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Interested in networking or finding out more about staying in the UK post graduation and visa options, then contact [email protected] for a free invitation to a networking event on 22 February to celebrate Chinese New Year, at an international law firm based in Kingsway, Holborn (up the road from you all!)
Networking, staying in UK post graduation - if interested in a free event to help you on your way, hosted by an International Law firm in Central London, please contact me on [email protected]
Do you speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or Mandarin fluently?

Do you want a summer internship or graduate scheme with broad business exposure?

Proactive and personable individuals wanted for 2018 Commercial Internship and Grad Scheme. £Excellent salary.
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Hi! I’m helping with a research project at King's College London looking for people to take part in a survey about how they respond to stigma, prejudice and discrimination and how this impacts on their well-being. I think it may be relevant to members of this group. Anyone who takes part has the chance of winning a £100 Amazon voucher too. The information will hopefully be used to help people cope better with the impact of stigma in the future.
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There are a few last minute spaces remaining for LoPair's China au pair program for Uni students!

Summer Elite Special: 4 to 6-week EduCare in China.

Completely FREE! Round-trip airfare and travel insurance included! (*Visa fee not included*)

- Live with a Chinese host family
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- Attend culture activities and plenty of social events

Start date ASAP

Please email [email protected] for more info.

Longer 3month program available for graduates!

Chinese Students & Scholars Association of the London School of Economics


Operating as usual




【LSESU CSSA】《食在八方》中华文化美食节_腾讯视频

Sneak peak of an upcoming event: A Bite of China ● 食在八方.

Next Friday, CSSA will hold its annual food festival to showcase mouthwatering cuisine from China's diverse regions. Whether it's scrumptious dim-sum or flavourful Sichuan dishes, we've got something for everyone's taste. Watch out for ticket information in the upcoming days and hurry because spaces are limited and they will sell out fast! 【LSESU CSSA】《食在八方》中华文化美食节


Thrilling moments captured from CSSA sub-committee meeting. Welcome our new members! Thank you all for attending our sub-committee meeting.


Thrilling moments captured from 2017 China week. Thanks to all people for participating in our various traditional Chinese activities including costume photography, snack tasting and so on. Feel free to join us and experience the unique Chinese spirit!


中国文化周是为了以各种形式的活动和我们的外国朋友分享交流,把我们中国博大精深,源远流长的历史文化响亮亮地传播出去。1月30号到2月3号,伦敦政经中国学联文化部将如期举办一年一度的中国文化周(China Week)!现在正招募活动筹备组志愿者!还不快到碗里来!
目前China Week现正招募20名活动筹备的成员!20名!20名!我们都在等你!


2016-11-26 CSSALSE

学联贴心地为大家带来一个小福利~对Fashion & Creative Industry感兴趣的同学们,现在你们将拥有一个绝佳的交流机会!

百奢,一个诞生于伦敦,能够从线上线下双向为奢侈品牌的中国消费者提供VIP购物体验的平台,将邀请伦敦时尚界的大咖为LSE的中国留学生进行Private Talking!内容包括但不限于:Fashion Business Management, Self-branding via Social Media Platforms, The Basics of SEO, Making Money from your Blog, Fashion Chic Sharing, Fashion Events in London等主题。

设计师Speaker名单更是有Edeline Lee与blogger Maria,参与学生不仅可以听到来自marketing director of luxury brand, emerging designer, fashion influencer的行业干货分享,还可以当场进行提问互动,并有机会赢取百奢提供的精美奖品哦!

1: 为中国留学生提供近距离与英国Fashion Industry Speakers交流的机会。通过Speakers的亲身经历分享,可以让我们感受到如何在伦敦这样一个多元化国际都市从事creative business。
2: 对伦敦时尚行业的就业形势有更全面清晰的认识,了解不同职业的运作模式。
3: 了解最新伦敦时尚潮流,并且有机会成为百奢member,参加各种高大上的品牌VIP Event!

-时间: 7:00-8:00 pm Wednesday, 30 November
-地点: LSE Old Building Room 4.10
-活动形式:Speakers talking + Q&A

这样免费入场,福利多多的活动,看到这里的你有没有一点心动呢?报名方式非常简单: 使用邀请码LSESU进行注册,百奢将在报名者中随机抽取30位!机会难得,正如那句老话,心动不如行动啦!


今天我们的篮球队全胜赢得了G5篮球赛!👏🏻🎉一路保持不败战绩,最后决赛在遭受对方球员殴打的情况下,分数咬的十分紧,并且连打两场加时。在比赛最关键(剩下30秒)的时刻,我们的队草帽掉了对面的队员一个原本必进之球,最终赢下了比赛! 正因为过程如此艰辛才会显得结果如此可贵💪🏻感谢所以辛苦付出的运动员们,因为你们 一切都值得!


LSE&IC Running Man



Who am I ?
Where do i come from?
Where am i going?
不论你有什么样的才能,伦敦高校联合春晚组委会,正式向你发出参加春晚海选的邀请,愿你的风华正茂,也能刻印在帝国Great Hall的舞台上!2017 相聚伦敦高校联合春晚节目海选 正式开放报名!
First Audition:十一月三号
SU the Venue
Second Audition:十一月五号
SU 6th floor activity studio



下面的性感大长腿和帅气逼人的妹子们都是LSE舞蹈队在猴年春晚精彩的演出。LSE舞蹈队一直以来主攻K-pop, 今年会加入更多的元素包括啦啦队,hip-hop以及民族舞等。再或者你对其他的舞种有兴趣也欢迎和我们多多交流~



Come to the grand Fresher's Fair today! See Saw Hock Student Centre, 10am-3pm today & tomorrow!

*CSSA's No.90 stall is on basement balcony. *

Come and talk to us for surprising gifts, and once again, a big warm welcome for all the freshers this year!!!XO



Happy April Fool's Day!!!
Watch! To! The! End!
一!定!要!看!到!最!后! 【Google自动驾驶自行车】Google在荷兰发布了自动驾驶自行车!它不仅不会倒,还能自己到指定的地方接你~看着还真心动呢[心] 一起感受下[笑cry] 一定要看到最后哦! via Mashable


Having experienced stressful deadlines, our long-awaited Easter Holiday is finally here! This term, several major events have happened in CSSA, including introduction of new committee members, promotion of Chinese culture through China Week, celebration of Chinese New Year, recruitment for LSE China Forum, and a variety of informative career panels. At the end of the term, we want to send our sincere appreciation to everyone who has supported our society in varied ways, and wish you all the best in exam revisions, but do not forget to enjoy your holiday too! Work hard and Play hard, hope you all have an enjoyable holiday, and looking forward to seeing you next term!

Your Committees.


CareerHub Login

*A great career networking chance and a wonderful breakfast in ONE event for Chinese students*


It's a great opportunity to hear from and meet with experienced professionals and recruiters who have been or are currently based in China. Come and join us TOMORROW morning 0800-1000 (last entrance at 0900) at Weston Cafe, SAW 6.00, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

Sign up at Staff and students who have set up security questions in LSE for You can use the password reset facility LSE Forgotten Password tool. If you have not set up security questions in LSE for You, contact the IT Help Desk (taught students) or the IT Service desk (staff and PGRs) to reset your password.


A meaningful and interesting trip promotion from our brother society CDS!

Subscribe China Outlook Trip now for Free!

Fill in the following google form to show your interest and get latest updates. Note it is not official sign up for the trip!

Here you can find our very detailed Digital Brochure, covering all the information you need.

Please also come to Information Session on Friday, 18th, 5PM to 6PM at NAB 2.06!


Our new family photo of all committee members this year!


CSSA Election Result

Dear CSSA members;
Many thanks to everyone who stood for election and voted on Wedsnesday at the society's AGM.
Here is the list of our committee members for next year:

Chair/President: Hu Chengru (Leonardo)
Treasurer: Yucheng Lu
Secretary: Huize Wang
Internal Vice President: Hui Lyu
External Vice President: Binru Li (Ruby)
Senior Vice President: Jingyi (Veronica) Wang
Careers Officer: Xindi Xu
Marketing Officer: Muhan Xu
Social Officer: Meijia Chen
Cultural Officer: Jiaming Gu
Charity Officer: Peggy He
Sports Officer: Jimmy Mao




End of Term Review
First of all, thanks to everyone who has followed or liked our page and events in this term. I believe it was a tough and busy year for all the students,in particular the first-years, however, we have all made through it ! Congratulations !
In this term, CSSA has ran a variety of events including summer internship and CV panels, freshers and halloween parties, paintball and ice skating and Ofund fundraising concert. It was a great honor and pleasure to have everyone participating in our events, and hope everyone found that our events were useful and fun . Next term, we will host even more exciting and helpful events, so let's looking forward to next term altogether! Wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year! Have a nice holiday!



如果这些问题触碰到了你的心底,就来和我们一起加入 FDTIC London吧!

FDTIC London 是一个由学生组织的伦敦投资基金,宗旨为通过实验 innovative fintech platform 来加强学生的金融和领导能力.

现在,FDI Investment Club 正在 ForexMaster APP (上举办一个虚拟的 Forex Trading 竞争。所有 LSESU CSSA 的成员都可以通过注册免费 ForexMaster 账号参加各种竞争并获得丰厚奖品哦!

赢家不仅会得到750美元现金,还会获得独有的 FDT Incubator program 的特邀!在 Return on Investment (ROI) 中表现杰出的交易者更有可能会被邀请加入FDI Investment 的交易者community和亲自管理 FDTIC London fund (价值100,000 美元哦~)

ForexMaster 不仅是一个手机APP,更是一个可以提供学生免费注册 Forex trading 账户并体验真实交易的’万能神器’!参与者将会通过实质性地交易操作和不间断地交易竞争来加强他们对金融的认知。同时,FDT 将会通过对每一个虚拟账户(证券投资组合)的实时监控来发掘未来的股票交易大神~ 我们诚挚邀请最优秀的人员加入我们的Incubator Program。FDTIC London 还会给杰出的 incubatees 提供真实资金,在ForexMaster上进行真实交易!!!

证券投资大神们,机会难得,你还在等什么? 现在开始,加入我们!加入贸易!

Trading with ForexMaster:
FDT Investment Club London:
Events on Facebook:


The Big Four Panel Retrospect
First of all, a big thank you to our speakers from the Big Four and all of you who have participated in this event. In the event, our speakers provided us with a lot of insightful knowledge about their duties in different service lines and gave us invaluable tips on Big Four interview processes.
For the contact information of our speakers, please follow our account on wechat : CSSALSE


Photos of our amazing Ofund Concert from last year! Join our audition if you are influenced and attracted by these photos!
You can easily help a desperate child by performing on the stage.
For more information about the audition, please look at our Facebook event page for Ofund Concert.


Spot your beautiful face!

Thank all the amazing speakers from the bottom of our heart for your commitment, and everyone who came to the Summer Internship Panel yesterday. The event would not be such successful without all of your support.


An honoured day for Chinese people when the Chinese Chairmen JINPING XI (习近平) comes to visit the UK. All of our CSSA members were extremely privileged and delighted to see our approachable, trustworthy and respectful Chairman outside the Buckingham Palace. We wish Mr Xi a safe and happy visit here in England.


Reminder : The Summer Internship Panel is TONIGHT!
If you want to get a desirable summer internship with excellent working conditions and high salary, come to the event tonight ! We guarantee that you will gain a lot of useful tips on applying summer internship from today's event.
Location: NAB2.04
Time :19:00--21:00


LSE CSSA FlashMOB 伦敦政经中国学联快闪《小苹果》

HEY GUYS! Here's the flashmob video on MONDAY this week!! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the dance!!

中国周开场快闪的视频终于出来了!! 感谢所有同学朋友们的支持!

CHINA WEEK DAY 1 Flashmob by LSE SU CSSA students at Houghton Street,LSE More photos and updates of China Week and our society is on our page: https...




LSE SU CSSA's cover photo



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