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Going back 🇬🇧 home


Thrilled to share the joy of success! Our student consultant had an inspiring interview with a delighted student we recently enrolled in a course. 🌟 Their journey is a testament to the possibilities that education opens up.

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That’s the main reason I am here in the 🇺🇸 USA…


A day trip to Miami from west palm beach


Admission hotline ☎️ +447432089544( Whatspp)


A page from my diary

After paying over £67,000 in last quarter to HMRC , I cut down all the costs to survive .It’s tough to survive if you can’t make invoice to your business partner but you got to pay vat.

I don’t feel great if I have not enough money to run another 3 months at least . So, I was exploring a reasonable price for my ticket from london to Florida. It’s a businessman trip for training by Tony robing “ date with designer “ for 6 days . I added a few more days for relaxing .

I called my travel agent & got a package on £523 . It’s unbelievable . She asked if I want to add weight for extra 25 kg apart from my hand luggage. I requested not to save £150. My wife wasn’t happy about that as she struggled to organise my Luggage.

I was planning a few days in New York then fly to Florida . But , last minute I changed my as I got direct flight .So, I booked an Airbnb from 26th. The morning I checked & printed Airbnb booking , I found I haven’t got any place to stay on 24th & 25th.

Quickly , I sent a message to Airbnb if they have availability . It was late night for them . So, I booked somewhere & waited for confirmation .

Once I landed , I connected on WhatsApp & informed my brother . It was long queue . I stood for an hour but felt jealous to see a short line for USA citizens only . They next moment , I felt proud as well to be British as I have same experience in uk airport to exit digitally with British passport .

Immigration officer asked the reason to visit USA . I told about my training Cum Holliday. He asked If I have more information about my trainer. I simply said he is a multi billionaire who teaches business . The officer welcomed me & let me go.

The flight was over 90 minutes late . I was connected with a senior brother, koko vai , very welcoming & he gave me a favour to pick up from Miami airport . We had dinner together at his home .

It was almost midnight & my host sent me a message with a code to get in. As I didn’t have internet , I couldn’t get the message & stayed my brother home .

The next morning , we had breakfast together , he them took me to sea beach . Then , I came to my Airbnb . It’s a large king size double room .

In the evening , I got some spare time for a walk . I asked my host how to walk to beach . According to his direction, I walked over a long bridge . It reminded me that I have high phobia . Anyway , I can’t stop myself having such a beautiful 😻 weather 25c from a cold town , 7-10c.

It was 35-40 minutes walk on a sandy sea beach . I found that it’s a holy city , felt like all Wealthy people around . Nice car & nice 🏡 got my attention . What if I had the opportunity to own those & live here in this nice weather .On my way home , I decided to have dinner .

I have limited options left considering halal . I decided to visit a food court , have a tuna sandwich with lemonade . I never tried that it’s like sorbet. The taste is amazing . At the end I asked the old lady who served me if it’s safe over the bridge to walk .

She recommended to have an Uber . The problem is I don’t have Uber activated in this phone as I left business phone at home 🏡 . I tried to connect PayPal & forgot security question to access in. The very moment I received a call from Koko vai & asked if everything is okay .

Also , he assured me that the place is safe to walk . He wanted to bring food & I requested him to bring next day . It’s beautiful when you’re abroad , your homie becomes your family . We are from same place in Bangladesh .I started walking to my accommodation & arrived safely . I finished prayer & took a look on businesses report on WhatsApp & slept .

Now, I am deciding to rent a car as public transportation is not the best here . However , the left hand driving , right on the road makes me a bit confused .

So what ?
The end of comforts starts making fun , isn’t it ?
Don’t live in security , live in uncomfortable zone where growth starts .

Hassle Free Education


Roaming around in Florida at West Palm Beach


Hey everyone ,
Hope you’re doing great .

Today ,I will share some anger & joy in this post . Hope you will enjoy it. However, which one should I go for ?

Yesterday ,I attended one of our IELTS preparation classes conducted by IELTS instructor Steve Trelogon . I was shocked to see the presence of number of students . Only a handful of students joined on 34th class . It’s better to be mentioned that they are doing it for free . The expenditures of instructors , staff & software are on me . If I had to charge them for the course , it would cost them 40,000 tk. However, we charged for course materials & courier .

The reason of doing that is to help them to get a better score so that they can change their lives . I understand that it’s a long & challenging journey . But , my question is 👉why would you complain about your life , family , government & system , if you’re freaking lazy & stupid , can’t get a minimum score to skip all of these .

You have two options . Either be someone & get involved with the nasty system or get a score & spit on damn system . Please don’t get offended . I know still a very few people are very honest , active & praying to change the system . But , it will take time until the whole system will collapse to rebuild .

My point is when the whole world is yours to work & trade , why would be sucked in a small place within a boundary & complain about life.

I was lucky that I had a standard score in IELTS (6) 14 years ago which helped to skip the system .

Don’t make another excuse saying I haven’t enough money . I didn’t have as well being an elder son of High school teacher & primary school teacher . My parents literally borrowed for me which gave them back during PSW.

When I see someone very young , educated is moaning about life , I feel like punching on their face . Either do it what requires to do or be a victim .

Because of that score , I am flying to USA with a British Passport & the world is a global village to me. I do apologise if I offended anyone but that’s what I got to say.

In this trip , I will join a training for 6 days . The remaining days , I will explore Miami as Much as I can . I will try to record some videos to show you as well as keep it as a memory .

If you’re complaining about your life , shoot me messages , I will punch 🥊 you . Kidding , I will try to guide you, support you.


Apply with MOI🇬🇧


Who gonna win CWC2023❓


Get a Free Laptop & IELTS FEE CASHBACK!!


Please check out & let me know if it works...


"Happy Birthday Dear Barai 🎉🎂

Your dedication to helping international students is truly commendable, and on your special day, we Hassle free education team wants to express our heartfelt gratitude for your tireless efforts. Your support goes beyond borders, making a significant impact on the lives of those navigating the challenges of studying in a new country.

May this year bring you the recognition and joy you deserve for the countless lives you've positively influenced. Your kindness and commitment to fostering a welcoming environment make our workplace and the international student community richer. Here's to celebrating you today and to another year of making a difference! 🥳🎉🎂



Health and Social Care Level 3


Education Expo at Barishal Dec'23

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“5 Benefits of this group “

UK Study Visa Support

1. Solid Foundation in English : We run a foundation program for students who want to study abroad. This program is designed & funded by Hassle free education. You can join the course from your comfortable home 🏠 for free of cost.

2. IELTS preparation Course: Once you finish foundation in English, we invite you an IELTS preparation course where our two instructors, Sarah Madam & Steve sir conduct the classes, run practice classes along with mock test.

3. During preparation, we offer online & offline seminars to get all the information about studying abroad. We help A2Z which starts with one2one consultation, application, visa application. We give two sorts of gifts including Laptop & IELTS fee cash back.

4. We provide a platform of 50,000 students where international students hang out virtually, share their challenges, ask for help. On the top of that we have a private group where we take care of our students till settlement.

5. Gifts 🎁: IELTS fee cash back & Free laptop after successful enrolment.

🛑 Breaking News: You can study Master Degree in Europe investing only 2.5 lacs taka/€2100. For details, please contact on WhatsApp…+447432089544

Photos from Hassle free education's post 04/11/2023

Khulna Education Expo'23


Khulna Education Expo2023


Now we are in Leeds as well ‼️
What course you are looking for❓


Hi Would you commit to do a Masters from Europe including PSW , investing only €2100/ 2.5 laks BDT? Comment 👇 “HOW “,
I will show you the way.


"Three years of unwavering commitment and impact in global education! 🎓🌎🥂

Our Hassle free education International Office has reached a remarkable milestone, and it's time to reflect on the extraordinary journey. 🚀

Our dedicated colleagues have not only assisted over 100+ students but have been instrumental in each one's unique success story. We've navigated the intricacies of student visas, matched students with the perfect universities, and secured scholarships that changed lives. 👨‍🎓🫡

This celebration isn't just about years; it's about the lives we've transformed. Here's to many more years of being the compass in the world of international education, turning dreams into success, one student at a time! 🎉📚🌟



You’re just one message away to change your life through education 👉+447432089544


Thank 🙏 you all to invite your friends . The platform where you have all your solutions . You name it from IELTS , foundation course , application guidelines , immigration . We are about to celebrate 🎉 a family of 50,000 active members .

We have expert IELTS Instructors , Student Advisors , immigration Lawyers to support you for free .

👉Tag your friends to get all these benefits .
👉You can also send this link to join this group


Thanks being a valuable member of this family .


"Dear international students!!
Dream big, explore new horizons study abroad, just like Mr Shahed Ahmed did. 🎯🌟

Your international study dream is within reach, and your journey will be filled with growth, adventures, and incredible experiences. Keep pushing forward, and watch your aspirations come to life! 🎓✈️



"Congratulations Bhuiyan Shaon (শাওন) on achieving your dream of studying abroad with our free education! 🎯

Your hard work, determination, and dedication have paid off, and we couldn't be more proud of your accomplishments. This is just the beginning of an incredible journey, and we're excited to see all the amazing experiences and opportunities that await you. Keep reaching for the stars, and remember that we are here to support you every step of the way. Wishing you continued success and a bright future filled with knowledge and adventure!"🌟🌟🌟


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