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LLiV means LLiV Your Life Vitally. We're here to help you live your life with maximum energy, vibran Hey, I’m Jill!

Owner and creator of LLiV, Transformational Health and Life Coach, Emotional Healer, yoga business owner and bestselling author. I’m committed to helping you become the best, healthiest and realest version of you.

Operating as usual

Photos from LLiV's post 07/10/2022

Last night in the shower I randomly started singing "I Wanna Be Like You" from The Jungle Book.

What a tune! 😊😊

Remembered I have this gem in my vinyl collection. 1975. Must have been my first album aged 3 😂


It’s very easy to get attached to what we want things to look like - relationships, business deals, teams, family. As the distance between what we WANT and what IS grows, we feel the friction and frustration.

Sometimes we need to step back and just accept what is… And let go of the hope, the fantasy and expectation.
After all, these only exist in our imagination.

The clinging on to the fantasy causes stagnation. Just like energy and blood can’t flow freely through tense muscles, the energy of life can’t move where it is highly contained by desire and want.

So sometimes letting go of what we want is the only way to move forward freely.

Let go….Trust in the bigger plan!


Busy life?
Little time to cook?

Cook once, eat twice is an important principle.

Last night's leftovers for lunch! Steamy stir-fry.

- Base - onion, garlic, leek, celery 🧅🧄
- Mixed mushrooms
- Broccoli 🥦
- Bok choy 🥬
- Frozen peas
- Black beans
- Sesame seeds
- Ginger & Chinese 5 spice
- Liquid Aminos and tamari
- Cornflour to thicken
- Toasted sesame oil and seaweed sprinkles to garnish
- And ❤️❤️

Join me on my 14 Day Cleanse for more recipes, and learn how to make being healthy work with your lifestyle.

Link in bio.


One of my clients said she felt like a Goddess after my 14 Day Cleanse. 🥰☺

Health, vitality and feeling Goddess-like doesn’t come by force, through affirmations or from a new haircut (OK, the feeling may last until bed-head).

It comes when the whole body is singing – all systems are working together, the jobs that need to happen are getting done, and energy is flowing in abundance.

So what needs to happen to achieve this state?

- Feeding the body all the nutrients it needs🥦🥑🥬🍎
- Cleaning out the 💩💩
- Hydrating it with water 💦
- Moving it 🏃‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️
- Breathing… properly
- Managing stress 🧘‍♀️
- Good sleep 😴

That’s why, on my 14 Day Cleanse, we don’t just focus on food. We focus on all the ingredients needed to get the whole body to sing.

Find out more by clicking on the link in my profile. 🥑


If you want to create something different in 2022 then be aware of how you set your goals...🤓🤔

Most goal setting focuses on WHAT you want.
Some goal setting focuses on HOW to go about getting it.
Very little goal setting focuses on WHO you need to be to make it all happen.

Yet, WHO you need to be is THE most important part as this drives all your actions. ☝️ If you change who you are, everything else falls into place.

So WHO do you need to be?
What values do you need to embody?
How will this new version of you show up in the World?

As Gandhi said "BE the change you want..."

If improving your health or turning it around is on your list for 2022, join me for my January Cleanse starting on 15th Jan. See the link in my profile.


This year I'll be 50 😳😳

I still get mistaken for a 35 year old ☺️ (happy dance! ). And this is without the help of any botox, filler or any other procedures.

What’s my secret?

It’s simple really: I give my body what it needs to do what it knows how to do.

Your body knows how to take care of itself. It knows how to clean away dead cells and toxins, and convert nutrients into a vibrant, healthy person.

The problems occur when it’s overloaded with the bad stuff, and starved of the good. And / or your stress levels are so high that your body is continuously ready to ‘fight or flight’, rather than putting energy into regenerating you.

In my next 14 Day Cleanse I'll share my secrets and literally guide you through everything your body needs to thrive, and even heal. You’ll get 2 workshops, a Cleanse Manual, recipes, daily tips that are tailored to the needs of the group, as well as the support and accountability of that group.

People are regularly stunned by how much better they feel and look in JUST 14 days.

So if you like the idea of not only feeling better, but also looking more glowing and vibrant, join me on The Cleanse.



Many of us suffer from lots of symptoms that we think are normal or just part of ageing.

The reality is these symptoms are signs that your body isn't entirely happy and isn't getting what it needs.

So how do you figure out what's disrupting it and what it DOES need?

A Cleanse will help you wipe the slate clean and give your body a chance to reset. So when you put stuff back in that your body doesn't like, it gives you a clear signal - no confusion!

Join the 14 Day Cleanse starting Jan 15th Jan.

Includes 2 workshops, Cleanse manual, recipes and daily guidance and tips from me.

Find out more at https://llivyour.life/14-day-detox-cleanse. Starts 15th Jan!


Kale, Spring greens and chard blanched and ready to drop in to whatever I cook this week.

Great way to make eating healthy easy... And save fridge space.

Also good for freezing... So no wilted greens waste ☺️🥬🥬


As I was out on a run this morning I found myself in a South London bog and with no easy escape route 😳 😱. . Whichever way I turned it was going to be messy, cold and wet.

As I jumped and hopped to find a way through, I was reminded that life rarely runs on a smooth and linear path. It's the messy parts that give you the most opportunity to get involved experience LIFE.

They're the times where we can laugh as we get cold and dirty, or cry as we get cold and dirty.

And they're the times when we can look back and say "I made it through. I grew. I learned something".

So, embrace the mess. Jump in with 2 feet. Get dirty. Play. And you might just find some magic happens on the way. ✨✨


Whilst it's not good to live in the past, sometimes it can be helpful to look backwards.

Looking back allows us to see our progess and how far we've come.

When we're driven, striving, always moving forward or focused on a goal, it's very easy to slip into the feeling of not doing enough / not being far enough on / not having made enough progress...

Looking back allows a moment to take stock and see the distance we've actually travelled. Most times it's way further than we think!

Then comes celebration!! 💪🙌✨🥂🍾😊


Talking food marketing in The 14 Day Cleanse today.

What a slippery area! I know, I started my career in it WAY BACK 😳

The essence: to be healthy you need to be a super savvy consumer. Now that the health food market is worth so much, (the organic food and drink market ALONE is worth £2b annually), there are lots of dirty tricks being played. And if you're not awake, aware and educated, it's easy to get caught out. 🤬🤬😤

We're inherently trusting of what we see on the shelves of our supermarkets. To make good choices in support of our health requires a healthy dose of scepticism and a questioning mind. 🤔

Take nothing for granted 🤓


Your body will always respond! ✊

It's just day 2 on the 14 Day Cleanse and even yesterday people were feeling the impact of cleaning up their diet: headaches, emotional, moodiness, tiredness. How amazing the body is that just 1 day off caffeine, sugar and all other food nasties, that it gets to work on deep cleaning.

I've been neglecting exercise. My body feels tight and sluggish. But, it opens quickly and it feels so good when it does: Lizard - coming up onto the toes - stretches from the toes, through the feet, the quads, hamstrings, glutes and hips.

Like cleaning the body - it's heaven, with just a little bit of hell 😈. It's been a while!


Your skin is like any other system of the body: give it what it needs to function optimally, and it will thrive and - in this case – glow. Moreover, your skin reflects your internal environment: the health of your digestive system, hormones, your toxicity level and even the emotional load you’re carrying.

So forget expensive face creams, serums and make-up. Beauty is an inside job!

If you want youthful glowing skin, make what’s going on inside your priority.

Join me on my 14 Day Cleanse, starting Saturday, where you’ll learn how to nourish your body and glow from the inside out. See https://llivyour.life/14-day-detox-cleanse

Photos from LLiV's post 07/01/2021

The diet industry is not designed to help people be healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. 🤬Millions of people repeatedly cycle through diets which starve them of calories (and often nutrients), leaving them feeling desperate, unhappy and uncomfortable in their own skin. 🤬😢

When WHOLE health is the priority, you want to keep new habits because you FEEL and LOOK amazing. And when you FEEL amazing, you EXPERIENCE LIFE in a different way which makes you want to sustain it.

WHOLE health isn’t just about looking good, cutting back on empty calories or cutting out the bad stuff. WHOLE health is about giving your BODY & BEING what they need to THRIVE. It’s deeper.

My 14 Day Cleanse teaches you how to be healthy in the long term and looks beyond diet to what other lifestyle factors are getting in the way of you having the weight and health you really want.

Starts on Saturday 9th Jan. See https://llivyour.life/14-day-detox-cleanse

If you or someone you know is looking to lose weight in a way that doesn’t support their LONG TERM WHOLE health, please share this post.🙏🤗


Your body is healing machine!

Give your cells what they need – a high vibration clean environment and plentiful nutrients – and they will thrive. And when your cells are healthy, all the systems of your body work better, and all ‘those’ symptoms you’ve learned to live with and think are normal start to fall away… Symptoms like eczema, psoriasis, IBS, painful periods, headaches, bad breath and joint pain.

And nutrifying your body doesn’t mean the food is boring or you cut out everything that tastes good. Eating food that serves your body is both tasty and beautiful.

Join me for the 14 Day Cleanse – starting Saturday 9th Jan – where you’ll get a full Cleanse manual and recipes, as well as livestreamed workshops and daily Facebook lives with me in a private group. I’ll hold your hand through the whole process, virtually!

See https://llivyour.life/14-day-detox-cleanse

Photo from Spring Cleanse 2020


Improve elimination

Whenever I run a Cleanse and raise the topic of number of trips to the loo, people’s faces drop. Not because of the topic itself, but because of the realisation that many of us are a lot more bunged up than we would like to think.

For many of us, our plumbing is most definitely NOT in order.

As with most health-related matters, this is a big reflection of what we’re eating. But it doesn’t stop there. How much we drink, when we’re eating, how we eat and even how we manage stress are big factors… as well as the health of our microbiome, and what’s going on emotionally.

The 14 Day Cleanse isn’t just about cutting out foods that are harmful or disruptive to your body. It’s about learning to nourish it with foods that help it function and thrive in the way it’s supposed to. It’s also about looking at what needs to be addressed in your lifestyle and your relationship with your emotions.

If you know your elimination and health need a boost, join me on my 14 Day Cleanse starting this Saturday with a livestreamed workshop. https://llivyour.life/14-day-detox-cleanse

Photos from LLiV's post 04/01/2021

Thinking about doing Dry January or Veganuary? If yes, I applaud you 👏👏👏. BUT, the reality is it doesn’t go nearly far enough unless you’re looking at everything else you’re putting in your body.

Great health isn’t just about including or removing ONE INGREDIENT. It’s about what goes into the WHOLE RECIPE. And often this means challenging what you think is a good and balanced diet.

If you really want to clean up your diet, heal your body and give yourself the best start to 2021, check out my 14 Day Cleanse https://llivyour.life/14-day-detox-cleanse.

Starts this Saturday – 9th Jan with a livestreamed workshop, then full guidance throughout the 14 days. Yes I’ll be holding your hand virtually every step of the way. 🤗🤗🤗

Share this with someone you know wants to clean up their diet and could do with some expert guidance and support. 🙏


I was on my way to my 47th birthday when this photo was taken.

Good skin and a healthy body are the result of daily decisions to serve your body.

Similarly, disease isn’t created overnight, but is the compound result of NUMEROUS DECISIONS OVER TIME: eating foods that deplete your body; too many stimulants when you need rest; alcohol; sugar; bad fats; toxic relationships...

The good thing is, your body is a powerful healing machine. And if you give it the right conditions, it will do everything it can to thrive. And when it thrives, you feel and look AMAZING!

It doesn’t matter where you’re at now. Your health can turn around, or get even better.

And let’s face it, after this year, we could all do with an upgrade in some are of our life.

Join me for a 14 Day Cleanse starting 9th Jan. You won’t believe the transformation your body can go through in just 2 weeks.

Photos from LLiV's post 22/07/2020

Being healthy can be really simple, IF you choose not to get in the way. When it comes to nutrition and feeding your body, my advice is straightforward:

1️⃣ Don’t put stuff into it that takes it out of balance, poisons it, or makes its life harder than it needs to be.

2️⃣ Give it all the nutrients it needs to do its job and focus on micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-factors etc)

In a nutshell, what this means is eat clean and super-nutrify!


This was just my breakfast and had no less than 8 different fruits and veggies, plus some superfoods and spices.



Celery, carrot, lime, apple, cucumber, ginger, wheatgrass.



Tastes like carrot cake 😋😋.

Pumpkin, carrot, banana, courgette, coconut milk, chia seeds, ginger, vanilla pod, cinnamon, mixed spice, collagen, h**p protein powder, inulin


So 1 week ago this awesome book launched - A Woman's Work. I'm so proud to have been part of a group of women who put together their stories, learnings and practical tips for other entrepreneurs - male and female. It went straight to number 1!

As a business owner, it's always easy to think that no one else has struggles and sleepless nights with their business. This book lets you know you're not alone, and also how to handle what comes up.

Still just 99p on Kindle - check it out and grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07WPFQ7V3/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_Se8KDbYZPXB4M

LLiV Yoga on Google 22/07/2019

LLiV Yoga on Google

LLiV Yoga on Google ROOFTOP YOGA IS BACK!! When it's hot we'll be on the rooftop with an amazing view of the sun setting over Clapham Common. When it's not so hot, we'll be in our heated studio as normal. GET 20 DAYS OF UNLIMITED YOGA CLASSES FOR JUST £25


Getting to that 'sunset over the park during class' time of year. Yoga with a beautiful view 😊



There's more to essential oils than Lavender and Tea Tree!

Essential oils provide a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals and harsh chemical cleaning products, and are effective for relieving everything from insomnia and indigestion, to supporting anxiety, depression and other physical, mental and emotional health issues.

Find out more here: https://llivyour.life/essential-oils-workshop

independent.co.uk 04/09/2018

Listening to yoga music before bed can help heart health, experts claim

Just another benefit to add to the long list... If can't make it to one of our evening classes this week try and give this a go. Here to help :)

independent.co.uk Keep calm and go to sleep


Kicking off National Yoga Month in style this morning. Wishing you all a lovely weekend and Month. Hope to see you all soon!


Find out more about the fuzz in your body!

Today is all about the FUZZ!

Find out why you don't want it and what to do about it.

If you know someone whose body is stiff, painful and immobile, please share this and let them know about our Unlimited Introductory Offer - check it out here: https://llivyour.life/yogaclapham


Happy Bank Holiday Yogi's. Let's respond in style.

greenerideal.com 25/08/2018

8 Simple Sustainability Tips for Millennials

Awesome and extremely useful article for those that want to integrate a more sustainable lifestyle into day to day life. :)

greenerideal.com Millennials realize that living sustainably is important—and, if done right, can be really simple. Here are several practical ways that millennials can live in a more sustainable way.

Our Story

Good health is NOT the absence of disease or the result of a hack! Life should be about more than just making it through the week, and you shouldn’t be living as a dumbed-down, held-back version of yourself. Good health and LLiVing is about refusing to be average. It’s vibrancy, aliveness, feeling, experiencing, expressing… being the purest and truest version of yourself, and loving your life.

It’s about making conscious choices, being unreasonable with what’s ‘normal’, and making a stand for yourself. It’s empowered and empowering, an ongoing journey of creation, and just a little bit rebellious!

And it’s accessible to you.

Modern life may not give you the tools to take the best care of your body, mind and spirit, but we will. Whether you’re seeking to reverse a health issue, be a rock star at work, a domestic goddess at home, dominate the World, fit into your jeans or find yourself…We’ll help you LLiV!

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Improve elimination
Find out more about the fuzz in your body!
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