Heather Baker Singing Studios

Heather Baker Singing Studios

The Largest Studio of Dedicated Voice Teachers in the North West! Heather began teaching in 2001 and has built up an impressive clientele list since then.

Heather has studied voice and the teaching of voice continuously since 2001 working with some of the worlds greatest vocal experts to perfect her knowledge and teaching abilities. In 2012 she became the first and only British teacher certified as Level 5 in SLS (the highest possible level.) Recently Heather left the SLS organisation to work with a selection of high level teachers across the world

Operating as usual

Home - The Singing Teacher 07/05/2024

🤔 Do you have questions about your voice?!

Want to see how singing lessons might help you to develop your voice but not sure you’re ready to fully commit yet?!

I’ve got you!! 😁

I will now be running monthly online Masterclasses that give you the opportunity to ask all the questions that you have about your voice and watch while I work with singers to achieve their goals!

And… as a gift to all my Facebook followers out there I’m going to gift you all one Masterclass for FREE!!

The first 3 Masterclasses will take place:
Thu 30th May 7-8.30pm (UK time)
Sat 29th June 10.30am-12pm (UK time)
Thu 25th July 7-8.30pm (UK time)

To grab your free place head over to the website:

Click on “schedule appointment”
Then select “Online Masterclasses”
And choose the date you wish to attend.

At checkout use the code “FACEBOOK100” to receive 100% discount off the price!

This code expires at the end of the month so make sure you’re all booked in by then so you don’t miss out!!

Let me help you get the most your voice! 👏👏👏

Home - The Singing Teacher Learn How To Sing“If you’ve ever had problems with your voice or simplyfeel that you have so much more to give – come andsee what I can do for you. Trust me, you’ll be amazedhow much difference one lesson can make.”– Heather Baker Learn MoreLearn How To Sing“If you’ve ever had proble...

TikTok · thesingingteacher 12/03/2024

My reaction to Billie’s Oscar Performance now available on TikTok…

TikTok · thesingingteacher 3262 likes, 133 comments. “😭😭😭 It got me! I have no words!! with ”

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🐣 The Easter holidays are approaching fast and if you want something to keep the young singers in your house busy why not sign them up for one of our holiday workshop days?!

🤗Musical Theatre Workshop🤗
➡️Thu 4th Apr 9.30-3.30
🏷️£40 per child
In this workshop the children will bring a musical song of their choice and work on developing their musical vocal styling, musicality and acting skills with our vocal coach Amy.

🎤Pop Performance Workshop🎤
➡️Thu 11th Apr 9.30am-3.30pm
🏷️£40 per child
In this workshop the children will bring a pop song of their choice and work on vocal styling, performance / connection to the song and how to deal with performance nerves with our vocal coach Amy.

👏There are only 12 places available on each day so we can ensure that each participant receives personalised feedback so book early to avoid disappointment.

To book please visit our website:
And click on “schedule appointment” where you can select “Kids Holiday Workshops”

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch! 😁

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🤗Have you got an audition coming up- for a drama school or a school show or a local community theatre show or a professional gig or something else!?!

Regardless of what you’re auditioning for there are some key things you can be doing well in advance to ensure your increasing your chances of success! 👏

🤔 What did I miss from this list? What have you found helpful to prepare you for auditions??

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 03/02/2024

Today had a vocal Masterclass with to learn all about how the voice works and why some things feel easier to do than others when it comes to singing!


Recording some more interviews for the next season of The Podcast today!

If you are a voice teacher or singer and want to know more about the voice and teaching singing be sure to go check out the episodes already out there! Lots of fascinating stuff!!

Just search out “The Vocal Advancement Podcast” wherever you usually listen to podcasts!! 😁


👏 Day 2 of the Vocal Advancement Teachers Summit and today I’m presenting a class on how to work with singers who struggle to match pitch.

Coffee is required!! 😁


We’ve just added some more availability to Amy’s schedule so there’s space for her to take on some new students! 🥳

Amy is a Level 1 qualified IVA singing teacher and is a great option for beginner singers and children who want to learn to sing!

So if you’ve been considering booking a lesson- now is a great time to get started!! Lessons are booked via our website:

Happy Singing!! 🤩🎤👏

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 18/12/2023

😍 We’re super proud of all our amazing students who took to the stage yesterday to perform at our Christmas Performance Party!!

👏 We like to organise these events for students who sing for pleasure as a way to ensure they put into practice what they’re learning in their lessons!

🎄 It’s also made us feel very festive!! 😁

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 30/11/2023

Sometimes when you’re developing your singing technique you have to go through a period of sounding worse before you sound better!! 😬

This can be difficult to understand but it’s best explained by the concept of going for function over sound. Your muscles might need to learn a new coordination and the quickest route to finding that may be to make some exaggerated sounds. 😝

The good news is that this is only a temporary measure and once your body understands the coordination we’re going for it’s a lot easier to refine the sound into something we like!! 😁

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 10/11/2023

How often do you check in with your chest voice?

So many singers come to lessons with issues getting the quality and ease they want in their high notes and are surprised that the first thing I do is work on the lower notes! That’s because the chest voice forms the foundations for everything above it and if your foundations are weak so will the rest be!

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 02/11/2023

Have you tried singing high notes and not quite made it as successfully as you’d like? Perhaps you used one of these strategies that tend not to lead to easy, efficient, effective high notes?!

Or was it something else? What other approaches have you found leading you into trouble?!


Today is the day I present my final Masters Research for assessment!

I have spent the last 3 and a bit years studying, writing, researching and tearing my hair out in between continuing to run my businesses, teach my wonderful clients and train some fantastic teachers! Occasionally I even saw my family! 😂

This final research involved learning how to do statistical analysis which is no easy thing for a creative mind!! It’s been challenging but hugely rewarding.

So here’s a huge shout out to everyone who supported me on this journey! I cannot wait to get my day off back… and maybe tackle a few things on my ever growing “to-do” list that has gone ignored while I obsess over this!! 😂 👏👏👏


🤗 We believe building your performance skills is an essential part of learning to be a great singer and that’s why we run Saturday Sessions every 2-3 months!

These give our students the opportunity to stand up in a safe place and put what they’ve been working on to practice! 🎤

Our next sessions take place this coming Saturday 23rd September:

4.30-5.30pm under 16s
6pm-7.30pm over 16s
7.30-9pm over 16s

If you’d like to join in you can book your spot via our website booking page:

Let’s get singing!! 😁


👏 Huge Congratulations to our teacher Amy who just completed the foundation year of her teaching training through

She has worked incredibly hard this year and her students are seeing it pay off big time!! 😁

Amy is currently available for lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays so get yourself booked in and see for yourself why she sailed through her teaching tests!! 🙌


We have 4 places left in our Singers Recording Workshop Day on 1st Aug.

🎤 If you have a young singer who would love to learn how best to record their voice and film themselves singing this is for them!!

💻 Book a place via the website: www.thesingingteacher.biz

Click on “schedule appointment” and select “Kids Summer Workshops”


🙌 We’re donating £1 from every ticket sold for our Summer Concert.

👏 We also ran a raffle and the combined totals from both came to £344!!!

🥬 This will be donated to Cheshire Food Banks who are in desperate need of support right now so thank you to everyone who came along last night and supported this great cause! 🙌

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 22/07/2023

😍 So super proud of these wonderful students who all performed spectacularly tonight at our Summer Concert!! 👏👏👏👏


I’m after some more participants for a research project I’m working on for my MA. Could you help? If so please contact me and I’ll arrange a time for you to come to the studio!

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 25/06/2023

It’s all about the earrings for today’s final day of the Vocal Advancement online conference!! 😂

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 17/06/2023

😁 Throughout August we’re running some amazing singing workshops for kids at our studio in Northwich!

In this workshop the kids will be learning how to set up and use home vocal recording software and how to set up, film and edit videos of their singing for auditions or social media content!

In this workshop our vocal coaches will be helping the kids to develop their vocal technique, performance skills and microphone technique!

In this workshop our vocal coaches will be helping the kids work on characterisation and acting through song, vocal technique and stage presence!

This is a fun introduction to singing for younger children where vocal techniques and musical concepts are introduced through games, mimicry and song work. It’s all about building confidence in using their voices and having a fantastic time!!

👍All workshops can be booked on our website: www.thesingingteacher.biz

(Just click on “schedule appointment” and “kids summer workshops”)

➡️ Places for each workshop are strictly limited to allow our teachers time to work with the singers individually as well as within the group! So book early to avoid disappointment!! 😁

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 17/06/2023

The summer holidays are fast approaching!!

😁And throughout August we’re running a series of one day workshops to keep the kids singing…

➡️ Tue 1st Aug: Singers Recording Workshop
➡️ Tue 8th Aug: Pop Performance Workshop
➡️ Tue 15th Aug: Musical Theatre Workshop
➡️ Tue 22nd Aug: Little Singers Workshop

👍 Places are limited on each workshop to allow our vocal coaches time to help each singer individually as well as in a group! So if you don’t want to miss out we recommend booking ASAP!

☀️ Book now via our website: www.thesingingteacher.biz
Just click on “schedule appointment” and select the kids summer workshops you want to book!!

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 28/05/2023

Some photos from our Saturday Sessions that took place last week!

👍 It was the first time we’d run a session specifically for kids as well as our usual adult sessions and what a great success that was!! 😁

👏These sessions are designed to give our singers a safe environment to begin working on performing in front of people! Most had never sung solo in front of an audience before and they all went away having a positive experience of doing so!

We’ll be running some more sessions in September so keep an eye out for details on those!! 😁


Just had so much fun teaching this “Visual Communication” class at IVACON our online voice teacher’s conference!! Here are some of the teachers showing me their favourite gestures!! 😂 😂

Photos from Heather Baker Singing Studios's post 12/05/2023

Can’t tell you how much fun I had in Liverpool watching the semi final of Eurovision yesterday! Eurovision is my absolute guilty pleasure and I was over the moon to experience it live!

Liverpool are doing an amazing job of hosting on behalf of Ukraine and the Eurovision fans are just the bestest, campest, happiest people out there!! 🏳️‍🌈💜👩🏿‍🎤🎤✨🪩🇺🇦


10 years ago, alongside 9 other fantastic people, I founded “The Institute for Vocal Advancement” an organisation dedicated to training voice teachers all over the world! On our 10th birthday I look back at some of the fun times I’ve had with the amazing people who have been a part of the IVA journey- long may it continue!!


😁 Our Saturday Sessions are filling up so make sure you grab one of the remaining slots asap!

👏 Remember- these sessions are designed to build your confidence and experience performing to small groups of super supportive people! Your teacher can help you to prepare one or two songs to sing and you can attend in person or via zoom!

The 4.30pm session is exclusively for under 18s and the other two sessions are open to older teens and adults.

🤩 Go ahead and book your space via the website:
And click on “schedule appointment”


👏 Our next Saturday Sessions will take place on the 20th May!!

➡️ This is an opportunity to build your confidence performing in front of an intimate group of fellow singers!

➡️ Prepare one or two songs to sing and receive feedback from our expert teachers for ways to improve your performance and work through any anxiety associated with performing

➡️ For the first time we’re running a session specifically for under 18s too! The 4.30pm group will allow our young singers to begin their performance experience with just one song to prepare.

➡️ Setting goals for your singing is an essential element in your motivation and development- these sessions provide an ideal opportunity for you to work towards a performance goal!

👍 Ready to get involved?! You can book in to one of the sessions via our website:


Don’t get confused about relaxation when you sing… this is a result of things you do… it’s not the
process you go through to sing well!

So instead of constantly telling yourself to relax… figure what you can control to get to a feeling of relaxation when you sing- you’ll be more successful this way! 😃

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Northwich?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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