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Timeline photos 01/12/2015

How to say best best friend in Chinese?

Timeline photos 23/11/2015

People use wechat at China like people using whatapp

Photos from Mulan Chinese School's post 13/11/2015

Photos from Mulan Chinese School's post

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Mulan Chinese school
Modern Chinese 2- Date

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We learnt 4 Morden Chinese words today. Hope you enjoy this free talk section. Welcome write English translation as conment below. We also can learn some Morden English as Next week will start at 6.30pm on Wednesday for this free section. Welcome everyone who want to know some social words.


6 great reasons to teach in China
Enjoy breath-taking views & camera worthy moments around every corner
Inspire your students and give back to the local community
Relax and unwind on picture-perfect beaches
Live in 'The land of smiles'
Become a local and be part of an authentic Chinese community
Teach enthusiastic smiling students who are eager to learn

Mulan Chinese School | The pathway to China 26/10/2015

Mulan Chinese School | The pathway to China

Mulan Chinese school
Chinese lessons .
Date: 28 Oct 2015

This will be an excellent way to learn, brush up and boost your Chinese skills as well as mingle with other students with the same interests.
Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any query.Email:[email protected] or [email protected]

Mulan Chinese School | The pathway to China Teaching English in China is an unforgettable experience with a rewarding job. At same time you can learn mandarin, travel in china and meet fantastic people.

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Well done. I am quite impressed by new student Chinese hand writing. See you next week.

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Thank you everyone for helping and support us on language show 2015, it will not be successful without you.

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Welcome to language show exhibition centre from 16/10-18/10/15. You will have chance to know all different language and culture, you also have chance to go aboard experience life in other countries.

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Thank you everyone, it was good on 2015 fresher'a fair.

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Heading to china for 3 weeks teaching....


Recruitment Information
5 English native speakers wanted to train English teacher in China at mid of July for 3 weeks. Prefer teachers in university.
It is well paid job+ Accommodation & meals
Please send Your CV to [email protected] ASAP
Please contact me for more information ASAP 07533339208


3 Great Reasons That You Should Head Out To China on a Internship

1 You'll have the best 5 months of your life!
2 You'll gain Professional teaching in China experience and a qualification that never expires.
3 You'll make amazing connections - graduates from the China Internship, job and chinese university recommendation


Start Dates - All year round - you choose your start and finish dates!
Duration - From 4/5 months to 1 year

All teachers must meet the following requirements
Internship- teaching experience in China
Minimum age 18
English speaker
No qualifications necessary (enthusiasm is essential).
No teaching Experience required

Professional Teachers in China
Minimum age 18
Native English speakers
Holding a B.A degree or above
At least two years’ teaching experience

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The salary itself is good at RMB2000 per month, the free accommodation and low cost of living is the real benefit here. This means that over 80% of your salary will be disposable income. In fact, many teachers in China whilst still enjoying holidays and nights out with friends

Timeline photos 23/10/2014

Why US:
Free trip within Sichuan Province --- Panda’s home
Monthly allowance
Free accommodation(well-furnished)
Social & cultural activities
Free airport pick-up and transfer
Job & Chinese University Recommendation
Free Mandarin Lessons
Chinese visa application

Photos from Mulan Chinese School's post 23/10/2014

Why China
China mandarin is one of the most guarantees for high salary
China is rising economical status, which ranks the second in the world in terms of GDP.
Chinese market is favorable market conditions to attract world enterprises,teach English and build further development
China is famous for its time-honored history and culture, teach English and learn about China
China is famous for the most abundant tourism resource in the world, teach English in a pleasant environment

Photos from Mulan Chinese School's post 23/10/2014

teach and experience in china

Timeline photos 10/06/2013

An opportunity to teach English in Beijing China from 15 July to 21 July. You will earn £840 within 7 days plus a free trip in China. Please let me know ASAP if anyone interested in. Many thanks!


Dear all,

This email is just to inform all of you, there is no any Chinese class both for this week and next week.

Please do not attend this Tuesday(30 April) and next Tuesday( 7 May) Chinese language classes, and this week Wednesday(1 May) and next Wednesday(8 May) Chinese culture classes,

We have cancelled all these classes both for this week and next week, due to the examinations period lasting for two weeks long, everyone has examinations both for this week and next week, so everyone is very busy for examinations.

there are no teachers available to teach Chinese classes for this week and next week.

I feel really sorry about that again.

But we will soon to inform all of you what the exactly time we will continue teaching Chinese once all teachers completed the examinations.


Mulan Chinese Society


Dear all,

This email is just to inform all of you, there is no any Chinese class within this week.

Please do not attend tomorrow Tuesday(23 April) Chinese language class and this week Wednesday(24 April) Chinese culture class,
we have cancelled all these classes only in this week, because everyone is very busy for preparing the coming examinations so
there are no teachers available to teach Chinese classes within this week.

I feel really sorry about that.

We will continue our teaching from next week, all classes will go on as usual time from next week, and we welcome you to join in
learning Chinese from next week.

See you all next week.

Mulan Chinese Society


Come alone and have some fun with Mulan Chinese Society, our next event is today! 6th march (wednesday) in Dehav law building w026 at 7pm. Our topic is ''Dao'' why not come if you want know more about it, It's free.


dōng shī xiào pín
Aping a Beauty

Xi Shi, a famous beauty, had a pain in her bosom, so she had a frown on her face when she went out. An ugly girl who lived nearby saw her and thought she looked very beautiful therefore when she went home, she also put her hands on her bosom and had a frown on her face.
When a rich man in the neighborhood saw her, he shut his doors tightly and did not go out. When a poor man saw her, he took his wife and children and gave her a wide berth.
She only knew Xi Shi's frown looked beautiful but she did not know the reason for its beauty.


Bù hé shí yí
Ignorance of the objective world
In the State of Lu, there was a couple of husband and wife, the former being an expert shoemaker and the latter a skilled hand in wearing taffeta. One day after consultations they decided to go to the state of Yue to earn a livelihood. The neighbors advised them not to go when they learned about their plan. "Don't go there," said one neighbor, "If you go, you can never earn a livelihood."
"We cannot understand you," interrogated the couple, "We have a find command of our art, how could we not earn our living with our work? Don't make a fool of us, please."
"Indeed, you have your skill," explained the man, "But have you taken notice of the fact that shoes are made for people and the silk taffeta are for hat-making? The people of Yue don't wear shoes, for they are barefooted. Again, they like to have their hair spread out over their heads and they never use hats. To whom should you sell your shoes and hats then?" Experienced though you are in the arts, yet the arts you have mastered are useless there."
After this explanation, the husband and wife now understood that anything that was not adaptable to the objective world would be useless and unpractical.


Bàn tú ér fèi
Give up halfway
During the Warring States Period (475-221BC), there was a man called Yue Yangzi in State Yue. One day he saw a piece of gold on the road and picked it up. He took it home and gave it to his wife. But his wife was not happy. The virtuous woman said, "I hear that a man of morality doesn't drink a thief's water and a man of probity refuses to accept alms. What do you think of the action of picking up another's lost valuable and possessing it for one's own?"
Yue Yangzi, feeling ashamed, sent the gold back to where he found it. The next year, Yue Yangzi felt that he should go out and visit scholars to enrich his knowledge. So he set off.
A year later, he came back home suddenly. "Why have you returned?" asked his wife in surprise, "You've only spent one year studying with scholars." "I come back because I missed you very much."
Without saying anything, his wife took a pair of scissors and went to the loom at which she had worked. Pointing at the half done brocade, she proclaimed : "This brocade is woven from the finest silk. I wove one strand after another to produce the brocade.Now if I cut it, all my previous work will be wasted. It's the same with your studies. You can acquire knowledge only through diligence. Now, you've stopped halfway. Isn't it the same as cutting the brocade on the loom?"
Yue Yangzi was moved by what she said. He again left home to visit scholars. Several years later he became a learned man.

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