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In my element 💫 - Hope everyone has a great Christmas! Hard and difficult times for everyone this year but stay positive and look forward to the new year!
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THANK YOU Alvin Personal Training for this weeks classes, we have loved them!

Remember, if you’re a member, request to join ‘ActivZone Virtual’ to join to in on the fun 👍
Join in with the fun every morning, Monday-Friday, 9am with Alvin Personal Training

MEMBERS ONLY - Lets stay fit & healthy together 💪👌👍
Request to join ‘ActivZone Virtual’ to get your daily 9am workouts live with Alvin Personal Training
Don’t forget to request to join ‘ActivZone virtual’ so you can join in this mornings workout with Alvin Personal Training at 9am ✌️💪

Alvin’s still taking on 1-1 virtual PT clients if you need that extra push!-

Let’s stay active together ❤️
Join us Monday-Friday at 9am to workout with us. Search ‘ActivZone virtual’ on Facebook & request to join..

For tomorrow’s session you will need a chair & some weight (2 x tins of beans will do)!

Let’s stay active together!


Alvin Simkins Alvin Personal Training
We’re so excited to announce our first LIVE workout will be streamed Monday the 21st of March at 9am, hosted by Alvin Personal Training! All you will need is a bottle of water & a mat. GET READY TO SWEAT 💦

Members if you want to join in, search for the group ‘ActivZone Virtual’ in your search bar & request to be added to the group. These sessions will be live daily at 9am - start your day right with us 👌

If you need that extra push, Alvin Simkins will still be taking on 1-1 personal training sessions. We have a big out door area that we have limited to one PT session per hour. Of course Alvin will be taking all the precautionary measures to keep you fit, healthy & safe!

For those of you that are self isolating, try this quick & easy, no equipment tabata workout put together by Alvin Personal Training 🤟👌💪✌️

20 seconds x squat jumps
10 second recovery
20 seconds x plank walk outs to press up
10 second recovery
20 seconds x high knees
10 second recovery
20 second x high to low plank
10 second recovery
X 4


Let Alvin Personal Training help you reach your summer goals!! Launching 2nd of May 2019...
Morning pal! Looking sharp in the training wagon 👌🏻
Hey Alvin I'm 20 years old and I'm skinny fat and male. I have skinny arms, flat chest, skinny legs but I have belly fat but small belly fat and love handles. Currently I'm doing swimming running and Bodyweight exercises to shut the fat down along with a diet that consists of protein but I do Intermidant fasting. What exercises are effective, are compound exercises the quickest way to lose fat???
Great workout this morning Alvin! Great way to start a Bank Holiday Monday 💪🏻👟👏

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Operating as usual

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 13/01/2022

So. I’ve been told a few times over the last couple of weeks how much bigger I’m looking. Which for most lads is great. Tbh it doesn’t really bother me, but I know aesthetically I probably look a little better when I am a little heavier so I’ve done something about it. I eat like a horse, however being someone that is constantly on the go and struggles to sit still, it’s difficult to eat enough most days. Some Thursdays when I finish Box Activzone I could have have done 25,000 steps and that doesn’t include training myself, holding pads, moving equipment etc etc. This is my post workout shake and this is all it has taken to get those extra calories in. Simples. Tastes amazing too 😋
200ml Oat milk or Almond milk
1 scoop of porridge oats
1 large scoop of Chocolate whey
1 banana 🍌
1 teaspoon of flaxseed, bio cultures
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
Sprinkle some chia seeds
Mix that s**t up. Make dem gains.


Testimonial Tuesday ✅


Monday Mantra:
Stay hydrated peeps 💦


Testimonial Tuesday ✅


Monday Mantra:
Long term consistency trumps short term intensity 📈


14/10/21 - BOX 🥊
Good fun tonight. Also it was great to have the band back together 💃


Testimonial Tuesday ✅


Monday Mantra:
Stay close to people that feel like sunshine ☀️


07/10/12 - BOX 🥊
On Thursdays we graft 🔨 (maybe dance a little 🕺) come get involved every Thursday at 18:30pm.


Testimonial Tuesday ✅
I plan on sharing a new one each Tuesday from different clients to give people an idea of what can be achieved and why I do what I do.


Monday Morning Mantra:

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 30/09/2021

30/09/21 - BOX 🥊
Everyone absolutely smashed tonight’s class. Next week I’m wearing the Madonna head mic 🎤 as I’m losing my voice (I know a few of you might like that)

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 27/09/2021

Not sure where to start on improving your fitness, that’s where Alvin Personal Training comes in. I will take all the stress away, so you can focus on you. Limited spaces available to train with one of the most sought after personal Trainers in the Guildford area. Get in touch to book your free consultation 💪


16/09/21 - BOX 🥊
Float like a butterfly 🦋 sting like a butterfly 🦋 🐝


13/09/21 - 7:15am ⏰While most people were getting out of bed, we had already kicked, punched & elbowed Monday in the balls 🥊


09/09/21 - BOX 🥊
Great to have back with the tunes this week 🐰


08/09/21 - NJAB ✅
The new equipment went a down treat. Not too bad for a pound 😎

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 07/09/2021

07/09/21 - LBT 🍑
Covering for Alicia while she is living it up in 🇪🇸. I thought I would dress up for the occasion


06/09/21 - NJAB ✅
Bit warm this evening ☀️ Well done 😎

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 06/09/2021

Start the week as you mean to go on. The 6:30am crew smashed it this morning 💪

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 03/09/2021

Happy Friday 😁 Here are a few of my fave pics from over the last few days at work. I’m lucky to do something I love and really appreciate my clients and colleagues patience over the last couple of months. I’m back bi***es 💃 ✔

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 02/09/2021

02/09/21 - BOX 🥊
Gorgeous evening with the gang 🙌🏻


26/08/21 - BOX 🥊
Every Thursday at 18:30pm. Non members welcome, £6 per class. Come get involved 🎈


25/08/21 - NJAB ✅
What a lovely evening with this gorgeous bunch. Happy hump/moving day


19/08/21 - BOX 🥊
Few new faces. Same great workout. Nothing better than smashing some pads after work on a Thursday. Come get involved 🥊


02/08/21 - NJAB ✅
Time flys when you are having fun 😊I felt like tonight’s session flew by….. not sure everyone else felt the same way 💪


26/07/21 - NJAB ✅
Tough workout tonight. Well done 💪 Also as if these two melts turned up

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 23/07/2021

I met these two ladies when I went to cover a class at another gym a few years ago.
They asked if I would train them and I said No as I didn’t work there but accidentally 🤥 left some business cards on the floor.…… a few years later and I couldn’t imagine not having them in my life. Their personalities are infectious, they brighten up even the worse day, they constantly make me laugh and they work so bloody hard. Sometimes I feel bad calling my job work when I basically hang out with my friends. Happy Friday 💪


22/07/21 - BOX 🥊
It literally felt like we was Boxing in Ibiza. on the decks and 30degrees ☀️


19/07/21 - NJAB ✅
It was a little warm this evening. Costa Del Burpham ☀️


Come join us at today - 18:00hrs 💪


15/07/21 - BOX 🥊
My fave hour of the week 💿
Be careful this bunch are hard as nails 💅🏻


08/07/21 - BOX 🥊
Exercise + on the decks 📀 = endorphins overload 🤯 Come join us every Thursday at 18:30hrs

Photos from Alvin Personal Training's post 05/07/2021

05/07/21 - NJAB ✅
Thank you to the poor lady I asked to take this pic. We didn’t mean to laugh when your son put dog poo 💩 in your pocket.


Tonight at 18:00hrs 💪


01/07/21 - BOX 🥊
Thank you to for providing the tunes 📀 and to everyone else for making my job a pleasure 💚 See you next week 🥊


24/06/21 - BOX 🥊
Feat: Gobi


23/06/21 - NJAB ✅
Say 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀


BOX 🥊 - 17/06/21
Always such a good craic training this lot on a Thursday evening. Since summer is over we took the class indoors. Spaces are limited so please book with the gym or drop me a message. ✌️


16/06/21 - NJAB ✅
The reason this pic is blurry is because I’m pretty sure even my camera was sweating 🥵

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3x20 wall balls to finish our push session this afternoon 💪Even though I hate these I know how great they are. They work...
Ellen doing flipping amazing this morning 🍩
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3,2,1 🚦 6:30am : Sprints with @samanthasebo this morning #personaltrainer #sprints
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