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Interview with Giovanna De Rosa 20/02/2024


Today is my birthday and to celebrate my 39th journey around the sun I've decided to start a new series of interview to discover how Music Tree as impacted the life of some wonderful music educators around the world!

I think it's a lovely way to remind myself that I've done a good job so far!

So here we go with the first episode of a series of interviews of people "infected" by Music Tree :)

This time ENG and ITA with Giovanna De Rosa from Associazione EducArte APS.

Nest week on Tuesday with Shirley from Costarica!

Interview with Giovanna De Rosa First episode of MUSIC TREE CONNECTION SERIES - A series involving people INFECTED by Music Tree


Looking forward to interviewing Giovanna and chat with her about our amazing friendship, born on music passion, common goals and lots of laughter! ❤️

With the support of Associazione EducArte APS

Tuesday 20th February at 1.00pm UK form Music Tree YOUTUBE channel

In ENG and ITA


This week is full of announcements!

Right after Music Tree Teacher Training, exactly in the same place: EUROPEAN MÚSICA DO CÍRCULO TEACHER TRAINING

August 1-4, 2024 at

The first module of a course to learn everything about this incredible Method from Brazil, that connects in an incredible way circular music with Non-Violent Communication and Pedagogy of Cooperation.

Register your interest at the link below:

So happy to support producing this wonderful training opportunity in Europe! ❤️

Photos from Music Tree's post 14/02/2024

Yes, I chose the best! ❤️

The stories that connect me with each of them are stories of inspiration, admiration and connection.

They are stories of common passion, life-sharing moments and laughter.

With each of them I’ve drunk some good wine, speaking of our jobs, our loves, our ways of looking at life.

I couldn’t be happier that they accepted my invitation for MTTT.

The story with Pedro brings me to a different me, back to 2016. I met him in London in a 2-hour workshop that changed my life forever. I looked at his world and his community like I look at the most wonderful thing in the world. He shared it with me with open heart and helped me understand it. He’s a constant source of learning, a friend and an amazing facilitator which always tries to delve deeper in his work and with the people that he meets ❤️

Antonio is simply unbelievable. Where can I start? If you see him on stage he blows your mind with his incredible stories and characters. If you follow one of his courses, you simply would like to hug him the whole time and tell him “Thank you for everything you give”. If you meet him as a colleague (like it happened to me in Sweden), you can even share the most incredible life stories… and what a good listener he his ❤️

And I finish with Mauro , a “never-ending-student” that will support you in every way he can. His passion and enthusiasm are simply contagious and his knowledge is an incredible learning opportunity for everyone who meets him. Mauro is a multi-disciplinary artist and Community Music Facilitator that will guide the participants in a world of collective learning methods, with a huge smile and amazing energy.

Are you joining MTTT?
We begin with the Starting Module in Viterbo-Italy, 29/07 and 01/08!


In these days I’ve asked some questions about yourself in my stories and most of your answers where reporting a general sense of inadequacy.

“I would like to change the way I teach but I don’t know where to start from.”

“I would like to be more engaging with my students but I don’t know how to create games and activities.”

“I would like to trust my creativity but I don’t know what I can find there.”

Now I want to ask you something:

have you ever given yourself the time to discover who you are in a safe and non judgmental environment?

Have you practiced your creativity and learned your limits?

Have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone?

After the Conservatoire I was lost. I knew I loved music but I hated playing the piano at that point. I’ve never explored improvisation and composition, and I was only telling myself that even if I’ve tried I would have failed (who know where that comes from right?).

The Music therapy school started opening new ways of looking at things, studying Gordon’s MLT showed new worlds to my ears, Body Music shifted my musicality back on my body and not on a instrument outside me.

But it’s only with improv theatre that I really explored a different me, that the perception of who I was starting changing. Music, my strongest skill, was not there to support me, there was only my imagination.

I’ve slowly learnt to say YES AND to whatever was arriving to me: my ideas, my mistakes, my fears. But also people’s ideas, mistakes and fears. What an incredible way of looking at life!

The last 16 years (since I started music therapy) represent an incredible journey of acceptance, growing and development.

I knew I had to be patient, give myself the time to change and in the meantime have fun, try and get inspired by others.

So, please, give yourself this possibility. Enjoy your process and little by little you will find your voice and your unique style ❤️


Ph. at the amazing retreat

Photos from Music Tree's post 12/02/2024

Meet the team, starting from the LADIES and their (well our!) incredible program for MTTT😍

🎵With Marta I have studied the Music Learning Theory of Gordon over 10 years ago in Milan, and then and I saw her growing and developing her personal research in music education at levels that I haven’t seen very often.

She has also become a business master and has helped me develop Music Tree and my other projects through the years. Would I be connecting with you online if it wasn’t for her?

📚Flavia was a wonderful ABA therapist when I met her in a school for autistic children in London about 8 years ago. She was so enthusiastic about the Music Therapy intervention I was leading in the school that we became very close instantaneously (also we where secretly sharing how much we were missing some Italian lifestyle!)

Her research for child psychology and pedagogy is so remarkable that her place in MTTT was absolutely a must!

👱‍♀️And me? Well, you know me! Music education is my passion and sharing my discoveries with other teachers has become my mission in life.

Any questions about MTTT 24-25?
Write them in the comments and I will be there to answer you!


Intention - visualisation - realisation ❤️

Follow your dreams, but dream wise.

Focus your energies, but use them safely..

Trust the process, but work hard.

Believe in yourself, but ask for help.

The path to reach our goals is full of ups and downs, moments of joy and moments of frustration.

But everyday, even when it doesn’t look like this, it’s a step forward. For more awareness, more understanding, more experience.

Letting go is an important element to learn in life.
Appreciate everyday that your learning how to be the best version of yourself, even when you don’t like who you are.


Love this community

Photos from Music Tree's post 09/02/2024

M T T T - Music Tree Teacher Training

Italy 2024/2025

Accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit, and the Ministry of Culture.

Became a Certified Music Tree teacher through a course that leads you to profound transformations.

It will assist you in discovering your motivations, your voice, your creativity while providing you with strong theoretical knowledge to support you in your work indefinitely.

An international team of instructors from various disciplines will prepare you comprehensively and equip you with the tools to discover your unique teaching style within yourself.

A working group made up of motivated teachers from various countries around the world with whom you can engage and grow, breaking free from dogmas and pre-packaged methodologies.

One whole year of discovery, play, music, movement and voice, during which you will gradually open yourself up to a deep understanding of your vision of education and musical facilitation.

I can’t contain my excitement at the thought of starting!

Me! (Tiziana)
Pedro Consorte
Flavia Capoano
Antonio Vulpio
Marta Noè
Mauro Faccioli

First retreat 29/07-01/08, Rome (Italy)

In collaboration with the wonderful Associazione EducArte APS 😍


Truth is: there are many ways to teach music to primary school children because they arrive to our classes with many different backgrounds.

But it’s also true that some approaches work better then others and it’s our responsibility researching and studying.

Have I finish studying only because I have a successful school and I’ve been teaching other teachers for more than 10 years! Absolutely not, it’s quite the opposite.

But there are some pivotal aspects in my pedagogy that I don’t question anymore.

- we learn music through a psychomotor process, not only with our eyes or our ears.

- making music in group is more important during a specific period of development

- singing and moving are fundamental but they cannot be imposed so teachers need to learn strategies to include all their students, not only the naturally drawn to music

I also know that my classes aim to:


Until the 31/01 you can subscribe to a special period of mentoring sessions, dedicate ONLY to these topics.

In my mentoring you can bring your personal doubts and work on what you really need with me, through a collaborative process that will help you also finding in yourself your creativity.

Link in bio or in my stories!



Three hours in Itañese were quite something for my brain but I loved every second of this workshop.

It was like a dream for me to be included in this Mini festival and bring the Music Tree Approach for the first time to Brazilian teachers!

My wish for today were two:
- for them to enjoy the hours together and
- to discover Music Tree, a child-led approach based on cooperation and creativity 🙏

Eu sonhei sobre isso muitas vezes ❤️

Obrigada , now that I have your books we will start bringing your wonderful and support groovy method to the UK!


Don’t get me wrong, I love snow! Probably more then the sun but Brazil is Brazil! And Costa Rica, what about Costa Rica? A dream! 🙏

Tomorrow is the day, everything is packed (emmm, there is always something I forget and then is a crazy rush to the airport) and organise (what? I think I will have a heart attack the first time I receive a call from Music Tree by .music)…

So, here I am, ready to go!

After sobbing two times tonight whilst singing “Just a spoonful of sugar” with my little Emma (mummy’s heart is very sad I will miss 20 days of her development and it worries she will be missing me a lot!) I can tell you that my heart is in two places….

I will miss my family but…. I cannot wait to start this adventure! ☀️

Studying (and enjoying) more with is absolutely the best way to start the new year…

… and working alongside running my workshop in São Paulo and bringing the Music Tree’s Approach to Costa Rica thanks to is such an incredible and amazing opportunity! I cannot wait to be there!

See you in a bit from the other side of the Atlantic, soon more from me 🥰


Life with my little Emma has been a rollercoaster.

At 2.5, she’s practically grown up in my classes since we reopened after Covid. She’s a spirited one, feeling big emotions but struggling to express them. Her language skills are top-notch, but emotionally, she’s figuring things out in a world that’s overwhelming for a toddler.

In my music classes, she’s in a tricky spot - sharing her mom with everyone else isn’t easy for her or me.

She behaves like one of those “difficult” kids, challenging every proposal and always wanting to be different.

It’s tough. As a teacher I’ve crafted strategies for such moments: misbehaviours, continue request for attention, running, pushing, crying... I’ve asked myself many times what needs or emotions drive this behaviour ❤️

Kids express needs in various ways.

In my classes, it’s like emotions take the stage. Music, after all, is a gateway to expressing feelings. But managing one child’s needs among many? That’s a challenge we find ourself as teachers many time during our weeks!

There we are juggling how to support THAT child and the whole class simultaneously. Quite the balancing act, don’t you think?

It’s incredibly common to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and exhausted after dealing with these challenging situations in our sessions with students.

So I’ve created a special place to speak about this, called FINDING LIGHT IN TRANSFORMATION

• Song, activities and practical solutions shared in a cooperative event
• Music Tree theory and philosophy for children age 3-4-5
• Assistance with new ideas and strategies

We will meet on Thursday 4th January for a 2+ hour exclusive event. Participants number limited.

If you wish to discover more, simply click the link below:


I’ve navigated through quite a challenging 2023.

My personal life weathered numerous storms, but as the year draws to a close, I’m starting to glimpse a bit of sunshine.

My job and the connection with the incredible teachers at Music Tree in London, provided the energy I needed to persist.

Singing was my anchor, offering moments to center myself and recharge.

Music acted as my therapy, guiding me through this journey and serving as my refuge, as always.

Despite the hardships, an unexpected and incredible transformative process has begun.

Though it’s often in pain that we discover our strength; it’s the struggle to rise from the depths that reveals new paths.

Looking ahead to 2024, I’m preparing for a year of discovery, armed with newfound knowledge to face fresh challenges.

Change and growth can be daunting to initiate and embrace, yet they’re inevitable and beautiful when we step into new shoes and embark on a different journey.

In the upcoming year, I’ll dedicate more time to myself—waiting, observing, and learning from this unfamiliar process that contrasts with my true essence.

Simultaneously, I’ll give, share, and connect.


My journey with you recommences on January with our first meeting and a special gift, right before my trip to Brazil and Costa Rica.

We’ll have an EXCLUSIVE SESSION together, during which I’ll share the strategies I use with the most challenging students, aged 3-5.

💫Tap LIGHT in the comment to discover this unique event and receive the free ebook taken from my last publication.


I’m enjoying discovering my musicality every day more.

Though I’m scared of touching the limits and not being able to cross them.

But this is not stopping me as I try to navigate between fears and desire.

Probably the best place to be in the world.

Once again ready for a new challenge.

This time the hardest because I couldn’t go there for a long time.

But I’m so ready. I know the time has come.

2024 is my year to go there and stay, to take the time and give myself a chance.

Music is the home, the path, the river… and I have amazing friends to share the journey with.

Can’t wait to sing.



The most beautiful moments ❤️
Thanks ZUZA and Música do Círculo , see you in Brazil in exactly a month!

Thanks also to all the participants, it’s been so much fun making music together!


Tomorrow we will be singing, dancing, discovering, meeting and connecting… can’t wait to see Zuza again!

The workshop is fully booked but if you really really really wish to come we can squeeze you in! ❤️

Música do Círculo open workshop
12th December 2.30-9.00pm
Half-day attendance available too


January 2017

I tell you a little story that will stay forever in my heart.

Before this life, I had another where I couldn’t sing. My voice was stuck somewhere between fears, judgments and tensions. For year I struggled and suffered (both physically and mentally) due to this.

In 2016 I start my singing classes with Guille Rozenthuler that helps finding new sounds and opens new ways of thinking about myself. This also in preparation to my first Música do Círculo retreat in Brazil.

At the third day of retreat I loose my voice and this throws me in a place of deep sadness and inadequacy, finding myself in a community of amazing singers and musicians.

But one night, this music wizard in the picture, Zuza Gonçalves, out of nowhere (I didn’t share with him my frustration…) asks me to go with him and sing in the dark. He brings me under the dome of the venue and tells me “I want to hear the acoustic of this place (sure!), can you improvise with me?”

I was in between wanting to run away as fast as I could and hug him as stronger as I could!

Obviously I couldn’t sing, my voice was not coming out, I felt ashamed, ugly, little, sorry for myself.

Then Zuza says: “It doesn’t matter what you sing, I improvise over it”. So little by little I let it go and we sing together, in the dark for those incredible and magical minutes.

Then one other person arrives, and another, and another… and the duet becomes a trio, an ensemble, a circle… where every voice is allowed, is connected, is born from acceptance and openness.

ZUZA, you will be in London in December.

I told this story to many people since 2017 and now I tell you as well, in case you forgot. I will never forget and this time, when I see you again, I will give you that hug that I should have given you 7 years ago ❤️


Let me clarify something 😇

Working on musical modes shouldn’t start from the theory but from the experience, using our body’s sixth sense (the movement) as a learning tool.

Let me clarify something else 🤣

Being music teachers doesn’t mean singing simple children’s song but bringing incredible music to your young students.

And now let me tell you this 😜

Becoming a MUSIC TREE Teacher is a full immersion in music, creativity, musicality, personal growth, ideas, theories and awareness.

This is an example of a part of my workshops for teachers 😍 inspired by Gordon’s MLT and

Next in-person course?

🇮🇹Italy (Udine) 18-19 November
🇨🇷Costa Rica 26-28 January

And shhh… save the date, it’s still a secret…. ROME, July 2024 - 1st Module of MUSIC TREE International Training Course with an incredible crew of teachers that decided to jump on board with me! 😍

Photos from Music Tree's post 31/10/2023

Halloween at Music Tree ❤️
We have so much fun 🎃

Elaria Fo Zh - Francesca Zaccà

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