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Shalfleet Little Explorers is on the site of Shalfleet CE Primary school. We provide a full day care

As a setting we value diversity and promote equality for all. We pride ourselves in being an excellent provider for childcare on the Isle of Wight and value everyone who comes through our doors. We are set on the site of Shalfleet CE Primary school and due to this promote a successful transition for children who leave our preschool to move up to the school. We have a highly qualified team of profe

Operating as usual

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 04/07/2023

Over the last couple of weeks at Little Explorers we have been busy making the most of the beautiful weather.

In the Wise owls room the children have enjoyed watching our pumpkin plants grow. They have also been making zoos outside with the animals choosing carefully where to put each animal and what each animal would needs. We have also been exploring patterns with the peg boards. The children have enjoyed using our emotion resources such as the emotion sensory bottles, emotion stones and emotion pineapple. Together we have spoken about different feelings we experience, what faces can look like when we are feeling different things and what to do when we are feeling different things.

In the curious squirrels room the children have been enjoying mud play, transporting it from the tray to the new mud kitchen. The children have enjoyed using the outside equipment such as the slides and we have been supporting them with climbing up the steps if they need it. The children have enjoyed exploring the counting camels with the scales as well measuring and seeing how long it takes for the scales to move.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there ❤️♥️💖💙💜💛💚

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 13/06/2023

Last week in the curious squirrels room the children have enjoyed exploring the threading fruits which they then took with them around the room like their were pets showing them the soft play and even reading stories with them. The children like doing drawings on the ground in the playground with the chalks and the younger of the children especially like watching our creative practitioners draw pictures for them. We would also like to say a big THANK YOU to one of our very kind parents also came to assemble our new sand pit for us which the children have been in every day since it was built with our new silicone sand resources.

Last week in the Wise Owls room the mini-beasts interest has continued one of our children had the great idea to decorate a butterfly they had asked an adult to draw with pencil sharpenings. This then led on to us creating fairy wings with some of the children which were beautiful. The children in this room have also enjoyed building with our bamboo resources and road from which they worked together and made a city.

Overall a lovely week last week 😀😎🦋🧑👧👦👶👷‍♀️👷‍♂️👩‍🎨👨‍🎨🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 05/06/2023

Over the last couple of weeks at Little Explorers we have been making the most of the weather by getting outside whenever we can. In both the curious squirrels room and the wise owls room we have enjoyed our own gardens as well as spending time at the big school playground where we have been able to play on the pirate ship.

In the curious squirrels room as well as outside play the children have enjoyed the small world people and exploring the story books together.

In the wise owls room as well as enjoying time outside the children have enjoyed continuing to look after our plants and discussing bugs and insects leading to many different art activities. 😀👶👧🧒👦🧢👒🪱🐝🐛🦋🐌🐞🐜🌸🌻🌞

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 05/06/2023

Thursday was Becky's last day at Little Explorers. We are so sad to see her go but know that she will always remain a friend of the preschool and all of us within it. We would like to say thank you to Becky for her hard work at Little Explorers, her amazing ideas, beautiful decorations for the baby room, always going above and beyond and for her commitment to making a difference to the children we care for and their families of the past, present and future. Becky has been at Little Explorers for nearly 20 years and has made a huge impact on many young children's lives and those of their families by giving them the best foundation of learning and development. Becky is leaving to care for her own family who need her support. We are hugely proud of you and feel very blessed to have had to as a valuable, important, strong and inspirational part of our team for so long. 🤩🥰👏📔📒🖊👶👧🧒👦👩🧑

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 15/05/2023

Over the last few weeks in the Curious Squirrels room we have been enjoying exploring some of the resources from the wise owl’s room including the connecting camels and the counting dinosaur eggs, we have made big line with these that almost went the whole way around the table. We have been continuing to enjoy sand play especially inside where we like to use our loose parts to scoop and fill as well as the cups and spoons from our home corner. We have liked getting the garden ready for planting out some of the plants the wise owls have been looking after for us including sunflowers and a pumpkin plant.

Over the last few weeks in the Wise owls room we have been exploring road safety with our road safety signs, talking about the green and red people at crossings, traffic lights, stopping by roads, being safe, zebra crossings and lollypop people. The children have enjoyed role playing with the signs and taking on the role of the lolly pop person. We have enjoyed playing with the weighing scales alongside our super sorting pie and continuing to make beautiful animal homes from our bamboo building set. Now school transition (taster afternoons) have started we have brought in some school uniform bits for the children to explore during role play which they have loved doing and they even wore some over to reception class last week when we went over to play.

As a setting we have celebrated the king’s coronation by paining pictures, decorating crowns, making bunting and making flags. The Wise owls also held a Coronation street party which although the curious squirrels did not join us for they did enjoy some party food and treats. A lovely time was had by all 😁🥰🥳👶👧🧒👦💂‍♀️💂💂‍♂️👩‍🌾🧑‍🌾👩‍🍳🧑‍🍳👑

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 20/04/2023

This week in the curious squirrels room we have been enjoying water play in our garden especially when the sun has been shining so we can mark make with paint brushes on the ground. We have also been enjoying the soft play slide in the room and sliding down different resources as well as sliding don different ways ourselves.

This week in the Wise owls room we have settled back really well and been especially excited at looking how much our plants have grown in the greenhouse and we have even been able to take our sunflowers home to continue growing. We have shown a big interest in building and have made castles, houses, animal homes, role play campfires and obstacle courses with our friends. 😀👶👧🧒👷‍♀️👷🌼🌻🌱💧☀️

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 17/04/2023

Over the Easter holidays we have had great fun, when we have had good weather we have been fully embracing it spending lots of time at the big school playground and in our garden. The children have loved wizzing around on their scooters and bikes, climbing up the pirate ship and making Easter crafts and treats 😀👶👧🧒👦👩‍🍳👨‍🍳👩‍🎨👨‍🎨🐰🐤🐣🪱🐛🦋☀️🍫🚴‍♀️

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 30/03/2023

This week in the Curious Squirrels room the children have enjoyed exploring the soft play especially when whizzing down the slide. We have also had some book donations which the children have loved looking at the favourite being digger book which they have great fun looking through talking about all the different machines.

This week in the Wise Owls Room the children have enjoyed planting seeds, we have planted strawberries, pumpkins, cucumbers, sunflowers, different flowers, herbs and beans. After we had planted them we then had great fun building our small greenhouse together to pop them in. We have also begun to enjoy some Easter/Spring craft which encouraged talks about baby animals and growth throughout the spring. 😀✂🖍🖌🌼🌱🌻🐮🐷🐰🐴🐔🐑🐣👩‍🌾👨‍🌾


Happy Mother’s Day 💜💛💚🧡💙

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 16/03/2023

Please enjoy some photos of our children between January and March. They have really enjoyed being outside especially when we had some ice. Inside they have continued to enjoy art and craft, construction and role play just to name a few 😁📖🍁🎂👶🧒👦👧🎨🧣🧤🧩🖌🖍✂🚘

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 16/03/2023

Please enjoy some photos of the children enjoying their time at Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool between September and December. The children did great at settling back in to the setting and loved exploring all our resources.


Our next Toddler Talk Workshop is Tuesday 28th March 2023

This one-off interactive session will help you discover how children’s speech and language develops, and will give you different ideas of how you can support your child. for children 18m-3 years.
How do we learn to talk? You will find out the answer and learn how you can support your child's language development and help them learn new words. Your child learns more easily when they are playing - you will learn new games and activities that you can play together and have fun. There are lots of things that you can do during everyday life to help your child to talk more.
The workshop will cover:
• How does your toddler communicate?
• Developing attention, listening, and understanding skills;
• Encouraging talk – chat, play, read;
• Developing pronunciation;
• The value of practical activities such as songs and games
Book your free space here via Eventbrite:


From all at Little Explorers we would like to say a big Happy International Woman's Day to all of the women we know including the young and future independent women we care for each day. We can confidently say we absolutely love watching the children's personality's grow and flourish in front of our eyes and can not wait to see what they achieve as they continue to grow.

I personally would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the women who work for Little Explorers both the ones we all see and those who work behind the scenes. You are all unbelievably amazing and give amazing support to the children we look after each day and I am thankful for each and every one of you **From Jaimee** 🥰👶👧👩👩‍🦱👩‍🦰👱‍♀️👩‍🦳💐🌷🌹⭐️


Please see below the poster for a new group for preschool aged children @ Shalfleet Village hall 10am-12am


Shalfleet and Yarmouth CE primary schools are holding another open morning before the school application forms have to be in. If you have a child due to go up to school in September 23 please do come and have a look around 🙂

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 17/11/2022

Please enjoy some photos from our summer holiday club, we spent lots of time outside making the most of the beautiful weather. We also spent a short while at Yarmouth school using their beautiful outside area and we had stay and plays from many of the new children who joined us in September. 😀


Our preschool children will be bring home tickets when they are next in 🙂 some amazing prizes here 🎁

Raffle tickets are coming home with the children, more are available from the school office. Prize for the family that sells the most tickets.
L👀k at these great prizes

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 15/11/2022

Please find attached some of our photos from June-July 22 from both the foundation stage room and birth to three room. We have continued to enjoy spending time outside, doing lots of art and craft activities including gluing and painting and we have enjoyed small world play. 😀👶👧🧒👦💧🌼🌞🌻🧩🚗🔴🟠🟢🟡🔵🟣

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 15/11/2022

Please enjoy some of our pictures from April-May 22 from both the foundation and birth to three room. We have enjoyed lots of outside play and we celebrated the late Queen's Jubilee. 👧🧒👦👶🌺🌸🌼🌻

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 15/11/2022

Please enjoy some pictures from our preschool graduation we held back in July. We had a beautiful balloon arch, decorations, party food, gifts and certificates to celebrate the children's time with us. We also made each child a laminated collection of photos with a couple of photos for each year they have attended the setting and a word art cloud including all of the children's names. We miss all of the children but we are massively please that they are all blossoming under the care of their reception class 😀🥳👏👧🧒👦👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓👨‍🎓🎓🌼🎉🎊


We currently have a vacancy in our staff team. If you would like to work within our hard working, passionate and welcoming early years team please contact Sarah Woodburn on [email protected]

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 26/09/2022

Do you have a child starting school September 2023? If so why not come along to the open days of Shalfleet CE Primary school on Wednesday 12th October and Yarmouth CE Primary School on Wednesday 5th October 9am-11.30am


We are deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth early this afternoon. She was a truly amazing lady who has seen significant changes to our country and served as a strong female role model. We are blessed to have had her as our longest reigning Monarch and she will be hugely missed. Thoughts are with her family at this most difficult time, god bless her majesty Queen Elizabeth ll may she rest in peace

The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.


We are so excited and proud to share that our amazing Martha has had her beautiful baby. 😃🥰👶
Welcome to the world beautiful baby Peach Bridie Stevie, most of our staff and some of the children have been lucky enough to meet baby Peach and she is truly a little ray of sunshine we all love her already.
Peach was born on the 15th of August and we are pleased to say that both Mum and baby are doing well.

Well done Martha we are so proud of you 🥰🤱👨‍👩‍👧❤️


A couple of weeks ago we received an email informing us that we had been nominated by a very kind person or peoples to take part in the 2022 southern enterprise awards. Upon receipt of this we were asked to complete some paperwork accepting the nomination, explaining what we do and what we think are the best qualities we have to offer at Shalfleet Little Explorers.

I am now writing this post to share with you all that Shalfleet Little Explorers, our small, caring and very hardworking preschool has been recognised and we have won!!

Best Early Years Care & Education Service - Isle of Wight (as seen in photo attached)

As a team we are beyond proud that we were nominated let alone to have won this amazing achievement. Each and every one of our team put our complete hearts and souls in to caring for each child (and family) who come through our doors as individuals, and helping their personalities develop and shine through giving them a secure foundation both in life and education.

We still do not know who nominated us but would love to know and we would like to thank you all for supporting us and trusting is with your very special children who each put smiles on our faces.

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 25/07/2022

A staff announcement 📣-

As many of you know Martha and her partner Chris are expecting their first baby and even though we will miss her terribly our amazing Martha has now begun her very well deserved maternity leave. We had a small celebration the last week of term with some decorations. Her baby girl is due in within the next couple of weeks and we are beyond excited to meet her! 💝

Martha is planning to bring the baby in to holiday club once she is here and settled to meet the children and staff which we are all very excited for. We are sure you will agree that we wish Martha the best as she prepares to become a Mummy and we know that she will be amazing. 💖💖


Today is graduation day at Little Explorers 👩‍🎓🧑‍🎓👨‍🎓😁

We are now on the last week and a half of term and we will whole heartedly spend this time building stronger bonds with those returning in September and making the most of the time we have with our preschool leavers. Please do keep a look out for some pictures of our graduation and we would just like to say….

Little Explorers Class of 2022 you are all amazing! We can’t wait to celebrate today with you 🎉🥹


It is SO important to make sure all children have the correct sun protection all year round, not just during the heat wave! We ask that if your children are in preschool please bring your child in with 50SPF suncream applied for the best protection whilst in our care, and a bottle for us to safely reapply when needed. They are not just your children, they are precious little gems ❤️

This is great news making headlines today! However, no matter what brand you use, choosing the correct level of SPF protection against UVB is just the starting point! The next steps to ensuring you get the most from your sunscreen’s protection are equally as important and are as follows:

Make sure your sunscreen provides UVA protection too - 5 star rated products will provide optimum protection.

Make sure your sunscreen is in date! If an expiration date is not displayed, look for an open jar symbol which will contain a number (i.e. 12M) - that’s the number of months you can safely use the sunscreen after opening.

Store your sunscreen in a cool, dry place! Sun protection products expire sooner if they are left out in the sun or in a hot car because heat causes the ingredients to break down and lose efficacy.

Apply your sunscreen to all exposed skin LIBERALLY AND EVENLY! A common mistake people make is not applying enough sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outdoors and another layer applied once out. Think of it like painting a wall, you always need at least 2 coats to provide adequate and even coverage!

Regardless of the instructions all sunscreens should be re-applied AT LEAST every 2 hours (more often if perspiring) and always straight after swimming!

Don’t be mislead by claims that SPF in cosmetic products such as moisturiser or foundation will provide the same protection as a ‘proper’ sunscreen. THEY DON’T!

Protecting children? Use an SPF 50+ sunscreen with five star UVA protection specifically formulated for children or babies as these are gentler on their sensitive skin. ALWAYS make sure they have access to sunscreen for reapplication during school hours when UV is strongest!

• Cover up with clothing including a wide brimmed hat & quality sunglasses.
• Seek shade (particularly between 11am - 3pm when UV is strongest) and keep young children and babies in the shade at all times.

With temperatures set to soar into the 30s next week - don’t get caught out!

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 07/07/2022

All of us at Shalfleet Little Explorers would like to wish our amazing school chef 👩‍🍳 Wendy Lohse heaps of luck whilst she participates in the Laca’s School Chef Of The Year Competition 2022 final this week. She is an amazing chef and our children (and staff) loves the food she cooks for us. Good luck Wendy you are already a winner in our eyes and we are sure you will do amazing 😃🎉🤞🏻


Please see this useful information below from Eric. If you have not heard of Eric before this is an organisation that advises and supports with toileting.

Drinking is so important especially on the warmer days which is why at Little Explorers we encourage the children to drink often and although waters is better for them if they only drink squash we are happy for the children to have that in their bottles (we can also keep a bottle of undiluted in the cupboard for a refill). We would rather the children drink than not as not drinking throughout the day can contribute to many issues including those with the bladder and bowel such as what can be very painful constipation.

As the weather starts to hot up again this week 🌞 a reminder that children need 6-8 water based drinks 💦 each day to remain hydrated and encourage healthy bowels & bladders.

But when your child is a drink-dodger this can be difficult!

Here's some tips and tricks that might help.

1. Make ice lollies using well diluted squash. Don’t add sugar and avoid using blackcurrant squash which can irritate the bladder.

2. Draw lines on drinks bottles. This gives kids a visual goal of how much they should drink at different times of the day, which helps when they’re at school and it’s hard to keep track of how much they’re drinking.

3. Jazz up their water with ice cubes, umbrellas and slices of fruit.

4. Buy or customise your own funky straws.

5. Let them choose their cup and fill it themselves.

6. Make sugar-free jellies that contain the equivalent of one cup of water.

7. For younger children let them use a play tea set and fill up the teapot with water and ask them to make some ‘cups of tea’ to drink the water from tea cups. Hold a ‘tea party; and get them involved pouring the water and drinking it.

8. Fill up a water dispenser with an easy tap on the front at home and fill with water and slices of citrus fruit and encourage them to use it throughout the day to get their own drink.

9. Talk to your child's teacher about encouraging pupils to drink during the day. Their teacher could keep a bottle of water on their own desk and sip from it during the day, or have a ‘carpet time session’ where they explain why water is good for their health & concentration at school.

Have you got any more tips or tricks for encouraging children to drink more? Let us know!


The Church Schools of Shalfleet & Yarmouth Primary are looking for a dynamic, motivated and enthusiastic Teaching Assistant with HLTA qualification (or willing to undertake the training). The role will also include Midday Lunch Supervision. If you have what it takes and would like to join a friendly, supportive team, then please contact [email protected] for an application pack.


Our Getting Ready for School course starts on Friday 24th June.
This is a 4 week course held at East Newport Family Centre for parents/carers of children starting school in September.
Head over to Eventbrite to book your free place:


Please contact us by 4 pm tomorrow, Wednesday 1 June to check your eligibility and to apply for a half term emergency food voucher.

The voucher is worth £15 per child and can be spent in local supermarkets.

You can check your eligibility and apply by calling our COVID-19 Helpline on 01983 823600.

Eligible families must apply directly to the helpline before 4pm on Wednesday 1 June to claim their voucher. The voucher can be emailed or posted out.
The scheme is available for:
• families eligible for benefits-related free school meals
• children with a social worker
• children open to early help
• 2 to 4 year-olds eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium
Get more information on our website:

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 10/05/2022


We are pleased to announce that raffle tickets are now on sale for £1 per strip. Please let us know if you would like to purchase some.

We would continue to be extremely grateful for any gift donations to support our raffle which we can use for prizes. These can include: gifts, events, vouchers, food, wine and other alcoholic beverages.

All money raised from the raffle will go towards the children, whether this be gifts for our leavers, food for parties and resources which enable us to add new opportunities in our Birth-to-Three and Foundation Stage rooms.

We would like to thank everybody who has already donated prizes towards our raffle, thank you so much!
These include our lovely parents, Robin Hill and The Griffin Godshill 😀

Please see a few of our lovely prizes we have already been donated below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 03/05/2022


Open to offers

Loved but lots of life left in it.
One piece of the square cubes had sellotape marks on but could easily be cleaned off, as seen in the pictures.

This soft play includes
- 6 square cubes
- 2 quarter circles
- 1 small triangle
- 1 large cut out triangle

Please share.

Photos from Shalfleet Little Explorers Preschool's post 28/04/2022

Here are some photos from what we got up to in March in both the Birth to Three and Foundation Stage room. The children have really enjoyed sensory and art and craft activities throughout the month. We have seen lots of Schema play in March which has been lovely to see.

"A schema is a pattern of repeated actions. Clusters of schemas develop into later concepts" (Athey, 2007).
There are many different types of schemas and it is an important step to help the children in understanding the world and themselves. Every child is different, where some children may demonstrate several schema types others may not demonstrate any
Schemas can give us a better understanding of each child’s current interests and the way in which they think. There are 8 main types of schema named below with an example of how they may look;

• Connecting- joining/connecting items with tape, glue or building tracks
• Orientation- positioning objects (or themselves) in different places or positions such as upside down.
• Transporting- taking items from one place to another or filling bags or containers to carry items
• Trajectory- creating lines and moving up and down by climbing or dropping toys
• Positioning- lining items or sorting them in groups
• Enveloping- covering objects (or themselves) or wrapping items up
• Enclosing- making boundaries and borders for play equipment or pictures.
• Rotation- spinning items round, may like to run around in circles.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Newport?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Another amazing donation for our raffle!! This biscoff drip cake looks absolutely delicious. Get you tickets now to be i...




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