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Operating as usual


🌳OUTDOOR TRAINING SPACES NOW AVAILABLE IN NW LONDON - it’s so beautiful training outdoors in this weather! DM to book your free call! Let’s reach your goals together! 🌳

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Great day for outdoor training! JOIN THE FUN - DM NOW TO BOOK YOUR SUMMER SESSIONS! 😊


Throwback to Brighton beach! I haven’t been to any beach since 2019 so definitely need to go at some point! What are some of the best beaches you have been to?


⭐️Feeling strong is the best feeling! What is your main reason for training? ⭐️


🎉SUMMER OFFER - limited spaces! All sessions much be booked and paid for before end of May 2022.

See story for full details or DM now!


Crazy early start today but it was fun and peaceful on the commute!

1:2:1 PT SESSIONS (face to face) now available in NW LONDON for May onward!

We can train in your home, garden or a park! Up to you and sessions are designed to suit your specific goals!

Online monthly coaching also available for those who are motivated to train alone or too far to train with me!

Let’s reach your goals together - DM or email [email protected]



I’m back after my short break! So important to disconnect sometimes - had some great walks including this stunning bluebell walk in Aldridge! How have you been?


😊Happy Sunday lovely people! Hope you are having a good weekend so far!



⚡️Happy Wednesday lovely people! I thought I would re-introduce myself as it has been a while!

My name is Abi and I am a freelance personal trainer based in NW London- I currently provide outdoor, home training and online coaching!

I used to compete in olympic Weightlifting and I do love lifting weights and teaching strength to all my clients! 💪

I am also a pop singer-songwriter which I love! My music page is @abi__mia so feel free to follow that too for all my live music updates and releases! 🎶

Looking for help/motivation/accountability to reach your fitness and health goals? DM me to chat about how we can work together to reach them!


💪Happy Tuesday! Here are a couple of great core and abs exercises! My clients love using the med ball and roller! Remember control is key, you shouldn’t overuse your lower back so make sure you are doing a safe range for your strength level!
1. Throw and catch sit ups (you need someone else or a solid wall!) x 20
2. Ab rollouts x 10 as slow as you can! (Make sure not to arch the back)

Have you tried these before? Let me know how it goes and what your favourite core exercises are!

Have a great day!


⚡️NEED HELP WITH YOU STRENGTH TRAINING TECHNIQUE? If you have a home gym in NW LONDON, are on a programme but aren’t sure you are moving safely or correctly DM me to book your session! ⚡️


⚡️’NOT TOO LATE’ - one of my latest unreleased songs I have written. It has more of a soulful vibe which I love, I definitely enjoy this style vocally! What do you think?⚡️

This was the first time I performed it ever @thestratford @acoustifyopenmic showcase- I believe I had finished writing it that day and just wanted to share it! It was a little improvised at parts but hoping to include it in my upcoming gig set lists too!

I really want to record this at some point but for now my main focus is honing in on the live music scene here in London and trying to build the best set possible! 🎤

VIRTUAL CONCERT TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR APRIL 10th - I am so excited to be able to perform to those of you who aren’t local! Make sure to DM me for ticket info! 😊

Have a lovely day and hopefully see you at one of my shows!


🏋️‍♂️Finally getting back to the more serious weights - do you have lifting shoes? What are you favourite training shoes? 👇



Do you have INSTAGRAM?

Follow my account for the fitness tips and services updates!!

FITNESS - https://instagram.com/abigail_dynamic_definition?utm_medium=copy_link

Thanks so much! 😊



⭐️Happy Friday! Such a beautiful day for outdoor training! Are you training today?


DM for more info!


⭐️SUMMER IS COMING - Time to focus on those health and fitness goals! LIMITED SPACE SO GET IN TOUCH ASAP! ⭐️


⭐️SUMMER IS COMING - Time to focus on those health and fitness goals! LIMITED SPACE SO GET IN TOUCH ASAP! ⭐️


⭐️Happy Monday! Spring is here and it’s so beautiful! Fantastic weather for outdoor training! DM me if you are looking for sessions in NW London and surrounding areas! ⭐️


⭐️Throwback to my weightlifting days with @mdx_weightlifting - it was such an amazing time in my training! I am currently not able to train for competition but I am getting back to lifting after a bit of a gap! Have you competed in a sport? ⭐️



💪Happy Friday everyone💪

Hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend! 😊

I thought I would give you some ideas on how to vary up your leg training in simple ways - no need for a gym but of course this can apply to a gym setting too!!

Arm placement really can make a difference as I have explained in the video and it’s always good to shake things up with new car pTo keep your body progressing and also your mind engaged in the training!!

⭐️DO YOU NEED A NEW TRAINING PROGRAM? DM to find out more about my personalised programming and online coaching!


Have a lovely weekend!!!




Let’s reach your goals together! 😊

Share with friends and family!!


⭐️Resistance Band Row variation you can do anywhere! Rows are fantastic to help improve posture especially if you sit at a desk all day! What is your favourite rowing movement? ⭐️



💪HAPPY MONDAY! Hope you have a fantastic week ahead! DM for more info 😊


Happy Tuesday! People often ask what the best equipment is to buy to use at home for training.

My answer is ‘the ones you will actually use’! So many people invest in expensive home gyms and machine but so often they are left to sit there!

I usually suggest small things you can easily store, diverse equipment such as a step, rope and dumbells!

Do you have a home gym/gym equipment you use at home?


😊MOVEMENT MONDAY starting off the week with some resistance band mobility warm ups! Do you use these in your warm up? 😊

Happy Monday lovely people! I hope these are useful for you! Great way to mobilise the upper body and back in preparation for training or to just keep mobile!

If you don’t have a resistant band you can use a towel or long piece of material but of course you won’t have the same elasticity!

Give it a go and let me know how it goes!


⭐️Eggs are always an fast and tasty way to get that protein in! What are your favourite types of eggs? ⭐️


💪MOVEMENT MONDAY- cable Russian Twists! This is one of my favourite core/oblique movements and in general I love the cable machines!

Technique Tips
- Try and keep your hips facing forward throughout and get most of the movement from the waist
- Squeezing your glutes will help to stabilise you!
- Don’t go too heavy to start. Like with anything make sure the technique is correct and build up the baseline higher reps before going up!

Have you done this movement before? What are your favourite cable exercises?


Happy Friday!! Some lovely salmon, veg and quinoa for the weekend!

I hope you are keeping safe and those who and reckoning with Storm Eunice I hope you are staying indoors and safe!

Have a lovely weekend!! 😊


How beautiful is this sunset? I love being able to train people outdoors and to be able to witness this!

Do you like training outdoors?

DM to book your outdoor sessions now! (NW LONDON)

Photos from Dynamic Definition Personal Training's post 14/02/2022

Photos from Dynamic Definition Personal Training's post


💪MOVEMENT MONDAY - here are some great bodyweight exercises that you can add to your training wherever you may be! NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED! Have you done these before? 💪

1. Rotating Russian Twist Lunges
2. Reverse lunges with arm raise
3. Pop Squats
4. V sit ups

You can make a simple circuit out of these! Perform each movement for 60 seconds and do as many rounds as you can (with as little rest as possible) in 20-30 mins!

Let me know how you get on! For home or gym programming DM me! 😊


💪Morning everyone! Hope you are having a great week!

PT (online and face to face) spaces now available across NW LONDON.

Let’s work together to teach long term sustainable results!

DM or email [email protected] 😊

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