The Divorce Resource

Handling life after divorce and separation The newly divorced and separated face an array of emotional and practical issues for which they are often not equipped.

The Divorce Resource aims to help clients take charge of their lives first by identifying their presenting issues and then by finding out ways of dealing with them. Each client will have a different combination of concerns, but most will at some stage have to deal with one or more of these issues:

Emotional difficulties
How to manage money
Making good arrangements for the children
Dealing with th

Operating as usual


The Divorce Resource


The Divorce Resource's cover photo


The Divorce Resource

Dr Leslie Sheinman has set up The Divorce Resource because as a counsellor, therapist and coach he can see that his clients - newly divorced, divorcing or separated are often floored by what to do next.

First there is the emotional readjustment - whether or not client is leaving or being left: often a sense of loss resembling a bereavement compounded by continuing irritation or anger with an ex-partner who is still alive. Then the client's unhappiness will often be worsened by his/her inability to find a way through a thicket of personal, legal and administrative arrangement; by the need to created a new and adapted lifestyle; by loneliness; if there are children, the need to create appropriate and manageable arrangements for them.

All of these conspire to create in the client a sense of chaos, or inability to 'see the wood for the trees' and often escalating vulnerabity,

The Divorce Resource aims to have the client contain the mess; get the issues on the table; and treat their separation or divorce as a platform for a new and good life.






Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 9pm
Tuesday 8am - 9pm
Wednesday 8am - 9pm
Thursday 8am - 9pm
Friday 8am - 9pm
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