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At the start of the year a lot of us commit to getting into better shape to feel better, in January the gyms start to fill up but by February they start to empty out.

Mindfulness has a big part to play in this so we have to be aware of our inhibitors so we have a better chance of overcoming them and not let them block us from achieving that initial goal. 🙌

Some of these pitfalls people suffer are that we often have the all or none thinking meaning if you don’t hit the gym 5x a week or you go over your calories one day we often feel guilt, then that guilt at times is enough to make us quit or come off plan more and then find it difficult to get back on track. Remember 2/5 days is better than none so don’t beat yourself up🤔

We often focus to much on looking better forgetting all the other benefits regular exercise can bring such as reducing blood pressure, improvements in memory and thinking skills, improvements in sleep and self esteem and it helps fight depression. Just cause you don’t see change it doesn’t mean its not always happening always remember that.🙏🏻

Often people get bored as there doing stuff they don’t enjoy so always open yourself up to try different activities wether it be PT, fitness classes, team sports or even something as simple as walking while listening to music or a podcast to mix up your routine.💪

Fitness and mindfulness go hand in hand and each strengthens the other so a strong mindset can help keep you on track to achieving your goals.👍🏻

Its never to late to start, if you feel yourself not progressing change up what your doing or remember where you started and how far you have came but most of all remember not all changes are visible so don’t fall off track and lets smash February!!!!!

Same as always if you need a hand or have any questions just drop me a message 😊🙏🏻


Trust The Process & Get Started✅💪🔥

About me and my journey.
Well like any journey there’s the beginning which for myself was being just coming out of hospital weighing in at only 57.1kg, confidence was at an all time low, my mood and motivation were in a bad place & general
health & fitness was at rock bottom. So I got myself started back at the gym got myself lifting better, eating better and genuinely feeling better and it all started with myself just getting back to it💪 So here i am now weighing in at 84.7kg confidence is high, my mood and motivation are through the roof & general health & fitness is in a great spot. Like any journey it has ups and downs but I trusted the process and can now enjoy the benefits the journey has gave me.

Now life is returning to some sort of normality and i have spaces opened up to take on new clients my question to you is are you ready to start your journey??? 💭 💭💭
If so get in touch and lets get started so hopefully one day you can sit, reflect and see how far you have came👌✅


Absolutely love my job and loved everyone who I have been able to train so far 💪

Over the last year times have been tough for all of us but if your ready to get back into it and are looking for support to do so drop me a message ✅

If your debating hiring a PT and have any questions again just drop me a message ✅

If you feel you want to start a fitness journey but are unsure where to start drop me a message ✅

If your an old client or a new client looking to start up your journey drop me a message ✅

Every journey starts with the first step are you ready for yours ? 🤔 💭

(couldn’t squeeze everyone into the one photo so sorry if you have been left out😔💔)

Photos from Adam Scott Personal Training's post 22/04/2021

Welcoming on board the teams very new Jnr Personal Trainers 😂💪

Gyms open back up on Monday and if your interested in starting personal training or have any questions at all just drop me a message and I am happy to help 😁


Thank you everyone !!!🎉🎉

So I left the PT Unit for the last time this year and just what to give a big appreciation post to all my clients who have supported me during these difficult times💪💪 Loved every second of it and let’s continue it into next year when we open back up!!!🏋️‍♀️

I will be offering outdoor sessions until then so if you are interested in them just get in touch ✅


Big shoutout to who is absolutely smashing it!!!💪💪 Rebecca is a student nurse who finds it difficult to find time to workout however she is currently doing one session a week as well as home workouts and she has lost 2 inches from her waist!! She feels fitter and stronger and is determined to keep it going !!😁


Big shoutout to Jenny Ryrie who continues to smash it!!! She has now started to do a Macrothon (3 mile run everyday for the rest of the month) 🔥🔥
She sent me a comparison photo and she is feeling and looking brilliant and the inches are falling off her keep it up💪💪

If your interested in starting your journey get in touch !!! 💭💭


Best feeling in the world as a trainer is when I notice changes in my clients physique, form/weights when lifting or moods and them being genuinely happier about themselves !!!! 🥳🥳🥳

Everyone is doing brilliant and should keep this going 💪💪💪

If you are interested in booking for personal training or even online personal training just get in touch 😁


You might get up and down readings on the scales each week, with your stress levels, with your motivation or with your performance but during these times it’s okay and try not worry on it to much and just try to get refocused. 💭

If that means

-Changing up your exercise plan and how much your doing🏋️‍♀️
-Switching up your diet and focusing more on what your eating/drinking 🍎
-Including some lifestyle changes to help you get back on track 🚶‍♂️
-You take some time off if it’s what you feel is needed ⏰

it’s absolutely fine and I am here to support you through it 😌

Just remember why you started✅

If you have taken that first step in your journey that is the hardest part out the way and try not fall back to much. 🏃‍♀️

If you are interested in becoming one of my clients just get in touch😁

Photos from Adam Scott Personal Training's post 29/09/2020

Stuart English has shown great progress with his performance, energy, weight loss but also his overall mood. 😁

Stuart originally started with me as an online client receiving regular checks ins and advice to help improve his adherence to the plan ⌨️

These two readings didn’t happen over night, it took time and commitment which has lead to Stuart enjoying the results and continues to keep his journey going✅

If you are interested in working with me as a PT get in touch or if you know someone who might be interested if you could send the link to my page I would really appreciate it ☺️


I am really enjoying working with more clients now 🙌 A lot of these clients were nervous and worried to begin with but now are very eager and can’t wait for their next session😁

Get the first step out the way and you won’t look back if you are interested in booking in for sessions with me get in touch ✅


Not a 100% accurate reading as started off without the Fitbit being tight enough however this is the calories burned by doing a full body 4 sets of 10 reps workout with a minute rest between sets

Weight training is a fantastic way of losing fat and building muscle I’ve told some of my clients about the furnace analogy

Imagine your body’s like a furnace always burning wood (calories) the size of that furnace (I.e. size of the body) determines how much wood can be burned. So by us doing resistance based training we aim to add more muscle in our body so it makes our furnace more effective meaning we can burn more wood (calories). 🔥 🔥🔥

Don’t be scared to lift weights as it can be a key influence on you hitting your goals 🌟

If you want help or guidance to help you reach your goals get in touch😁

Photos from Adam Scott Personal Training's post 18/09/2020

Progress takes time ⏰

We all at one point have probaly said the same thing “I will start the gym next week” “I will go on a diet on Monday” but we never actually ever got round to it 🤔

Achieving your goals is a journey 🗺 and in every fitness journey there is a first step wether it be moving more, eating less, attending exercise classes etc it does need to begin with that first step 🚶‍♂️

Once you start living a healthier lifestyle you in turn will also feel more healthy and happy which is a big boost to your emotional state as well as your physical one 😁

So in a couple of days, weeks or months time when you look back on your journey you can think of that first step you took to change yourself for the better and be proud of what you have achieved ✅

Sound like a plan? Drop me a message and feel free to ask any questions as am happy enough to listen and provide some support 😆

Stay safe, take care


Big shoutout to Stuart English, he started as an online client with myself and has now started 1-1 sessions in the gym with me. 🏋️‍♀️In Stuart’s journey so far he has dropped 17 pounds but he is also feeling so much happier and confident now 😁 Well done and keep at it 💪💪

If you are interested in being a client or online client get in touch ✅😁


Hello hope we are all well😁

“Don’t wish for it work for it” this is definitely a saying with relevance to a lot of aspects of life but it’s especially relevant with our fitness goals. A lot of people want to start the journey to reaching their goals but are maybe a bit scared to take the first step, some lack the motivation to do so as well. If you look at any inspirational person in your life wether it be a celebrity, an athlete or even a member of your family that person got themselves to where they are through hard work and by taking that first step in their journey at some point.🤔🤔

If you have fears or worries about starting it’s perfectly natural but we can work through them, Focus on what you want that end result to be and just take the first step, if you need help/guidance to get you there just drop me a message 😁


It’s such a great time to get back into training and under go a exercise/dietary/lifestyle program 🏋️‍♀️

With gyms opening back up I can help guide you through steps to take both in the gym and out of it to help you reach your health and fitness goals 💪

What next? Just get in touch and we can get the ball rolling✅


I am pleased to announce that gyms are re-opening as of the 31st and if you are interested in booking in for a session or block booking to resume/start your fitness journey just drop me a message 😁

Sessions based around your goals ✅

Nutritional advise and guidance ✅

Lifestyle advice ✅

If you are looking for the motivation or a helping hand get in touch ✅🏋️‍♀️


If you are interested in booking outdoor PT sessions get in touch 🏋️‍♀️ In times like this it’s hard to stay motivated but if you have any questions or looking for advice just drop me a message 😁✅


Calorie tracking ✅✅

Just a few weeks of tracking your daily calories can give a better insight into if your eating and drinking too much or not enough.

If you have a big dinner or drinks coming up it also gives you the chance to manage your calories effectively for that week so you have more of a deficit (means another cocktail🍹).

You could look at it like managing money you know your wage for the month (calories) you need to manage your spending (eating and drinking) around paying bills (Events, big meals, drinks etc) so you don’t end up skint (not achieving your goals). 💰

So if we manage our money (calories) we will end up rich (achieving our goals) ✅ 💰 💰💰


This refers to achieving your health & fitness goals as well. If you have been trying a method, plan etc for awhile and getting no results from it try switching it up for something different to see if you move closer to achieving they goals.🏃‍♂️

If your looking for support or guidance to maybe change your plan up to move that step closer to achieving your goals just drop me a message ✅


Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer before the gyms open back up.

If you interested in doing sessions with me in the meantime just get in touch ✅


A fantastic sessions this morning down at the beach park 🏋️‍♀️ loved being back at it doing the job I love❤️ if you are interested in doing sessions with me get in touch or even if you are just looking for advice and abit of motivation feel free to drop me a message 💪

Have a good Sunday folks🥳


First outdoor PT session today💪💪

If you are interested in doing sessions get in touch !!! 🏋️‍♀️

Beautiful day for it 💪


So seeing as I have a lot of free time at the moment I am going to undertake another vocational qualification to improve my understanding of nutrition 💪 🥘

Everyday’s a school day 👨‍🏫


Make sure we have rest days 💤 as they are important because:

They give our muscles a chance to recover and grow✅
Helps prevent injury✅
Keeps you motivated by avoiding over training✅

So kick back and relax it’s a terrific day to rest ☀️

Since we have all missed the joke at the end of my spin classes ...

What happened when the personal trainer brought a lion to the gym? 🦁

His clients got ripped to shreds💪😂

Enjoy your day, stay safe folks 👌


Eglinton Country Park (Eggy Park) is a beautiful place to walk, cycle or run so if you live close by would definitely recommend it. ✅

Physical activity whilst enjoying lovely views💪

Would definitely recommend listening to podcasts as they make the journey that bit more enjoyable (or 80s rock😂)👌


Try keep your head up and stay motivated, if you need someone to help you with this just let me know am only one message away. 🏋️‍♀️

I find myself to walk further with a good chat to someone on the phone or by listening to a good playlist (80s rock😉😂) . 🏃‍♂️

Photos from Adam Scott Personal Training's post 18/05/2020


A very big shoutout to one of my first clients Jenny who has absolutely smashed it since the start of the year. She has lost just over 4 stone but also says she feels much leaner and stronger than she has ever been🏋️‍♀️

Throughout this lockdown she has ensured she is still exercising and keeping active and is very pleased with her results.✅


Okay so the purpose of this photo isn’t to show my running time but it’s show how we shouldn’t compare ourself to what others do. 🏃‍♂️

This compared to a lot of people i know is a very slow run however it’s my own target to beat now. Only person we should really compare ourselves against is ourselves so I now know the target time in which I intend to beat. It’s your own fitness journey so try set yourself small, medium and long term goals that you want to achieve and try not let other peoples progress/results hinder you on your own journey ✅

(For faster running times listen to 80s rock😂)

The Truth About... - 2. Calories 10/05/2020

The Truth About... - 2. Calories

Hope we are keeping well and keeping active ✅

I know due to current situation we might be struggling to feel motivated to do workouts but make sure you are still keeping active if this is through:

Going a walk✅
Tidying the house✅
Washing the car✅

All these activity’s involve you being up of your feet and keeping busy which is also benefiting mental health as well as physical.

If you are wanting to watch an interesting documentary on this subject watch this

The Truth About... - 2. Calories Dr Chris van Tulleken shows how we can all be healthier by eating smarter.


Weight loss!!!

A common question I am asked is “can you help me lose weight?” I can certainly give advice and guidance but ultimately it comes down to you.

So what can you do ??

Increase activity level this can be done by exercising more, walking more or even by doing more housework ✅

Increase protein consumption as the thermic effect of protein boosts your metabolism meaning you burn more calories✅

Try burn more calories than you eat (calorie deficit) can do this by tracking your food and activity level✅

Cut down on sugary foods and fast foods as this would reduce a big chunk of calories from your daily intake making it easier to achieve that deficit ✅

Just believe in your and don’t quit ✅

I know times are tough at the moment but if you need any advice or guidance just drop the page a message and am happy to help. Stay safe everyone 🔥🏋️‍♀️


It is important to keep track of what you are eating and drinking as it shows how many calories you are consuming. This gives you a better insight into if your eating too much or too little (goal dependant) 🥘

If you have a day where you find yourself eating and drinking more calories than usual then try setting yourself a weekly calorie target. Calorie targets are goal/person specific so for a weekly one just do your daily target x7. This gives you the opportunity to essentially bank your calories for that day you usually eat/drink more (mainly saturdays😂)

Track your calorie intake on MyFitnessPal ✅

If you are looking for any advice or guidance just drop me a message. Stay safe 👌


Stay safe during these times, I wish everyone all the best and hope we all get through this 🏋️‍♀️ ❤️

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Thank you everyone !!!🎉🎉





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