TinyTalk Baby Signing

TinyTalk Baby Signing


Edward (3yrs 9mths) attended Charlotte's Waveney TinyTalk classes from 6mths old until May this year clocking up a whopping 270 signs. He loved signing so much he's making it his mission to teach his 8wk old sister Elsie (affectionately called Elsie-Bump by him) to sign too.
'*Elsie-Bump*, this is the *sign* for *milk*'.
Please share for those living in DERBYSHIRE:

We are having an open morning for deaf children in Derbyshire. The children can have some fun while the parents find about our support which enables deaf children to enjoy, learn and succeed at school.
See the poster for details.
Trying to get him to look at the camera... “Where’s mummy?!” Doesn’t look, but does sign mummy 🥰
My two love signing but they keep asking how to sign ‘you’re welcome’. Please help!
Check out my YouTube channel-signing to songs.
Jenny is an amazing Tinytalk teacher who is always super enthusiastic! She is so well organised and there is such variety in the classes. Tinytalk is the highlight of our week and it’s down to an outstanding practitioner. She is so good with all the children, but especially the toddlers who sit listening and watching in awe each week. 😍
*Edward* talks about his day out with *Grandma Tess* and *Henry* who sat in the back of the *car* near his *hat*. Whilst also throwing in he's been to the *doctor* who looked in his *ear*...

TinyTalk helps families experience the amazing benefits of baby signing, understanding and getting to

Operating as usual


Wow! 😴


Happy Mother’s Day to all the the mums, stepmums, dads who are mums, not yet mums, should be mums and those without mums 💜🧡💙

📹 Willow TinyTalk Baby Signing - Surbiton, Chessington and Molesey


Yes indeedy 😉

Photos from TinyTalk Baby Signing's post 18/03/2023

This week’s is Lux Baby signing with TinyTalk Nottingham Central. She’s achieved an amazing 100 signs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

She enjoys her toddler classes so much each week she hosts her own at home for her little sister and teddy bears, signing and singing the TinyTalk welcome songs 😍

A future TinyTalk teacher in the making we think! Well done Lux 🧡




A huge well done to little Harriet TinyTalk Northwich and Knutsford (baby signing and toddler talking) . She’s only just started in the baby class, but she’s proven to be a very quick learner as she’s already done her 1st sign ‘milk’ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


A huge applause for signing superstars TinyTalk Fife toddler Oliver, Rory and Bethany who have all achieved 100+ signs by 23 months old! 🌟🌟🌟

Nurture your newborn, bond with your baby, chat with your child; search www.tinytalk.co.uk / www.tinytalk.co.uk for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland.



Does your little one love joining in with our songs in class?

Do you find you can’t remember all the words to sing to them later on?

Did you know we have 3 CDs with all our songs in, sung solo without background noise, so you can join in easily?

A great way to continue the TinyTalk class fun at home, in the car or wherever you are. The CDs are also available as digital downloads.

Visit our website https://www.tinytalk.co.uk/shop-details.php?pid=21 or contact your local TinyTalk teacher.


Indeed we are 💜


🎉🎉🎉 TinyTalk turns 21 in April! 🎉🎉🎉

We can't believe it but we are very grateful for all the love and support since 2002.

Help us celebrate by telling us your FAVOURITE TinyTalk song, sign and sensory activity.

We'll then create special '21st Birthday' lesson plans for Newborns, Babies and Toddlers for YOU to enjoy!

Click here to be part of it: https://forms.gle/4cHCFwVfPkp7GNYj8



This week’s is from TinyTalk Baby Signing and Toddler Talking - West Hull Villages.

“One of our Cottingham class babies was watching a programme about cows this week on the TV. The narrator kept mentioning ‘milk’ as they were milking the cows. Little Vinnie started signing ‘milk’ along with the TV, showing that he’d heard and understood what they were talking about!”

Clever boy Vinnie 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

📸 TinyTalk Baby Signing and Toddler Talking - West Hull Villages teacher Emma’s eldest children at Sundown Adventureland milking a plastic cow! 😄


True story 😂😂😂


This week’s is Naomi TinyTalk Baby Signing Mid Essex - Maldon, Witham & Braintree.

She’s graduated from classes but is still learning lots of signs. Here she is with a very clear 'cake' sign and what fabulous speech too! 🤩

Well done Naomi, what better way to start the weekend than with cake 🎂

Nurture your newborn, bond with your baby, chat with your child; search www.tinytalk.co.uk / www.tinytalk.co.uk for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland.


My brain is fried by this tweet lol 😂

Over to you guys …


Meet 10 week old Daphne who joined TinyTalk Baby Signing Basingstoke & Tadley last week for her first ever TinyTalk class. It seems that all the stimulation of singing, bubbles and flashing balls wore her out bless her 💜


Wow wow WOW … 300 Signs!!! What an amazing achievement Coraline Baby signing with TinyTalk Nottingham Central 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Today is . The theme for 2023 is .

Let’s celebrate all the amazing and powerful women in our lives, in our communities and across the whole world.




Can I join part way through a term?


TinyTalk classes DO NOT run as a course which you need to attend from start to finish. TinyTalk classes are ‘rolling classes’. This means that families can join at any point in the term. And they won’t be behind other families either. TinyTalk terms are structured with every third week being a recap week, so signs can be caught up.

Find the perfect class to bond with your newborn, connect with your baby, chat with your child. Search www.tinytalk.co.uk /www.tinytalk.ch for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland.


Definitely 💜


Irish Dad And Baby Take Turns To Do Irish Dancing

Hilarious 😂 Can your little one dance like this? 💃🏻🕺🏻


A Springtime …

"My little girl was in the kitchen, I could hear her babbling away, so I turned and looked and she had one finger up her nose. Luckily the other was pointing out of the window at the snowdrops coming up in the garden. She was trying to sign and say ‘flower’! I was so relieved that she wasn't actually picking her nose."

We'd love to hear your signing stories - please do share them with us 💜

Nurture your newborn, bond with your baby, chat with your child; search www.tinytalk.co.uk / www.tinytalk.co.uk for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland.




This week’s is Richie TinyTalk Evesham, Droitwich & Worcester North.

This clever little chap has reached 125 signs with some excellent signing of ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ when he was talking about seeing his friends at TinyTalk! How cute is that? 🥰

Apparently earlier in the year Richie was really struggling with loud noises and busy spaces and his wonderful supported him so well with sign and assuring Richie that he was safe. He’s come through that phrase stronger than ever and he’s back to his cheerful, fun loving and confident self, which is great to hear.

Richie we think you’re amazing 🤩


Your little ones receive signing achievement certificates from our teachers. For one week only: parent certificates! 😂

What have you achieved this week? Blow your own trumpets …! 💜


Siblings Cole and Autumn TinyTalk Warrington, Newton and Lymm (baby signing and toddler talking) are keeping it in the family with their 1st signs!

They have both learnt their 1st sign ‘milk’ 🍼 at the tender age of just 5 months old! 👏🏼👏🏼 They are TinyTalk Newborn Communication Workshop graduates, proving it’s never too early to start signing with your baby.

Well done to the clever little communicators 💜


Oh the drama!! Has this been your day? 🧡


It’s World Book Day today 📚

We love books at TinyTalk and we regularly include a signed story in our classes.

Why do we love books so much? Here’s two of many reasons …

Looking through a book together provides a fantastic opportunity to teach your little ones some signs. This is because the book shows pictorial examples of the vocabulary you are teaching them.

Shared reading is a wonderful experience that allows you to bond with your child as you gently introduce and develop early language and literacy skills.

Have fun with books and if your little one is getting involved with World Book Day in your TinyTalk class, we’d love to see the photos so pop them in the comments below 📚

Credit: Let's Sign BSL


A huge well done to Griffin TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes Waveney & Mid-Suffolk for his fantastic achievement 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 120 signs!!! Just look at his happy face here as he poses with his certificate and his proud daddy.

Griffin, you are a superstar communicator 🤩


Dydd Sant Dewi Hapus pawb!
Happy St. David's Day everyone!

hip hip hwri!
hip hip hooray!

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus"
"I ask for a happy heart"

Your heart and soul will sing with your baby at TinyTalk Baby Signing classes.

There are amazing TinyTalk classes across South Wales (and opportunities across mid and North Wales to 'put on the purple').

Meet our spectacular Wales teachers Katie Shorten (TinyTalk North and East Cardiff), Katie Morgan (TinyTalk SE Wales Valleys) and Rebekah Stone (TinyTalk Mid South Wales).

Find your nearest class at www.tinytalk.co.uk/www.tinytalk.ch



Did you know you can practise your signs outside of class with the help of our popular Signing Pack?

It contains over 150 signs for everyday life, organised into 11 categories, including a very wide range of popular animal signs.

The 'tent-card' pack is able to stand and be used as a teaching tool or as a handy reminder of all the signs.

Available to purchase from your class teacher or via our online shop www.tinytalk.co.uk.

📸 TinyTalkLoughborough


Excellent advice ☕️


Dynasties: When a penguin comes to say hello

We love the penguin sign 🐧 and we love this!


This week’s is about an ex-TinyTalker called Adam from Laura’s TinyTalk Baby Signing and Toddler Talking in Somerset & Wiltshire classes. Adam has global development delay and was 2 1/2 years old when this story happened.

“Last week Adam's mum told me that he kept signing ‘dolly’, ‘pain’ and touching his ear. Miss Molly has a Dolly is one of his favourite songs and he often uses the sign for Dolly to refer to himself. He kept on signing ‘pain’ and touching his ear, so she took him to the doctors and he had an ear infection, which was luckily quickly cleared up with some medication. It is just so fantastic that he was able to tell her what was wrong! Adam's Mum says that signing has transformed his communication and made things so much easier for them all.”

Nurture your newborn, bond with your baby, chat with your child; search www.tinytalk.co.uk / www.tinytalk.co.uk for details of your local classes in the UK and Switzerland.




This week’s is Elizabeth TinyTalk Northwich and Knutsford (baby signing and toddler talking) .

No wonder she looks so pleased with herself - she knows over 100 signs!!! 🤩 That’s simply amazing, well done Elizabeth, everyone at TinyTalk is very proud of you.


It was National Toast Day yesterday 🍞

How do you like yours …? We’re a #4.

(But to be honest if you like anything other than #3 - #6 then you're not doing it right 😂😂 😂)

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