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Videos by The Wise Owl in Herne Bay. If your child would benefit from some extra support, then get in touch! 🦉

Been getting my craft on ☺️. Watch this space! 👀

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Been getting my craft on ☺️. Watch this space! 👀

Evie and I were learning about the difference between determiners and pronouns today. We ended the session making this c...

Amelia creating her number bonds
Amelia is now super speedy creating her number bonds to 10 using Numicon!

🌟Superstar Ben!🌟
This video of Ben really made my day🥰. He’s been working so hard to improve his writing- a subject which he’ll openly ad...

Randomiser wheel

Now this has made my day today! ☺️Joshua and I have been reading George’s Marvellous Medicine this term- taking time to ...

This week, I’ve chosen FOUR Wise Owls! I wonder who’ll be getting a special delivery…?✉️

Eva was a happy owl when she got home from school today! Thanks to her hard work, she was awarded 🌟Wise Owl of the Week!...

We’re only half way through the week and I’ve already seen some 🌟AMAZING🌟 work! It’s going to be so tough choosing my Wi...

Ready to be posted! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🦉

Do any of you have to share your work space?! 🙄😺😺😺🦉

Times tables are SO important but learning them can be tricky not to mention tedious.There are so many brilliant ways to...

A Letter To The Executioner by Alfie, Year 5