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Docklands Little Angels aspires to make your children happy and equipped for a challenging world. Ou

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If you have some time to spare and a skill to share, we would love to discuss any ideas you might have for enriching the lives of our community! Whether it's arts and crafts, creative writing, mechanics or music, contact us and tell us what you can share.

You may contact us at 02045 035019 or visit us here:


If you’re curious about the enrollment process, you’re in the right place! We’ve gathered all the resources you need to help you make a confident and informed decision to join the Docklands Little Angels family.
We’re real people in your community who care about offering safe, high-quality care, and education for your little angel.
And if you ever need more information, or want to talk with someone in person, we’re just a phone call away at 02045 035019, or simply visit us at


Docklands Little Angels provides your little angel a sense of daily routine and the ability to grow their social skills. Moreover, if you ever happen to go to work early or work late, you can just drop by to leave your little angel with us!

Contact us today for more information! Visit us at or call us here: 02045 035019.


Children need a healthy balanced diet containing foods from each food group to get a wide range of nutrients to help them stay healthy.

That is why, at Docklands Little Angels, we have sessions where we take a trip to the farm and pick out the freshest of vegetables for our cooking lessons!

To learn more about us, contact us at 02045 035019 or visit us here:


Research shows that a learns the best when they are happy and smiling. We make sure your child has an interactive and experience so they fall in love with and never think of it as a chore!

Want to see more of us? Contact us today at 02045 035019 or visit us here:


What makes leaves green? Why do need sunlight to thrive? Why do plants grow better in loamy soil than clay? Explore science together while -- more proof can be fun!

Contact us today to know more about us! Call us here: 02045 035019 or visit us at

Learning By Playing: The Best Way For Your Children To Learn - Docklands Little Angels 08/03/2021

Learning By Playing: The Best Way For Your Children To Learn - Docklands Little Angels

Albert Einstein thought that by playing is crucial. He said that is a form of research that surpasses all other forms of . Let us look at why playing is and how it is the best form of learning. Read more here:

Learning By Playing: The Best Way For Your Children To Learn - Docklands Little Angels Albert Einstein thought that learning by playing is crucial. He said that playing is a form of research that surpasses all other forms of study. Let us look at why playing is necessary and how it is the best form of learning. A Real-life Example of learning from playing I was at the park with […]


Engaging your in drama and play can have heaps of benefits. It can help build confidence, communication skills, develop emotional and nurture friendships.

That is why we encourage every to engage in our theatre activities on Wednesdays! It feels extremely fun to watch your little angels get excited about participating in drama.

Contact us today to know more about our activities, or visit us here:


An environment has an important role to play when it comes to , development and well-being of and young people.

That is why, at Docklands Little Angels, we consider the environment to be the “third teacher” alongside parents and carers.

Contact us today to see how we have our childcare set up for your ! Call us at 07496 863880 or visit us here:


The benefits of a second language are quite impressive! For example, it promotes healthy development, boosts their achievements and nurtures their curiosity and cultural tolerance.

Keeping all these in mind, we your little angels Spanish as a second language! We believe that it allows your little angel to shine as much as want and express themselves in a different language.

Interested in knowing what more we have in store for your ? Contact us today at 07496 863880 or visit us at


Playing acts as a fundamental element in the early development of your .Through such activities, your gets to learn about honesty, fair play, teamwork, respect and adherence to the rules.

At Docklands Little Angels , we always encourage our little angels to do their best at playing! Want to see more of our ? Visit us at or contact us here: 07496 863880.


When cook alongside us, they build basic math skills by doing something as basic as counting the number of eggs or how much water they should pour into a measuring cup.

We enjoy our cooking sessions on as much as they do!
To know more about us, do visit or call us at 07496 863880.


Did you know? Engaging your in garden activities will not only make them more alert but will also teach them to be responsible, , organised, and more encouraged to eat !

At Docklands Little Angels, we make sure that your child is ready to get their hands ready and enhance their fine motor skills! For more information, contact us today at 07496 863880 or visit us at


Singing and dancing can help your angel get a better understanding of words and sounds, and self-express more!
That is why we have an entire day dedicated to and on Mondays! Want to know more about our curriculum? Visit us here at or contact us at 02075 369147.


At Docklands Little Angels, we are aware of how contagious germs can be. Germs can easily be picked up and that is why we practice proper routines all the time! !

Know more about us please visit


Seeing your growing up is a gift. via their activities help you to travel down the lane!

Share with us sweet little moments you had with your little angel in the comments below.

Know more about us please visit


Can you do something for us? Stop everything that you are doing and go hug your little angel! Every day is Valentine’s day when it comes to loving your children. For this special loving day, get something special for your precious one.


Do you know what is important for a child’s mental well-being and development while at ?—A serene environment with activities to dive in and that is exactly what we provide at Docklands Little Angels.
Contact us at


Docklands Little Angels is not just a ; it is a place where your children get to connect and understand each other. We foster multicultural awareness and with love because each is special and yours is no different. Contact us at


Who doesn't enjoy the fun moments of their children? However, full time employed parents miss out on a lot of fun little moments of their performing and playing around.

That is why, we keep a CD/DVD of your angel’s performance, around or skills so that you can enjoy those moments too.

Learn more about us at


Your need inspiration to broaden their horizons, and be active from an early age to grow up properly.

That is why, we tend to do our best by them yoga, gardening or cooking to inspire, ignite and collaborate.


Nobody knows your better than you.
That is why we collaborate with about our little angels’ best interests and explore their strengths and weaknesses to give better .


In this age of empowerment, it is pretty common to be a full-time employee while hiring a caregiver to take care of your child. However, it often leads the child to feel lonely and detached.

Here at Docklands Little Angels, we ensure your little angel has a fun time and with other .


We live in a multicultural society. Openness to different views and cultures and collaborations are two themes your little angel must cultivate to grow up as an ideal citizen.
Docklands little Angels have always adopted a multicultural approach from its inception to ensure your child’s resourceful growing up.


Docklands Little Angels is all-in-one childcare for your child providing the highest quality service adopting the multicultural approach.
Enrol with us now and enjoy a £3600 discount in your first year.


There is no alternative to personalised care when it comes to your child’s growth and development.
Unlike other over-crowded childcares, we are homely and make sure that your little angel gets one on one care addressing his/her every need.


We wish you and your little Angels a new year full of blessings and happiness.


Acting is one of the purest expressions of creativity. Keeping that in mind, we, the teachers, and our little angels are performing in a drama and collaborating in D.L.A. Theatre to celebrate different cultures and learn about them in a fun and creative way.


Dear Santa,
My darling little angels have been good all year,
Your elves must be busy as Christmas is near.
Visit Docklands Little Angels in your shiny red sleigh
And have our cookies and milk before going away.


Good hygiene and manners are essential and best taught in the early years.

Here at Docklands Little Angels childcare, we teach our little angels all about basic hygiene and manners helping them to grow up in a safe and healthy way.


Cooking is nothing short of an art.
Culinary arts inspires creativity, teamwork and introduces one to different cultures worldwide.

Here at Docklands Little Angels, along with serving organic homemade foods, we teach our little angels how to cook, how to share and how to grow up together.


Nutritious and organic food in daily food habits is a major differentiating factor in one’s health and life in general.

But, when your little angel is growing and learning so fast in the early years, it’s not an option but an absolute necessity.

Here at Docklands Little Angels, we provide organic homemade international food that not only tastes good but also ensures your child’s proper growth and nutrition.


You want the best for your little angel and so do we.

Here at Docklands Little Angels childcare, every child works with a caring key practitioner who plans, observes, and assesses his/ her progress helping him/ her to learn, grow and collaborate towards a healthy and bright future.

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