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Knowing the difference between pain and discomfort.

Discomfort is ok and sometimes you need discomfort in your rehab to progress and see improvements.

@ufixu, we encourage you to use the VAS scale to self assess if you are in discomfort or pain.
If you are between 0-6, this is generally ok but over 6 you need to back off.

If you are unsure what is too much or not enough, book an appointment for some advice, the link is in my bio!

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Client testimonials!

Thank you guys for all your comments and feedback!!

You all smashed it this month 🙌🏻


Great live with @fullybookedcoach this evening. Here’s some of what we covered: 👇👇

- How to partner with a physio
- Tracking 💰 as a PT
- When to refer a client to a physio

Make sure to watch for the above and the other value I didn’t add to this list 😉


Join us tonight @5pm 🇬🇧 with @fullybookedcoach


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April is next week! Spring has arrived! Start today by thinking about how you can spend it.

A lot can happen, or not nothing can happen. Let's go and make it your best month yet.

Start by making a list of the things you would like to achieve by the end of the month, and start ticking them off as you go.



Which do you think??


Which do you think??


There is no best or worst exercise of any one problem.

Take back pain, is the pain in the lower back or is it to one side. Is the pain caused by poor posture or from an injury…. There are so many possibilities that it isn’t as easy as having one exercise for all back pain related problems.  

Everyone has individual experiences and different abilities. You could have the same pain as another. However, it might need to be treated differently.

Don’t fall into the trap of a physio selling you a plan of “follow these 3 steps for back pain”. Unfortunately, this can happen. A physio needs to identify the root cause and create a specifically tailored plan for you to understand the problem


What is hanging 🤔

We define hanging as a form of suspension that includes straight arms. (that has exceptions of course) 

Read below different types of hanging from @portal.ido :

1. Passive Hanging - relaxed, deactivated, targets more of the passive structural integrity components than the more 'muscular heavy' hangs. It is where more often than not we will start with a beginner. (certain issues with shoulder health and integrity might require we start with active hangs for example)

2. Active Hanging - selective activation of the pattern, engaging musculature and minimizing the demands on passive structural integrity while maximizing the active-component demand and adaptation. Active hangs are a type of strength work. More specifically - Straight Arm Scapular (shoulder blade)Strength.

3. Dynamic Hanging - the use of a combination of passive/active hangs AND momentum to initiate a variety of dynamic actions such as Swinging, dynamic release and more. 
Often times one type of hanging is regarded as superior to another, this represents a limited and partially biased point of view.

Movement is a big universe and it requires a variety of tools. Different structures, needs and demands makes the situation even more complex.

The various types of hangs are actually very different and complementary in the type of adaptations they induce. One should engage in all three main types of hangs in order to develop optimally, context allowing.



Not everything is about selling a program.

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Really there are NO bad ❌ exercises.

Being inactive is far more dangerous than any type of exercise will ever be.

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For all those who need to hear this on a Saturday ‼️

Here is some advice to think about. Go back to the basics of what your body and mental health needs.

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Happy international women’s day !!


Why UFIXU will NOT make you injury-free

Being a physio, I never get injured - right?

Not true.

Over the years, I've had many injuries - and every single one of them has taught me something.

I have used injuries to learn more about the body. To become tougher mentally, as well as stronger physically.

It's unlikely we'll ever avoid injuries completely, especially when pushing ourselves to lift heavier weights and train at higher intensities.

UFIXU Physiotherapy are here to educate you on reducing your risk of injury.

But we will not "guarantee" you'll never get injured - and that's just as it should be!

If you want to reduce your chances of getting an injury drop me a DM 📩



Commonly in clinical practice, back pain is considered from a purely biomedical perspective, where radiological imaging is the basis for diagnosis.

Although MRI and other imaging has an important role in the triage of people with back pain to identify fractures, cancer and nerve root compression in 1-2% of people, it also puts the spotlight on many patho-anatomical findings that are not related to back pain (O’Sullivan and Lin 2014).

Disc degeneration, disc bulges, annular tears and prolapses are highly prevalent in pain free populations, are not strongly predictive of future low back pain and correlate poorly with levels of pain and disability (Deyo 2002, Jarvik JG 2005).

If you have back pain and want to find out more then drop a DM to find out how we can help.


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UFIXU Questions and answers!

If you have any questions you would like to ask, comment below or DM us!

Watch this reel by ufixu on Instagram 15/02/2022

Watch this reel by ufixu on Instagram

Pain is complex and the majority of the time the quick fixes you see on IG do not work.

We need to stop and think about our approach to pain rather than going after the quick fixes.

Tools to manage pain :

MOVE gradually (graded exposure) ✅

Pain medication where necessary ✅

Sleep well ✅

Eat well ✅

Hydrate ✅

Positive mind set/ set goals ✅

Education….. Book an appointment with UFIXU ✅😊

What NOT to rely on :

Massage guns ❌

Ultrasound ❌

Soft tissue massage ❌

Cupping ❌

Quick fixes ❌

Manipulation ❌

Invasive surgery ❌ (last resort)

If you are struggling alone then drop us a DM and get booked in.


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Watch this reel by ufixu on Instagram

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UFIXU is here to help you !!


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Lets do this together !!

It is as easy as that, I will be here to help you, guide you and motivate you.
It is my job as a physiotherapist and coach you ensure that I am giving you the tools to progress.

Follow the link in my bio for a free consultation or DM me for further options

-sports massage
-stroke recovery
-personal training

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