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The desire to find healing when you are in pain opens you up to some things you would never attempt when all is well.

My belief was that I needed to find that one person who was going to help me out of this predicament. Reality showed me that no one person had all the answers, but we are all our own healers. We just need the right person who can help us facilitate and activate our own healing process.

We become frustrated when we go to someone and our expectations are not met. The natural fall back is to focus on all the things that have gone wrong.We then place the experience in a box of failure which moves our focus away from the growth that came with that life lesson into the negativity patterns.

It took me years to unpack the boxes I had created from cultural, religious, societal beliefs and values. In my quest for healing I needed to learn how to change my perception and see the beauty of my past. stories .

Many of us get stuck in this space and we keep repeating the same patterns hoping that something will change. Albert Einstein once said “ “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So what does that mean for us?

Healing has to be a priority. If we are unwell, it becomes difficult to experience the joys of life. Most of us attribute being unwell to physical discomforts only but there are different spectrums and levels of that.

For us to remain in top form so we can respond to these challenges in a healthy way, we need to heal and become healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If you are ready to start your own healing journey send me a message on whatasapp


My own experiences has taught me that, there are so many things that we need to heal ourselves from, so we can fully experience the beauty of life experiences.

There was a time I did not realise the importance of healing until life threw a curve ball for me and I could not hide or ignore my need for healing. At first I thought it would be easy to find a solution and I could get through this quickly, but soon realised that things were not going to happen as I thought and had planned.

So what do you do when things don’t go the way you have planned?

At first I was lost, confused, desperate and hopeless. I didn’t know what to do, where to go or how to find the answers I so desperately needed. Everything I knew was telling me there was nothing I could do, it was impossible just accept your fate, but something within was saying there is a way.

The big question was how do I trust that small still voice telling me it’s possible when everything I can see, hear, touch and feel is showing evidence that it’s impossible. This dichotomy of life kept me in limbo for a while.

Then one day I decided to heed the small voice. Well there was nothing to lose so I accepted the challenge for adventure into the unknown.

I didn’t know where, how, when, who, or what I was going to do, but there was this wisdom. That said, well if I don’t find anything at least I will learn something new.

My transformational healing journey into what I know now as self love began. It’s taken me years to articulate and understand this path but as I tell you my story I hope you will be able to see yourself through me.


We can all see it, the world is hurting emotionally, psychologically and we are manifesting how we are feeling.

We aquire stuff to make us feel better, hide in humor to distract ourselves from the obvious but the truth is we need to heal ourselves so we can transcend the current norm.


When we recognise our teachers we get more value from the life lessons. Our inability to honour them for who they are causes us disharmony. Our ability to honour them connects us to deep love and guidance that leads us to harmonious relationships.

This years theme is "Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow"

We can do much more than equality we are well capable of it we just need to make to decision to do it. Until we do we will always wish for something that we already have.✌️


It’s hard to start when you have been away for a while, but how are you all doing?
Hope life is treating you well.

It’s the beginning of a new month may all things new show up as needed in our daily lives. May we have the courage to perceive and accept the new as is, even if it’s challenging our state of being there is a purpose for everything that is unfolding.


Best wishes for the new year everyone.


Being alive gives us the opportunity to celebrate life's little and large events. Wishing you all and your families a blessed joyous christmas.

What Is Your Life Purpose? - Transformational Life Coaching 23/12/2021

What Is Your Life Purpose? - Transformational Life Coaching

A question that is asked too many times and we still find it hard to answer this.
In this blog I am sharing my thoughts about this question.
I hope my musings can help you find your own answers to the question.
Let's have a dialogue whilst you are there, share your thoughts with me and others
you will never know whose life you can impact.

What Is Your Life Purpose? - Transformational Life Coaching What is my life purpose? It's a question that many are still seeking answers for, but life purpose is founded from the time our existence here.


We can create new realities when we allow some of our beliefs to change for what’s needing to unfold. So it’s normal to have resistance when a new idea is expressed but what’s important is our personal and collective ability to rise above the resistance.

Contrary to our old stories it’s not a war or a battle we have to embark on but simply acknowledging the idea and allowing it to unfold the things we do not know or understand. As resistance is futile it only causes us to suffer but in the end we will still have to accept what it is that we were resisting. If at all history has proven that.


The arising of unconditional love for the self is the strongest foundation for loving others as yourself. We are so hard on ourselves such that we become hard on others.

If we shift that then we can create a complimentary reality that’s without conditions or requirements.


Your story, the authentic, imperfect, vulnerable and unedited version of yourself is what unfolds your uniqueness in the world.

This takes courage and self acceptance and willingness to be liked and disliked. most often we fall short of this and we end up settling for fitting in.

Who Am I? by Speaking My Truth 30/11/2021

Who Am I? by Speaking My Truth

Check out the first episode in speaking my truth.

Who Am I? by Speaking My Truth This is my own journey into self identity that was different to who I knew myself as. At a certain time in my life I wanted answers to this question but then when life began giving me those answers I didn't want to know as it felt like who I was being was under threat of extinction and thats not wha...


Authenticity is a requirement for transformation. It's easier to please many people by lying to self and them, but the pleasure is limited then we have to do it all over again. Dragging ourselves further away from the self.


We learn to define ourselves based on the experiences we have had. Most of the time this changes according to the happenings of life.

It takes courage to really look at ourselves from the vantage point of the self. In this space we can perceive who we are being at any given moment and can clearly see the choices available to us.
This is a great place to be.


Speaking My Truth.

Most of the troubles we face are based on not speaking our truth. We hold back for fear of being judged, not able to fit in, loneliness and worry about disappointing others.

Thus hilding back sometimes causes us so much pain that leads us to seeking other avenues of expressing the hurt. Occasionally causing us to depend on things that are outside of us to find temporary happiness. Unfortunately this then causes us to spiral down into difficult situations that are hard to extricate ourselves from.

In my attempt to fulfill my assignment and help others give themselves permission to speak their truth and start healing, I am starting a new Podcast Episode of Speaking My Truth.
Join me every week as we explore questions that help unfold our truths.


We perceive the world through who we are being, so loving ourselves is a great way to change our world view.

With curiosity and wonder kids see the world different to how we do.

Maybe it’s time to learn from them and our world could simply stop being so complex.


Most of the things we need we learn from the self,. Of course teachers are there but they help us understand ourselves more.

Understanding ourselves enables empowerment and taking responsibility for how we are creating our realities.


Sometimes we can be so distracted by the past that we keep our focus on what could have been, totally missing out what is. Truth is there is nothing in the past that we can change its now all memories.

There is something we can do about what's unfolding here and now. We can create a different past for our future, but we have got to be willing to let go of the past, bring our focus back to the present to unfold a new story.

Letting go is the biggest challenge that most of us have because we identify with the pain strongly. We are emotionally attached to the stories of suffering that our past tells and the identities that we have defined ourselves as.

So how can we let go of our identies even if we no longer want them?

This can feel like dying and most of us are scared of going there so we would rather hold on to the suffering hopping that one day something will change the past. But is it worth years of suffering and how long can we hope for?


Nothing in life is permanet, there those moments when darkness needs to overshadow us so we can evolve and move towards the new light. It is the law of the universe, it unfolds in the defining moments.


Sometimes we have to lose it all inorder to find ourselves and fulfill our assignmemnts. Some of these challenges that we go through are ushering us into our destinies for this reality.
There is a much better way than resisting what has already happened. if you want to learn how lets have a chat. send me a DM.


Then at times it means to accept what has already happened. Giving yourself a chance to build on the foundation of what has already happened.


For healing to occur some things need the total ability to be vulnerable. At times it means allowing yourself to experience the unknown.


One of the toughest emotions I found hard to deal with was shame. This is one emotion that is hard to rise above once it has taken root. It created a psychological impact that made me want to hide from my painful past experiences.

The only issue is the past is done it can not be changed and we can not runaway from it or pretend that it never happened. We might find ways to cope, but it will always come back in one form or another seeking acknowledgement by disrupting us when we least expect.

What would you say has been the toughest emotion you have had to deal with?


We often spend a lot of energy and time blocking ourselves from feeling the pain from past experiences.

It's like having too many apps running in the background on your phone, draining your battery quickly, if you don't close them you will always be needing to recharge your battery or wondering why your phone is slow.

This is the same with our old stories, if we don't acknowledge them and deal wth them they are going to always be running in the background creating havoc in our daily living and we will be wondering why we are suffering.

Isn't wise to acknowledge them close the tabs of old stories so that they don't affect our current reality?


We often have regrets on how things have happed in our past, but is it possible that that is exactly what it was meant to be?

If is then can we accept things the way the are so we can perceive new meanings that allow us to experience everything from the vantage point of LOVE.


It’s often mistaken for truth. What is it?


The emotions we have are a blessing, but when our perceptions are based on fear we tend to create enemies where none exist. Recognising the power that emotions have on how we create our reality is the beginning of healing. 🤕

There was a time when I wanted someone who could help me get away from the feelings that I didn't like. When I realised that it was not possible to seperate from my feelings it became a challenge that was insurmountable. That meant I had to do something different from the things I knew, allowing a path to unravel.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if there is someone who can help you find a solution to the feelings that you don't like? This might be anxiety, loneliness, sadness, overwhelm, frustration, anger, resentment, bitterness all of that's coming from the vantage point of fear.

If this resonates with you lets have a chat, contact me on whatsapp so we can work out how you can navigate from where you are to what you desire.


"You have heard it before, hurting people hurt others."

It's true when we are at peace within there is no desire to hurt anyone all there is is a desire for peace and love.

When we are hurting, we become bitter, resentful, vengeful and hateful. A combination that leads to disaster for ourselves and others.

Healing the self is the answer to healing the world. many have been waiting for someone to do something about this, but here is the thing it's time we all start doing something about it. if we start healing the self, pretty soon we will have no enemies.


Some doors are meant to close, when they do accept, don't waste anymore time trying to open them. Take your focus away from the past and look for the door that is open for your new season.

Everything ends at some point we have no control over that. What we have contol over is how we respond when things end.


There so much noise around us and to truly find fulfilment we need to make time for self uncovery. It's in the journey that we walk alone in silence where we uncover more of ourselves.


Life is about embracing every new moment, appreciating every experience and acknowledging the depth of every mystery life brings our way.


Just another reminder never compare yourself with anyone or anything. You are perfect in your imperfections.

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