JourneyDance London with Stella Stathi

JourneyDance London with Stella Stathi


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I would like to attend the 1st Nov Dance with the Shadow session, how do I book?
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JourneyDance has it all!!
Sacred sweat...tears of release, truth and joy...and even though we will not be dancing on the beach, we will still bring the sea in, as we move with and through the water, awakening and embodying our fluid nature..
Join me in the flow? :)
Hi Stella, when is your next class? Really loved it last time :)
YES to this Stella!!!!!!! please let me know when you are running workshops so I can tell all my friends! x x x x

JourneyDance is an exhilarating union of dance, yoga, chakra work and ritual that will have you love


JourneyDance is an exhilarating, transformational union of dance, visualization, chakra work and ritual that will have you love your body, celebrate life and connect with each other and with the Source. JourneyDance is based on the chakras and the class unfolds as we dance through the different elements (earth, water, fire air, space). A wide range of tools and techniques is employe

Operating as usual


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Remember that real, unconditional Love can only start with loving yourself deeply and unconditionally..

Join us on Saturday, 10th March, for our next JourneyDance, to deepen and celebrate your love for yourself and life!


Healing Power of Dance

Dance is HEALING in so many ways, personal and collective..
By the absolute dance legend, Anna Halprin 💜

Timeline photos 09/10/2017

***We are dancing THIS SUNDAY!!***

Have you forgotten that you are already perfect and lovable?
Do you know how powerful your thoughts and feelings truly are?
Allow yourself to remember by gathering with like-minded adventurous souls to get embodied, become open and present to the abundance of love that surrounds us.

Join me at the Sacred Embodiment JourneyDance™ Workshop, this Sunday 15th October, to embody your desires and move your prayers for yourself, each other and the world!

To find out more and register for the event go here: or click the link in my bio! 🙏💃❤️

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This is exactly what JourneyDance has been for me; a huge wake-up call from the deep numbness I had been living in for years, completely disconnected from my body, and terrified of its needs and emotions, back into FEELING again.
Back into being IN my body again.
Back into being WHOLE again, letting myself see and feel and move with everything, suppressing nothing.

Join us on Sunday 15th October, to experience the magic that is JourneyDance in a community in which each individual is essential to the whole...where feeling and expressing from your joy to your sadness, your emotions in motion become a source of deep transformation and prayer.

I'm deeply honoured and grateful to be representing the JD tribe in London for our International event, and can't wait to dance with you and hundreds of dancers that will be joining us around the world!! 🙏💗💃

To register for the event, go to: or click on the link in my bio.

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✨You are the prayer.✨

Your body, your movement, your breath.

Join us on Sunday, October 15, 2017, when we will fuse our energy across the miles to create our 2nd International JourneyDance event!!

Join the JourneyDance Tribe to simultaneously energize LOVE and Prayers across the planet!

👉For more information, go to: or straight to JourneyDance London on Meetup (link in bio).

JourneyDance London 20/04/2016

JourneyDance London

Update for you all...

Friday 13th May, 7.30pm, at Evolve Wellness Centre!!

May JourneyDance ~ Awaken your Elemental Body

Join us for a Sacred Movement Journey through the Chakras, as we ignite our Senses and embody the Elements of Nature!

Immerse fully Awake, ecstatically Alive, Embodied, Empowered, Whole..

For all the details about this upcoming Dance and to book your place in advance, follow the link below! 👇

Can't wait to dance with you!! 💃✨💕


JourneyDance London May JourneyDance ~ Awakening your Elemental Body Each of our 7 major chakras (energy centres) is associated with an element of nature. 1st: Earth ~ 2nd: Water ~ 3rd: Fire ~ 4th: Air ~ 5th: Ether/Soun

JourneyDance London 14/04/2016

JourneyDance London

We are dancing TOMORROW!!


7.30pm, at the gorgeous Evolve Wellness Centre, in South Kensington!

Find out all the details about tomorrow's class and book your place through Meetup/Paypal, below.

Can't wait to dance with you!

JourneyDance London April JourneyDance Class Blossom into Spring; Shed the Old, Embody the New JourneyDance monthly classes are back this April with a 'Blossom into Spring' celebration dance! Spring is officia

JourneyDance London 14/07/2015

JourneyDance London

***New Moon JourneyDance THIS FRIDAY, 17th July, 7.30pm, at Evolve Wellness Centre!!***

Beautiful friends,

It's been a long time since I was last in touch. Lots have been happening meanwhile, which you'll find out about very soon, but today I'm so happy to let you know that we are dancing THIS FRIDAY!!

July's class will be dedicated to the New Moon, taking place on the 16th, and it will be all about Emotions, Power and the Art of Letting Go!

Please visit the event's page on Meetup for all the details and to RSVP and book your place:

This is going to be a powerful and deeply healing class that you won't want to miss!! Can't wait to dance with you on Friday!!

Much love,
Stella xx

JourneyDance London JULY NEW MOON JOURNEYDANCE Emotions, Power & Letting Go This month's class will be dedicated to the New Moon in Cancer, taking place the day before, and we will be focusing on the themes thi

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Less than 2 1/2 hrs until we meet and dance together the last part of our Chakra Series course, JourneyDance ~ Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakras! 7pm at Evolve Wellness Centre!
See you on the dance floor my friends!!

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And we're diving right in TOMORROW EVENING!! Only 2 PLACES LEFT for this course dedicated to unconditional self-and-body LOVE, through Yoga! Working on tomorrow class sequence right now!! :)

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the practice of body-positive yoga, in the presence of other amazing women, who are ready and willing to embrace and own their bodies and their whole beings, unapologetically!!

Grab your spot here: and join us tomorrow!!

JourneyDance London 29/01/2015

JourneyDance London

We are dancing TOMORROW!!!

JourneyDance Chakra Series Part 1: Root & Sacral Chakras tomorrow, Friday 30th Jan, at 7pm, at Evolve Wellness Centre!!

You can still take advantage of the special discounted price for the whole course, by making your booking through Meetup/PayPal:

You can also book your place for tomorrow's class only, in the same way, by visiting the relevant Meetup page:

Can't wait to dance with you tomorrow evening!! :)

JourneyDance London JourneyDance ~ The Chakra Series The chakras are the energy centres of the human body, located on a vertical axis along the spine. There are seven major chakras; each of them is associated with an ele

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Let's practice this kind of Yoga together!!

I am very happy to let you know that there are currently only 3 spots remaining for our upcoming 8-week course, Body Prema™ Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body Image, starting on Monday, 2nd February!!

If you are planning on joining us (which I hope you are!) and do not want to miss on this opportunity, please go ahead and book your place now, by visiting:, and clicking on 'book online', at the bottom of the page.

Just a few days now until we begin our journey! :)

Stella xx

JourneyDance London 25/01/2015

JourneyDance London

JourneyDance ~ The Chakra Series, starting THIS FRIDAY, 30th JAN

***Book your place in advance at a special price***

Dear friends,

Our journey through the chakras is coming up!!

We are starting THIS FRIDAY, 30th JANUARY, at 7pm, with the first two chakras, root and sacral, our earth and water centres!!

We will be focusing on our foundation, our ‘roots’ in both a physical and an emotional sense, by strengthening our connection to the Earth, spending time on the ground and tuning into the lower part of our bodies. We will also awaken to our sensuality, creativity and emotional depth, by embodying our fluid nature, discovering power in the flow and diving into the ocean of our emotions…

You still have time to book your place in all three classes, at a special discounted price, by visiting our Meetup page, here:! Or, if you would like to only join us for this Friday’s class, you can book your place in advance at a discounted price, here:

Can't wait to dance with you this Friday!!!

JourneyDance London JourneyDance ~ The Chakra Series The chakras are the energy centres of the human body, located on a vertical axis along the spine. There are seven major chakras; each of them is associated with an ele

Am I Too Big For Yoga? 25/01/2015

Am I Too Big For Yoga?

"Yoga is not about a person's size, it is about the sensation, what sensation can that person receive and their reaction to it. Ultimately it is about a spiritual connection. [...] Yoga meets you where you are at.'' ~ Seane Corn

An interesting article on body image and exclusivity in Yoga, as practiced in the West.

Let's start to change that together, one class, one body, one breath at a time...

Join us for Body Prema Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body Image, starting NEXT MONDAY, 2nd February!

Every body, size, shape and level of experience WELCOME!

Am I Too Big For Yoga? The feeling of inadequateness and shame was a rarity for me until on day when I entered the room for my yoga class and looked at the instructor and her gorgeous, toned and healthy body. The other women in the room looked similarly vibrant and beautif...

Love your Body with Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body Image 23/01/2015

Love your Body with Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body Image

BODY PREMA™ YOGA ~ YOGA FOR POSITIVE BODY IMAGE, 8-week course, is starting on FEBRUARY 2!

Here is my latest blog post discussing how Westernised yoga might aggravate body-image issues and outlining the essential elements of a yoga practice that facilitates unconditional self-and-body love.

These will be the themes, tools and practices that we will be exploring and experimenting with in the course, so if you too would like to cultivate greater self-love and body-acceptance through the practice of yoga, go ahead and book your place on the course, as there is currently limited capacity!

Hope you can join us!

Stella xx

Love your Body with Yoga ~ Yoga for Positive Body Image Body Prema™ Yoga; Yoga for Positive Body Image, 8-week course, starting February 2, at Evolve Wellness Centre Mondays 7.30 - 9pm How Westernised Yoga can reinforce Body-Image Issues It is difficult...

Timeline photos 31/12/2014

Wishing you a crazily happy, radiantly healhty, divinely abundant New Year!!

Can't wait to dance with you in 2015!! :)

Timeline photos 26/12/2014

May this Christmas fill your heart with Love, Joy, Peace and Gratitude!! And...don't forget to DANCE, beautiful friends!! :)


Big THANK YOU to all the beautiful dancers that joined us today -thank you for your amazing energy and presence!! We had such a wonderful time moving, sharing and celebrating our dreams and visions for the New Year!! My heart is full and I'm really feeling grateful for YOU and for the magic of the JourneyDance practice that brings us together!!
Can't wait for our next dance in January!! :) Stay tuned for exciting news and fresh offerings! ;)
So much love and sparkling blessings to you all,
Stella xx

JourneyDance London 05/12/2014

JourneyDance London

JourneyDance ~ The Dance of Manifestation TOMORROW, at 12.30pm, at Evolve Wellness Centre!!!

***Only 2 spots remaining for advance bookings***

Click the link below to book your place and join us in dancing our way to our dreams and desires for the New Year through the Chakras!!

Just added the finishing touches to our music list and am so excited, as it is filled with so many wonderful songs!! Can't wait to share the Dance with YOU tomorrow!!

See you on the dance floor!

Stella xx

JourneyDance London JourneyDance, The Dance of Manifestation ~ Dancing your Way to your Dreams for the New Year Do you have a dream (or more) you really want to bring into reality? Do you have plenty of wonderful ideas

The Dance of Manifestation ~ Dancing your way to your Dreams through the Chakras 02/12/2014

The Dance of Manifestation ~ Dancing your way to your Dreams through the Chakras

Do you have a dream (or more) you really want to bring into reality? Or are you maybe already in the process of realising your heart’s desires?

Here is my new blog post on Manifesting your Dreams and Desires through the Chakras:

Join us THIS SATURDAY, 6th December, at 12.30pm, at Evolve Wellness Centre, to clarify, embody, dance, share and celebrate your unique vision, while being supported, blessed and cheered on, in the spirit of conscious community! **Only 2 spaces left for advance bookings!!**

The Dance of Manifestation ~ Dancing your way to your Dreams through the Chakras ‘If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.’ ~ Henry David Thoreau Goal-Setting and Goal-Fulfilment As this...

JourneyDance London 21/11/2014

JourneyDance London

***4 SPACES LEFT for JourneyDance~The Dance of Manifestation, 6th December***

Dear beautiful friends,

Our next JourneyDance event is coming up in just two weeks, on Saturday 6th December, at Evolve Wellness Centre!!

Thank you so much to those who have already made your bookings!! For the rest of you, just to let you know that there are only 4 spaces left at the moment!

If you are thinking about joining us (which I hope you are!) and would like to secure your space for the day, please make your booking either through Meetup/PayPal, here:, or directly through PayPal, by clicking here:

I really hope you can join us for what is sure to be a high-vibration, heart-warming closure of this year and a whole-body immersion in the energy of our dreams for another amazing year to come!

Love and blessings,
Stella xx

p.s. You can also RSVP and read all about the December class on the even page on Facebook:

JourneyDance London JourneyDance, The Dance of Manifestation ~ Dancing your Way to your Dreams for the New Year Do you have a dream (or more) you really want to bring into reality? Do you have plenty of wonderful ideas

JourneyDance, The Dance of Manifestation ~ JourneyDance Newsletter 0901 16/11/2014

JourneyDance, The Dance of Manifestation ~ JourneyDance Newsletter 0901

Our newsletter on the JourneyDance London Blog!
You can follow the blog to receive all our newsletters from now on! :)

JourneyDance, The Dance of Manifestation ~ JourneyDance Newsletter 0901 JOURNEYDANCE SATURDAY, 6th December, Wellness Centre ''The body is the vehicle. Consciousness is the driver. The chakras are the map'' ~Anodea Judith Dear wonderful JourneyDance friends, I ...

JourneyDanceTM Aspects of Embodiement 11/11/2014

JourneyDanceTM Aspects of Embodiement

For new and older members alike, here is a video of my teacher and creator of JourneyDance, Toni Bergins, in which she talks about the different aspects of the JD flow, specifically in terms of how the JD sequence brings about transformation on both a biological/neurological and an energetic level:

Hope you enjoy the video and that you get inspired to join us for our next JourneyDance London event on the 6th of December, to experience deep embodiment and elevate your energy, as you dance your way to your dreams and desires for the New Year! For more details and to RSVP, please go to:

JourneyDanceTM Aspects of Embodiement

Timeline photos 04/11/2014

To all the new people on the page: a warm, warm Welcome and Thank you for joining us!

Please hover over the 'liked' button and choose 'get notifications', so as to make sure that you receive all our posts, news and updates.

Look forward to connecting with you all!!
Stella xx


Ready to dance? Today is the day!

Can't wait to see you at Evolve Wellness Centre at 12.30pm today, for 'JourneyDance ~ Dancing with the Shadow'!

Let's welcome November together with our whole being!

Wishing you a wonder-filled month! See you on the dance floor! :)

JourneyDance ~ Dancing with the Shadow 27/10/2014

JourneyDance ~ Dancing with the Shadow

JourneyDance London now has a Blog!!
Click the link below to read this month's blog post, on the importance of embracing our shadow side and on how conscious movement, in general, and JourneyDance, in particular can become the perfect medium for this journey!

JourneyDance ~ Dancing with the Shadow 'Everyone carries a shadow and the less it is embodied in the individual's conscious life, the blacker and denser it is' ~ Carl Jung This month’s theme is the Shadow –our dark places, our inner sab...

JourneyDance London 23/10/2014

JourneyDance London

Hey beautiful people!

Just to let you know that JourneyDance is now on Meetup! :)

If you are Meetup members, please come join us and connect with JourneyDance London on the Meetup platform, here:

Stella xx

JourneyDance London JourneyDance is a chakra-based, ritual dance form that invites you to get out of your Mind and back into your Body! ~A powerful combination of freestyle and structured movement, yoga, shamanism and co

Timeline photos 22/10/2014

Yes! JourneyDance your way to radical body-love! :)

Timeline photos 04/10/2014

Good morning friends! Ready to JourneyDance? :)

I can't wait to share the dance floor with you today, at 12.30pm, @ Evolve Wellness Centre!!

Here is a beautiful affirmation for our day together...

"I give thanks for this perfect new day. Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders will never cease." - Florence Scovel Shinn

gratitude, miracles and wonders...let's dance! # # #

Mobile uploads 12/09/2014


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