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Fitness Tribe


The other week the lovely gang helped me come up with an idea for my video for the Work Christmas Advent Calendar.

Well, I thought you would want to see the final result.

Some background... I'm the Marketing Manager and PA to the Principal at a Secondary school and am known for being "naughty". They joke I'm not allowed to be left alone and if anything happens at school I'm blamed (all jokes) so if the shoe fits!!!
So im completely shattered legs now want to fall off
So i t**e the dogs out for and hour and half walk then thought ill now go for a lil bike ride now bath and relax
Im the winner over the goal Laura Smith Blomfield and that's only half way still got till 7pm yet x
Can anyone share our Spotify playlist 😊
Ok so the results are In lol after my first 28days transformation class with the fitness tribe with the lovely Laura!
I’ve lost a stone !!!
12cm off my chest 11 off my waist 3.5 off my hips !! Wooooooo!!!
28 day shred done. Fitter, stronger, HAPPIER. Loved it! Now to try not to waste all that effort in Christmas excess....

Fitness Tribe is a Woman’s Only Fitness Studio in Central MK. Our 6 Week Program helps woman trans

Operating as usual


The only good time to start is now.

Because there will always be something.
Think of the last 2 months.

Did you have anyone's birthday? A wedding? A party to attend? Dinner out? Kids sick? Maybe you were sick? Deadlines at work? Partner away? You away?

There is never going to be a 6 or 8 week window without something.

But that's good. It’s real life and we want to build habits for real life. Not starve yourself for an event and then put all the weight back on.

So start today.


Was such a pleasure to go and help out last week at Baby Basics with the Tribe.

Fitness Tribe bringing a huge amount of donations with them to last Friday’s evening social. Nappies, toothbrushes, winter coats and more! We are so grateful to all who donated and helped out on the night. Thank you!!!


Don’t over complicate things.
It doesn’t have to be difficult and hard to reach your goals.
Choosing Simple habits you can implement and stay consistent to is where it’s at.


Exercise is not about weight loss!


Exercise should not be about weight loss.

It should be about health, fitness, strength and longevity.

This is why it’s so important to find something that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy doing it you will keep doing it.

There is no end game, the game is to just keep cracking on.


We are helping out at Baby Basics next week and I can’t wait to get stuck in. If you have any donations, kids clothes, especially coats, nappies etc please take them along to baby basics or I can take them off your hands and take them with me 😘


I get asked a lot what do you do at the studio? The answer a bit if everything.
Free weights, body weight, partner work, maybe some battle ropes, with a little cardio some sweat. All served with a chit chat and a smile 😊


What you need to know is that.....
1. Exercise does not burn as many calories as you think
2. The biggest and easiest way to burn more calories is to just move more day to day.
So get your steps in.
3. If you want to lose fat, you need to look at how many calories you are putting in first, not how many you are burning.


The Truth is no exercise is superior when it comes to fat loss.

For fat loss you need a calorie deficit.

If you are not in a deficit it doesn't matter how much cardio or any form of exercise that you do, you won't lose weight.


When you're scrolling on your morning walk and comes on!

It was like I had no choice but to walk to the beat.

This defiantly quickened up the pace on todays walk.

What do you listen to when you'r out walking?


Ageing is a gift, it needs to be appreciated but it also needs to be understood.

As we age our bodies inevitably deteriorate.

The good news is there is something you can do about it.

Resistance Training.

It improves bone density, balance and strength.

The best thing you can do is START.


Starting your week, day or month as you mean to go on does wonders for your mind set.

Starting your day with a walk and a not so 💩 breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day.

The same goes for pressing snooze 3,4,5 times and grabbing breakfast on the go. It sets the tone for the day.

How do you set the right intentions for your day?


4 Ways to combat emotional eating.

1. Name the Emotion

2. Stop, Pause, Breath - You need something, something that will meet your emotional needs

3. Stop waiting for motivation.

4. You can use emotional eating as a tool, just not all the time.

You deserve to find true comfort in food. Comfort that nourishes your soul, and energies you instead of draining you and being self sabotaging.

Photos from Fitness Tribe's post 09/07/2022

Milton Keynes most Inspirational PT!!!! 🎉🥳🍾

I only went and bloody WON!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I am in shock.

I love my job, I love my clients, I love my Tribe. Thank you all so much!


If you do the list of Don't, sure you will lose weight, but will it stay off?

I highly doubt it.
You will most likely lose it and then it will go back on just as fast as it came off.


Because it's just not sustainable long term.

Take your time, get the weight off and keep it off. Live life while you lose weight, go out for dinner and stop the restrict binge cycle.


How we helped Amy with her Mental Health

I personally know that physical fitness helps support mental health.

This is Amy's story and how exercising regularly in a supportive community helper her gain confidence, and "helped her take back control of her mental health".

If you want to know more about what we do, go to the link in our bio, to find out more and apply.


What’s your answer?

I had a client join this week and her answer was defiantly decline.

She is at the point where her lifestyle has effected her health negatively.

She has heigh blood pressure, and heigh cholesterol.

But she had now made the decisions to do something about it, because she wants to be around to watch her grandkids grow up.

The question is what will you do about it?


Arrrrr!!!!! I am buzzing, and so unbelievably flattered to be nominated INSPIRATIONAL FEMALE PT in Milton Keynes.

I still have no idea who nominated me, but who every it was THANK YOU. It means a lot.

I love my job, and love working with and empowering women to enjoy to gain more confidence, and enjoy exercising.

It turns out being nominated is just the first step. Now I kind of need some your help.

I need votes to win.

So if you could spare two minutes.

Go to

You will find me under sport - female PT - under the name Laura Smith Blomfield.

Pop in your name and emails and you will be sent a verification code that you need to pop in to make your vote count.

Thank you so much.


It takes 3500 calories to make up 1 pound of fat.

That means you would have to eat your daily calorie allowance + 3500 cals to put on just 1 pound.

So lets but the weekend in to perspective.

Did you have a good time ✅
Did you over consume a little ✅
Was it enough to gain 3-4 pounds of fat ❌ probably not.

So no restriction today, just make sure you are getting enough
Sleep 😴
Steps 🚶‍♀️
And get back to your normal deficit 🌯
Thats it ✅


It’s a bank holiday weekend. I find it can go one of two ways.

Dick number one - the person that says NO to everything because you're on a diet, no wine, no bbq, no carbs, no ice cream.

Dick number two - You're the dick that says who cares and eats and drinks everything in sight, all weekend.

Guess what, you don't have to be dick one or dick two.

There is a middle ground. This this place where you can have a glass of wine, have the burger, and an ice lolly and then stop there.

You can enjoy what you have had and not need to go over the top, or bring your own salmon to the bbq.

Have a great bank holiday and don’t be a dick, go for the middle ground 😘


There is no fast track to success.

There is a time and place for rapid fat loss, but real progress takes time and effort.

We need to stop living our lives thinking "we will be happy when ........."

We need to be happy now, love ourselves now and have fun along the way.

Otherwise what's the point?



We need to build a healthier relationship with food if you are ever going to move away from the yo yo diet cycle.

You know the one. The one where you lose and gain the same 10-20lbs again and again.

It's time to look at the long game, not the quick fix.

And healing your relationship, mindset and the terminology you use with food is a good place to start that journey.

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Exercise is not about weight loss!
Exercise should not be about weight loss. It should be about health, fitness, strength and longevity.This is why it’s so...
I get asked a lot what do you do at the studio? The answer a bit if everything. Free weights, body weight, partner work,...





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