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Operating as usual

[01/20/17]   You may have noticed radio silence from PVC over the past month or so...
We are sad to announce that The Art School has removed it's support from PVC, and so it's future is uncertain.
For the time being, all our residents continue to do great, fun and interesting things, and are all so appreciative of our time in residence, new friends, and silly parties we were able to throw for you at the vic!
Whatever happens from here in on, it's been amazing fun, and a total honour to play with and host the likes of Cakes Da Killa, Manara, Bossy Love, Danny L Harle, Ni-Kü, False Witness, VAJ.Power, Hipsters Don't Dance, P***Y PALACE, Joe Howe as well as residents past and present!

Support your local weirdo!
xoxo DJ Femme Fresh, on behalf of all of us at PVC

(PEARL NECKLACE, Sunshower, Junglehussy, Sychophantasy, Tara Masterson Hally)


PVC's cover photo


Hot off the press, PVC's very own DJ Femme Fresh is featured in the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy Tour zine! She's going places baby, so make sure you pick one up from The Art School!


PVC's very own DJ Femme Fresh...

What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
"I've been working hard on PVC, trying to keep it moving, staying honest and representing our position in the club scene in Glasgow and further afield. I’ve started making some silly party music with fellow PVC DJ Sunshower as Kissu, as well as a new radio show we’re both working on together, called Waterproof for Datafruits.fm. I’ve also recorded a collaborative demo at Green Door studios under the name Gong Bath with some other Glasgow musicians and working on some ideas currently in production."

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
"Playing with Danny L Harle was a bit of a dream, and of course the crazed joy that was the freshers’ party last year that ended in Matthieu (ents convener at the time) pouring an entire can of orangeboom over himself in celebration come 3am."

Tell us a track that sums up your last year?
"less love more s*x - dj salinger rmx
most requested track since freshers last year all the way up to degree show. total cutesy banger and epitome of my time at PVC"

...and a track you'll be playing over the next year?
"Rizzla - Burning Boat.
This year i’m going to be playing sets full of cute but bassy, jumpy but danceable weirdness."

What's your favourite PVC poster?
"Flying tampons or sunscreen hot dog."

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
"Honest conversation, responsibility, mutual support and dumb fun."


Welcome back PEARL NECKLACE aka Fraser Bone....
What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
"Mostly playing at parties that involve glitter in some way. I curated a 3 floor collaborative party in a hotel w/ a lot of local talented djs, performers and designers. That was pretty dope. Now currently experimenting with producing some vogue tracks."

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?


Welcome home Sycophantasy aka Catriona Reilly...

What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?
"Bits and pieces, moving in new directions as a DJ and working on making Stereo inclusive and accessibly."

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
"False Witness or Danny L Harle, the happy hardcore one was fun too."

Tell us a artist that sums up your last year?
"It's gonna have to be by labels - Mixpak, Bala Club, Qweenbeat, NON to name a few."

...and an artist you'll be playing over the next year?
"Gonna try and get away with as much nu-metal as possible #yolo!"

What's been your favourite PVC poster?
"Gotta be the one with the tampons."

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
"More diversity, more exclusivity and something that's actually progressive and groundbreaking."


Welcoming back Sunshower aka Jack Fawcett...

What have you been working on since the birth of PVC 1 year ago?

"Over the past year I have been running my own club night called Dreamcast. I've set up a net-label called Roof Garden Records, i've released a digital album through Pedicure Records, and put out an EP on Not Like That!"

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?

" DJ Femme Fresh curated night w/ Joe Howe."

Tell us a track/artist that sums up your last year?

"Empyrean Tears - Take Me Away / dJJ - just a lil."

...and a track/artist you'll be playing over the next year?

"The Person - Orangina (Toca Me Amor)!"

What's your favourite PVC poster?

"Flower & toothpaste."

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?

"A shift away from the continued swell of derivative house/techno club nights towards a more creative, inclusive & intelligent Glasgow nightlife."


Introducing JUNGLEHUSSY aka Matthew Arthur Williams...

Tell us a little about what you do, and what you'll be bringing to the PVC party.
"Everything and anything to make you bounce. Junglehussy is stuck in a previous decade. Like a bad boy reunion tour that should of happened 20years ago, i.e LATE"

What has been your favourite past PVC party or guest?
"So many 2 chose from! Bouncing around to Sunshower’s sets and whenever the two Sophie’s go back-to-back (Brandy Deep-Cuts/Cleoslaptra)"

Tell us a track/artist (delete as apt) that sums up your last year?
"What Is Real? Tink"

...and a track/artist you'll be playing over the next year?
"Da Baddest B****/Trina *on repeat*"

What's your favourite PVC poster?
"Bossy Love poster was sizzling, Life’s a Peach was QT and Fun Flirty Fluid was norty."

What do you hope to see in the music/club scene in Glasgow over the next year?
"More hot acts doing their own thing on small/large levels coming thru and also wanting to come thru."

synthglasgow.com 15/09/2016

Freshers Focus: PVC

Shout out to SynthGlasgow for this sweet feature ahead of our return to The Art School tonight ☺️

synthglasgow.com Fun, inclusive and set to stun, PVC have reclaimed some of the hedonistic freedom that once typified The Art School's Vic Bar.


TONIGHT @ PVC x Hawkchild DIY
as well as our super special geo filter (available NOW at The Art School)
keep an eye out for our zine, ft
🍰 an interview with Cakes Da Killa 🍰
📀 all the info you need on this year's residents 📀
❌ a guide to getting called out ❌
🔥 and info on getting yourself involved in PVC 🔥

keep those eyes peeled, and see you at the party!


to celebrate our return at PVC x Hawkchild DIY tomorrow night
come get oiled up & party
some tickets still available thru the event page or at the vic bar!

Sunshower DJ Femme Fresh PEARL NECKLACE Catriona Reilly


PVC's cover photo


Not Like That

PVC's very own Sunshower with a fresh EP on Not Like That ! Feeling like a very proud club indeed... check it out


So pleased to be releasing this new Sunshower EP. Give it a listen... You won't regret it. :)

[07/28/16]   PVC CALL OUT:
- do you have any images or videos frm PVC parties past? snapchats, instagrams, whatever the hells? do your friends? please send them our way if you wouldn't mind them being used on our social media (and include credit info).
- do you want to join the PR team for the cutest vibe in town? do you like adorable dance parties for the people? are you fun, flirty, fluid? GET IN TOUCH/tag a friend. u scratch our back, we'll scratch urs

Sunshower DJ Femme Fresh PEARL NECKLACE

soundcloud.com 11/06/2016


woah next week is the last PVC of the school year and we're bringing you the king + queen of pop, Sunshower and DJ Femme Fresh for 4 hours of FUN, FLIRTY FREEDOM !

ending of eras has never been this cute


soundcloud.com NXC


PVC's cover photo


2night Sycophantasy and Pearl Necklace will be summoning the sunny spells in the club. Come Join us XOXO

soundcloud.com 26/05/2016

DJ Femme Fresh - Mercury Retrograde

New mix from our gyal DJ Femme Fresh who we're pleased to announce is gonna be playing w the s**t hot Bossy Love next month at PVC!
Our last of the month is on tonight, free as ever, w resident Heath Swedger and always welcome special guest, Sultan. He killed it the last time he popped by so you know PVC - Life's a Peach is gonna be a fun one.


soundcloud.com DJ FF's month of May

radarradio.com 18/05/2016

Player - Radar Radio

Get locked to Radar Radio in a few, where previous PVC guests Hipsters Don't Dance will be joined in the studio by False Witness. Whet your appetite for PVC - False Witness (GHE20G0TH1K / KUNQ / Lit City Trax)!




Thanks again to DANNY L HARLE, VAJ.Power, DJ Femme Fresh and Sycophantasy for an incredibly memorable PVC night! XOXO

❀┗(・ω・;)┛BROKEN FLOWERS┗(・ω・;)┛❀ --- Danny L Harle w live VJ set at The Art School /// PVC


PVC's cover photo


At Central station waiting on Danny. We canny wait! Xx


Danny L Harle - Broken Flowers

💛 1 more day to go 💛

Subscribe to Danny L Harle's channel to be the first to watch the latest videos: http://smarturl.it/DLHsubscribe Download 'Broken Flowers' here: http://smart...


The Art School

PC Music's prince of pop Danny L Harle is joining the PVC bbz on Thursday. 💛

£3/4 tix: http://bit.ly/1ruxtoD


PVC's cover photo

theartschool.co.uk 10/05/2016

PVC @ The Art School, Glasgow, United Kingdom

🎉This Thursday's Experience 🎉
🌻🌻 100% Danny (Rea)L Harle 🌻🌻
😍 £4 tickets online or £3 if you are a student 😍

theartschool.co.uk Thursday 12 May - £3 STU / £4 ADV / £5 OTD


Radio Magnetic on Mixlr

Hawkchild DIY will be doing his first ever DJ set in The Vic later on, alongside fellow PVC-newcomer Matthew Williams and our resident Deep Brandy Album Cuts. Make sure you get down to support, and in the meantime listen to him live right now on Radio Magnetic to get an idea of what's in store.


One of the UK's longest running internet radio stations. We concentrate on providing you with good quality music from an underground, independent and alternative perspective. Live and on demand.

soundcloud.com 27/04/2016

That Crusty Chiffon~

Time to get familiar with the guests who'll be joining Deep Brandy Album Cuts tomorrow night. First up: Matthew Williams, with a 30 minute mix of wall-to-wall garage stompers.

PVC - Scrubbed Clean

soundcloud.com Artist who some times DJ's. A plethora of bad* choices.

gofundme.com 26/04/2016

Click here to support Save The African Caribbean Centre by Serign B Sanneh

Deep Brandy Album Cuts will be hosting this week's PVC - Scrubbed Clean. She'll be djing alongside Matthew Williams, who you might have caught playing the opening set at the club portion of Free Pride last year, and Hawkchild DIY, the booker and promoter bringing Yung Lean and Kamixlo to Glasgow next month who's recently taken up residency on Radio Magnetic.

The night will be free as usual but the djs will be donating their fees to this fundraiser to save the African Caribbean Centre. Please consider making your own donation through the link below or throwing whatever £ you can spare in the collection tin that'll be available on the night.

gofundme.com Save our Centre – African and Caribbean Community Centre Glasgow Please help us raise £10,000 within the next 2 weeks to save the centre. Read below full story. Despite all attempts to settle an ongoing rent arrears dispute with City Property Glasgow LLP, a commercial organisation of the Glasg...

soundcloud.com 12/04/2016


Here at PVC towers we still have a few bigggg special announcements to make before the end of the school year, and some cool projects coming up in the future, but for now are happy to announce that we will be BACK FOR A 2ND YEAR from freshers 2016!! Thanks for all the love, support, and happy crazy parties. We love you all so much xoxoxoxo

Don't forget to join us to celebrate w/ Unicorn Daughter, VAJ Power and Charlie B this Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/events/215715432151076/

(this one's for the heads, rewind to September 2015)

soundcloud.com princess bambi rmx _zoggs_


The Spring Clean begins! Join us tomorrow night at PVC featuring Femme Fresh, Sycophantasy and Pearl Necklace. We'll be sharing the venue with GI for their opening party MEGA HAMMER curated by MArvin Gaye Chetwynd & Jedrez Cichosz. It's all free!


PVC's cover photo



clashmusic.com 24/03/2016

Premiere: Happy Meals - 'If You Want Me Now'

Check out Tara Masterson Hally, who's responsible for all the PVC artwork, latest shot with Happy Meals! Supremely talented.

clashmusic.com Happy Meals are a Glasgow duo who capture the ineffable strangeness of electronic pop music.


The Art School

Push forward with the ah-mazin Sophie K (aka Deep Brandy Album Cuts) over at Aye Hen! She's back tonight with Cleoslaptra & Letitia Pleiades. Join us!

Excellent interview on the Aye Hen site with Sophie K (aka Deep Brandy Album Cuts) who's a crucial voice at The Art School and Glasgow. She's returning tonight for PVC w/ Cleoslaptra & Letitia Pleiades. Free entry!

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PVC - Shed Your Inhibitions
Revival Remedy




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