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Book your place at our Breastfeeding workshop this Sunday! Still some spaces available! Let’s talk about Oxytocin and how this amazing hormone works for you and your baby…. We have so much to share with you ❤️
Investment: £35 for you and a partner - book online
Date: April 14th 2024
Time: 10.30 - 12.30pm
Where: The Secret Space, 105 Fore Street, Hertford SG14 1AS


Coming up very soon... our Breastfeeding Workshop at the Secret Space in Hertford. We still have a few spaces... come and join the two Jenny's, our very experience infant feeding specialist midwives, for an informative workshop for expectant mums.
Link in comments!


Are you curious to learn more about breastfeeding? Come along and join us so that we can share our wealth of knowledge and experience with you❤️and we’ll see you
If you have any questions you can leave a comment here or direct message us.


Responding to your baby’s needs; keeping her close so you can pick up on early cue’s… oxytocin levels remain high which supports bonding and helps your milk to flow ❤️ cuddles whenever wherever helps babies feel loved and secure ❤️



Unicef Baby Friendly UK is famous for working with public services to protect, promote and support breastfeeding and to strengthen mother-baby and family relationships. You will find up-to-date and evidence based user friendly information that will help you along your breastfeeding journey, on their resource page…and much more ❤️


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We’d like to share our weekly thoughts around breastfeeding newborn babies with you in a new way… here we go! 💕


Breastfeeding support begins with educating and preparing yourself during pregnancy.

Book onto your local antenatal classes.

Your NHS maternity unit may run free on-line sessions and your midwife can answer any questions you may have during appointments.

Once you have your baby you will get practical support in hospital and from your community midwife once you are home.

The support is out there…. Reach out ❤️

Here are a few links to some really valuable self help resources : - ABM › baby-fr...Baby Friendly Initiative Resources - Unicef UK

https://www.firststepsnutrition.orgFirst Steps Nutrition Trust Breastfeeding Network


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From Love Newborns, we wish you a very happy holiday season🎄
The gift of love. The gift of peace. The gift of happiness. May all these be yours this Christmas.

Here we share with you the gift of 'Human Milk',

Human Milk Community Interest Company was founded in 2017 by Claire Tchaikowski.

If you have a spare minute, please copy and paste the link below into your browser to watch the Human Milk advert - The project created, produced and funded by parents for parents.

Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans’ is a major independent public health initiative to support breastfeeding parents and tiny humans in the UK and beyond, by informing everyone of the little known phenomenal composition and workings of our own milk.

Thank you Human Milk, for this gift, and for continuing to share the science as wide and as far as you possibly can.

Please give them a follow!
Human Milk, Tailor-made for Tiny Humans

Merry Christmas 🎁


Hello weekend!🤗

Did you know, responding to your unborn baby’s movements, stroking your bump, talking and singing and involving your partner, siblings…even thinking about your baby, releases Oxytocin - the bonding and love hormone which is also important for your baby’s brain development❤️


Oxytocin is famously known as the bonding and love hormone!

We release it whenever we connect with our best friends and cuddle our pet animals.

We release it when we fall in love ❤️

Oxytocin is produced, not only while breastfeeding but also when we cuddle, talk, and gaze at our babies.

However you choose to feed your baby, you and your baby will benefit from the amazing effects of this hormone ❤️Strong, loving relationships ❤️


Studies in Holland have shown that breastfeeding (particularly exclusive) protects against asthma even if parents have a history of this… wow! Just another healthy benefit for your baby🥰

Sending out some Friday love to you all!


Hey Monday!

Did you know, in the first few days a newborn baby will drink colostrum from a mothers breasts.
This early sticky breastmilk helps the dark tarry first poo, known as meconium, to pass making way for a lighter coloured brown, then green, and finally by day 4 or 5, a yellow runnier stool.

This newborn poo has a yoghurty smell…so not too bad! 😉💩


Oh Friday, let us hug you!😊

Did you know, that on or around day 3 following the birth of your baby, you will feel a change in your breasts;as your milk production increases to meet the needs of your baby, so do the size of your breasts!
In the days before this happens, you will produce small amounts of sticky, clear, yellowish fluid known as colostrum, otherwise known as Liquid Gold!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photos from Professor Amy Brown - Breastfeeding Uncovered's post 24/11/2021

Be choose 🥰


When to get fitted for your nursing bra?
Usually between 37 - 39 weeks gestation, it’s around this time, and sometimes up to your due date that your baby’s head ‘engages’ or moves lower down into your pelvis leaving more room under your breasts and the top of your bump for a more accurate measurement.
Where can you get a fitting?
In any reputable store that has an underwear department, and sells nursing bras. Check it out before you go along.
Be prepared… your breasts can increase by up to 2 sizes around day 3-4 after the birth of your baby!

Photos from Love Newborns's post 02/11/2021

We had a great first workshop! Here are a few photos from the day.


It is now recommended that everyone over one year of age should take a 10µg/d vitamin D supplement daily and, as a precaution, breastfed babies from birth up to one year of age also be given a supplement of 8.5 to10µg/d vitamin D per day. ❤️☀️❤️ 2017


Support along your breastfeeding journey undoubtedly increases your confidence, success and enjoyment …. Every mother, whether new or with previous experience, deserves expert support ❤️

You may have seen announcements over the weekend regarding the 2021 Budget, and plans to allocate £50million funding to breastfeeding support.

We welcome the recognition of the importance of breastfeeding, and the need for dedicated support. It is our hope that this funding will go some way towards changing the current inequity of support across the UK. You can read more on our blog, here:


Understanding what makes your milk flow and the importance of responsive feeding…. Book onto our workshop and let’s talk about it !! Jenny&Jenny 💕

Breastfeeding: correct attachment 11/10/2021

This video is from the Unicef Baby Friendly UK Resources web page showing how a baby correctly attaches to the breast.
Come to our Unicef trained, midwife led workshop. We will share lots of helpful tips with you, and give you evidence based advice about the importance of getting off to a good start on your breastfeeding journey! ❤️🤱🏻love Jenny and Jenny 🥰

Breastfeeding: correct attachment What is 'correct attachment' when you're breastfeeding? This film breaks into down into simple steps. You can find out more about breastfeeding at parentclub...

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