Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society

Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society


Hey everyone,

I'm not sure if this is allowed on here but thought I'd give it a shot!

I'm transferring into Hertfordshire's dietetics course into year 2 and thought it would be nice to know some people before I arrive! I feel like a kit transferring schools!

Look forward to joining the society properly and meeting some of you!


We have an awesome proposition for you. As previous students we know how difficult it is to organise merchandise for your members. We at artszn hope to take this hassle away from you. As a society we are sure you would like to have your members wearing your apparel/garments to represent the society.

It will be great for you guys, you will be able to setup your very own store in minutes and upload apparel which members can purchase as any other online retailer.

I have attached a presentation and flyer (to repost) and for further information.
Feel free to give me a call on 07375664570 or email me [email protected].
Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.
Ali Osman

University of Hertfordshire Nutrition and Dietetics Society. We have a passion for what we study - h Twitter: HERTSSU_N**S

The Nutrition and Dietetics Society (N**S) Welcomes anyone interested in Food, Health and Well-Being. The N**S will provide opportunities for:
Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
Training Events
Guest Speakers
Social Events

Meet New People !

Operating as usual

Photos from Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society's post 06/06/2021

Some lovely parting words from our committee and members 😁 Don't forget to put yourself forward for next year's committee!

Photos from Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society's post 15/03/2021


Interested in taking the role of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer or inclusion officer? 🤔
You can nominate yourself 🤩

For more information in what each role entails, click the link in our bio 📝

If you want to nominate yourself, contact us by either DM or email and we can send you the link where you can choose the position you want to stand for 😊

Deadline: Monday 22 March 2021



Calling all Nutrition and Dietetics students 🗣

The BDA London branch are super excited to announce their next event:
COVID: digitalising dietetics, current and future perspectives

Their panellists include dietitians from a variety of different settings, discussing how they themselves and their working environments have adapted due to COVID-19 restrictions and how these adaptations may be here to stay!

To join the event, make sure that you have purchased a N**S membership, accessible by clicking the link in our bio ✅
The eventbrite link will be sent at a later date via email .



Join us this coming Sunday for our anti-Valentine dinner date 😌

We’ll be spending our Valentine’s Day with our true love ❤️...
🥰 FOOD 🥰

Make your favourite dinner or order a cheeky takeaway and join us on Sunday @ 6PM on Zoom.

To join the event, make sure that you have purchased a N**S membership, accessible by clicking the link in our bio ✅



Our next N**s event features Trinity Handley who will be talking about common misconceptions, experiences and treatment of eating disorders.

To join the event, make sure that you have purchased a N**s membership so that the zoom link will be emailed to you (which can be done by clicking the link in our bio!).



One of our upcoming events is an event co-hosted by Bimuno and The Functional Gut Clinic: “Digestive Health & Well-being: The Patient Journey”

“The event pulls together the stages of the patient referral process to highlight how clinicians can work together to prevent and treat gastrointestinal issues from the perspectives of clinicians and researchers.”
There is a morning and an afternoon session which features areas such as dietetic care, gut microbiome and the role of probiotics and probiotics (just to name a few)

Register for the event by visiting:



Time for our annual N**S bake-off 🎂🍰🍪🍩
And due to lockdown, we have decided to do it virtually!!!

The theme for this year is...

“WINTER: what does winter mean to you?”


Stir up a baked good of what winter means to you 🥶
Whether it’s Snow⛄️, Yule logs🪵, Christmas🎄, Hanukkah 🕎, Ice🧊 whatever winter means to you 🥰

Submission details will be posted tomorrow with a few examples of how to submit it 🎉

Prizes to be won 🎁🎀

Looking forward to all your submissions 💃🏽🕺🏽



In case you missed it last time, we have another Quiz coming up! 🥸
The quiz is then followed up by a Zoom After Party 🎉

Come join us on THURSDAY 10th DECEMBER at 7PM on ZOOM*

* Zoom links will be emailed to all N**S members. Purchase your membership by clicking the link in our bio! 😊

We look forward to seeing you!



N**S are proud to present our next talk by ANGELA MADDEN - PhD Registered Dietitian and Clinical Researcher in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Hertfordshire.

Angela will talk about 3 different areas of nutrition research:

- Estimating height from ulna length from adults of diverse backgrounds
- Predicting resting energy expenditure in overweight children and adults
- A kitchen-based intervention to improve school meals

Come join us on WEDNESDAY 9th DECEMBER at 16.00 on ZOOM*

* Zoom links will be emailed to all N**S members

We look forward to seeing you!



Thank God it’s Friday Drinks 🥛☕️🍺🍸🥂🍾🧉

This is the last weekday of celebrating and we wanted to end it on a high.

Get involved in our zoom call from 5pm-5.30pm to discuss all things combating dehydration.

We will have our lovely N**S chair , with co-host having open discussion with everyone on the call about common drinks from their cultural backgrounds that could be used to prevent dehydration and promote optimum health for malnourished individuals.

Get your chai ☕️ , Taiwanese Teas, Irish ☘️ whiskey 🥃 at the ready!!

We will also be having a small reflection talk at the end on how successful the week has been and what advice, initiatives we are going to take forward in futures practice. It will be lots of fun! Not to be missed!!!


In our digital age of course we want to take selfies 🤳!!! Throughout the week we want you to get your digital devices out and get snapping to take part in BAPENs selfie challenge.

What do you have to do?
1️⃣ use our selfie card file
2️⃣ Write in the blank space what you think there should be more conversations about when it comes to malnutrition and dehydration – or perhaps you want to share what you’ve been having about recently.
3️⃣ Take a selfie or get someone to take a photo of you holding your suggestions.
4️⃣ If you are posting on Instagram please tag us . On Twitter please tag & , and on Facebook tag . Use hashtags , and

Let’s raise awareness together!!!


Thumbs up for Thursday!

As we continue to celebrate we have got some amazing cooking sessions in the diet lab. Some of our volunteers are going to transform into chefs 👩🏽‍🍳 for the day as they cook up some foods from across the globe 🌎.
Not everyone that lives in the UK was necessary born here, thats why we want to celebrate and highlight different cultures and the foods they might eat to combat malnutrition. Were your grandparents from a different country? Do they have a recipe they swear by? Why not share it with us the comment section below ⤵️

A common misconception is if a dish/food item is high in calories that it isn’t hEaLThY. This really might not be the case for different population groups. Some of our dietitians treatment as part of their assessment is prescribing cake 🧁! Remember with dietary advice it always depends!

We will be posting videos from the day, so stay tuned for UoH’s very own MasterChef!


Day 2 of

Let’s spin theNutrition Wheel!!
The nutrition wheel is a wipeable tool designed for use by volunteers, carers and care workers working with older people.
What does it do? identifies people at risk of malnutrition through having a conversation. 💬

If you want to get involved in these exciting conversations be sure to join us on Tuesday!!


We have a creative competition starting from now until the 8th October! 🎨

What do you have to do❓

We want you to come up with a creative picture which you think helps depict:

“malnutrition with a cultural twist”

It could be hand-drawn ✏️, painted 🖌 or be done digitally 🖥 - the picture could be set in your home country, in a care home, in a hospital etc.

REMEMBER: To add that essence of culture or global foods. MAKE IT UNIQUE ‼️
All entries are to be handed to Jane McClinchy (Dietetics office in the Wright building) or Ruby Davegun ( ) OR emailed to [email protected]

Winners announced on Monday 12th October 2020 🏅🥈🥉




To kick start the week we’ve got some delicious cupcakes 🧁 waiting for you!

What is the aim of ? To prevent and avoid Malnutrition and dehydration amongst older adults in the uk 🇬🇧

Good nutrition and hydration are key 🔑 to providing dignified care and facilitating older adults with independence to improve quality of life.

We want to share some thought provoking conversations with you as well as get you involved as part of our selfie challenge 📸


So for our first social event, we have a quiz night 📝 that is followed by a virtual meet and greet 🤝 via Zoom 😊

We have some icebreakers planned so do come and join 🧊

We’ll send all the links to the emails of the members of N**S, so if you are not yet a member, check out the link in our bio to sign up 😁

Free memberships for this whole year! 😌

See you there! 🙋



Monday 5th-12th October marks the start of Malnutrition Awareness Week 2020!

BAPEN, Malnutrition Task Force, N**S and this years lead are excited to raise awareness of this hidden public crisis.

In an attempt to diversify the nutrition and dietetic industry, inclusivity lies at the heart ❤️Therefore this year’s theme is:

Global foods🌍🍽

There are lots of fun and interactive activities for you to get involved with, so keep your eyes peeled 👀!


Hi Everyone. 😊The 2nd round of society elections are happening, so please go ahead and vote on the SU page. And congrats to all those finishing uni and with those with exams still to go 🤞💜



Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all coping well with lockdown and staying sane. We’re all in the same boat! I hope everyone is doing well in assignments and with Final Year Projects 🤞

🍎The committee elections are coming up for the 20th April (deadline). And for N**S to continue we need a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and the new role of Inclusion Officer 🍎. We’ve all worked so hard over the past years to keep N**S alive and growing and it’d be amazing to see the society continue and thrive in the years to come.

If you’re interested (great!) please login in to your SU page and go ‘opportunities’- society committee elections- ‘post list’ and scroll to find N**S roles.
—> were particularly seeking someone for the role of Inclsuion Officer

On there, there is a description of what the roles area.

I believe you can nominate yourself in multiple roles. CONDITION: you must be a N**S member 3 weeks before this.




Due to the current advice from the University of Hertfordshire regarding non-essential events, all upcoming N**S events are now postponed until further notice. We will keep you updated if there are any changes.


📅Wed 11th March 1-1.30pm📅
⭐️BNF general and careers talk! ⭐️
🍎Nutritionist Holly Roper 🍎
📍ROOM C154📍


Update from Holly Roper from BNF- Talk conformation: All about the BNF and tips and advice for a Career in Nutrition🍎📚.

WEDNESDAY 11th MARCH 1-1.30 (2pm). ROOM C154
This is a nice quick talk, pop in and out within a hour. 30mins. Per usual certificate & refreshments. Great for CPD development & prepping hours for the GoHerts Award✅


2 Days to the Chris Cheyette talk!
3pm, room C408.
Sign up with Event Bright and see all the details. See you there!


Room for 11th March 1pm BNF Talk : C154


CLARIFICATION: Chris Cheyette’s talk is the 26th Feb 3pm.

All our talks are on Wednesday afternoons. ☺️


SU Nominations now open. Vote for N**S for ‘most improved society’! Support your academic society and it’s future ✅


SUMAMRY OF N**S EVENT- Add these to your diary ✅

1. 26th Feb 3pm C408. Chris Cheyette RD- Starting your own business and Diabetes specialist. Visiting lecturer giving us a talk!

2. 11th March 1pm Room pending. Holly Roper MSc- BNF Careers and more!

3. 25th March 1pm 1A159-Clasado Probiotics company! Melanie Bulger.



Hi, N**S is running for Most Imrooved Society Award in the SU Nominations. Please show your support and click on the link to vote N**S for the most improved society of the year! Takes like 2mins and it’s really help the society advance and the future 💕


Nominate Please submit your nomination for the Students' Union Awards using the form below. You can nominate for a single category more than once, and for multiple categories. Remember, the panel will select a shortlist based on the quality of applications. Be sure to let us know why your nominee has been...

Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society – Events 05/02/2020

Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society – Events

Don't forget to get your tickets to see Chris Cheyette on 26th FEB! ✍️

The seminar will be on starting your own business within the field of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Chris has published a number of journal articles relating to diabetes and weight management. He has done a number of television and newspaper interviews in his role as a British Dietetic Association (BDA) media spokesperson. 🤩🤓

Herts SU: Nutrition & Dietetics Society – Events 408 followers

A Seminar by Chris Cheyette 04/02/2020

A Seminar by Chris Cheyette

Great opportunity to advance your knowledge and it also counts to your hours for the Go Herts award (never too early to start clocking up the hours)! Certificated and teas & coffees. Free to all N**S members! If you're not a member yet, simply go to the UH SU page and sign up :) See you there

A Seminar by Chris Cheyette DO NOT MISS OUT-> Chris Cheyette, author of the original Carbs & Cals book,Senior Dietitian at Kings Col. Hospital, MD of Chello Publishing


Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the new year. We hope all the exams have gone well! We have some exciting events coming up! Talks are still in discussion BUT, here is some save the dates. ALL events are Wednesday afternoons.
1) 26th February 3pm talk by Visiting Lecturer Chris Cheyette, Author and Managing Director of Carbs & Cals who will talk about starting a business in the N&D field, carb awareness and his specialism as a Diabetes Dietitian.
2) 25th March (apx 1pm) talk by Nutritionist Melanie Bulger from Clasado, on the pre and pro-biotic products from Bimuno, and their impacts on gut health.
3) DATE PENDING- Talks in progress with Stacey Lockyer from the BNF.

More info closer to the dates, including room numbers and confirmations. See you all soon :)


Great to see N**S members at our last talk of the semester today! Thank you to our wonderful Speaker and members for today. Great to see you supporting your society and learning something new!
A great talk connecting food and urbanism 🌆🍟.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and fingers crossed for exams 🤞☃️


Now In 1F390!!! Spread the word 😲


A Talk Examining the link between where we live and the types of food we eat!

Click the link below to sign up!


-If you’re not a member sign up on the SU today. £3 for the year💕

eventbrite.co.uk Come along to our final event of the year and support your academic society!


F315 1.30-3.30pm
The link between where we link & what we eat?!⭐️

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Hatfield?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Monday 5th-12th October marks the start of Malnutrition Awareness Week 2020! BAPEN, Malnutrition Task Force, NADS and th...




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