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We are a charity that believes education is the most powerful tool to help a child fulfil their potential.

We’re a charity that believes education is the most powerful tool to help a child fulfil their potential. Since 2003, we’ve been improving the life chances and choices for children experiencing poverty – working with schools to power the potential in every child.

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💭 This new year, is it your time to find a more rewarding career?

🚀👩‍🏫 Lucy's journey from chemical engineering to the classroom proves that it's possible.

💬 "I’ve had the chance to build my subject knowledge and work every day on something I’m passionate about... As a teacher, I knew I could make a difference."

We're inspired by Lucy's story of finding purpose and sharing her passion for STEM with her pupils.

Discover how to become an amazing teacher like Lucy. > https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/training-programme


🎇 🎉 Happy New Year!

✨ We’re so excited to find out what 2024 will bring.

Our resolution is to keep working to ensure all pupils can fulfil their potential. 🌠


As we approach the new year, many of us will be looking ahead to new starts and resolutions. 💡✨

🌠 So be inspired by Lindsay's journey, a former engineer turned computing teacher.

💬 “I had my children 20-some years ago and I really enjoyed being around them. Children have such a zest for life and they’re so funny, they often say exactly what they’re thinking and that’s great. When I went back into engineering, I missed that environment of being with children.

“In my first career I was an engineer. […] I felt I was doing something worthwhile and I wanted to bring that forward into teaching; another career that makes the world better.

“I was a teaching assistant before joining the Training Programme and spent a lot of time supporting Years 10 and 11 computer science classes. It reignited my passion for the subject. I realised I really enjoyed this.

“I chose to train with Teach First because I wanted to be in the deep end of teaching from day one. With Teach First I could go in immediately to a school that needed me and be useful, which is what I wanted in a second career.

“Teach First is really well structured and offers a well thought through learning process for the trainee teacher. You spend so much time delivering the lessons in school but you’ve also got to do the academic work alongside it. The structure of the programme allows you to learn how to teach and learn more about your subject whilst teaching.”

💙 Want to make a real difference to children's lives in 2024 like Lindsay? Discover how to be a teacher and join us in ensuring all children can fulfil their potential. > https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/training-programme


🍕 What is the greatest school dinner? 🍕


🎄 We’re wishing a very Merry Christmas to all those celebrating!

🌟 From everyone at Teach First, we hope you have a wonderful day of joy and festivities.


👋 Meet Kathryn, one of many Teach First trainee teachers who were financially supported to relocate to a school where her influence empowers pupils to fulfil their potential.

💬 “Relocating wasn’t easy. I didn’t have the chance to save money while working as a chef and completing my degree. Changing careers in your 30s can be really daunting and combining that with moving into a new home adds to the stress.”

💙 At Teach First, we know teacher trainees like Kathryn are impacted by the cost of living. We understand the importance of ensuring teaching is a career choice where trainees can thrive and focus on empowering every child to fulfil their potential.

Read Kathryn's story 👇

“After graduating with an English degree, I became a chef for five years. I loved the job; particularly how hands-on it was.

“I also loved English, so I completed a master’s degree in linguistics while working this year. During this time, I also taught English as a second language to adults. I loved building positive relationships with my pupils and seeing their confidence improve.

“I discovered the education charity Teach First and saw that that l could train and earn a salary teaching in one of England’s most at-need schools.

“Once accepted onto the Teach First Training Programme, I was approached about returning to teach in the North east, coincidentally in an area very close to where I grew up.

“Thankfully, I applied for a relocation grant from Teach First to cover moving costs. It was an incredible weight off my shoulders. This support, whether for significant expenses like deposits or everyday items like stationary, made a significant difference.”

🤝 We know it can be a huge decision to change career, but we'll be here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the financial support available: https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/knowledge-base/training-programme/programme/financial-support


📚✨ Want to become a teacher and make an impact in your local community?

We’re offering a one-year teacher training programme that will do both. 👋

In addition to the two-year, salaried training programme, we've launched another path into teaching.

On the School-Centred Initial Teacher Training, you’ll get expert-led training in a school near you and achieve a teaching standard which is respected worldwide. 🎓

💙 Discover why 95% of trainees feel a sense of inclusion and connectedness.

💬 “The delivery and content of all sessions were nothing short of amazing.” - Current Teach First trainee 🙌

Find out more about our School-Centred Initial Teacher Training programme. > https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/train-to-teach-locally


✨ Thinking about a career in teaching?

📢In addition to our two-year, salaried Training Programme, we've introduced another path into teaching.

Join the one-year School-Centred Initial Teacher Training programme, benefit from hands-on experience and make a real impact on the lives of children in your local community.

Power up your postcode. Train in a school near you and qualify in one year.

💯 Discover why 100% of trainees rated the delivery of their training positively.

Find out more > https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/train-to-teach-locally


✅ We're pleased to have supported teachers like Connor with relocation and commuting costs.

💙Through the relocation grant, Connor has shared his passion for science at a school where his influence is truly transformative for his pupils.

🚀 We’re proud to continue to support trainee teachers to thrive, and empower all children to fulfil their potential.


Emily, a Teach First trainee math teacher, returned to the school she attended as a student.

“As a pupil, I loved maths, so in a sense, I think I always knew that I wanted to teach the subject. I felt something was missing when I reached university. I’d pursued a joint honours degree in mathematics and sports studies. I knew deep down that teaching maths was my true calling. My former maths teacher, Mr Oliver, even confirmed it during one of his lessons, telling me, "You'd make an excellent maths teacher.

“After finishing my university degree, I contacted Mr Oliver, who was still teaching at my school, Noel-Baker Academy, for some advice. He was always an inspiring role model. I loved his lessons. He represents the type of teacher I aspire to be.

“Mr Oliver set up a meeting with my former head teacher, Ann Donaghy – who trained to teach through the education charity Teach First. They both recommended Teach First’s Training Programme because they believed it would be an excellent fit for me.

“I applied for the programme this year and was accepted! The first five weeks of training throughout the summer was a great opportunity. I enjoyed the school-centred learning, which allowed us to implement what we had learnt and engage with pupils in a school setting. It was scary, but gaining first-hand teaching experience early on in the training really helped me see what life as a teacher would be like.

“I’ve now started my role as a trainee maths teacher at Noel-Baker Academy. Coming back to my school feels comfortable. Familiarity with the school and its teachers boosts my confidence. Reading the parents' summer newsletter and seeing my name listed as one of the new teachers made it feel real and exciting.

See the difference you could make from day one in the classroom on our two-year Training Programme. Tap the link in our bio 🔗


🤝 Meet David Crosby, Founding Principal of King’s Leadership Academy Bolton and Teach First ambassador.

💬 "I chose Teach First for the vision and moral purpose, a way to exact real changes in communities. It’s my small way of giving back to society."

💡 Join us for an insightful webinar where David shares his career journey, from the Civil Service to impacting young lives in the classroom. >https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/events/introduction-teach-first-9


🌏 It’s and this year's theme is "Investing in our future means investing in our children”.

💙 We believe that targeted action to support schools serving the most deprived communities is the key to powering the potential of every child.

🙌 We're working tirelessly to make sure education and young people are front of mind for policymakers.


💙 As a charity, fundraising is vital for us to continue improving the life chances and choices for children experiencing poverty.

🤝 With your support, we can keep working with schools to help every child fulfil their potential.

🏅 Let’s hear from Leon who took on a challenge for Teach First. 👇

“My wife works for Teach First, so I've seen firsthand the major impact that the charity has. It's amazing to see how schools are transformed through their Leading Together programme.

“I was training and raising funds for the Great North Run and was gutted to get covid the week before because I didn't want to let my sponsors down.

“I then entered the Worcester Half Marathon a week later. I wasn't 100% but knowing that I was running for such a great cause got me round!

“The support of my daughter around the course was great! She brought a whiteboard, so every now and then I could hear her shouting and see the latest slogan she had written on the board!

“If I were to give advice to someone thinking about raising money for Teach First, I would say go for it! You won't regret it for a second!”

🚨 With just a few spaces left at Hackney Half and Asics 10k, could this be the opportunity for you? Choose your challenge and sign up today https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/events/fundraising-events?%20Utmsource=facebookutm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fundraisingevents&utm_29november


🎨 Pupils from our partner school, James Cambell Primary in Dagenham took part in an art project in collaboration with our supporters Citi for their campaign.

💡 This year's campaign, which raises money for education non-profits, focused on helping young people across the globe to reach their potential.

✨ The pupils illustrated different career paths in a colourful and imaginative way. As part of Citi’s campaign, the pupils had the fantastic opportunity to have their artwork displayed in Citi’s offices in Canary Wharf.

👩‍🏫 Syeda, a Teach First trainee teacher at James Cambell Primary School said 👇

"As a teacher, I believe my role is to support children in reaching their highest potential. Children are the future, and they need diverse experiences to grow and learn.

“Projects like this provide them with opportunities to be creative and think critically, which will support their development for future success."

Thank you, Citi – we’re thrilled to have been part of e for education again this year!

📚 Learn more about https://citifx.com/e4e/


🚨 We know that the cost-of-living crisis has affected many trainee teachers. So earlier this year, we initiated a relocation grant scheme as a pilot programme.

🤝 Providing one time-financial assistance for relocation or commuting expenses meant that Teach First trainees could focus on kickstarting their teaching careers, in the schools that needed them most.

🌟 We're thrilled to report that we've supported one-third of our autumn trainee teacher cohort with relocation and commuting costs.

For some, the scheme has proved invaluable. Ross, a Teach First trainee history teacher at The Bulwell Academy, was one of them. Here is what he said. 👇

“After growing up in Latvia, I moved to the UK to the East Midlands to study a history degree in Leicester when I realised I wanted to inspire young people to love history too.

" A friend suggested Teach First, a charity with a teacher training program and their mission resonated with me, so joining Teach First this Autumn was an exciting prospect. However, my financial situation was a concern, as I had no savings post-university and relied on my part-time job in Leicester."

“When Teach First approached me about relocating to Bulwell, a neighbourhood of Nottingham with one of the highest rates of child poverty in recent years, I said yes because I wanted to make a positive impact in the region that’s become my home.

“Without the relocation grant that Teach First offered, I would never have been able to move. I couldn’t move in with my parents or relatives after university and relied on my part-time job, so the grant helped to pay for a deposit and rent in Nottingham, while I trained to teach.

📚 Use your subject knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation. Be a leader. Be a teacher.

✏️ Sign up now https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/training-programme?utm_source=facebookutm_medium=social&utm_campaign=beateacher&utm_content=trainingprogramme14november


“It was most impactful experience I've had, aligning with my vision for the future.”

We're proud to mark 10 years working in partnership with leading global law firm Ashurst and to collaborate with them on their Access Ashurst work experience programme, which aims to increase access to law professions for young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Through this programme, year 12 pupils engage in paid work experience at Ashurst's London office, attend skills workshops, and receive mentoring support throughout year 13.

Pupils, Matas (pictured on the right) and Faiza (on the left), who both attended two of our partner schools, completed the programme and have now progressed to working as solicitor apprentices at Ashurst.

Matas said: “My teachers helped me reach my potential and introduced me to the programme. I knew it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a law firm while still in school.

Whether you're considering a career in law or not, applying to the Access Ashurst work experience programme will positively impact your early career. I’ve now found the path I want to pursue."

Faiza said: “I learned about Access Ashurst through one of my schoolteachers who also supported me with my application. As someone from a disadvantaged background, I saw this work experience programme as the perfect opportunity to gain insight into my career options and help me develop new life skills. I met amazing people and experienced a value-driven, people-oriented working environment.”

Our work experience opportunities offer pupils from lower socio-economic backgrounds a chance to gain real-life experience with some of the country's most exciting organisations.

Discover more about Access Ashurst and how your pupils can apply: https://www.ashurst.com/en/home/careers/students-and-graduates/uk-access-ashurst/


Last month, pupils from our partner schools had the fantastic opportunity to attend a women’s empowerment event as part of Citi's campaign, which raises money for education-focused non-profits around the world. Pupils met women in business and left feeling inspired about their future career journeys.

One pupil said: “I think events like this are important because it gives young women a first-hand perspective of what they can achieve in life, in this industry or in any other. It made me think about my future and my education.”

Learn more about 👉 https://www.citifx.com/e4e/


“Witnessing those ‘light-bulb moments’ from pupils where they finally understand a challenging or abstract concept really inspires me.”

Thulase, a Teach First science teacher, shares her journey on our Training Programme and her teaching highlights.

"I discovered Teach First at my university's careers fair and was immediately drawn to it. After completing my Chemical Engineering degree at university, I joined their two-year Training Programme because I thrive on challenges and resonate deeply with the charity’s vision to address educational inequality.

"My first term as a trainee was quite tough. Juggling teaching and the course work proved challenging, and aiding pupils with their emotions felt overwhelming initially. However, with the support of my science department and three mentors (subject, school and Teach First), I persevered.

"I'm really glad I went through the Teach First Training Programme; it's been a truly rewarding experience. It’s improved my skills in behaviour management, teaching techniques, lesson planning, grading, and administrative tasks. Working in a school with many pupils facing poverty has also taught me to adapt to their unique needs.

"I'm grateful for my teachers who shaped who I am today. They inspired me to become a positive role model, who is passionate about teaching science. I love inspiring pupils to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, with hands-on experiments that light up both the classroom and their enthusiasm. I try to incorporate day-to-day examples in my lessons to ensure pupils can relate to the topic they are learning."

📚 Use your subject knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation. Be a leader. Be a teacher.

✏️ Sign up now: https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/training-programme

Photos from Teach First's post 30/10/2023

Check out some fantastic artwork crafted by pupils from our partner school, Oasis Academy MediaCityUK in Salford Quays.

For , Teach First ambassadors Otega and Lauren led an art exhibition with pupils at Oasis. The project, titled Rooted in Beauty, aimed to promote the celebration of Black African and Caribbean natural and protective hairstyles, and to foster discussions about diversity, inclusion, and the importance of embracing one's unique identity.

As part of the project pupils crafted imaginative pieces of artwork that represent the diversity and creativity within the Black community.

One pupil said: "I believe that projects like this are essential because they allow pupils to connect, learn, and foster a sense of inclusion. It helps pupils gain a better understanding of diversity, inclusion, and culture. Seeing all our work displayed was fantastic!"


"I knew I'd find fulfilment working with a charity committed to ending educational inequality, allowing me to be a small part of the solution. "

🚀 After working in compliance, Josh, a Teach First ambassador, made the jump to teaching.

🤔 Thinking about changing careers to teach?

✔️ Join our free webinar to hear how Josh made the leap: https://events.blackthorn.io/en/4K63A9P7/g/fVCvhGYDQZ/an-introduction-to-teach-first-4a

📅 30 October


Laura O'Leary, is the headteacher of Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic Academy. In 2019, her school joined the Leading Together programme. Laura shares her journey on the programme, how it transformed their school, and the impact on the staff, pupils, and the wider community.

“Since 2008, the school had an Ofsted outcome of requires improvement. We know it’s not all about the Ofsted outcomes. But it is about the day-to-day school life and making sure that the pupils get the best deal. There was no real focus on staff and pupil wellbeing, and pupils’ aspirations were low.

“As a leader, it was my first Ofsted inspection. I didn’t want to let the community down. When we heard that word – outstanding – we couldn’t believe it. We’ve had so many emails and phone calls from the local community to say congratulations. One of the parents sent us (and it’s probably the nicest thing I’ve ever received) a personalised Quality Street box the front of the tin changed from ‘Quality Street’ to ‘BRS Street’ (Blessed Robert Sutton).

“If we weren’t on Leading Together, I don’t think we would’ve received the outstanding judgement. It supported us to build the culture we have in school today; it gave us the opportunity to reflect on the direction and the journey. Working with Teach First has helped us collaborate and share expertise with other secondary schools. I always think that if you want to create the best school, your leaders need world-class professional development. This is what the Leading Together programme gave us.

Leading Together is a fully-funded, two-year leadership programme that builds and sustains strong leadership in the schools facing the toughest challenges. With bespoke, one-to-one support, coaching and training for the entire senior leadership team – we can help deliver lasting change.

Find out more about Leading Together 👉https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/leading-together


📚Step into your own classroom from day one of our Training Programme and lead a team of 30 young minds.

✏️Sign up now to inspire the next generation while developing your skills https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/training-programme


“With regular careers education, young people have a much better chance of understanding their options.”

Taha, a year 13 pupil from one of our partner schools, shares his story on the importance of career role models.

“While alumni from my secondary school did occasionally come in to speak about their career choices, I’ve received much more careers education since moving to a new school for sixth form. Thanks to our university access team, I’ve completed lots of work experience and university opportunities.

“I’ve been a part of three youth panels, worked with education charity Teach First, which supports my school more widely, and had a summer internship at a bank.

“The more work experience and networking I’m doing, the more I understand what I want and don’t want to do as a career.

“I’m confident I’ll find a career that suits me in the future, but I think access to constant careers education could have helped.

“Young people have a much better chance with regular sessions with a careers advisor, especially before our GCSEs, when we make big choices about studying subjects that could lead to our future careers.

“Spending time with role models can also make a great difference. Hearing the career journeys of university students or young professionals from communities like ours can be so inspirational. This support is crucial for helping young people like me get to where we want to be in life.”

Careers education is vital for young people like Taha. If you’re a secondary school careers leader, discover more about how our Careers Leader programme can make a difference to your pupils’ lives, and your own development. Deadline to apply is 6 October. Discover more: https://www.teachfirst.org.uk/careers-leader

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in London?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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📚Step into your own classroom from day one of our Training Programme and lead a team of 30 young minds.✏️Sign up now to ...
📚Step into your own classroom from day one of our Training Programme and lead a team of 30 young minds. ✏️Sign up now to...
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