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When I was doing my BTEC in Design, my tutor told me that I could become a good teacher. I don’t know what he saw in me that I didn’t see at the time but today I enjoy teaching fitness and seeing other people improve, get stronger, achieve things they once thought they could never do makes me happy. I am successful not when I make the most money out of all the PTs but when I see the most smiles in so many people’s faces when they accomplish a goal. If I am your instructor, your success becomes mine as well because we are a team working together in your fitness journey. Dm me to join the team!


I am just happy to be here, being able to talk to, listen to people.

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One might assume it was a warm day. Let’s pretend it was ✌🏻

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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't—you're right.”
Henry Ford

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Always start by believing YOU CAN and... you will💯

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It’s hard to gain my trust and very easy to lose☝🏻.

by 📷

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I am that person who counts 1 to 12. Sometimes your teacher, counsellor, nutritional advisor, motivator, life coach, the person who can see your potential even if you can’t see yourself, the person who adapts his behaviour to each individual no matter what age or background, and sometimes a friend for lifetime. It’s all in one package really. My aim is to make you healthy and happy. They call me a PT.

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Honestly it’s not like look at me I am so hot. It’s more like look at me, this is the result of my hard work, return of my investment into my body.

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Any small step forward is better than standing still. Keep moving.👌🏻

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I am in a daily competition with myself. I go to bed thinking have I given it my all today? Could I do anything better? People stop growing when they feel content.

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At least 20 people were behind the camera lol. SWIPE for a SMILE😄

@ Virginia Water Lake

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It’s discipline, hard work and commitment👌🏻

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The gym is ready, I am ready. Let’s do this💪🏻


Rotary Hip Machine

Instruction Video


Advanced Press ups

Client Spotlight: Gareth


Romanian Deadlift

Client Spotlight: Gareth


Jefferson Deadlift

Client Spotlight: Gareth


Bulgarian Split Squats

Instruction Video


Barbell Hip Thrust

Instruction video


Standing Calf Machine

Instruction video

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Fact: The level of leanness can affect your level of happiness. Have a look at your leanest Instagram influencers. Are they faking good smiles for the camera or they are just “playing it cool” with a straight face. If one is too lean it is actually too much effort to smile. Definition of “too lean” is different for each individual.

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🥳I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mum and dad for their role on the making of this person. It was 5th July I thought it’s getting bit too hot in there and decided to pop my head out and say hello to this world.

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I can dress up smart for an occasion (or a picture🤣) but otherwise that’s how you will find me walking down the street.

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I always preach my trainees to keep trying even if they think they will fail. It is okay to give out but if you give up, it is certain you will never get there.
(Shoulder rehab 2 weeks in💪🏻)

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Not your average cyclist🚴🏼
Basketball matches ✔️
Tennis tournaments ✔️
Competitive swimming✔️✔️🏅
If I was to decide to be competitive in cycling I would go for track cycling but would have to move somewhere close to a velodrome 🤔

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Random fact. I can’t pronounce the word “vein”. Nobody is perfect🤷🏻‍♂️

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Advanced Press ups
Romanian Deadlift
Jefferson Deadlift
Bulgarian Split Squats
Standing Calf Machine
Narrow Cable Rows
Abs Training




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