Move2Connect - Polyvagal-informed Neuroplasticity & Safe and Sound Protocol

Move2Connect - Polyvagal-informed Neuroplasticity & Safe and Sound Protocol


As someone with a modern languages degree and a fascination for linguistics AND neuroscience, this is so interesting!
I am sorry that I only noticed all the Illuminati spam on this page this morning. Hopefully all gone. It was quite entertaining to read, though.
Bring back French Elastic!
What does the word “inclusive” mean to you?
Please write as much as you like on the subject to educate those who use this word without thinking about what it really means…
Possibly the scariest tweet on education I’ve seen lately:
Amazing integration 😻
I had a very interesting interaction with someone a few weeks ago about the content of the NASENCo qualification.
I had heard that it only includes 2 hours of law, which I don’t think is enough for someone who doesn’t have a background in law and legal process to fully understand.
I was then told - by a SENCo - that it’s not necessary to learn about the legal side as they are guided by LOCAL AUTHORITIES!!
There you have it.
The blind leading the blind. Or rather, the cost savers grooming the blind - and both gaslighting parents.
It is appalling that it’s up to parents to lead the process, but makes sense.
That is the way it is, and if parents make a fuss, they get the blame. A subject access request can be very helpful…

And btw - my next session - “Remaining Regulated for parents and caregivers” is taking place next Thursday, for anyone dealing with the above.
Some exciting news: I have been interviewed for a programme on BBC Radio 4 about reducing anxiety through laughter, singing, humming etc... I've given a very short explanation of Polyvagal Theory. Not sure when it will be broadcast, but great to get the word out there.
Anyone for my next workshop on remaining regulated for parents and caregivers?

Sign up here:
A great article on how modern neuroscience is reframing what the DSM-V calls “disorders”.
Based on the science of physiologist Pavlov, “positive behaviour support” involves traumatising individuals to the extent that they enter a state of appeasement - a dorsal vagal / freeze state.
This article is good. I understand when people are late for appointments, and it actually helps me build a picture - but we still end on time as boundaries are important.

I would like to add that working with the Safe and Sound Protocol, i used to arrive HOURS early for hospital appointments due to medical trauma. I will get around to writing a blog about this at some point…
Tell your SENCo to attend. This is clearly not covered in the NASENCo qualification.

Learn how to reduce social, emotional and learning challenges using movement, rhythm and music.

Operating as usual


Wonderful news ❤️


Signs of a retained STNR Reflex MAY also include a pattern of the following:

• Unable to coordinate crawling on hands and knees
• Poor posture
• Floppy muscle tone
• Prefers to lie on the floor
• Poor posture sitting in a chair
• Uncoordinated
• Difficulty with swimming
• W-Sitting
• Tendency to slump when sitting, especially at a desk or table
• Simian (ape-like) walk
• Poor eye-hand coordination
• Difficulty tracking or catching a ball
• Messy eater
• Difficulty adjusting binocular vision from distance to near


I've just come across the first video I ever made, which explained primitive reflexes...


Review of the by an 11 year old animator - subtitles in Mongolian!
Монгол хэл дээр SSP-ийн тухай эргэцүүлсэн нь - 11 настай хүү


Can the Safe and Sound Protocol be used in a school setting?
I've been asked this question a LOT in the past, and again today.
I'll be putting together a fuller response in a blog post in the near future, but some thoughts to consider very carefully:
- what is the behaviour policy? Is it very punitive or is it properly trauma informed, focussing on "connection before correction"?
- how will you ensure that your pupils feel safe, both in school (see point on behaviour policy - which may be counter-productive in very anxious children with SEND), and also at home? Can you ensure that the home environment is "safe" and that there is healthy connection by parents?
- if your school is an SEMH setting, or "for challenging behaviour", or if you are a mainstream academy, you will need to focus on learning about polyvagal theory and the science of feeling safe and connected LONG before you start to research the Safe and Sound Protocol, as otherwise you'll find that behaviour is likely to become even more "challenging" if children are feeling unsafe.

In a nutshell, I feel delivery must be carefully considered in ALL cases - but even more so in a setting that may already be a challenging environment for children.

I hope these thoughts help.

If you would like to talk to me to find out more or would like a face to face meeting to discuss - or help with facilitating the SSP, please shoot me a message.


Spotted at RHS Wisley…


Seen at RHS Wisley today.

Bottom-up therapies take time and patience, and in the meantime, a top-down approach is needed to provide the right growing conditions…

Soundsory - Move2Connect Neuro-developmental Therapy 09/10/2023

I have soundsory on sale on Move2Connect at the moment (free shipping within the UK only). These are normally £242 from Soundsory direct, but I have units on sale for £209 until Friday 13th October.
To buy yours, please go to:

Soundsory - Move2Connect Neuro-developmental Therapy


I have been working with a family in Mongolia. My client is so delighted with the results so far with her child that she wants to spread the word. She has translated my subtitles into Mongolian!


In January/February, I'll be running a course in nervous system regulation for parents, including the Safe and Sound Protocol for you AND YOUR CHILD.

Even better, the price is vastly reduced from the usual price for SSP - and it includes TWO of you. Payment by instalments is possible.
The format is as follows:

6 x 1 hour Zoom sessions with the group. The first session covers nervous system education and what to expect, as well as a number of nervous system hacks. The next five sessions will include listening - at your pace. You may want to join me in 2x15 minute slots with co-regulation in between lessons, or you may want or need to listen to less than this.

- You will have full guidance from me via email plus a 30 minute intake call and a 30 minute debrief following the completion of the protocol. Additional 1:1 sessions are possible, but will be at additional cost

- You also have access to the SSP for a further 2 months to support your child with full support from me.

- All Zoom calls take place on Wednesday mornings at 10am for 1 hour.

- I only run these groups every six months, and space is limited in order to manage the sessions to the best effect.

- You must complete your intake call between now and 12th December

- The price for this group is £400. If you are a member of my Facebook group (, I am offering an even more generous discount!

If you'd like to know more, please express your interest below and I'll run a free group discovery call to explain more and answer any questions on Wednesday 4th October at 10am.


3 fundamental factors for the success of any neuroplasticity programme:

- Frequency
- Intensity
- Connection

When working with children, parents should understand that it could take up to a year or more before their child finishes a reflex integration program with significant success.

PEMF - a powerful follow-up to the Safe and Sound Protocol - Move2Connect Polyvagal-informed Neuroplasticity Therapies 28/09/2023

I'm pretty excited to be part of Omnipemf's large-scale clinical study of the effects of PEMF on the Vagus Nerve, using my Neorhythm band.

If you're not familiar with Neorhythm, check out my blog post - (bearing in mind that this is NOT an intervention suitable for children):

PEMF - a powerful follow-up to the Safe and Sound Protocol - Move2Connect Polyvagal-informed Neuroplasticity Therapies You can own a Neorhythm for under £350You can also rent / rent to buy a Neorhythm PEMF mat or band from me.


There is still time to register for tonight’s Free Webinar on ‘Exam Access Arrangements’ Register before 7pm this evening. Find out more:

Introducing Soundsory - A multi-sensory, music and movement therapy program for children and adults! 15/09/2023

Soundsory is a 40-session programme of music and movement, designed to improve sensory processing, emotional, motor coordination and learning challenges.
This turn-key programme uses a bone-conduction headset coupled with a carefully designed programme of movements. It is a bottom-up development programme, designed to be used at home by parents with their children.
Because this programme is available at a one-off cost, there are no ongoing charges for a subscription or for support by a professional.
For more information, see the following video.
To avoid expensive customs charges and international shipping, you can buy Soundsory direct from Move2Connect.

Introducing Soundsory - A multi-sensory, music and movement therapy program for children and adults!


A plea.....

I work very long and full days and am generally tired at this time of night, but offer one evening a week as I know many people find it hard to meet during the working week.
These evening appointments get booked up quickly and for weeks in advance, so, if you book one and can't make it or decide to work with someone else, please will you let me know?
I'd rather offer the appointment to the next person on the list than waste that time.


Here is a quote by George Bernard Shaw.
Neuroplasticity movement and music programmes should be in full communication with a child.
If you come to see me and hear me asking “how’s that?” or “how’s the pressure?”, it’s because this process is about communication. It is not something we do TO someone - it is something we do in communication WITH them.
We want the end result to be better connection, and you can’t get that by forcing a person to comply with your ideals or schedules.


The Polyvagal Institute has created this Polyvagal Institute-approved graphic for you to study, refer to, and share.

It was personally reviewed by the PVI co-founder, Dr. Stephen Porges. Download it by right-clicking on the diagram below, or find the high-resolution version on the PVI website -

In this new portrayal of the Autonomic Nervous System States, there are lots of details to give you an even more comprehensive polyvagal-informed lens. They have included the very important hybrid states and to express how behavioral reactions differ greatly depending on whether we detect an environment of safety or one of threat.


I'm often asked which programme is suitable for a particular person. I hope this grid will help you work out which programme might be helpful for your circumstances:


Do teachers, SENCOs and head teachers feel really terrible when they see Missing the Mark’s illustrations? Because they really should. Waiting and seeing causes kids immense trauma. Yes, we know there’s a school budget etc, but there’s also a law that says that children’s educational needs must be met. Terrible that this law is skimmed over in the NASENCo qualification, and SENCOs rely on local authorities to walk them through their own process/policies - which are NOT the law!

Autumn Term when we email and we prepare.
And they say ‘let’s wait and see’..

Photos from Knowledge is Power's post 13/08/2023
Photos from The Regulated Classroom's post 06/08/2023

I really love this page - highly recommended for educators


Fantastic idea.

As a classroom teacher, it's important to make sure that all students feel like they belong and have connections with their peers. However, it can be difficult to notice which students are struggling in this area. That's why it's helpful to do exercises that can uncover these students and allow you to work on strengthening connections across the class. By being intentional in this way, you can create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment for all of your students.

Looking for more ways to cultivate joyful learning and a sense of felt safety in your classroom? Consider joining our Virtual Train The Trainer professional development program this fall. You'll gain access to a variety of ideas and strategies that can help create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment for everyone (including yourself as the educator!). Check out the link in our bio for more information.

PANS PANDAS UK Awareness Video 21/07/2023

My very wonderful opposite number in Florida just posted about PANDAS awareness, and by coincidence someone locally posted in a group about a child with sudden behaviour change and picky eating…
The NHS does not currently recognise PANDAS, despite it having an ICD10 code and being recognised by the WHO, so treatment for this brain inflammation has to be private.

PANS PANDAS UK Awareness Video TO DONATE PLEASE VISIT: This moving video has been created for PANS PANDAS UK by Sonia Serrano in order to raise awareness of the symp...


We'd love to say a huge 'thank you' to the RAF Red Arrows for hosting us last Thursday and to the Red Arrows Trust for your generous donation to Aerobility. ❤️

Your support means we can continue changing the lives of those with a disability by introducing them to the magic and wonder of flight.

Once again, a heartfelt thank you for making a difference and being a part of our journey. We are grateful beyond words!


This was exactly 3 years ago today, when I used a Mexican sugar skull jigsaw to accompany my SSP listening.

It was a beautiful experience. I found those colourful faces very co-regulating.

An activity that is absorbing but not taxing on the brain or distracting from the music makes a wonderful accompaniment to SSP listening.


A reminder that I am offering repeats of SSP to include 2 months’ access for just £255 (until 31st August), including a review appointment, for anyone who signs up by 6pm on 7th July.


This is being organised by a wonderful friend of mine! If you support home educating families in any way, please get in touch and I’ll probably see you there!


It would be so great if schools signed up for these…

We're excited to announce new dates for our DLD Webinar Series on the Fundamentals of DLD for 2023/24.

Click the link for details


Private pool now available for private hire for families and individuals who find public pools challenging in the Horsham area.

Contact [email protected] for details and bookings.

Private Pool Hire West Sussex Our pool is available to hire for those who cannot access public pools. It is heated to 28 degrees, which is ideal for swimming, and offers complete privacy.

We cannot offer parties, swimming lessons or sessions for lone swimmers.


As I'm seriously short of appointment times during the week. I'm offering a couple of evening appointment slots for SSP clients every week.
These are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 7.30pm - 9pm.


If you are considering working with your child using the during the summer holidays, now is the time to start planning!
My fixed-fee packages offer coaching and polyvagal education for parents first, so that they are best placed to work with their children.
You can book a FREE discovery call via:

Could you be compensating for baby reflexes? - Polyvagal-informed Neuro-developmental Therapy 07/06/2023

Here's a recycled blog post about how many of us don't realise that things we find hard may be because we have active primitive reflexes... and that by working on these reflexes, we can remove those struggles.
In my case, my struggle was losing height in steep turns to the left when I was flying, which miraculously resolved after attending a course on the occular head righting reflex. If I'd only resolved this reflex when I was at school, perhaps I might have been better able to copy from the blackboard (yes, I'm that old!), and pay attention - and I might have been better at gymnastics too!

Could you be compensating for baby reflexes? - Polyvagal-informed Neuro-developmental Therapy I often use my own experiences as a private pilot to explain compensation to new clients – the concept of working extra hard as a result of retained primitive …

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5 minutes a day of movement that can transform your child’s life....

This is the effect that reflex integration and SSP can have on a child's attitude to learning:
A boy of 9 that have been working with used to run away from his homework. However, after working to make him feel safe in the world - which has taken almost a year of hard work on the part of his parents - he now says that he loves school and that he likes it when school work is "challenging" so that he "will learn more". What maturity! His latest parents evening confirmed to his parents that he's gone from not being able to sit still to being able to sit and concentrate without struggling to do so.
Yes - reflex integration can take a while, but please: stick with it - just 5 minutes or so EVERY SINGLE DAY. You will need to come to me at least monthly to review and tweak your programme to see consistent progress.

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45 seconds of my favourite beach in the world.
I've just come across the first video I ever made, which explained primitive reflexes...#primitivereflexes #retainedrefl...
Review of the #safeandsoundprotocol by an 11 year old animator - subtitles in Mongolian! Монгол хэл дээр SSP-ийн тухай э...
I have been working with a family in Mongolia. My client is so delighted with the results so far with her child that she...
An introduction to primitive reflexes.
Introduction to Retained Reflexes
Buddha Board - an ideal SSP activity
What is the Safe and Sound Protocol
A brief explanation of the Polyvagal Theory




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