Full online support including weekly coaching, advice for studying independently and extra language exercises

✅ An online discussion portal to develop your online interpersonal skills and talk with teachers and other students

✅ Development of your digital literacy as well as your English, with real practice of using digital tools

Now is the time to work on your skills, improve your English and be ready for your next challenge!

Our online learning programme is 100% flexible, meaning that you can fit it in around your other daily activities and work responsibilities.

Contact us today for more information!
📧 [email protected]

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 18/03/2020

Last weeks cultural programme took the students on a cooking workshop! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

English delicacies were on the menu, including of course scones! 🍳🍳


Jill Departure Video

What do our students have to say about us....? Listen to one of our students departure videos - and hear how in just 2 weeks she has jumped straight in to life at Regent Oxford :)

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 13/03/2020

This week, we say goodbye sadly to two great students, Jill and Merve, who have both been great additions to our school.

They have got involved through their ongoing commitment to the cultural programme and their charisma and energy around the school. We wish them both well! 👋👋👋👋

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 13/03/2020

Congratulations to this weeks Student of The Week - Eliot! 🏆🏆🏆 His teacher Sean awarded it to him for being hardworking. Eliot then tested the work he's been doing in class on public speaking and gave us a great acceptance speech!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 12/03/2020

Michaels plenary today focused on the intricacy of English language! 🗣💬

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 11/03/2020

Today as part of our cultural programme we have Conversation Club - our student get a chance to practice their english over a cup of coffee with our teachers! ☕️💬☕️💬☕️

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 11/03/2020

Today's 15 minute plenary, by Jill, was an insight in to Medieval Clans and her experience of roleplaying them at German markets. Very interesting topic and the students had a great indepth discussion afterwards! 👑👑👑

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 10/03/2020

Yesterday, we had Henry's Plenary on the history of the bicylce 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ It was very informative and was followed by a bicycle themed wordsearch. The students were so focused you could hear a pin drop!


Motohiro is our Student of the Week!! It's his last day - so we also say goodbye but he's left on a high! 🏆🏆🏆🏆


A great lesson in how to pursuit happiness in your life from our beautiful Elena - a successful businesswoman from Russia and a very happy Regent Oxford student! Thank you Elena! :))


Last week Oxford was witness to the meeting of two brilliant and inspiring minds!

Climate activist Greta Thunberg met Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai during a visit to Oxford University.

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 04/03/2020

Henry recently visited Katowice in Poland and enjoyed meeting lots of new people at Project Travel's educational conference! Thank you to everyone who attended!


Regent Oxford Student Experience!

Take a look at our student Sho's wonderful video about his experience at Regent Oxford! Thank you for sharing it with us, Sho!

If you'd also like to join us in 2020 for an intensive English course in the most beautiful city in the UK, message us today or email [email protected]

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 28/02/2020

Our student of the week, congratulations Noah! 🏆🏆🏆

We are celebrating Noah this week as a student who has gone above and beyond in both his learning and his attitude to the rest of school! Always the first to make a new pupil feel welcome 😊


Anne's Farewell Speech

Here is Annes's farwell speech! We said goodbye to three hardworking and brilliant students this week -Anne, Marek and Zubaira!


Pancake Day at Regent Oxford!

Every year people in the UK celebrate 'Pancake Day' by preparing and eating delicious sweet and savoury pancakes! So we had our own pancake party at school yesterday .... and the results were delicious!!!


Who’s hungry? It's Regent Oxford Pancake Day...!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 25/02/2020

‘If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses’ Henry Ford, the inventor of the car, understood how design thinking works. Today Doris told us about creativity, prototyping and innovation. Trial and error and not giving up is key!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 21/02/2020

Time to say goodbye to so many students today...! A special thank you to our fantastic group from Uruguay too - thank you for coming all this way to be part of our school life for the last two weeks!!


Our latest Student of the Week is ...the beautiful and wonderful Julia...! We will miss you Julia!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 18/02/2020

And the worthy winner of the English Speaking Day is...Abdullah from the UAE! 🏆 The runner up was Yahya from Oman, whilst Artem from Russia won the Spoon Jousting Competition! Well done everybody and remember: every day is English Language Day at Regent Oxford!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 18/02/2020

English Language Day at Regent Oxford continues...! Who’s ready to take on the reigning Victorian Spoon Jousting Queen Doris ...??

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 18/02/2020

Love is in the air! At Regent Oxford we celebrated Valentine's day in style with balloons, party games, chocolates, dancing and much much more! Special congratulations to Isabel, Sophie and Eche who were the 'Cereal Box Game' champions!!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 14/02/2020

Time to say goodbye again to some great and hard working students this week - we will miss you Aoi, Florence, Carolina and Claudia!! :)


Congratulations to Nasser, our latest Student of the Week!! Only the beginning of a long journey for Omani army officer Nasser, and what a great start: hardworking, positive and improving daily - bravo! You’re a great inspiration to us all Nasser!!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 14/02/2020

Thank you Tomoko and Moto for a brilliant and inspiring start to the day with a plenary on Japanese customs! Arigato! :))

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 11/02/2020

Join the 'Arts, Literature and Culture' programme this summer at Regent Oxford! 📚

For high level students with a passion for learning, you will focus on three sessions: Literary Analysis, Writing Workshop and Arts&Culture.

PLUS an amazing special Cultural Programme, which includes visits to the theatre, literary London and behind the scenes at the university's Bodleian library!

We have two sessions:
29th June - 10th July
27th July - 7th August

Email us today for more information!
📧 [email protected]

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 07/02/2020

The first week of February is ending and we are happy to celebrate a new Student of the Week ... Khalid! He is an excellent student - always in a good mood and so talkative! 🙌

And yesterday we had a brilliant bowling competition - who do you think was the winner? 🥇

Have a good weekend! We are going to welcome lots of new students on Monday! 🤗 @ Regent Oxford


Join us in Oxford, UK and prepare for your academic future with our intensive IELTS Preparation programme! ✏️📚🎓

📌 Start any Monday
📌 25 hours of specialist tuition every week
📌 Exam dates every month

For more information and advice contact us today!

Photos from Regent Oxford's post 31/01/2020

And the Student of the Week is ...🥁 Merve! 🤗 Well done and Congratulations! We are sad that we have to say goodbye to our Argentinian friends, you really provided a lively atmosphere during the last 4 weeks! 😋 Don't forget your English and come back soon 🇬🇧 @ Regent Oxford


‘Challenging Impossibility’ - what a topic to start your day with! And who better to talk about it than our resident Guinness World Record breaker, teacher and an all round amazing guy, Mr Steve Guy himself! The world’s largest pencil? The world’s largest seesaw?? The world’s largest tennis racket?? It’s all Steve!!


What do our students say about us..? Well, here are some recent comments from our lovely January students!

💬 'Since I arrived here my English is getting better and better, I'm very happy!' Thiago

💬 'Its an excellent school in my opinion and I spent a great time here' Valentino

💬 'A very good school with very experienced teachers and amazing people' Marco

And of course, as always, we got lots and lots of comments about our delicious and never-ending supply of cookies! 🍪

Comment below what was your favourite thing about studying at Regent Oxford! ⬇️

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Jill Departure Video
Regent Oxford Student Experience!
Anne's Farewell Speech
Pancake Day at Regent Oxford!



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