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WHAT IS THE C.I.A.? The Canine Instructor Academy is a training facility for those who wish to becom WHAT'S IT'S PURPOSE? So what is going wrong?

Year on year, the behaviour of pet dogs gets worse rather than better. The average age of a dog going into rescue is apparently now only eight months old - they're still practically puppies at the point when their owners give up on them! And yet there has never been more information on how to educate dogs. There have never been more trainers and behaviourists offering their services on how to prev

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The incredible Wraparound spider from Australia.

Photos from The Canine Instructor Academy's post 06/12/2022

A selection of photos from our last course - what a fantastic week.

Socialising your dog and how to get it right! 03/08/2022

Socialising your dog and how to get it right!

So important to get it right.

Socialising your dog and how to get it right! We constantly hear about the importance of socialising our dogs. But many confuse socialising with over-exposure. This can lead to increased anxiety and even...


Such good advice.





This week the Norwegian Government have announced a ban on the breeding of English Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, ruling that the health problems they suffer are so bad, they contravene animal welfare legislation.

I am genuinely sorry that it has come to this, I have always hoped that breeders would take the lead in improving the lives of the dogs they love so much but despite ample opportunity to so, they have not and so the decision has been taken out of their hands.

The Norwegian Kennel Club are already claiming this will leave the door open for ‘unscrupulous’ producers to thrive but seemingly fail to recognise it is their stubborn adherence to closed stud books and damaging breed standards that left legislators with no choice.

People can still import these dogs if they wish but I hope that this move will make the majority think twice before making the purchase.

I also hope other countries take note of this move, particularly as many, including Britain, have similar laws against ‘torture breeding’.

But actually what I hope for most is that Kennel Clubs and breeders, of these two breeds and the many others that struggle so much for their looks, see now that the consequences of not making significant changes and work with vets and scientists to ensure their dogs can thrive and be fitter in the future.

Read the statement from Animal Protection Norway here;

Read the Norwegian Kennel Club’s statement here;


What does it mean when a dog training or dog behaviour course calls itself 'accredited' or says that you will receive a 'qualification' on completion?

A question I am often asked is:
How do I qualify as a behaviourist or trainer?
And a question I am often asked by owners looking for help is:
Should I only use an accredited or qualified trainer/behaviourist?

There is no national standard for either dog behaviour or dog training in the U.K. So when a course offers a qualification or a certification, or a behaviourist or trainer says that they are qualified or accredited, it won't mean nationally. What it means is that an organisation has asked another organisation to recognise it's course, and normally for it's structure, rather than it's content, since there is no national standard to which the course can be compared.

So a course or individual that says that they are accredited or qualified, are only qualified by another organisation, and not by any national governing body, as there isn't one.

Many academic and/or online courses never require you to work with a dog, or to have even owned one, or even seen one - but only that you can look up the answer to a series of questions before you 'qualify', and this is often the case right up to degree level. And many of these courses never actually tell you how to train dogs. So you finish the course with a degree, but still don't know how to stop a dog from resource guarding, or how to address it's separation anxiety, or stop it pulling on the lead.

So when choosing an 'expert' to help you, spend a bit of time finding out what their background is and what they have to offer, and then choose the one that you think best offers what you think that you need. Simply having letters after a name may not be enough.

And if you are doing or considering a course, check to see that it will actually teach you how to resolve issues in dogs.


Thank you for sharing.....

So this is where I’ve been hiding all week, leaving Lynn, Laura and Anna to hold the fort.
At the original dog borstal site with the original Robert Alleyne Looking at dog training from another perspective.
The mission is to make our training practical, purposeful and easier for all of the humans to communicate to their dogs.
Robert and his team of professionals were most gracious with their time and knowledge. They made a quiet shrinking violet like me feel at home 👍

Photos from Be At One Dog Training's post 11/10/2021

A 'Borstal' tour.....

Photos from The Canine Instructor Academy's post 11/10/2021

And there's more.....

Photos from The Canine Instructor Academy's post 11/10/2021

Such fun.....



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What Is The Canine Instructor Academy?






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