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Park Community School is a happy, dynamic and innovative free school run by Chapel St in the London

Park Community School is the result of a dynamic collaboration between Chapel St Community Schools Trust and its community partners, bringing together local initiative and national expertise. The school is a Free School and is part of the growing Chapel St family of schools. Free Schools are all-ability, state-funded schools set up in response to what local people say they want and need i

Operating as usual

Photos from Park Community School's post 27/09/2018

Year One enjoyed going on a "Sound Hunt" to re-visit sounds and digraphs we learnt this week. The children worked in two groups to find words hidden around the school. At the beginning the children found their words, sound chopped and blended them to the rest of their group. Later they worked collaboratively to find a match within the other group.

Photos from Park Community School's post 21/09/2018

Year Two have been learning how to play tau rugby in PE. The children have been learning how to pass, tackle and the rules of the game.

Photos from Park Community School's post 20/09/2018

In Year One this week we learnt to combine two sets of numbers. Initially children used the strategy of counting all, in which they had to begin with a part and add a second part. This has developed throughout the week and children began to explore efficient counting strategy in which they counted on from the greater part. The children explored this strategy through a number of word problems and reasoning tasks, and enjoyed convincing and demonstrating their understanding to others!

Photos from Park Community School's post 19/07/2018

Children in Year One enjoyed consolidating their knowledge of coins this week. They worked in pairs to match the coins to their value and order these from the lowest to the highest. The children have then set up an ice cream shop and added the cost of two ice creams to pay the correct total cost to the shopkeeper. 🛒📝

Photos from Park Community School's post 13/07/2018

Eight Year Three children competed against 5 other schools on Thursday afternoon. They took back in an athletics competition. The children had a great time racing, throwing and jumping. We are looking forward to more of these days next year.

Photos from Park Community School's post 11/07/2018

Year Three have been sharing their understanding of the make up of a volcano through art. They drew themselves a cross section of a volcano, remembering to include each section and then used the techniques for collaging from our art lessons to add colour.

Photos from Park Community School's post 06/07/2018

In Design Technology this week, Year 1 modelled their final buildings in clay! We started the lesson by discussing with our learning partners; the purpose, look and special features of our design. We then referred to the design in our books and used skills such as rolling, cutting and sticking clay to make the final piece. The results were fantastic, we each managed to make a standing model of our building, which we are looking forward to evaluating and decorating next week!

Photos from Park Community School's post 04/07/2018

In Year Three this week the children have been using their bodies and cups as percussion instruments. We have used this to develop their understanding of beat, rhythm and tempo. It was amazing to see the children’s enthusiasm when creating their own music.

Photos from Park Community School's post 28/06/2018

Yeah Three have enjoyed learning more about rocks and soil this week. The children loved getting to know how fossils are made and the different kinds that can be found around the world today. They were very interested to hear about the different facts we can learn from fossils that are found.

Photos from Park Community School's post 27/06/2018

In Year One today we explored using the standard unit of a litre, to show the volume and capacity of a container. The children worked with a learning partner to predict which containers on their table were more or less than a litre. They discovered that a litre was the greatest volume, followed by a half, then a quarter. 💦🚰

Photos from Park Community School's post 21/06/2018

Today in Year One we enjoyed learning about clay. The children found out lots of interesting facts about clay, including that it is made from mud, it is sticky, and it turns to stone when it dries. We practiced using our hands, a rolling pin and a plastic cutter to form the clay into a circular base and build walls using coils of clay. The children are excited to be making their final model in a few weeks’ time!

Photos from Park Community School's post 18/06/2018

Year Three have continued their work with beat, rhythm and tempo by learning and performing using body percussion. The children had to work hard to ensure they all stayed in time with each other.

Photos from Park Community School's post 14/06/2018

This week in Apple Class we had some mischievous visitors. Some pirates came to the school and decided to take Miss Early because they thought she would make a great pirate to join their crew! They left clues around the school to help us find her and when we finally did we also found the pirates treasure! It was a lot of fun!

Photos from Park Community School's post 13/06/2018

Year Three continued their preparation for sports day this afternoon with a session on long jump. We broke the skill down into a run up, take off and landing. The children practiced each part of the skill and then put them together to perform the whole action.

Photos from Park Community School's post 12/06/2018

A group of the Year Three children spent A sunny Monday afternoon representing Park at a football festival with 8 other schools in the area. It was a great experience for the children to be playing in competitive games against other schools. We are already looking forward to more sporting events like this one!

Photos from Park Community School's post 11/06/2018

Children in Year One enjoyed exploring ocarinas in their music lesson today. They have listened carefully to copy each other’s notes before exploring the long and short notes in “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. Children are looking forward to perform these at the next Parents Showcase!

Photos from Park Community School's post 08/06/2018

Year Three had a great time this afternoon comepleting an experiment making volcanos erupt! The children enjoyed discussing their models and then creating an eruption.

Timeline photos 07/06/2018

Children in Year One enjoyed creating a RAINBOW 🌈of facts about Henri Matisse’s life. They worked collaboratively to recall facts from yesterday’s lesson and discussed the ones they found most interesting. Children enjoyed making sure they do not repeat facts already written and were keen to add conjunctions to develop their explanations.

Photos from Park Community School's post 25/05/2018

Reception enjoyed finding treasure in the sand tray. Children worked to discover objects and using describing words children have explained what they have found. Children have then conveyed their ideas on a piece of paper and shared these with the rest of the class!

Photos from Park Community School's post 24/05/2018

Year Three had a fantastic time during their Victorian day! The children have been able to take part it typical Victorian activities and had a taste of what life was like for children in a Victorian school.

Photos from Park Community School's post 22/05/2018

Year One enjoyed their final geography lesson today. Children worked in small groups to create a fact-file for their chosen country in the United Kingdom. Children took it in turns to suggest and scribe a fact onto their posters. By the end of the week, we are going to put these posters together and create our own book about the United Kingdom. Children are then going to share their book with the rest of the school. 📖

Photos from Park Community School's post 17/05/2018

Year Three have been continuing their work on light and shadow in science. The children have been investigating how their shadows change throughout a sunny day. We made predictions and then tested our theories to see if we were correct.

Photos from Park Community School's post 15/05/2018

Today in Year One we have explored what happens to a word when we add the ‘-un’ prefix. Children worked in pairs and using a dictionary found a selection of words with the ‘-un’ prefix to explore. Then, children have listed these words, looking carefully at the root word and how it’s meaning changes when the ‘-un’ prefix was added. Later on in the week, children are going to use a thesaurus to find synonyms for common words - ready for their recount writing next week!

Timeline photos 10/05/2018

Oak Class enjoyed working in groups to decide upon the most interesting facts about a country in the United Kingdom. The aim of the geography lesson was to convince and persuade a tourist to visit chosen country. Children had time to practise presenting their posters, taking turns and speaking audibly before they have presented their posters to the rest of the class at the end of the lesson.

Photos from Park Community School's post 10/05/2018

Year Three have continued to investigate light and shadows in science. The children were experimenting to see how they could change the form of shadows. They tested using more than one light source to make more than one shadow and were trying to change the length and darkness of their shadows.

Photos from Park Community School's post 03/05/2018

This week in Reception Class we had some very special visitors, we asked loved ones to come in and do some reading with the children! Apple class loved choosing their favourite stories from the book corner and showing off their amazing, progressing reading skills. The children also enjoyed presenting their classroom and telling parents all about the learning that they have been doing. Thank you for all those who could come in.

Photos from Park Community School's post 03/05/2018

In Oak Class this week we started studying El Caminante, a drawn animation about a high wire artist. Children took part in a senses walk on Monday, walking in pairs and relying on their partner to guide them around the maze. Afterwards, children walked in groups to share their observations and speculate on the possible setting, character and events in the story.

Photos from Park Community School's post 02/05/2018

Year Three have been working on their reasoning skills in maths. The children have transferred their knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction to explain why they have put digits in certain columns and create rules for their problems.

Photos from Park Community School's post 26/04/2018

In our Design and Technology lesson today we have explored and evaluated a range of moving books. Children worked in groups to find out which parts of the books have moved and identified the mechanisms - wheel and sliders. We have evaluated the effect of these moving objects on the books and started to think about our own end project, to see how we can incorporate these in our final project.

Photos from Park Community School's post 20/04/2018

Year Three began their table tennis unit this afternoon. The children loved building rallies with each other and practicing their shots.

Timeline photos 19/04/2018

Oak Class enjoyed performing an experiment to observe changes in their science lesson this week. Children have worked in pairs to create a tornado in a bottle! This has helped us understand Christopher Columbus’ first voyage where he has lost one of his ships to a terrible tornado. Children worked scientifically by making observations to answer their questions. We are keen to carry on experimenting in the coming weeks!

Photos from Park Community School's post 19/04/2018

Year Two have been investigating the local area around the school .The children used journey sticks to create milestones on their journey by collecting small bits and pieces
These objects will help them to remember the journey as a map .

Photos from Park Community School's post 13/04/2018

Year Three have been creating freeze frames as they acted out the opening scenes from Oliver Twist. They loved acting as Oliver to get an insight into his personality and the bahaviours he shows ready to put into their character descriptions.

Photos from Park Community School's post 12/04/2018

Tennis is the sport for the term and Year 2 started off in great style.Ball skills and keen observation played their part when practising the skills needed to play the game.There are some keen tennis players who are looking forward to putting their forehand and backhand shots into play.

Photos from Park Community School's post 10/04/2018

In Oak Class this week we are beginning to understand the rules of tennis. We started by practising throwing and catching a tennis ball using a gentle overhead pass. Children worked in pairs and focused on their eye contact and accuracy. 🎾

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