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Known as the Magic Sleep Fairy, I am a published author, Specialist Baby Sleep Consultant and an exp

Through working in nursing and as a maternity nurse I have become one of the top UK baby consultants specialising in Reflux and related issues. I have helped literally 1000s of parents get their baby sleeping through but also helped them get the help they need when the medical profession isn't listening.

Operating as usual



Buy consultation vouchers and gift-wrapped book bundles for those who have little ones and dream of sleep-full nights ✨


Thoroughly spoilt with thank you gifts…..
I just love my Bedroom Hero scented candle from a very happy family whose 4 month old now sleeps 12 hours through the night along with my thank you card and a lovely card made for me by their 22 month old 🥰


Delighted to be featured in this .life article about ‘How to get the best sleep for you and your baby this Christmas’. Featuring some recommendations from , I hope this article will be useful for many of you! It’s not too late to get your little ones ready for sleeping through the night by Christmas morning 🎅🏻✨


A wonderful family I visited recently were so grateful for my help they wanted to buy me something special and asked what’s my favourite luxury item - my reply ‘Sunglasses’ 😎 So they told me to buy some at their expense and I found these beauties at the airport yesterday 😍
I’m so lucky to meet such wonderful people and feel truly blessed to be able to help so many families and feel so appreciated in return - it’s so much more than my job - it’s my calling 🥰

Best Baby Sleep Products To Improve Sleep This Christmas 11/11/2022

Best Baby Sleep Products To Improve Sleep This Christmas

I share my tips and product recommendations to improve your little ones’ sleep this Christmas 🎄

Best Baby Sleep Products To Improve Sleep This Christmas The bloss experts share their top tips to help you and your little one sleep better this Christmas, including the best baby sleep products.



‘My little man, now nearly 4 months old. Things haven’t been easy but since realising he had silent reflux and a cows milk allergy I sought help from and we have finally found the right combination of medication to manage his reflux and the right milk on which he is now thriving! He’s even enjoying tummy time! Don’t wait if your gut tells you there is something not right with your child!’


Received these beautiful flowers from a client as a thank you 💐💐

Photos from Alison Scott-Wright's post 20/10/2022

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Sensational Baby Sleep Plan,

“I've used this book for both of my sons now and have had great success each time, once breastfeeding and the other time bottle feeding. It gave me a step by step guide on how to feed and sleep my baby in a gentle and loving way. I've come back to this book countless times and it's been a bible for me in how to put my babies into a routine and how to adjust it as they grow.

I found the advice and routine very flexible and it gave me an excellent starting base as a new mum with no idea what to do. There’s a case study of the authors Grandson and how the plan worked for him week by week, I found this really useful to see how it’s not cut and dry and things don’t go exactly to plan but if you carry on you can get there in the end.

With my first baby I implemented the plan while breastfeeding and giving one bottle of expressed milk before bed and it worked really well. After trying the same with my second things weren’t going at all to plan and through reading the last chapter in the book it highlighted that my baby was suffering from reflux symptoms. It turned out he had a severe allergy and had to be put on formula and medication. If it wasn’t for the last chapter in the book explaining different symptoms and digestive issues I think I would have put it down to ‘baby’s just cry’ etc. but it instead gave me the confidence to see something was wrong and address it.

I’ve come back to this book countless times and would really recommended new mums or mums trying to implement a routine to give this a read.”


From contact sleep to cot - in just one night!!!
Not long ago I received a distressing email from very desperate parents who needed a home visit. On NIGHT ONE their gorgeous little bubba slept for a straight 13 hours in his own cot, in his own room with ZERO crying at bedtime or throughout the night.!!!
Magic Sleepy Dust well and truly sprinkled 🌟 💫 🌟


‘The theme of 2022's World Mental Health Day, set by the World Federation for Mental Health, is 'Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority'. For over 70 years, we've been working to make sure that mental health is treated on a par with physical health.’

I fully support this cause. It’s crucial we support one another without judgement. I have a petition linked in bio for a code of conduct for parents who are ignored and fears overlooked 💜



“I just wanted to update you on Hugo. Since your visit my family’s life has changed! Going from a baby that had to be held to sleep, wouldn’t drink more than a 3oz bottle and crying the majority of the day to a happy baby sleeping 7 – 6.30 with three long brilliant naps was lifechanging. I knew my baby was suffering slightly from reflux but didn’t realise the severity until your visit. Within a few weeks of dietary changes and the proper medication my baby turned into the happiest, calm, loving boy. He’s still consistently sleeping through the night and napping happily. We’ve now weaned and are on three meals a day and he’s an absolute joy to be around. The difficult start we experienced is now a distant memory and you gave me the confidence to parent gently in consideration of my baby’s changing needs and developments. Thank you so much for your help, when friends look at me in shock when I say how well Hugo sleeps, I send them a link to your book!”


“Both of mine used this plan and slept through at 5 weeks. Easy to follow. Contains info for Breast and bottle fed. I recommend this book if you have older babies too who are not yet sleeping through as have recommended to friends in this situation and it worked for them.” - Sophie, Amazon Review

Photos from Alison Scott-Wright's post 21/09/2022

After nearly 3 weeks of home visits I’m happy to be home and back down on the beach with my littlest grandson, Dylan 💜


How to use milk thickeners - This is how I use Magic Mix (can be found on ) with Alfamino formula and a bottle 💜


“Hi Alison,
Just to let you know how much youve inspired me.
I've been reading your bible since my bub was 2 weeks (recommended by a friend). We were sleeping through at 8 weeks on and off but after the 8/12/16 week immunisations and the heatwave, 45 minute day naps etc, I gave in to a bottle at night again a few weeks ago, now wakes at about 4am for a small 3oz feed.
I spoke to my NCT friend Zoe who has used your expertise with her little one and I thought "Right! Let's get back into it!!"
I'm going to plonk bub in her own room tonight and have just put her down with "nuninghts nunights" and a bottom pat and its the first time I've dared to not put her dummy in.... AND SHE WENT TO SLEEP!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO.
Feeling really inspired and going to get her day naps sorted and back on to sleeping through.
Thank you a million times over for creating a book that everyone can have access to ###”


The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan - Book Review 😍💜
“Dear Alison, I have a baby daughter who is 12 weeks today and who, thanks to your methods, has been sleeping from 7-7 from 9 weeks!! You are my guru and your book is absolutely amazing. I have read it back to front a number of times, and all my family joke that I am never without it! Anyway, thanks to you and your amazing advice and methods, my baby now sleeps through the night, is happy on a four hourly feeding routine and has three structured naps per day making for a happy baby and even happier parents! Thank you so so much.”


1 year since the release of my second book, The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan 🧡

“Every single page I read made sense and it felt like she was describing my child. Reading about the reflux and how every baby displayed it differently, everything started making sense. With tiny adjustments to my baby's weaning, I saw incredible progress.”

“Its such a good book. I loved the previous book when my kids were small, but this one is even better. I think it should be given to all expectant parents as required reading. “

“I absolutely love the toddler sleeping plan and it worked a treat.”

“I have to say it has pretty much everything you need in there, from sleep, weaning, reflux, behaviour etc. Alison covers it all. It might even be better than her first book, the baby sleep plan. It’s so easy to read, it only took me a few days!”


The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan will be 1 year old on Wednesday 10th August! For those who have read it, I would love to read your reviews in the comments! ☺️🧚‍♀️
I’m organising a special instagram live and giving away some signed books - so keep your eyes peeled! 💜

A follow-up guide, helping parents to handle sleep issues in toddlers and children aged over twelve months.

With clear and realistic advice on how to:

*Implement the fail-safe reassurance sleep-training technique
*Establish healthy bedtime associations
*Understand your toddler's development
*Implement a routine through responsible and positive parenting
*Manage changes such as moving from a cot to a bed and travelling
*Cope with dietary intolerances and acid reflex that might affect child's ability to fall and stay asleep
*Introduce a new baby into the family and deal with sibling issues

This book will get your child - and you - the sleep you need!


“Hi Alison,
I just wanted to get in touch to say a huge thank you once again for everything you helped us with.
I’m thrilled to say George has been thriving since we first met you in March.
The combination of Neocate, all the recommended medications and the sleep training did the trick.
We were able to wean him off omeprazole successfully after a couple of months. He went from 9th percentile back up to almost at the 50th.
He’s weaning well on 3 meals a day and hasn’t had any reactions to any allergens. (We have continued to avoid dairy completely though and will introduce this later as advised).
And almost most exciting of all, he has slept through the night every night since March!!!! And naps like an Angel too.
So many successes on all levels.
We also worked with a great tongue tie specialist () and baby chiropractor who helped too.
I still can’t quite believe the drastic turn around from the hell of the first 5 months.
Thank you for all you do in helping parents like us, it really is life changing and I’ve recommended you to every mum I meet. Reflux is sadly very common I’ve learned and it makes me upset to think of parents who aren’t lucky enough to find the help they need. I will continue to spread the word far and wide! X”


The Magic Sleep Fairy’s Sleepy Summer Offer is worth £150 and includes:
- A 45 min telephone consultation
- A signed book of your choice (The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan or The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan)
Use the code: MSF SLEEPY SUMMER in your booking form by Friday 5th August at midnight to redeem the discounted rate of £120.


This sweet little one is enjoying a read of her baby bible 😊
Thanks to mummy Christine for taking this lovely pic!


‘Wow, simply amazing!
‘My friends bought me this book for my baby shower as they swear by it and I followed it from when my little girl was 5 weeks. Once the reflux issues were resolved, my baby has slept through from 8-8 since she was 10 weeks old and is now 16 weeks old and is in the same routine. A mummy that sleeps is a very happy mummy, thank you so much ###’


I’ve had a lot of enquiries recently about my books and what it covers, so I hope this will be useful!

(Pic is from the back of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan, updated in 2021, 10 years after it’s initial release. The update includes a lovely quote from , who mentions this book in her very own book! It goes to show that you do not need to follow my book strictly, you can take what works for you - there are no rules! 💜

Packed with tips, hints and reminders, case studies, at-a-glance charts and a daily journal to help you keep track of your baby's progress, The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan is a step-by-step, must-have manual to ensure sleep for you and your baby. It also covers reflux, allergies, colic, routine and more. The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan also includes everything you need as your little one transitions to sleeping through the night in their big beds✨🌙

Both books are linked in bio and available on paperback, audiobook and kindle ✨


I had to share this hilarious message from a client who had a dream about me ✨
“So that’s the update on how we are since your visit and all going well but - and more importantly 🤣 -
I had a dream you were on love island last night, you were there as a guest expert and you were outside sitting out on the big circle day bed with your back to the camera (but I knew it was you) and each contestant had to come and have a talk with you to analyse their problems 😂.
So weird I can see it clear as day haha”

Maybe I could give them some top tips when its time for the baby challenge 👶❤️🏝


✨The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan Review✨
‘For parents with babies who suffer from reflux this book is invaluable. After 5 months of trying to get our reflux baby to be more settled we have finally turned a corner thanks to the advice in this book. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with the sleep training method the book is worth it just for the information on reflux. It has helped us so much!’


This is Dylan, my Grandson, cooling off in his ‘paddling pool’ 😂
Last month he learnt to sit unaided and loves water 💦 so without a paddling pool to hand the washing up bowl was perfect for his first outdoor water-splash experience.
It’s going to be really hot this weekend and a paddling pool
is an ideal way for babies and toddlers to cool off and have some fun. However PLEASE do be careful with them being out in the sunshine and use hats, UV suits and sun cream to protect them from the harmful rays.
Happy splashing 💦💜💦


Meet Buzz who is taking his late afternoon nap with me - The Magic Sleep Fairy whilst watching Wimbledon! 🎾 🤗
With my help, 9 week old Buzz is learning to enjoy his Neocate four times a day and sleep in his Snoozepod, which he did all night last night, except for one wake up at 3am. He had a small 4oz feed before settling down again until 7:20am. Today he’s napped in his cot for 80 minutes this morning and an epic 2.5 hour sleep from 12noon. Now his afternoon nap is on me and I would say he’s a pretty happy and contented little chap right now and his mummy is feeling fairly chilled too! 😍😍😍😇😇😇


✨A Lovely Amazon Review💜✨

‘It is now exactly one year since I came across Alison's first book, which I started reading out of sheer desperation. My once wonderfully calm and sleepy baby started screaming uncontrollably at 4 months and by the time she was 1 and I was reading Alison's book, I was ready to try anything.
Every single page I read made sense and it felt like she was describing my child. Reading about the reflux and how every baby displayed it differently, everything started making sense. With tiny adjustments to my baby's weaning, I saw incredible progress. We worked with our GP and gastro teams, and Alison has been there every step of the way in helping us understand and relieve our (now 2 year old) of her complex reflux issues. Even when I am not speaking with Alison or reading her words in the second book which came out just as my little one was hitting toddlerdom, I can hear her reassuring voice in my head when I am struggling with relapses - whether reflux or behaviour. She has a wonderful way of understanding small people and she deeply cares about why they cry - something medical professionals sometimes simply take for granted. I happen to agree with Alison that babies don't "just cry all the time" and I owe Alison so much. I trust her reassuring voice which speaks with the calm authority based on thousands of babies which she has seen and helped in her long experience of being a Baby Whisperer. A must buy for all parents.’

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A follow-up guide, helping parents to handle sleep issues in toddlers and children aged over twelve months.With clear an...
✨ 15 DAYS UNTIL THE SENSATIONAL TODDLER SLEEP PLANS RELEASE! ✨Currently available to pre-order on Amazon! Link in bio 🧡
ITS OFFICIAL!! The Sensational Toddler Sleep Plan is available for Pre-Order now.The book will be released on August 12t...




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