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Hi I'm Carly and I run TinyTalk Baby Signing classes in Acle and Gorleston in East Norfolk! Learning to communicate before they can talk!

Have fabulous fun singing and signing with your baby, helping to teach pre-verbal communication skills using British Sign Language. From as early as 6-9months babies can tell you what they are feeling, thinking and what they want using baby signing. It's as easy as teaching them to clap and wave! It helps reduce frustration levels and strengthens the magical bond between you and baby. Each class w

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 29/07/2019

Today was the last time I sang the goodbye song 😢 We have indeed had lots of fun over the past 3 years!! It’s been an absolute joy to teach TinyTalk and I’m so pleased to have shared your signing journey! I have loved every class and I will miss you all very much. I’m overwhelmed by your kind words, cards and gifts and so very grateful. Keep in touch TinyTalkers 💜💙🧡


❗️There’s a new TinyTalker in town❗️

Meet Baby Atlas, our new TinyTalk eco character who will be featuring on our new certificates!

Plastic takes 1000 years to decompose and we (TinyTalk) want to do our bit to protect the planet and its delicate ecosystems for your TinyTalkers TinyTalkers.
We are moving away from laminating certificates, and will be celebrating from now on with a card certificate instead.
We hope you understand and supports our endeavours. We will be doing all we can as a company to be as environmentally friendly as possible, especially for our babies and toddlers, and their lives ahead.💜🌱🌎

Don’t forget to let me know if your TinyTalker needs a certificate 🤩

Photos from TinyTalk Great Yarmouth & North Lowestoft - Baby Signing Classes's post 19/05/2019

News flash 👑👶🇬🇧 have you seen the OK! magazine? TinyTalk has been recognised as one of the classes Meghan and Harry should consider for little Archie 😁 👑
Love this! 😍

What an excellent recommendation!

Well if it’s good enough for them it is definitely good enough for us all! 😊😊😊

Timeline Photos 16/05/2019

Why TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes

Timeline Photos 03/05/2019

Looking forward to the Hopton summer term classes starting this morning. 💜💙🧡See you all soon.xx

Timeline Photos 02/05/2019

Summer term Classes start tomorrow in Hopton. Looking forward to seeing you all 💜💙🧡

Timeline Photos 02/05/2019

Why TinyTalk Baby Signing💜💙🧡

Timeline Photos 29/04/2019

Looking forward to the Acle summer term classes starting today. 💜💙🧡See you all soon.xx


Hi TinyTalkers, I hope you all have had an amazing half term and lovely Easter.
Summer term Classes start next week, Monday 29th April in Acle and Friday 3rd May in Hopton.

Super **excited** to see you all!!



TinyTalk will be at the Parent and Baby Show on Sunday at the UEA sports park. Go and say hello with your little ones😍
Unfortunately I can’t be there however, the other amazing TinyTalk teachers in the area will be there 💜💙🧡


⭐️⭐️It's your Easter special classes ⭐️⭐️

Our Easter classes 🐣 start on Friday and next Monday at TinyTalk and it's our last classes of the spring term. Please feel free to dress up in your bunny ears 🐰 or something more adventurous!

The Easter bunny may have visited us with a few goodies for you too 🍫 🍬🧁 🍰


Unfortunately class is CANCELLED today in Acle too. Sorry for the short notice it’s just I’m not feeling well. Messages and emails have been sent.xx


So sorry but class is cancelled today!


💜 A Gentle Reminder 💜

No classes for 2weeks as I’m off on holiday in the morning. Back Friday 29th March in Hopton and Monday 1st April in Acle. See you all in 2 weeks.

Timeline Photos 08/03/2019

💜Happy International Women’s Day💜

💪Here’s to all those strong women.... May you know them. May you be them. May you raise them. May you support them!

To all the strong women I have the great pleasure of being related to, being friends with and who are in my classes.
You are all amazing!xx

Timeline Photos 27/02/2019

The competition to win free classes ends tomorrow! Follow the link to find out more & to enter. Good luck if you do 💜💙🧡


"Love is in the air!" and we're giving away FIVE whole terms of TinyTalk Baby Signing or Toddler Talking Classes - your choice!

All you have to do is visit the TinyTalk website, on the following link: https://www.tinytalk.co.uk/baby-signing-testimonials.php, scroll down to the competition and tell us...

a) why you love us (!)

but also

b) what we could do to be even better...

Thank you!

As this information will be so useful to us, finding out what we're doing well but also how we can improve, we've got 5 little (big!) 'thank yous' for the top 5 answers.

We're running this for the next 2 weeks, from today, Valentine's Day, until the end of February.

### GOOD LUCK - and THANK YOU! ###

Timeline Photos 14/02/2019

💕♥️Happy Valentine's day to everyone♥️💕 Love is in the air 😍🥰

I hope you all got to spend your day or evening surrounded by people you love❤️

Timeline Photos 13/02/2019

Today is Galentines day! ‘ladies celebrating ladies’ This nonofficial holiday is all about female friendships and celebrating those special friends you have in your life. I’m so grateful and cherish all my lovely friends, mum, sister, sister in law and nieces. Happy Galentine’s day all! 💜💜


No class today in Acle, back next week. Have a lovely week TinyTalkers 💜💙🧡


No class today in Hopton, back next week. Have a lovely week TinyTalkers 💜💙🧡


This week we celebrated Autumn getting her 5th sign certificate. Well done TinyTalker, *fantastic* signing 💜💙🧡 keep up the good work n mummy too.xx


National Storytelling Week starts tomorrow. Here at TinyTalk we love sharing stories and books within our classes.

Here is Gemma from TinyTalk Baby Signing Classes Waveney & Mid-Suffolk and two clever TinyTalkers signing *Book*

What is your favourite book to share with your little one?


It's never too early to sign with your baby as this Dad is 😍
Even if signing is not your 1st language, if you are going to sign with your little ones, it's good to start from birth. It gets you in the habit of signing and babies can recognise signs even before they can sign back, which is when they start to gain hand control and you can look at the same object together, around 5 months onwards. Why baby signing? Because babies have so much to say!


Competition time TinyTalkers!!! Who wants to win FREE classes?!?! 💜 xx

The competition ends at the end of the month, at midnight on Thursday 31st January. You must follow TinyTalk on both the main 'TinyTalk Baby Signing' page and 'tinytalk_baby_signing' Instagram feed.

And here’s the link to the big competition...

Ready for some FUN?

It may be 'Blue Monday' today (supposedly the most depressing day of the entire year) BUT TinyTalk is here to SAVE THE DAY!

Want to win 1 of 3 whole terms of TinyTalk Baby Signing or Toddler Talking Classes for FREE...?

If so, here's what to do... (Have a bit of fun to win a whole term of fun!)

1. Go onto the https://www.tinytalk.co.uk/ or https://www.tinytalk.ch/ website and find the answers to the 6 very easy questions, below... It should take you about 5 minutes.
2. Take the 1st letter of each answer, rearrange them to spell a word and send your 6 answers AND your word to us at [email protected].
3. That's it! Good luck!

The competition runs out at the end of the month, at midnight on Thursday 31st January. You must follow TinyTalk on both the main 'TinyTalk Baby Signing' page and 'tinytalk_baby_signing' Instagram feed.

We'll pick the 3 winners at random, and you can choose to have either a full term of TinyTalk Baby Signing or Toddler Talking Classes (worth from £60 to over £80 each).

Have fun and good luck!

Here are the 6 easy questions:

1. On the 'WHAT OTHERS SAY!' page, which famous Peter has attended TinyTalk classes and thinks we're inspirational?
2. On the 'BABY SIGNING' page of our website, what are babies keen to get out?
3. On the 'SHOP' page, how much is each digital download of the stunningly beautiful class music?
4. On the 'TODDLER TALKING' page, our classes "build toddlers' speech .........., confidence and social skills".
5. On the 'JOIN THE TEAM' page, what is the first word of the first bullet point?
6. Finally on our 'BLOG' page, what is the word after "The one thing all TinyTalk teachers want..." in the first headline?

Remember you must send 7 words to us (the 6 answers above AND your 6-letter word, taken from the 1st letters of the answers, rearranged) to [email protected].


P.S. Please do NOT put the answers in the comments below this post. You will spoil the fun for others AND be disqualified... Instead, email them to us at [email protected] and you could win a prize worth over £80! Thank you - and good luck! x

Timeline Photos 20/01/2019


Did you know that every time you like, love, share or comment on my posts you are helping my business grow? I realise that my business is not directly relevant to many of you, so I wanted to say a huge thank you so much for all your support. Clicking ‘like’ takes 2 seconds but makes a massive difference to my reach and promotion. Every single reaction means so much to me, please keep sharing and liking. Thank you 💜xx

Timeline Photos 14/01/2019

A few things to make our TinyTalk classes fun for all:

1) Babies cry! Please don’t be embarrassed if your little one cries, I guarantee every baby in the room will do it at some point. It’s fine, honest. Just do what you normally do to sooth them.

2) Chatting. We are a relaxed bunch at TinyTalk and love a good natter. But please keep chat down to a minimum during the first half of the session, so everyone can enjoy the class and hear. Our social time at the end is the best time to chat over a drink while your TinyTalker plays.

3) Older siblings. We love siblings coming to class and do not charge extra for this. But please remember that the class is for the little ones and make sure your biggies are careful and not too boisterous.

4) Where to sit? In the baby classes we recommend non moving babies stay at the back of the mats and active ones at the front. This ensures no one gets trodden on by a little one with the new found skill of moving. Chances are they will want to be near us and my bag of tricks at the front.

5) Friends. Everyone one sitting in the room has a little one, there for you have something in common with them all. Offer a smile and a hello, that’s how beautiful friendships grow (I’m gonna print that on a T-shirt lol).

6) Relax and enjoy yourself. No one will judge you for your singing, for the faces you pull to make your baby smile. You are all there for the same reason, to spend time with your little one, to learn a new skill, to get out of the house and to discover how amazing baby signing is😍.

7) Feeding your baby. B***s out, bottles out, homemade snacks or shop bought. Just do what keeps your little one happy. But please ask other parents before offering their little one food (especially if is your b**b 😂)

If you have any problems or questions please just let us know. We are there to make your class as pleasant as possible🤩.

Thanks to TinyTalk South Tyneside and Sunderland for the words x

Timeline Photos 09/01/2019

Don't just take our word for it...Giovanna Fletcher is now taking their 3rd son Max to TinyTalk classes....🤩 Isn’t this picture too cute! The Fletchers have loved attending TinyTalk with Buddy, Buzz and now Max 🤩

Max started two classes this week... Tom took him swimming, and I took him to Tiny Talk (baby sign). I can’t believe he’s 3 months old tomorrow. Time has gone so fast and, although that is scary, it’s great to see him enjoying these little adventures! ❤️🙌🏼 xx

Timeline Photos 06/01/2019

Excited to see everyone!xx

Photos from TinyTalk Great Yarmouth & North Lowestoft - Baby Signing Classes's post 05/01/2019

Very excited for Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.xx

Timeline Photos 03/01/2019

Spring term classes start tomorrow! Excited to see everyone.xx

Photos from TinyTalk Great Yarmouth & North Lowestoft - Baby Signing Classes's post 02/01/2019

Hi all, hope you had a lovely festive break and new year. Here are our Christmas class photos, sorry for the delay the break went so quickly 💜💙🧡
As we all get back into routine for the new year, just a remind that classes start THIS Friday, the 4th of Jan in Hopton. Classes for Acle start on MONDAY the 7th of Jan.

Look forward to seeing you all, Carly.xx

Timeline Photos 01/01/2019

Spring term starts on Friday in Hopton and Monday in Acle, have you booked your place yet?? 💜💙🧡

Timeline Photos 31/12/2018

Wishing all you lovely people a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.xx

Timeline Photos 29/12/2018

My lovely colleague Kate from TinyTalk Baby Signing - Colchester and Tendring summed up beautifully in this photo! Thank you 💜💙🧡

Booked your space yet for 2019?


Merry Christmas🎄🎁 to all my TinyTalkers and families present, past and future 💜💙🧡 Hope you’ve all had a magical day. Love to you all.xx

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