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🌳🚶‍♀️🚶🌞Intuitive Walk & Talk Sessions in Highgate Wood, London.

🕊✨Guided by Agnes Gomori, certified personal performance coach, anxiety coach and spiritual empath healer.

🤍✨Offer available to individuals and small groups.

👉To book your place, or for more information, please visit mindsetsalon.com or call 07882891539.


It’s perfectly okay not to feel strong all the time.

Prioritising yourself is simply an act of self-care.

Which is needed in order to feel fully recharged again.


You’re not excepted to be in top form all the time. Be easy on yourself.


😟When we overcomplicate things in our head, it slows us down.

😀Simplify your life and you'll get more done in less time.

💡Remember, the most complex thing ever created started with just one simple step.


Often you'll find that it's nothing else, but overthinking what gets in the way of moving forward with your life.

Timeline photos 16/07/2022

Honoured to be selected as this month’s Coach in the Spotlight by The Coaching Academy.

This month’s Coach in the Spotlight is… Agnes Gomori! 🌟

Passionate about empowering fellow empaths through combining coaching and the healing power of arts and nature, Agnes studied with us at The Coaching Academy to achieve her Personal Performance Coaching Diploma.

From here, she went on to study team, group, and anxiety coaching at TCA too. Agnes has spent over 20 years on self-development, including studying mindfulness, energy healing, hypnotherapy, NLP, and positive psychology.

Head to The Coaching Academy blog to find out more about Agnes and why she’s this month’s Coach in the Spotlight:

Interested in following in Agnes’s steps? Why not sign up to our free Introduction to Life Coaching two hour webinar?


🕊🚶‍♀️Each step you take towards self-discovery, helps you to live your life more purposefully. 🤍


‘’If only I could tell you the reason I feel this way that in itself would be therapeutic.’’ - So many sensitive, old souls feel this way. So make sure you’re there to listen. 🤍🕊


Another fantastic walk & talk session in the glorious Highgate Woods. 🚶‍♀️🚶❤️🌳


You’re not able to influence all the things in your life, but you can always choose how you react to them.


📖Make sure you read daily.

🥱Avoid ‘out of boredom’ content binging.

💡Consume information about the things that are helping you on your journey.

👍Limit materials that don’t add to your life as they are taking away your precious energy.


If you feel overwhelmed,

spend some quiet time

in nature

to ground yourself.



She opened up her heart and found true love

Darkness has ended when they met

He brought her sunshine; she taught him how to fly

They laughed and danced, till eternity

You can still see them embracing each other

As fluffy clouds, if you look up to the sky.

Artwork 🖼 and poem ✍️ by Agnes Gomori:' Darkness has ended when they met'


✨The future arrived too soon.

🙁The past doesn’t want to leave.

👉It can feel that way if you’re not consciously living in the present.

💡Be mindful of your thoughts because they can make you portray yourself as a mere victim of the circumstances.

🤍Instead of living in the past and worrying about the future (things you have no control over), focus on the here and now.

👉Think of it this way: it takes the same amount of time and energy to think and act positively.

😀You have the same right as everyone else to be the conductor of your own life.

🕊You have everything within you to create magic in your life.


🕊🖼Past life self-portraits series: The Peacekeeper

💡I came up with the idea of creating a series of ‘past life self-portraits’ while I was meditating, trying to find an answer to a recurring situation in my life.

🤍This artwork is called ‘The Peacekeeper’ because I often found myself in a situation when I had to act as the mediator, even though I absolutely dislike drama.

🖼As an artist, intuitive healer and a channel to the higher realms, I believe that our karmic experiences are here to shape us, so we can become a better version of ourselves.

✨It’s always worth pondering on what we need to learn as individuals in this lifetime through these frequent experiences.

✨If you find yourself in a similar situation again and again, good or bad, it’s because karma is ‘asking you’ to deal with it.

👉What is your recurring theme?

👉What are you desperate to avoid throughout your life that makes you feel uncomfortable even to think about it?

👉Equally, what skills come so easily for you that others might feel it’s out of their reach?

🕊Both can come from previous lives and the reason it’s so dominant in your life now is because you finally need to sort it, or it’s a special talent, then you need to share it with the world.


🤍The Magician has arrived🕊

We expected you

Oh, divine Chosen One

To come to our rescue

The saviour has arrived

From faraway land

We are all in awe and obey

With stardust in our eyes

Not realising that we ourselves

Have all the answers we need

If only we’d take time

To look inside our hearts

And let the divine light

Flow into our lives.

🖼Artwork and ✍️poem by Agnes Gomori


She appeared as a bright light

Banishing the darkness of their hearts

Like a single flame which offers comfort through its warmth

She showed them the light of love and kindness

One by one they opened their hearts

Witnessing the transformation of each other

It was then that they understood they all want the same

To live without fear, realising they are all One

Since then, they invited miracle to live with them

Through prayer

Allowing magical possibilities to enter their lives.

Artwork 🖼 and poem ✍️ by Agnes Gomori: 🕊’When miracle appeared’ 🤍


🌎We’re all here to contribute on an individual level to the Higher Good.

❌We’re not here to compete with each other.

🧐When you constantly feel the need to prove yourself, it’s your ego talking.

😇When you calm your ego, you realise that all that doesn’t matter.

🕊Because inner peace comes from realising that we’re all One.

🤍Those who understand the law of Oneness will not harm each other.

✨Instead, they aspire to live and work together in unity.


😇Slow down.

🙄Take a deep breath.

🕊The Universe is taking care of you!


🐶Have you met Odette, the world-famous psychic dog yet?

❓Do you ever wonder why your dog suddenly stares at the bare wall, when you see nothing there?

✨Dogs are super sensitive and notice things humans don't.

🪰It might just be a tiny fly on the wall.

🕊But it’s more likely a visitor from the Higher Realm.

💌They appear, because they have a message for you.

🤍It could be a loved one who passed on, your spirit guide, or your angels.

🕊I love receiving messages from Spirit. They connect with me daily.

✨You can do the same.

🤍Most humans (and all dogs) are able to sense Spirit.

🕊And some are born with a heightened ability.

✨I'm one of those people, and I'm happy to pass on any Spirit messages for you.

👉Message me for more info and to book a session.

🤍🖼😀Here’s to spirituality, art and laughter!

✨Enjoy your week!

🖼Artwork: ‘Odette, the world-famous psychic dog’ by Agnes Gomori


🎨🤪All artists thrive in chaos!

🤨Well, some might.

🖼🕊I’m an artist who is an idealist and an empath, therefore I’m super sensitive to disharmony.

🤍All my life, I aimed to create harmony in every aspect of my life. Both in my direct and indirect environment.

😏That is why, like so many empaths, I was a people pleaser for many years.

👍While I don’t do that anymore, I’ll always remain an idealist.

😀That means that I not only accept that we are all different, yet the same, but I’m positively curious about the other person.

🌏I believe we can learn from each other’s culture or religion, etc.

💖I believe that living in harmony is not a sugar-coated Hollywood dream, but something which is a birthright for all of us.

👉Yet, it’s rarely a given.

🕊Peace should not be the privilege of the few, equally, it shouldn’t be the responsibility of a few.

👼Remember, none of us were born with hate in our heart.

🕊We were all born believing that the world and the people are good.

🖼Artwork: Calling for Unity by Agnes Gomori


🌍🌳Mother Nature is part of us, humans and all the living creatures.

🤍She only wants the best of us.

🕊Please respect her and take care of her.

Photos from Mindset Salon Empath Healing & Intuitive Life Coaching's post 12/04/2022

Mindful walk & talk in Highgate Wood today.



🕊Giving birth to Peace.

🤍 I wrote (and channelled) this song in light language on the day of the invasion, on 24th February. A few days after I painted this picture. (Link to song is in the comments.)

👉I didn’t share it back then. I have since written other peace related songs and created artworks to cope with the unimaginable.

🤍As an empath, I feel completely numbed by the war. It feels wrong to just go with our lives as normal.

❓How is it possible to go on as normal when people suffer, when people die?

💪But we need to be strong and help wherever we can.

👉We are responsible not only for humankind but for all living creatures.

👉We humans, who are seemingly in charge on this planet, need to make sure that we do everything we can to protect life.

🕊Life on Earth.

🤍Peace. Always.


🙋‍♀️Hello, I’d like to introduce myself to my new connections. I’m Agnes Gomori, an idealist who believes we were all born with unique superpowers.

💡As an intuitive empath, I’m highly creative and a natural born healer. I use this gift in my art and coaching/healing business, where I combine the healing properties of art and nature.

👉I coach and mentor my clients to dare to become the empowered creators they are born to be.

💡How do I do that?

✅I help them remove their inner blocks and show them how to turn their anxiety into a positive, creative outlet.

✅ I help them reconnect with their intuition, so they believe in their own power. Believe that their dreams and goals are just as valid as everyone else’s.

✅I founded Mindset Salon® to teach fellow, multi-passionate, creative empaths how to make the best use of their superpowers:

❤️Emotional intelligence



👉I’m a certified life coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I also studied mindfulness, energy healing, NLP, hypnotherapy and positive psychology over the last two decades, and executive coaching at the University of Cambridge.



🕊Your ancestors’ energy can either motivate you or keep you small.

❌If you frequently feel overwhelmed and frustrated, thinking:

❌’Why is this always happening to me?’

😔Then maybe, unknowingly, you carry your ancestors’ traumas.

❌If you think that it’s not safe to stand out and showcase your talents,

😔Then unconsciously, you will keep making the same mistakes.

✨Even when life hands you the amazing opportunities,🤲

❌You sabotage yourself,

❌Again, and again.

😔Because you think you don’t deserve true happiness.

✅The good news is: it’s possible to clear the negative associations.

✅Ancestral healing can help you to release inherited wounds and traumas.

✅Please get in touch to find out, how I can help you:

📧[email protected]


🖼Artwork by Agnes Gomori


🪐We are all connected to something much bigger than us.

🙏Each one of us, as individuals, has something unique to offer to this world.

🕊It’s a beautiful journey to find your life's purpose.

✨No matter how old you are, what your background is, where you are in your life now,

👉You will realise that the ultimate goal in life is:

🕊Peace and Unity,

🤍Kindness and Love.

💛No small contribution is too small,

🧡If it comes from the heart,

🕊To support the unity of humankind and all living creatures.

🤍We ought to look after each other,



💡In my latest editorial, I wrote about why self-love is crucial for having healthy relationships in your life.

💞With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a timely reminder...

❌It’s not someone else’s job to make you feel whole.

✅You are already whole.

📖Printed in the current issue of Muswell Flyer.


🕊When you’re out and about, and suddenly notice a white feather, please know that it’s a sign from your angel.

😇This is one of her ways of communicating with you.

🙏She’s always there with you and listens to you.

🕊Just ask her and she brings you peace and comfort.

🤍You are loved and protected, always.

5 lesser-known ways to turn your sensitivity into your superpower by Agnes Gomori - Holistic Bliss Magazine 01/02/2022

5 lesser-known ways to turn your sensitivity into your superpower by Agnes Gomori - Holistic Bliss Magazine

👉📖 In my latest publication, in Holistic Bliss Magazine, I share some tips about how to turn your sensitivity into your superpower.

5 lesser-known ways to turn your sensitivity into your superpower by Agnes Gomori - Holistic Bliss Magazine For sensitives, growing up in a world which is dominated by non-sensitives is always going to be challenging, unless we learn how to harness our superpower;


🌿As I’m walking through the woods, I’m connecting with Mother Nature.

🙏I thank her for being here for us and ask her to forgive all the sins humans commit against her.

💚I promise I will do all I can to protect her.

✨Is it possible to heal the world with kindness? - I ask.

🌍You can’t heal everyone, says Mother Nature, but trust that those who are in need will find your light ✨and join you in your mission.

☀️The sun is shining through the trees and I stop to allow its golden white light to fill up my heart.

🙏As I’m bathing in the divine healing energy, I wish for peace on Earth.

5 Signs When Being In A Tribe Is More Harmful Than Blissful 24/01/2022

5 Signs When Being In A Tribe Is More Harmful Than Blissful

💡Finding our tribe has become some sort of a movement in the last few years.

✅This new trend led us to believe that if only we find that one tribe, all of our problems go away.

✅When the need to belong is stronger than the need to be your authentic-self, you might find it hard to withdraw from a tribe even though it's bad for your self-worth.

✅This kind of toxic environment promises to banish your loneliness, but in reality it takes away the last drops of your confidence.

👉Read my article in Brainz Magazine to find out about the 5 signs when being in a tribe is more harmful than blissful.

5 Signs When Being In A Tribe Is More Harmful Than Blissful Written by: Agnes Gomori, Executive Contributor Executive Contributors at Brainz Magazine are handpicked and invited to contribute because of their knowledge and valuable insight within their area of expertise. Finding our tribe has become some sort of a movement in the last few years. This new tren...


💡In my latest publication I wrote about the importance of decluttering your mind.

📖 Published in the current issue of Muswell Flyer.

Exclusive Interview With Agnes Gomori – Healer And Intuitive Coach 20/12/2021

Exclusive Interview With Agnes Gomori – Healer And Intuitive Coach

Honoured to have my interview published in Brainz Magazine where I talk about:

✅How my burnout led me to reconnect with my innate spiritual gift.

✅How I made it my mission to empower fellow multi-passionate empaths.

✅How I use my gift of high-level intuition to banish anxiety from my client’s life.

✅Why is it important to lead an authentic life, and to be true to ourselves?

👉And many more...!

🙏I’d like to thank all of you who were on this journey with me; all of my teachers, mentors, and my wonderful clients. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Exclusive Interview With Agnes Gomori – Healer And Intuitive Coach Agnes Gomori is a London-based intuitive coach, spiritual healer and artist. She is the founder of Mindset Salon® a coaching and healing practice for extroverted, creative empaths. Apart from being a certified life coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation, she studied mindfulness,...


Our bodies are not only affected by our own negative emotions and thinking patterns, but can pick up unwanted energies from others too.

These energies can cause stress, anxiety and can show up as insomnia or lack of focus. With the help of distance healing these unwanted energies can be successfully removed.



Mindset Salon - Walk & Talk in London

What is a ‘walk and talk’ session? 🤔

💡Rather than having a session in a consultation room or via zoom, ‘walk and talk’ is a healing and coaching session taking place outdoors.

🌿Being in nature is healing in itself and some clients find it easier to open up while walking side by side.

🚶‍♀️A ‘walk and talk’ is like a walking meditation; we’ll be using mindfulness and positive psychology techniques, together with intuitive coaching.

😀It reduces anxiety, increases happiness, with clients reportedly feeling calmer and grounded.

✅The hour-long session takes place in North London.

✅Before the first session, we’ll have an initial discussion, including a risk assessment.

✅To book your place, or for more information please visit mindsetsalon.com.

👉I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!


When I do energy healing for a client, I connect to the spiritual intelligence and channel its wisdom intuitively.

During the healing-work, messages appear in my mind’s eye either as individual statements or as long, continuous messages.

“Don’t fear your shadows, since they are all part of you.”

It was one of the urgent messages that came through for a client recently.

Now, I wouldn’t share anything confidential about my clients’ sessions, but this sentence stayed with me.

I only understood the next day that this message was for both of us.

I made the mistake again of not taking proper time off; didn’t prioritise my need to rest.

For a multi-passionate person like me, that’s a recipe for a burnout.

I used to be a perfectionist that was definitely one of my shadows.

This time I recognised that this shadow was trying to creep back into my life and stopped it in its tracks.

If we neglect our shadows, they become darker and overpowering.

But if we address them with kindness and compassion, we can turn them into bright lights.

It’s never about getting rid of them, but about befriending them.

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😟When we overcomplicate things in our head, it slows us down.😀Simplify your life and you'll get more done in less time.💡...
‘’If only I could tell you the reason I feel this way that in itself would be therapeutic.’’ - So many sensitive, old s...
📖Make sure you read daily.🥱Avoid ‘out of boredom’ content binging.💡Consume information about the things that are helping...
✨The future arrived too soon.🙁The past doesn’t want to leave.👉It can feel that way if you’re not consciously living in t...
😇Slow down.🙄Take a deep breath.🕊The Universe is taking care of you!
Mindset Salon - Walk & Talk in London
Mindset Salon: Join me for a little singalong!
Mindset Salon: Self-soothing hugs
Mindset Salon: Breathing Exercise
Mindset Salon: Whistle away your blues!





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