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ClickerTastic offers classes for dogs and owners of all abilities, from our Puppy PlaySchool to Doggy Uni, ClickerTastic has got the right class for you. Currently ClickerTastic Dog Training School offers five levels of pet obedience classes, trick classes and is the only Dog Training School in the UK currently to offer Disc Dog Classes based on UpDog Challenge Rules and Regulations. Clickertastic

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Why we think prong collars should be banned:

πŸ”₯ Cause pain and serious discomfort in the name of training

πŸ”₯ Cause serious medical and behavioural fallout

πŸ”₯ Cause serious negative unintended consequences

πŸ”₯ Your dog knows its not their mum, pack and dominance theory have been debunked

πŸ”₯ Causing pain and fear in training has serious repercussions, and we know force free, aversive free trainng is MORE effective and less risky

πŸ”₯ Can cause trauma to both dog and handler

πŸ”₯ Causes serious behaviour suppression

πŸ”₯ Puts the dog more at risk of mental and physical stress related health complications

What are YOU doing to stop the sale, use and import of these unethical tools in your country?



Seeing some training colleagues are having a rough time at the mo, so decided to take the piss out of us all. Nothing personal, every trainer or behaviourist reading I'm sure will be guilty of many of these, but hopefully they have enough of a sense of humour to cushion the blow πŸ˜‚

1. To be a proper dog trainer, you must, own multiple fleeces. Preferably with wolf embroidery. You see, even a first class honours degree in advanced canine behaviour, does not equip one with the knowledge, expertise and skill required to be a trainer, as remember dog trainng is an art not a science.

2. Oh my god Mildred you plantpot. Everyone knows to be considered a proper trainer you need to have been a PhD research lead at least three Ivy League or Russel Group universities, i mean its seriously unethical to con owners into paying you money for your total ineptness otherwise.

3. Jesus. DOESNT ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE? Unless you have worked at a heavy kill shelter for a decade picking up poop and dealing with the effects of greeders you cant possibly be qualified to train dogs.

4. Seriously? Unless you have been appointed by a Gold Commander in a major incident to single handedly clear 470 buildings with your Expo dog alone with a high likelyhood of multiple suspicious packages, then you have no business training dogs...

6. What do you mean? Unless you have jumped out of a C-130J Hercules or at the very least a Chinook Helcopter and told you were too overqualified to be in the special forces as a dog handler you can do one, honestly...

7. Oh my god, seriously guys you are missing the point here. Dog training should be more INCLUSIVE!!!! Not everyone as the financial resources or connections to do the above. Get with the times and try our amazing 7 day "Transformation to Lassie" school ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ Be ❀️A ❀️Lassie ❀️Trainer ❀️By ❀️Next ❀️Week

8. You seriously think you can be a trainer in A WEEK???!!! HOW IRRESPONSIBLE!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Really you should do our 8 day INTENSIVE, HARD, THE BEST, 8 DAYS TO BE THE WORLDS BEST DOG TRAINER PROGRAM. YOU EVEN GET A FREE PEN. (From a potential student who has been promised a 90% discount if they can get 10 wet behind the ears colleagues to copy and paste a status)

9. Oh my god. How dare you sell canine multi level marketing schemes to young and often vulnerable wanabee dog trainers, disgusting behaviour....later that night signs up for 80000 emails a day from the inventors of The Lassie Pill.

10. Seriously get down from your high horses, do any of you have actual boots on the ground experience and have had a good relationship for years with someone that is an internationally renowned trainer that has literally VOLUNTEERED to mentor you for 5 years before you even THINK sbout helping to MOP THE FLOORS at class???!!!!

11. Stop being elitest knobs all of you!! Everyone knows you can become a Just Add Water (JAW) trainer AND GET A MATCHING MANKINI

12. OH YOU LOT ARE RIDICULOUS!! I've had labradors for 30 years I'm clearly the most common sense option instead of you green trainers...

13. Oh here we go, that one yet again... I've had a cervix for 30 years, do you trust me to do your next smear test?!?!?!?

14. Wow, you are all over over complicating things so much, i watched a tv dog program once so im practically a dog trainer..

15. Do any of you even know what BOOKS are?

16. Pah! All you need is to make sure you dog can do manwork, then you are instantly a gold standard trainer. You must wear all black and magnum boots though for this to count.

17. Are you serious? Field trials show the best of the best, none of this hyped up squeaky voice nonsense. My dogs complete a whole retrieve sequence on a single eye blink.

18. Meh, andrex puppies are so EASY. To be a proper trainer and really proove yourself you need to go out and get yourself a mali.

19. Oh my goddddddd seriously how many power breeds do you even need....overcompensation much?!!!

20. Man, you need to stop being so judgemental and keep your head down and just show me your dog..

21. More like you dont want to seem that person and stand up against shock and prong collars and be accused of single handedly splitting the community

22. Seriously im just oblivious training my dog in my own world i dont do drama


24. Why do people only care about televised dog abuse?!!!!

25. Oh my god everyone, kicking dogs is their livelhood, think about how you would feel?????

26. The tumbleweed is embarrassing surrounding the lack of willingness to call out abusive tools and methods, its more of a competition in who can virtue signal the most from their highest horse

27. Some people just want drama πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„



30. Seriously real dog trainers are never on facebook, they are out trainng dogs

31. Yep, of courseπŸ˜‚ ill stop doing remote voluntary zoom trainng for free then


33. OH MY DOG who does she think she is - she charges (insert reasonable figure here) - young dog trainers nowadays are SO full of themselves, in my day i worked 100 hours a week for 10p.

34. Dog trainers seriously undervalue themselves, you need to charge more!!!!

35. You call yourself a trainer? Can you EVEN get a 3hr down stay at the carnival??

36. Stays are so 1990 . I dont even teach sit.

37. No one is as good a trainer as me, I know all the words: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, observational learning, Pavlov, Skinner, Bandura, quadrants. If your clients understand what you're talking about you've failed.

38. F*cking hell you dont need to of eaten a dictionary to train dogs, your clients don't care about the above, just results 🀣

39. ... and for f**ksake you must declare at least once a week that a generally accepted belief is no longer "a thing"

40. Oh my god desperate timeline engagement bait *falls into trap anyhow*

41. Shouts from rooftops that If you exercise your dog in weather over 12 degrees C you are officially The Worst Owner In The World

42. A week later posts a photo at a competition in direct sunlight with no sign of any cooling mat, portable powerbank powered dyson fan, paddling pool, evian iced water, doggy ice cream, named butler to follow dog throughout their round to fan them continuelly, absence of any surface testing or hiring a personal vet on call to monitor their vital signs constantly, personal marquee that covers the entire ring, pop up tent and fabric crate for between exercises and other things allegedly that make it ok to work your dog in 45 degree heat

Feel free to add your own, ill copy and paste the best πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



Will cover everything teenage issues, training, how to avoid issues, how to get out of issues, what to expect, how to deal with things, relationship, focus, trust, respect of each other and how to have fun around this crazy time. These are probably the hardest times of having a dog so understanding is crucial and Ruby will run through everything you need to have in your toolbox to deal with these crazy times.

Find out more about us at

Aimed at Hooman's of pups between 5 months and 3 years.

Webinar is usually Β£30, but Ruby has offered to do it for Β£5.

HOSTED BY Free Dog Training Advice (Qualified) - JOIN TO FIND OUT MORE!


πŸ˜‚ ARSE!!

I don't know what the heck is wrong with fb reviews as it only shows about 4 of what should be about 120 😭

If you have ever worked with me and feel comfortable sending me a testimonial to pop on a page status and, even better, if you can include a pic of your dog so I don't look like I've just made them all up, via pming Ruby, Betsy and Milo too it would be so much appreciated - if you are having similar issues I will happily do the same for you! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Technology is not my friend right now πŸ™ˆ

Thank you lovelies!

Ruby, Betsy and Milo


🐾⭐⭐⭐ The Virtual Dog Conference 2021



It's free...

It starts tomorrow...

We have 3 epic days of force free\aversive free speakers!

If you love dogs and want to do better by them, this is JUST the thing for you!

More people will be added, but so far the scheduling is as follows:

πŸ’š 26th - FRIDAY πŸ’š

6am - Gail Green

7am - Emily Dustan

8am - Suzy-Anne Barrott - Enrichment

9am - Sian Murphy - Jurassic Bark

10am - Claire Brown - Lost Dog Tracking: What to do if you lose your dog

11am - Alison Poulter - Collie College

12pm - Vicki Cheshire Cat Acd

1pm - Sian Murphy - Training your giant dog FF

2pm - Spraggan The Staffie - Fighting Against Reactivity Wholeheartedly

3pm - Sue Williamson - Force Free Grooming

4-4.40pm - Karen Lawe - Deaf Dogs

4.40pm - Louise Stapleton-Frappell

5pm - Judy Luther - Trust Centered Training: Cognitive Skills

6pm - Danielle Beck - Preventing Reactivity in Assistance Dogs

7pm - Dan Callaghan - Harnessing problem behaviours in order to reduce them

8pm - Ruby Welsford - Owner Trained Assistance Dogs

9pm GMT - Rachel Bean - Canine First Aid

10pm - Claire Petto

11pm - Tabitha Davies

πŸ’™ 27th - SATURDAY πŸ’™

12am - Caitlin Bird - Heelwork

4am - Aimee Orme - Arabian village dogs

6am - AimΓ©e Gardiner - UK Assistance Dogs: Rights, Responsibilities, Training Standards and Behaviour

7am - Lucy Rose - Relationship Building on Walks and Games

8am - Greg Pattinson - Giant breeds and Force Free Training

9am - Claire Petto

10am - Renee Rhoades - R+ Dogs

11am - West Lothian Dog Training

12pm - Monica Allaire - Digging Into Enrichment

1pm - Jodie Forbes - Safeguarding & The Dog World

2pm - Debby Luckan - KAD

3pm - Ruby Welsford - Dog Centered Disc Dog

4pm - Ben Rochford - Canine Outcasts & The People Who Love Them

5-6pm - Yvette - Gib: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

6-7pm - Anne Rogers - Enrichment

7-8pm - Julie Brewer - Puppies

8-9pm - Grayson Chiswell - Crossing Over the Gundog Way

9pm - Leonie Macdonald - Dogs As Weapons -the rise of bitework on social media

10pm - Sally Lewis

11pm - Leanne Ball - Value of Rewards

πŸ’œ 28th - SUNDAY πŸ’œ

12am - Mirinda Herbert - Creative Behaviour Production

2am - Steph Haddad - Science Over Shock

3am - Colleen Lange - Giving Dogs a Say - The Healing Power of a Default Down

6am - AimΓ©e Gardiner - Training the sensitive Dog - Lyras Journey

7am - Akhila Madireddy

8am - Jill Spurr - You are what you speak - Personal brand for the training professional

9am - Millie Brice - Force Free Boarding Kennels

10am - Carrie-Anne Selwyn - Canine Hoopers: A sport where everyone is invited!

11am - Sophia Michaels - Doggy Daycare: Implementing a Force Free Approach

12pm - Lottie Bennett - Raising your Deaf Dog

1pm - Heather Smith - HTM/Freestyle

2pm - Jeanette Muldoon - Reactive Dogs (UK)

3pm - Sean Harris - Intro To P.A.C.E with dogs - A framework for working with and building rapport with dogs.

4pm - Natashya Shepperd - Placid Puppies

5pm - Annalouise Twit Kjaer - Dog Parkour

6-6.45 - Donna Hill - US Service Dogs

7-8pm - Anne Rogers - Stress and Behaviour

8-9pm GMT - Simone Muller - Predation Substitute Training

9-10pm - Tasha Attwood & Briar Dunn, Wolfies, Wheelchairs and Dog Training

11pm - Tracy Hagan

Frame can be accessed here:


❀️ Dog owners.

I see you. Its scary times in a pandemic. Like fearful dogs, I've seen people in the dog community lash out at each other. For no real reason, just that they are scared.

I totally get it. Everyone is scared. Scared of getting ill. Scared of losing loved ones. Losing their job. Scared of losing their house. Putting food on the table.

I need to say it, but something has got to me. So many people religiously use the , but I'm finding those that do, aren't.

I will probably get roasted for this, but like dogs, needs and emotions drive our behaviour.

πŸ€” That dog walker you saw working through lockdown?

Yeah... She's walking a dog and providing consistent enrichment and care for a front line NHS worker that's working 15 hour days...

πŸ€” That person who drove to the next town and put pics of them in a secure field?

Yeah...the person has no garden, a 1 bed flat but his dog is heavily reactive with a significant bite history and is struggling to manage his dog safely on walks due to peeps being furloughed and the its OK she's friendly brigade and is trying to keep his dog safe...

πŸ€” Those two people walking with coffee in their hands with their dogs?

Yeah, thats a trainer doing a welfare check on a colleague with depression whos clients were mostly technophobes so has lost many of their clients...and has no access to any financial support for the last 9 months and is struggling to feed themselves...

πŸ€” That dog behaviourist doing 121s in the park?

A young couple have been guilted into buying a rescue dog from overseas with significant behaviour issues with no RBU and live in a remote area in a small village with a bad Internet connection....

πŸ€” That assistance dog trainer doing public access training not wearing a mask?

They were a survivor of DV and have been on the waiting list for therapy for almost 5 years...

We all know about the , but us dog people aren't immune from MH issues.

Not everyone has their own barn, acres of land, indoor training venue, a garden, a safe place currently to walk their dog, can afford not to work due to not being eligible for grants, utility holidays, supportive family but they still have mouths to feed, rent/mortgage to pay and insurance to pay etc.

Viruses are deadly and should be taken extremely seriously - this isn't me saying you should do carte blanche what you like and unessarily risk lives.

This time last year I was a bit judgy about it too - I was scared too. I have family god knows how many hours days and haven't had days off since last Feb due to the crisis.

But I apologise, as mental health is just as important as physical health!

Starvation is deadly too.

Suicide is deadly too.

Those below the poverty line seem to be hardest hit.

We look at root causes of dog behaviour, let's check environmental factors too of hooman behaviour and look out for those struggling.

Right. That's my 2p!



Author: Ruby Welsford of Ruby, Betsy and Milo too

Truffle hunting - Dog Owners That Shop At Waitrose

Search and rescue -.when you want to be really poor...and muddy!

Rally - dogs and signs and sh*t

Rally-Free - see above but with groovier moves

Mushing - Furry uber racing

Working Trials - For police dog Handlers who never really retired or for those that want to be dog Handlers when they grow up

Trieball - For collie owners that want to try herding but too poor for sheep

Tracking - you walk around over there, and then go get your dog and walk around over there.

Weight pull -

a. People think you do it to wind up the furmoms online. Little do they all know in all other parts of your dogs life, you are one.

b. Looks exciting, actually a bunch of sitting around doing math.

Fast cat - people training the long recall. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Lure coursing - for people who can't run and don't have time to train a more labour intensive sport 🀣 just sit back and watch the dog do all the work!

Canine Athletics - for those that got banned from PE but own a canine olypian

Trick dog-

a. when you really want to pretend that your show dog actually does stuff other than sit in a kennel and prance around a ring but don't want to actually do anything

b. You have an over trained collie type that will throw a strop if any other dog but her, is in the arena as its ALL ABOUT THEM AND EVERYONE SHOULD WORSHIP THEIR DIVANESS, take 3 adults to be carried OUT the ring to STOP showing off their MUCHLY SUPERIOR INTELLECTS but when you put the video online you get people accusing you of treating your spoilt canine that gets treated like royalty like a tormented circus animal...

Earthdog - people standing around nodding at each other while somewhere in the distance, a dog is screaming.

Hoopers - fat dog Agility that's why the tunnels wider/legs too short to jump πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚/It’s croquet with a dog and no mallet

Barrellers - Like Hoopers but for clubs that have a well oiled comittee

Agility - for people with dogs fitter them them

Jumpers - for agility people that like to complain about contact obstacles

Tunnellers - for agility people that complain about contact obstacles AND jump heights

Helter skelter - for agility people that really like running in circles

Conformation Showing - for billionaires that want to become millionaires

Canine Dressage - for those that always asked santa for a pony but never got one

Flyball - demand barking as a sport

Gundog - dead thing fetch

Working Trials - for those that didn't get into police academy

Canine conditioning - people with dogs fitter than them that like colourful blow up shiny things

Carting - for those who fancy a horse and carriage but on a budget

IPO - They spell k9 with a numeral

Disc - the opposite of what you teach in obedience

Toss and fetch - nothing to do with Willies, everything to do with fetching frisbees

Obedience- for when you really enjoyed marching drill

HTM - people walking with their dogs in fancy lines to music

Freestyle - socially acceptable adult dressing up with dogs doing cute tricks

Bikejouring - fancy doggo scootering

Canicross - marathon runners who realise no dogs allowed

Dock diving - essentially a doggy belly flop competition

Mondioring- so hardcore you don't even spell things k9 any more

Sheepdog trials - people with collies that never played Joseph in the school nativity play

Barn hunt- you only enter for the hilarity of watching your great dane squeeze through tunnels meant for jack russells.

Scentwork - spaniel owners who watch too much 24

Lure coursing/terrier racing - no I promise the lunging and screaming dog is NOT being abused

Parkour - Imagine tony hawk as a dog

Conformation - a highly athletic sport consisting of a really long stand stay whilst getting fed sweeties whilst letting a stranger measure your dogs baubals. When you write it like that, it looks a bit Dodge.

Once again inspired by Aimee Gardner when asked by a client what rally is responded with the very descriptive answer "it has like signs"

To see our very informative guide to canine careers, check this out:

Disclaimer: The above is for people that actually have a sense of humour. If you are offended by this, this probably not the page for you 🀣🀣

Photos from Ruby, Betsy and Milo too's post 25/04/2020

Photos from Ruby, Betsy and Milo too's post



WIN: A FREE initial training consult and 3 intensive 121 sessions! πŸ†

πŸ₯ˆRUNNER UP: A course of four intensive sessions with 50% off!


1. You must live in Leamington Spa!

2. Winning 121s arranged have to be Tues/Weds from January 2020.

πŸ”Ά How do I enter?

1. Reply in a comment why you think your/tag a friends dog that should be the proud owner of such a title, with a picture!

2. Use the

Good Luck!

Winner will be announced on December 23rd by midnight.

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