UEA Internat. Wittgenstein Workshops

UEA Internat. Wittgenstein Workshops

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The UEA Wittgenstein Workshop is an international research seminar. Meetings take place several time

The UEA Wittgenstein workshop is an international research seminar with a focus on Wittgenstein’s philosophy broadly understood. This includes its background and influences, Wittgenstein’s relation to his interlocutors, the reception of his philosophy and its relation to 20th century philosophers and philosophical movements, Wittgenstein’s relation to and relevance for contemporary positions and d


Here's the new programme for UEA Wittgenstein workshops 2022-23.

On Übersichtlichkeit. Wittgenstein’s Perspicuous Representation and its Historical Genealogy 06/09/2022

This Thursday, Oskari Kuusela will be presenting at the online event below.

The event will kick off at 9 45, Thursday 8th. If interested, please send an email to the following address:

[email protected]

On Übersichtlichkeit. Wittgenstein’s Perspicuous Representation and its Historical Genealogy Wittgenstein’s later methodology is frequently associated to a well-known concept, that of ‘perspicuous representation’ – übersichtliche Darstellung – of the grammar of language, whose nature, despite its declared ‘fundamental importance’ (PI 122), is h...


Updated programme for 2021-22.


UEA Wittgenstein workshop programme 2021-22. We're continuing on Zoom.


Wittgenstein workshops programme 2020-21. If you want to join, there's two ways. Email me around the time for a particular session to request for the Zoom link and paper or email to request to join the mailing list. (Please note that there's no point to come without reading the paper, as it will only be briefly introduced and everyone is expected to have read it.)

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now 18/05/2020

Wittgenstein workshop on 20 May 2020: Pascal Zambito (University of Vienna) 'Is Wittgenstein’s Style Essayistic?' 4-6 pm (GMT+1). There's a paper to be read in advance. Email o.kuusela(at)uea.ac.uk to get a copy (or send a personal message to Oskari Kuusela on FB). Here's the link to join the meeting on Zoom (the same as last time): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81376354341

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Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now 05/05/2020

UEA Wittgenstein workshops have moved online for the rest of this year. The next meeting is on Wednesday 6.5, 4-6 pm with Jane Heal (University of Cambridge) on Naturalism. No paper to read in advance. Join us at: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81376354341

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...


UEA Wittgenstein workshop programme for 2019-20.


The Engaging Kripke with Wittgenstein workshop was excellent! Thanks to the speakers and everyone who participated.


Wednesday 22 May: Constantine Sandis (University of Hertfordshire) speaking at the Wittgenstein workshop on the topic of 'We'.


Hello Everyone!

Our workshop is back on Wednesday 13th with Bill Child (Oxford) speaking on "We can go no further': Meaning, Use and the Limits of Language"

The paper is now available on Blackboard.

Venue: Arts 2. 08, 5-7 pm

See you there!


Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder that tomorrow it will be our very Oskari Kuusela (UEA) presenting at the Workshop. We are very much looking forward to his talk: "On Wittgenstein and Carnap's Conceptions of the Dissolution of Philosophical Problems, and against a therapeutic mix. How to solve the paradox of the Tractatus"

Venue: Arts 2. 08, 5-7 pm

See you there!


Hi again!

We proudly announce that part of our programme this year will be a whole-day workshop entitled "Wittgensteinian Themes: Ethics/Politics" organized in collaboration with members of Åbo University (Finnland) and convening next week on the 1st of December at UEA.

Please, find below the programme.
Spread the news and in case you are coming please let us know!

Stay tuned.


Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder that next week it will be Danièle Moyal-Sharrock from the University of Hertfordshire presenting at the Workshop. We are very much looking forward to her talk "From Deed to Word: Wittgenstein's kink-free Enactivism" which will be held in memoriam John V. Canfield (1934-2017) [1]

Abstract: In their most recent book, Evolving Enactivism: Basic Minds Meet Content (MIT 2017), Dan Hutto and Eric Myin claim to give a complete and gapless naturalistic account of cognition, but it comes with a kink. The kink being that content-involving cognition has special properties found nowhere else in nature, making it the case that minds capable of contentful thought differ in kind, in this key respect, from more basic minds. With the help of Ludwig Wittgenstein and John V. Canfield, I argue that the emergence of language (the use of words, symbols, representations) is an extension of action and not therefore due to some novel or unnatural properties or features that would in any way arrest or divert continuity. The enactive account of cognition is kink-free both in its basic and non-basic manifestations: there is simply no kink to mind.

[1] Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, Jack (as he liked to be called) was an eminent philosopher of language, philosopher of mind, Wittgenstein scholar – and a dear friend. Among his many publications are: 'The Community View (Philosophical Review, 1996); 'The rudiments of language' (Language & Communication, 1995); 'The Passage into Language: Wittgenstein & Quine' (in The Cambridge Companion to Wittgenstein, 1996); 'Pretence and the Inner' (in The Third Wittgenstein, 2004); 'Back to the Rough Ground: Wittgenstein and ordinary language' (in Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy: Essays for P. M. S. Hacker, 2009); and Becoming Human: The Development of Language, Self and Self-Consciousness (Palgrave, 2007). This paper pays tribute to his deep and sensitive understanding of what it means to be(come) human.

The paper will not be pre-circulated this time.

Hope to see you next week at the UEA Campus ARTS building, this time in room 01.16., at 5pm.

Stay tuned!


Program UPDATE!

On November 7th, we will have the opportunity to discuss a new paper from Oskari Kuusela: "Conceptions of Philosophical Problems and Their Dissolution: On Wittgenstein, Carnap, and against a Therapeutic Mix".

Hope to see you soon in Norwich!


Next week, on Wednesday 26th, we are welcoming Lynette Reid (Dalhousie University) to discuss with us her paper "Truth and Politics: Reflections on Themes in Peter Winch’s Political Philosophy".

As usual, let us know if you are coming and we will send you the paper so you can get prepared for the session.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday 5-7 pm, Norwich, UEA Campus, ARTS 2.08.


UEA Internat. Wittgenstein Workshops

arts.uottawa.ca 08/06/2018

Wittgenstein : the Place of Normativity in a Naturalistic World

Rupert Read is speaking at this conference next week. arts.uottawa.ca/philosophy/news/wittgenstein-place-normativity-naturalistic-world

arts.uottawa.ca Wittgenstein international conference at the department on June 15-16th, 2018.


On Wednesday 6 July, we'll have the last workshop of the academic year 2017-18, with Anat Matar (Tel Aviv University). She will be speaking on 'Cora Diamond's Wittgensteinian Ethics'. UEA campus, ARTS 2.06 5-7 pm.


Wittgenstein, ethics and politics: A day workshop
Hosted by the UEA Wittgenstein Workshop
22 June 2016, ARTS 01.06, University of East Anglia

10-11.20 Benjamin de Mesel (Philosophy, KU Leuven):
'Wittgenstein, Meta-Ethics and the Subject Matter of Moral Philosophy’

11.40-13.00 Craig Taylor (Philosophy, Flinders University):
‘Diamond on Realism in Moral Philosophy’

Lunch (1 hr 15 mins)

14.15-15.45 Nigel Pleasants (Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Exeter):
'On Revolutions: Moral, Political and Scientific'.
Reply by Rupert Read.

16.00-17.20 Aletta Norval (Politics, Essex):
'The Democratic Demand: a Wittgensteinian A22pproach'

Roundtable 17.30-18.30, chaired by Oskari Kuusela

No registration. Further information: [email protected], [email protected]


Here's the programme for this year.

UEA Wittgenstein workshop 2015-2016

Meetings take place on Wednesdays 5-7pm in ARTS 01.06

28.10. Jessica Woolley (UEA, TBA), 'Return to the Source: The Opening of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations'
18.11. Denis McManus (University of Southampton), ‘Phenomenology, Logic, and Liberation from Grammar’
2.12. Yrsa Neuman (Abo Akademi University), ‘The Language Police Charge’
20.1. Mihai Ometita (UEA), ‘Wittgenstein’s Critique of Phenomenological Language’
3.2. Phil Hutchinson (Manchester Metropolitan University), TBA
2.3. Matteo Falomi (University of Essex) ‘Moral Perfectionism and Self-determination’
13.4. David Stern (University of Iowa) ‘Wittgenstein in the 1930s’
27.4. Sidra Shahid, (UEA) ‘Wittgenstein and Transcendental Idealism Revisited’
11.5. Peter Hacker (Universities of Kent and Oxford) ‘Passions’
25.5. Stefan Rumens (University of Leuven) "Compatibilism without the Metaphysics: Towards a Wittgensteinian Account of Free Will"

Anyone interested is welcome to attend.
The speaker will normally only give a short introduction on the assumption that participants have read the text for the meeting. The text is available, typically a week in advance, on the Wittgenstein Workshop UEA Blackboard site. This is for workshop members only, but you can inquire about membership or request the paper from Oskari Kuusela: [email protected]

philevents.org 19/05/2015

Faces of Necessity

Conference Announcement: "Faces of Necessity" (UEA, June 9-10)


philevents.org Kripke’s (1980) distinction between epistemic and metaphysical modalities and the development of modal logic have reshaped the debates on necessity inherited from Kant’s philosophy. More recently, while Stalnaker (2012) and Williamson (2013) engaged in providing metaphysical explanations…


On Wed 11 Feb we'll have a workshop session with Hiroshi Ohtani (Musashino University) 'Wittgenstein’s Contextualism and Philosophical Pictures', UEA, ARTS 01.06, 5-7 pm.


Last night we had a good session on the big-W & Merleau-Ponty with Simon Summers, discussing issues relating to methodology and the problem of perception. Next, in a fortnight, is Hiroshi Ohtani, our visitor from Japan. 私はそれを楽しみにしています


Good holiday wishes from the Wittgenstein workshop! The New Year will start on 14 January with Katherine Morris on Wittgenstein & Merleau-Ponty.


Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Mind & Naturalism
Bergen – 12th & 13th of June, 2015

It has become a commonplace to say that Wittgenstein was one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century. While substantial numbers of articles and monographs on Wittgenstein continue to be produced, however, his thought (or Wittgensteinian philosophy more broadly) often seems absent from philosophical debates where the agenda has been set by various forms of scientific naturalism, especially in the philosophy of mind. This conference, “Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Mind & Naturalism” will bring together both leading thinkers and younger philosophers with the aim of remedying this situation by exploring the interface between Wittgenstein’s philosophy and central topics in contemporary philosophy of mind. Confirmed invited speakers are Charles Travis (Porto), Julia Tanney (Kent), Paul Snowdon (UCL), Bill Child (Oxford), Bjørn Ramberg (Oslo), Sandra Laugier (Paris), and David Finkelstein (Chicago), and Jonathan Knowles (NTNU Trondheim).

Those interested in presenting a paper should submit their complete draft to the address provided below by January 5, 2015. Papers should take no longer than 30 minutes to present. The word limit is 4000.

All submissions pertinent to the main theme of the conference are welcome. Especially welcome are papers exploring the relation between Wittgenstein’s work and contemporary debates concerning the following topics:

Phenomenal properties and/or phenomenal concepts
Computational theories of mind and/or the “Language of Thought”
Metaphysical Reduction and Fundamentality/Grounding
Ethical Naturalism
Naturalized Epistemology
Knowing-how vs. Knowing-that
Recent trends in Cognitive science & Neuroscience
Perceptual experience
Propositional attitudes
Attempts to Naturalize intentionality
Realism, Anti-Realism and “Quasi-Realism”
Recent “Neo-pragmatist” approaches to linguistic and/or mental content

While exegetical discussions are welcome as a subordinate part of an overall argument, the focus of the papers should not be exegetical per se, since a primary aim of the conference is to facilitate contact between diverse philosophical viewpoints rather than to explicate Wittgenstein’s work. In this vein, the organizers wish to underline that there is no presumption that presentations take any particular philosophical position regarding Wittgenstein’s philosophy, Naturalism, or Philosophy of Mind. Critical perspectives are most welcome!

The organizers intend to publish the invited papers as an anthology. Selected accepted papers will also be considered for inclusion in this volume.

The principal organizers are Kevin Cahill (Bergen) and Thomas Raleigh (NTNU Trondheim).

Dates and location for the conference are June 12-13, 2015 in Bergen, Norway.

The submission deadline is January 5, 2015.

For those whose paper is accepted, the cost of conference fees, lunch for two days, and the conference dinner will be covered.

Accommodations and travel must be covered by participants themselves.

Please direct submissions and inquiries to [email protected]


Next week (3.12.): Anne-Marie Sondergaard-Christensen (University of Southern Denmark): 'For better, for worse.' Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard on Philosophy, Love and Marriage


It was a very nice start for this years workshops on Wed with Craig Taylor! Non-UEA facebookers, don't be shy to email me if you want a copy any of the papers. This should normally be perfectly fine, even if you can't attend the workshop. Usually I receive them a week in advance of the meeting & it's best to email me around then. (o.kuusela (at) uea.ac.uk)


Wittgenstein Workshops 2014-2015


2013-2014 programme

Wittgenstein workshop 2012-2013 programme 08/10/2012
www2.lse.ac.uk 14/06/2012

Wittgenstein – Philosophy and Photography - Exhibitions - Arts and music - LSE social - Staff and st


www2.lse.ac.uk Two important Wittgenstein exhibitions: "Wittgenstein and Cambridge" and "Wittgenstein and Photography" (first shown at Clare Hall and at PandIS, the Photographic and Illustration Service of Cambridge University) have been combined and have been brought to LSE for the first time. The exhibition will...

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The Wittgenstein Workshop

The UEA Wittgenstein Workshop is an international research seminar with a focus on Wittgenstein’s philosophy, broadly understood. This includes its background and influences, Wittgenstein’s relation to his interlocutors, the reception of his philosophy and its relation to 20th Century and 21st Century philosophers and philosophical movements; also Wittgenstein’s relation to, and relevance for, contemporary positions and debates in philosophy, and so on.

The workshop meets several times per term, and is open to staff, emeritus staff and PhD students in any discipline at UEA, and it welcomes visitors from further afield (interested researchers should contact the organisers, through this page or by e-mail for more information) . Undergraduates are also welcome to attend, particularly those taking the honours module on Wittgenstein. The workshop constitutes an important component of postgraduate research training for all PhD students with topics that have a central or tangential component that relates the work to Wittgenstein or Wittgensteinian approaches. Generally anyone with an interest in Wittgenstein or Wittgensteinian approaches, whether based at UEA or any other HE institution in the UK or abroad, or freelance scholars with relevant interests and background, is welcome to attend. The research presented is by invited speakers from the UK or overseas, members of the UEA academic community including emeritus scholars, and current or past PhD and Masters students from UEA. PhD students from other universities are invited to offer papers for discussion.

Papers are circulated in advance of the meeting. The speaker will present briefly but the expectation is that participants have seen the paper already. If you plan to attend please contact us to request a copy of the paper (or, for UEA personnel) to get added to the Blackboard site.

Originally set up by Rupert Read, the workshop has by now been running for over ten years. Currently it is co-ordinated by Oskari Kuusela (to whom any inquiries should be directed).

Past speakers include Gordon Baker, Bill Child, James Conant, Simon Critchley, Cora Diamond, Simon Glendinning, Martin Gustafsson, Jane Heal, Daniel Hutto, Juliet Floyd, Vasso Kindi, Wolfgang Kienzler, Michael Kremer, Marie McGinn, Anat Matar, Ray Monk, Katherine Morris, Stephen Mulhall, Michael Nedo, Graham Priest, Richard Raatzsch, Wes Sharrock, Barry Smith, Peter Sullivan, Charles Travis, Crispin Wright, and others.


Typically work presented at the workshop is work in progress. In order to make the occasion maximally useful and interesting for the speaker and ourselves, the bulk of the two hours of the meeting is devoted to discussion. Usually we follow this format: 1) The speaker sends his/her paper beforehand for us to read; 2) The meeting starts with a 10-20 minute introduction by the speaker, where he/she explains key issues relating to the paper and/or highlights issues for discussion; 3) Discussion; 4) Drinks and dinner with the speaker.

If you would like to attend a meeting, please read the paper beforehand. For UEA members, past and upcoming Wittgenstein workshop papers are collected on the UEA Blackboard site “Wittgenstein Workshop”, which constitutes an archive for the workshop. YOu need to be added to this blackboard site in order to access the papers. This is not possible for non-UEA members, who should instead write and ask for the paper in advance of the meeting.

Since the papers are unpublished drafts, please request the author’s permission before quoting the work in your own publications.

If you would like to become a member, please email Oskari Kuusela.

The Wittgenstein workshop is funded by UEA and by various external sources of funding such as the Royal Institute of Philosophy.


UEA School of Philosophy upcoming events & news:

UEA School of Philosophy:

UEA School of Philosophy page:




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