Adam Kite Personal Training

Adam Kite Personal Training


Don't forget that we do morning sessions for those who wants to start your day fresh!

Join us tomorrow morning and do body blitz & Abs with Adam Kite Personal Training
Some Christmas Tips from Adam Kite Personal Training our personal trainer ;)
Workout Wednesday!
Try out these ab exercises with our resident PT Adam Kite Personal Training
Is anyone coming to Adam's spin class tomorrow at 7pm? I mistakenly though it was cancelled in favour of Zumba, but that's the 8th Nov. It is on tomorrow night and I don't want to be the only one. 😀🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️
Check out this 20 minute of HITT Workout that Adam made. It's only 20 minute, so you can try it at home, or try out a PT session with Adam Kite Personal Training to find out more the best work out for yourself.
What have you done to my wife? You’ve changed her from someone who hated exercise to someone who drags me out of bed at 7am on holiday to go to the gym.🤷‍♂️ 🏃🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️
Make this year different! Reach your goals with the help of our friendly consultants, instructors and Adam Kite Personal Training!
And the winners are...
3rd - Katie Tokunaga Eadie - Meal for 2 @ Holiday Inn
2nd - Melissa E Fay - 45 minute Sports Massage with Adam Kite Personal Training
1st - Laura Platt - 1 year membership @ Spirit Guildford

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all those who entered :) please private message the page to arrange collection of your prize
With all exercises you can alter how you do an exercise to change the level of intensity or the focus level on an area. Adam Kite Personal Training
If you are looking for someone who will go the extra mile for his clients, look no further than Adam. I couldn't go to my training session as I'm ill so he sent me a recipe for "cold busting chicken soup". Unfortunately he didn't actually cook it for me 😂. It was delicious Adam - you are a star.
Thanks for a great PT session this evening Adam. I have so much more energy on a Monday evening, despite a day in the office, including a commute to London and that's down to your energy and constantly thinking up new workouts.
Keep up the good work have a nice weekend. me no smoking for 2 and half years hardly ever drink I watch what I eat I'm in to karate now I go 3 days a week 270 minutes training well all the best to you Mr miagi

I help business professionals lose bodyfat and maintain it for life.

Operating as usual


Do you lack motivation to get your Friday gym session done? 😩 Come join the Fatburn class 🔥 Fridays 7:15-8:00am 💪🏻 at the


Thanks ladies for giving me 100% 🔥 in today’s class. If you’re struggling to stay motivated come join the Fat Burn Class on Wednesday mornings 7:15-8:00am @



Would you like to mix up your routine for getting your summer body? Join the Fatburn class at the Mondays 12:15pm and Fridays 7:15am 🤩


Absolutely loved the energy ⚡️from the Strength and Performance lunchtime crew today! Come join us Thursday lunchtimes 12:15-1:15 at 🤩


Improve your endurance and strength in one class. Join us 😃 Tuesdays at 7:15am for Strength and Performance 🔥


Have you just joined the and don’t know where to start with with achieving your fitness goals this year? If that’s you, come to our Strength and Performance class. All fitness levels welcome ❤️

Tuesdays at 7:15am and Thursdays at 12:15pm


1st day back new year, new start, new you! Come join strength and performance Tuesdays at 7:15am and Thursdays at 6:15pm


Train your whole body with just 1 class 🔥Come join my Strength and Performance class. Tuesdays at 7:15am and Thursdays at 6:15pm at the


Tone and shape your body leading up to Christmas by coming to the new FatBurn class 🔥 at the Mondays at 12:15pm and Friday mornings at 7:15am

ADAM KITE PERSONAL TRAINING · Co-Harbour Hotel, 3 Alexandra Terrace, Guildford GU1 3DA, United Kingdom 29/10/2021

ADAM KITE PERSONAL TRAINING · Co-Harbour Hotel, 3 Alexandra Terrace, Guildford GU1 3DA, United Kingdom


I'm now located at the Guildford Harbour Hotel & Spa

If you would like a tour of the facilities or a PT session in this new location. Drop me a message or call 07826232386

Check out the location here:

ADAM KITE PERSONAL TRAINING · Co-Harbour Hotel, 3 Alexandra Terrace, Guildford GU1 3DA, United Kingdom ★★★★★ · Personal trainer


If you’re busy and you need to be in and out of the gym fast. Try this Metcon.

5 rounds of:
KB clean x 10
KB press x 10


Tone and strengthen you back with just 3 exercises 🤩

Strengthening you upper back muscles can…

⭐️Help develop balance between pushing and pulling muscles, improving your posture

⭐️Shape and tone your upper back and arms

If you have any questions reach out or come find me in the gym. I’m happy to show you how to perform them.


Are you unsure on what exercises to do and how to execute them?

Do you struggle with the motivation to stay committed to your health and fitness goals?

Why not join the strength and performance class at the Harbour hotel and take the guesswork out of getting a fat burning workout.

Join us…

Mondays 7:15-8:00

Thursdays at 18:15-19:00


Today I’m talking motivation and giving you some enquiry questions to help you uncover why you want to achieve your goal.

This is important because when you know why you want something it increases your motivation to attain it.

All you will need is 10 minutes to yourself and something to write down your answers.

Reflect on these questions:
1. Why do you want to achieve your goal - what specifically will it give you?
2. How will your loved ones and people in your life benifit from you achieving the goal?
3. Are there any benefits of not achieving your goal?

Once you have your list of benefits make sure you review and add to them regularly.

Let me know in the comments how this has helped you 😁


🏋️‍♀️Training slots available-outside and public places only🏋️‍♀️

Here’s Stuart putting in the work while staying at a distance in his lunchtime session today.

If you’re like Stuart and want to keep fit strong and healthy year round DM me for more information.


Our inner conversations or self-talk can sound like this:

I’ll start working out again next week.

Then a week goes by.

Ok definitely... when the kids go back to school start exercising again.

Four weeks go by the kids go back to school.

THEN you come up with this old chestnut 🌰

Is it November already? I’ll start again next year because it too late to start up this year.

How long are you going to keep procrastinating and moving the start date to do something about your mental and physical wellbeing?

Often with excuses, we get so bored of them that we keep inventing new ones.

What excuses do you often hear yourself and others repeating?

Write them in the comments below. 😜

HINT - They’re usually the ones that you’re very bored with hearing. You often think to yourself “you keep saying that” or “stop telling me about it and just do it already”.


🔥Bodyweight Abs Shred🔥

🔥Bodyweight Abs Shred🔥

Here’s some of my go-to exercises for Abs.

🔸3-5 sets
🔸45 seconds each move
🔸15 seconds rest in between exercises
🔸60 seconds rest after each round

If you liked these Join my Home workout FB group where I go live on Zoom.


Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00

Classes are £5.00 and last 45 minutes.⏰

All fitness levels welcome 💪

Can’t do some of the moves?

Speak to me after class for alternative moves if you are working round an injury.


There is no doubt that we’re all facing some big challenges today. Uncertainty over the future, health issues or job loss to name a few. It all seems to be all doom and gloom ☹️

This is why It’s so important to keep sane mentally 😀 and keep fit physically🏋️‍♀️ To help keep your health and body in top condition, I have made the following changes to my programmes...

These will be done over Zoom (super user friendly). Once you have booked your appointment I will send you the Zoom link, to access your training session. You may need to download and install Zoom - this only takes a couple of seconds. If you’re interested in booking a 121 PT session, message me or drop “121” in the comments below.

This online training programme is currently the most popular option, as it gives you the well-needed structure during these uncertain times. If you have been training hard up until now, and your goal is to maintain your current physique, or you want to start your fitness transformation now, this is the perfect plan for you. For more information, send me a message or put “90day” in the comments below.

🏋️‍♀️LIVE CLASSES🏋️‍♀️
I will be doing weekly 40-minute online classes over Zoom (times to follow). These will be fun full-body workouts - no equipment needed! Once the times have been announced, to book in, payment of £5 will be required beforehand. As soon as the payment is received, you will be sent a confirmation email including the Zoom link to join the class. For more information drop me a message or comment “Live” down below.

EXCITING NEWS! I am now offering life coaching sessions for those of you who may have lost their sense of purpose during these challenging times, and would like to talk to someone to figure out their next steps. If you’re experiencing a loss of motivation, lack of self-confidence, even if you’re feeling overwhelmed with home-working/relationships/kids/bills etc., I am here to help! I am offering these sessions at a reduced rate, and as with the 121 PT, these will be done over Zoom or phone. To book a session or if you would like to find out more, send me a message or drop “Coaching” in the comments.

If I can answer any questions message me and I would be happy to help.

Adam Kite

Photos from Adam Kite Personal Training's post 18/03/2020

😀 Keep your immune system strong 💪 by following this quick guide!


🔥Can’t get to the gym... do this core workout😁

😁If you’re working from home today or can’t get into the gym. Try this core circuit:

Canoe crunch 1 x20
Flutter kicks 1 x 45 seconds
Leg raises. 1 x 20
LR v-sit 1 x 5 “LR V-sit”

Do 3-4 rounds 😅😅😅

If you have any questions please comment below 👍🏻

Coach Adam


The Coronavirus and going gym...

❌ The bad first...

A coronavirus can stay on a glass, metal, or plastic surface for up to three days.

While that describes virtually every piece of equipment in a gym, it’s not all bad.

✅ The good...

Here are three advantages of the gym compared to other places where people gather or shop:

✅ People in gyms tend to be healthy, and few of us work out when we’re under the weather.

✅ Gymgoers tend to be more health-conscious than, say, the person in the grocery store who inspects a dozen pieces of fruit before selecting one. We wash our hands, use sanitizer, and wipe down our equipment when we’re finished with it.

✅ Because gyms have so much glass and chrome, and because those surfaces look like crap when they’re dirty or smudged, most facilities have someone who cleans them at least once a day.


None of this means there’s no risk to you, but you can help yourself and others by making sure you:

✅ Wipe down all equipment after you have used it.

✅ Wash your hands before and after going to the gym.


You dont have to put your weightloss progress on hold this year.

If your working from home or can't make it to the gym. Why not take up my 90 day fatloss challenge?

Comment below with "90 day" and I will contact you shortly😀

Speak soon

Coach Adam



It's not: ❌ weight loss pills 💊 or secret exercises.🤫🏋️‍♂️

If you're eating the right foods🍏🍉🥦🥦🥑 but not seeing change on the scale or in the mirror, you may be eating too many calories per week.


To fix this:
✅Create a calorie deficit of 300-500 per day by eating less or exercise.
✅Track your calories every day.
✅Stay consistent.

Drop me a DM 📩 or comment below if you're frustrated with your current results and want to lose a dress size in 90 days! 👗

Coach Adam ❤️


Drop some ❤️👇🏻 for my client Tracey after 6 weeks with me!

Tracey had tried fad diet after fad diet but any weight loss she had achieved was short lived. You know the cycle... lose some... gain some… lose some... gain some… IT’S SO FRUSTRATING🤬


She finally came to me as a last resort and wanted to shed the lbs before her birthday and feel comfortable in her own skin again 💃


I am SO proud of your progress and dedication Tracey!!

Client spots NOW open for customized programs & yes, you can reserve now for the new year!

Learn my Method 👉🏼 Reply at the bottom of this post with "90 DAY PLAN" for more info on my program 💪🏻

I can't wait to work with you 😃

Coach Adam


😱Is drinking liquid calories sabotaging your fat-loss?😱 Here’s what to do instead...

Are you following your eating plan to the LETTER but still not losing weight? You could be drinking too many empty calories 😱
Here’s what to do instead...
Are you following your eating plan to the LETTER but still not losing weight? You could be drinking too many empty calories 😱
We all have heard the term “empty calories” before but what exactly are they?
They are calories that don't have a nutritional value only a caloric one.
Empty calories can be found in beverages like carbonated drinks, sports/energy drinks, fruit drinks that contain added sugars and alcohol.
Here's what to drink instead…
WATER 💦💦💦 is your best choice when is comes to a zero calorie drink. Aim to drink 2-3 liters per day 😃
Alternatively if you don't like water add a small amount of sugar free juice just to the water to flavor it.
If you are going to drink carbonated drinks have the zero calorie ones like coke zero, or low calorie tonic water.
When drinking alcohol alcohol 🍷 drink spirits with zero calorie mixers and drink them in moderation. Moderation = 1-3 drinks.


🎄How Giving Up Dieting Can Make You Thinner🎄
With Christmas 🎄fast approaching we normally just give up whatever fitness/ nutrition plan we are doing and say that's it until January!
BIG mistake if you want to not look like a stuffed turkey after the Xmas season 😱
So how can you make your diet work over xmas?
Here’s one way to STRATEGICALLY make your diet work during the three and a half weeks between now and New Year’s Day....👇
Week 1 (December 9 to 15): Set an aggressive deficit. I recommend at least 500 calories below maintenance, or whatever is tolerable for you. Have a single refeed meal on the weekend, but stay strict until then.
Week 2 (December 16 to 22): Same deal. Diet hard all week, with a single high-calorie opportunity on the weekend. (Weekday Christmas party to attend? Use your high calorie day at the party instead)
Christmas week (December 23 to 30): Eat. Come on, it’s Christmas. Get back on the diet December 26, and stay with it until ...
New Year’s Eve: Blow it out. Drink, eat, drink some more. Even with a hangover, you’ll still look better on January 1 than you would have without the holiday diet.
I belive It’s entirely possible for you to lose fat while still enjoying the season, as long as you follow this simple rule: Plan your non-diet days in advance, and diet around them accordingly.
📩 Drop me a message or comment if you have any questions about staying fit this Xmas📩
Speak soon
Coach AK


If that’s you, here's what’s going to happen…
On Monday the 9th of December, the Lean Body Challenge will go LIVE for 20 lucky ladies.
Those ladies will get...
✅ A battle tested nutrition protocol so you can get results fast without starving yourself silly.
✅ Daily tasks and accountability check-ins so you don’t lose motivation or get lost on the backroads.
✅ An invite to a live Graduation Workshop so you can get the roadmap to my entire 90 day transformation system for LASTING success.. The best part is, this is all going to happen for COMPLETELY FREE!
All I need from you is your TOTAL COMMITMENT for 5 days.
If you can do that, here is what you need to do…
1️⃣ Comment down below with “PICK ME”

2️⃣ Tag a friend and make sure you add me.

3️⃣ Check your FB messenger as I will send you the details to reserve your spot.
It’s that simple.
Just type “PICK ME” below and you’ll be locked in.
PS: You may be thinking… What’s the catch? 🤨 Well there is no catch. I’m going to be giving you the first phase of my paid programme for free... Then if you like it and we vibe we can discuss working together on a more personal level. How’s that for fair?
PPS: I do need 20 ladies to run this challenge, so don’t forget to tag that friend!
Speak soon
Coach AK

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Do you lack motivation to get your Friday gym session done? 😩 Come join the Fatburn class 🔥 Fridays 7:15-8:00am 💪🏻 at th...
Thanks ladies for giving me 100% 🔥 in today’s class. If you’re struggling to stay motivated come join the Fat Burn Class...
Would you like to mix up your routine for getting your summer body? Join the Fatburn class at the #harbourhotelguildford...
Absolutely loved the energy ⚡️from the Strength and Performance lunchtime crew today! Come join us Thursday lunchtimes 1...
🔥Bodyweight Abs Shred🔥
😱Is drinking liquid calories sabotaging your fat-loss?😱 Here’s what to do instead...




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