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My Bike Repair CIC


My Bike Repair CIC are back again - get down here before 1pm to give your 2 wheeled friend a bit of tlc!
Our pals at My Bike Repair CIC are giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to The Handlebards production of Macbeth over on their Instagram account!
Go give them a follow and comment on their post to be in with a chance!
He's back today fixing bikes til 1pm. Come see My Bike Repair!
My Bike Repair are back at St George's until 1pm! Get down here for some free bicycle maintenance!
Give your bike some much needed tlc!
Get down to St George's before 1pm today and visit My Bike Repair CIC

Helping you ‘smash it’ when fixing your bike with cycle maintenance classes, a pop-up Dr Bike of

Operating as usual


The bike adventures don’t need to end when you’re no longer a kid… so today we’re announcing the first of some evening bicycle adventures around Great Yarmouth.

On Thursday 30th June at 6.30pm you’re invited to our first pedalling potter ending at a venue where we can all enjoy a pint… we’re thinking maybe The Empire?

Whatever your bike, whether you ride slow or slower these rides will be a welcoming place to safely ride in a group and enjoy an evening by the sea. The ride will be supported by to experienced ride leaders and who’ll take the group on a tried and tested route to a celebrated watering hole.

We’ll meet on Estcourt Road in North Yarmouth just off Northgate Street and end in central Yarmouth and the philosophy of the ride is that nobody is left behind. So if you fancy an evening pottering paced pedal adventure then come say hello.

Big thanks to Cycling UK for making these rides possible.


We’re back!

Free basic bike repairs and bike checks, first come first served, today from 2pm until 5pm at St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth Plaza in 🚲💚🌍

See you this afternoon! Big thanks to Cycling UK for their support

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NEWS: Our Dr Bike is returning to St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth in Great Yarmouth for two sessions starting during Bike Week! We’ll be back offering FREE bike checks and FREE basic bike repairs on a first come first served basis.

Our first session is during Bike Week 2022 on Thursday 9th June… with a follow up session on Thursday 16th June both from 2pm until 5pm on the plaza next to the cafe. Bring your bike down and we’ll get it ready for the summer.

These sessions have been supported by the wonderful Cycling UK and .

It’s going to be an exciting year as we’re about to have a venue to deliver things from and so watch this space for updates.


Every Tuesday from 1pm until 3pm there are bicycle fixing shenanigans going down in Heartsease!

Follow Heartsease Bike Kitchen for more 🚲💚🌍

Wowsa! That is a bonny trike!
Next session, Tue 17th @ 1pm.


Heads-up to Norwich peeps! Launched today at 1-3pm at the lock-ups next to St Francis Church, Rider Haggard Road… another Bike Kitchen for the good cycling folks of the city.

Follow their Heartsease Bike Kitchen page, drop in and say hello!

They also need tool donations!

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Does your bike need some TLC?

Summer is on its way and we’d love to help you get your bike ready for pedal powered adventures. This Saturday we’re excited to be back at Marlpit Community Centre with the wonderful Norwich Eco Hub offering bike repairs.

We’ll be offering free repairs on a first come first served basis at this location that’s a short leafy hop along Marriott’s Way from the city centre.

What’s more while your bike is being fixed there are Eco-Inspired Activities for Children and Green Living Advice for you to distract yourself with:

Hope to see you there 🚲❤️🌍


April’s here and the bicycles are itching to be ridden. We’ll be fixing for free any bicycles that can make it to Marlpit Community Centre thanks to the wonderful Norwich Eco Hub on Saturday 9th April 🚲❤️🌍


LAST CALL: We have a couple of places left on tomorrow’s free introduction to cycle maintenance!

Send us a DM, and email to [email protected] or a call on 07963676612 to grab one of the last remaining spots 🚲🧡🌍

Big thanks as always to Bicycle Links for use of their Anglia Square space and Cycling UK for the support!

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We have one last opportunity to learn some basic bike fixing in the calendar for now… and it’s filling up quickly 🚲💚🌍

Join us on Saturday 26th March at Anglia Square, bring your bike, and together let’s get ready for the cycling year ahead. We’ll be covering some basic cycle maintenance stuff along with sharing tips to show your bike some TLC throughout the year.

Book by emailing us on [email protected] calling 07963 676612 or sending us a Facebook message.

The session will be 1pm until 4pm, you’ll be able to work on your own bike to help you become more familiar with looking after it and it’s all made possible by the wonderful Cycling UK and Bicycle Links.


Bike tools… they can be expensive and if you’re buying them to service just one bike it’s likely they won’t get a lot of use. This is why bike kitchens are important!

On Wednesday 16th March we’ll be hosting a bike kitchen at Anglia Square, offering you access to tools, a workstand and the advice of your expert mechanics from 6.30pm to 9pm. This isn’t a cycle maintenance course… though there will be bits of tuition and guidance offered to those who take part; so it’s an offer for those who already have a bit of bike fixing experience.

The number of workstands is limited and will be offered out on a first come first served basis, so come hang out, fix your bike and maybe even learn a new thing or two.

We’re delivering this event in collaboration with Bicycle Links with the kind support of Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival project 🚲💚🌍


Spring is coming… and the temptation to go for a pedal powered pootle is just around the corner. Get yourself ready for when the temptation strikes with some bicycle TLC this weekend.

We’ll be teaching some simple maintenance tips for keeping your bike running beautifully throughout the year and making sure your bike it ready to go by offering basic repairs. See you Saturday 🚲💚🌍

Bring your bike to Marlpit Community Centre this Saturday afternoon for a free check.
If your bike has been in storage all winter, this is a great time to have the tires inflated, the chain oiled, and check where that strange squeaky noise is coming from. And if you already cycle every day, My Bike Repair CIC will have expert tips to make your ride safer and more fun.


Missing out on our workshop this weekend?

Fear not… our spring programme is only just beginning 🌍💚🚲

Big thanks to Norwich Eco Hub, Cycling UK and Bicycle Links for making these sessions possible!

My Bike Repair CIC bike maintenance workshop this Saturday is fully booked, so we'll running it again in March for anyone who missed out this time.

Booking for the new date now open at

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Now is a great time to get your bike ready for the spring. However if you’re not sure what to do then on Saturday 12th February we might have a free workshop for you!

Follow this link ( to book a place on our spring bike fixing workshop and then bring your own bike along to fettle as you learn new tips and techniques to be freewheeling freely this February. The session will be led by two of our best mechanics with both decades of bike fixing experience and also a friendly approach to supporting folk learning new things.

This new set of cycle maintenance courses are made possible by the generous support of Cycling UK and this first event is in partnership with Norwich Eco Hub. We’ll be sharing about future sessions here so watch this space if you can’t make it to this session.

Places are limited so follow the link below and book your place on this first session now. See you on Saturday 12th February:

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BIG NEWS: Our Dr Bike is on its summer break from its regular Thursday slot St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth and so we won’t be there today or for the next few weeks. Thank you so much for all your support and positivity. We fixed hundreds of bikes over the last few months and made some really valuable connections that will be super useful as we grow what we’re doing in our home town of Great Yarmouth.

Speaking to folk we’ve been able to pick up some really clear things that people would like to see going on in GY and so one task for the summer is exploring how we can make those things happen. So watch this space for more news of GY projects and services launching soon.

Have a great summer 🚲💚🌍


Cycle Maintenance Training - Certificate of Achievemant

SHINY: It’s been a week of new things… we kicked off a new set of our youth social action bike project sessions with the wonderful SYEP on Wednesday, and perfectly timed, the certificates the young people will earn have arrived!

These shiny certificates are given out by us to any young person we observe competently completing a basic repair on a puncture, brakes, gears and wheel bearings during our courses. In fact we’re planning to start some courses for adults and young people in Great Yarmouth as well soon.

Life isn’t always about awards and certificates… so it was interesting talking to some of the young people on our new course on Wednesday and hearing how much they’d love a Saturday job in a bike shop. They’re struggling to get jobs because they have nothing to show that they have some skills. Hopefully these certificates, backed up by our experience of their abilities, can help them on their first step into a career in some kind of engineering related trade 🚲💚🌍

The HandleBards | Cycling Shakespeare 15/06/2021

The HandleBards | Cycling Shakespeare

CONGRATULATIONS: We’re excited to announce that two tickets to tonight’s performance of Macbeth by The HandleBards were won by Nathan!

There are still a few tickets available for tonight’s show if you missed out. Go to the St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth to grab yourself a seat at this magnificent evening of entertainment:

Hope to see you there later 🚲💚🌍

The HandleBards | Cycling Shakespeare We are The HandleBards. A troupe of cycling actors who carry all of our set, props and costume on the back of our bikes to perform extremely energetic, charm...

Photos from Cycling UK - Norfolk's post 10/06/2021

Always nice to have a visit from Cycling UK 🚲💚🌍

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 08/06/2021

COMPETITION TIME: We’re giving away a goodie bag of bike bits (including our new patches) and a pair of tickets to see the wonderful The HandleBards perform their bike fuelled version of Macbeth at St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth on Tuesday 15th June.

Simply like this post and add a comment tagging someone you think would enjoy this performance. We’ll be drawing the winner at random from all the entries on our Facebook and Instagram posts on Thursday afternoon.

We’re sooooo excited that The Handlebards are coming to Great Yarmouth... we’ve followed them from a far for years and so we’d love to give them a warm east coast welcome 🚲💚🌍

More show details here:


Sooooooo proud of these guys! They worked so hard and completely embraced all the new skills like adjusting bearings.... now to find a home for the first bunch of renovated bikes 🚲💚🌍

Well all done to all the guys that took part in the bike building workshops, you guys did so well. Has been a great 1st part to our project and looking forwarded to our 2nd round starting on the 16th of June and working on setting up our bike club. Enjoy Gravity guys 👏 My Bike Repair CIC


Dr Bike day begins in Great Yarmouth

All set up and ready for a busy day of bike fixing at St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth thanks to the support of Cycling UK. 1pm is when we head off home and so we’ve got a few hours to fix your bike if it needs some repairing.

Can’t make it today?
We’re here every Thursday from 9am until 1pm... always looking forward to meeting folk and fixing stuff. See you soon 🚲💚🌍

Active Norfolk Great Yarmouth Town Centre originalprojects;

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 28/04/2021

There is something so exciting about having a plan, building it and then having an opportunity to use it to teach people new stuff!

Last week the awesome young people on our SYEP bike project stripped down wheel bearings. They did an awesome job and so this week it’s onto headsets... and we’ve built just the thing for them to work on. We built these training rigs to be less cumbersome than a bike and better behaved than the old rusty bikes we’re renovating. We’re conscious that it’s important when learning a new skill to be doing that on well behaved bikes that do what they’re meant to do.

We feel so privileged to have the support of the to make all of this positive mischief possible. Our hope is that after these courses we can take the project we’ve created out to even more Norfolk young people.

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 21/03/2021

Gearing up to kick off in April 🚲💚🌍


Tyre change 🚲💚🌍

Big bikes, small bikes, new bikes, old bikes all getting a revival today here in thanks to from Cycling UK!

We’re here until 3pm today and every Thursday St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth offering free bike repairs to get you back on the road 🚲💚🌍

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 17/03/2021

Okay so tomorrow is Dr Bike day again in Great Yarmouth at St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth and we’re weather watching as usual. We’d love to see you and fix your bike tomorrow... we’re there from 9am until 3pm and maybe early is the safer bet in terms of missing the rain. Repairs are on a first come first served basis and small repairs are free of charge.

This will be our forth week in this great spot and over the last four weeks there has definitely been a star tool that we’ve been using a whole lot.... it doesn’t look much but it is magic in making sure the bikes of Great Yarmouth have working gears. That said, our town is pretty flat and so I get the impression most of us are quite bemused by when we’d actually use most of our bike’s gears... though it’s nice to have the option right!

We reckon we can all be forgiven for not using all of life’s gears over this last year. We’re very much looking forward to a time when life feels full of options again and we’re very much preparing for that moment right now as we explore what a GY bike project could look like. So even if you don’t have a bike that needs a fix we welcome anyone who wanted to drop by for a chat and a discussion around what things you’d love to see going on in our town.

Big thanks to Cycling UK for making these sessions possible!

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 11/03/2021

Our journey towards setting up a Great Yarmouth bike project has begun with our weekly Dr Bike session on a Thursday at St George’s Theatre. These sessions have all been about fixing bikes and talking to people about what they would like to be involved with that’s bike related in GY 🚲💚🌍


Setting up todays Great Yarmouth Dr Bike

We set up in our usual place this morning... and everything blew away!

So we set up around the corner instead.... where we’re now waiting for the sun to come out. It’s coming right?!? We’re here until 3pm today so come on down and get you bike fixed 🚲💚🌍

Huge thanks to St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth and Cycling UK for supporting these sessions.

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 03/03/2021

Didn’t realise we had our next GY Dr Bike tomorrow?

I hope this is something unexpected that might get your wheels turning again...

We’ll be at St. George's Theatre Great Yarmouth from 9am to 1pm on a first come first served basis doing small repairs for no charge thanks to Cycling UK and their awesome support

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 25/02/2021

Our trolley of Dr Bike wonder delivered everything we needed for a successful first day of fixing the bikes in our town!! We were bowled over by how many people came out and got excited about all the bike things we could make happen in Great Yarmouth.... bike maintenance courses, workshop access, bike recycling and bike adventures.

Huge thank you to St George’s Theatre and Cycling UK for making this all possible. We’ll be back next Thursday for more fixing fun from 9am until 1pm!

SYEP ON AIR - 23.02.21 24/02/2021

SYEP ON AIR - 23.02.21

Miss the show last night?

Listen again here to us talking about the Youth Social Action project we’re kicking off in April with the wonderful SYEP!

SYEP ON AIR - 23.02.21 The SYEP ON AIR team - Adam and Clare are talking to Dan Harris from My Bike Repair. Together they are partnering to deliver a Bike Building Project which focuses on tackling loneliness in the local community. They also talk about 'Bee Saviour Behaviour' A not-for-profit community co-op taking ...


Looking forward to sharing more about the Bike Project we’re partnering with SYEP to deliver in the spring on Brickies Radio tonight!!

Join the SYEP ON AIR team tonight from 6pm. Adam and Clare are talking to Dan Harris from My Bike Repair. Together they are partnering to deliver a Bike Building Project which focuses on tackling loneliness in the local community. Tune in and check it out!


It’s an announcement day today... whoop whoop! We’re excited to share that we’ll be supporting people here in Great Yarmouth to keep cycling through lockdown with a whole bunch of Pop-up Dr Bike Sessions at St George’s Theatre Plaza!

They kick off on Thursday 25th February from 9am until 1pm. They’ll be weekly until the end of March at least. The sessions will be COVID safe... so we’ll be all in masks, gloves and big coats... it is still winter after all. We’ll be offering all kinds of basic bike repairs for no charge so that your wheels can keep on rolling towards the spring. First come first served... so we look forward to seeing you there.

These sessions have been made possible by the wonderful Cycling UK and their fabulous event support. We’re going to be using these sessions to also start the conversation with you about what bike things you’d love to see in the town... so we can try to make them happen through our Community Cycling Club. See you on Thursday!

Photos from My Bike Repair CIC's post 06/02/2021

In our experience the curious thing about loneliness is that it can so often be tackled by simple ways of reaching out... it doesn’t require big expensive things or complicated algorithms... a cuppa tea, a walk or a bike ride.

We’ve always loved Sprowston Youth Engagement Project and so it’s an honour to be inviting young people in Sprowston to get involved with a youth social action project we’re delivering in partnership with them in the new year. The plan is to work with young leads to plan a bike project that can help tackle loneliness in the neighbourhood and the city.

It’s all funded by as part of their work with the Fund, supporting the aims of the campaign to inspire social action in young leaders to make a difference in their community... on this occasion through bikes.

If you’re a young person living in Sprowston interested to know more then get in touch. It would be great to have you involved in the new year.


Bikes are like bike rides really... things that can change course opening up new adventures. As we prepare for our Youth Social Action project with Sprowston Youth Engagement Project we’re putting the call out for any neglected or forgotten bikes languishing in the garages of Norfolk. We want to change the course of your discarded bicycles life.

In the spring we’re going to be working with a group of young leaders to breath new life into any old forgotten bike donations we receive so that they can be put to good use in tackling loneliness.

Bikes are almost endlessly fixable making them a pretty perfect ‘vehicle’ for teaching young people about fixing stuff and basic engineering. We can’t wait to be sharing pictures of the journeys we take the bicycle donations we receive on and the people that take part in that journey.

If you have a neglected bike in Norfolk that needs a new life then help us spread the love and get in touch

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We’re back!Free basic bike repairs and bike checks, first come first served, today from 2pm until 5pm at St. George's Th...
Cycle Maintenance Training - Certificate of Achievemant
Dr Bike day begins in Great Yarmouth
Tyre change 🚲💚🌍
Setting up todays Great Yarmouth Dr Bike




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