Roddy Scott English&FrenchTutor

Roddy Scott English&FrenchTutor


Tutor Service English & French, Qualified, 28 years exp, online, face to face (when Coronavirus ends, all vaccinated); dissertations, theses, Creative Writing, published poet, short story & magz non-fiction article writing, scripts, many school resources

Operating as usual


Well, the results are coming to me by email and txt... x 3 students so far with Grade A. There is no question how this happened: they are hard- working young people. All I do is support, guide, offer advice. Any student coming to me gets good advice etc, but their work ethic is vital- if they are willing to work hard, results are guaranteed! So Well Done, Charlie, Caitlyn and Ismail! Happy faces all round x


It's the 24th July 2022. If you are a student with worries about English language work, ou bien le français, ça vous donne du malheur.... please note, I am on holiday but STILL AVAILABLE, from 27th July to 30th August. Zoom is the answer. Do not hesitate to get in touch. Rates per hour have changed but ARE negotiable, depending on your budget. Read my testimonies from parents and students who were satisfied and / or happy with their results. More of these will follow from last year' s students, once their results are in, August 22.

IVE GOT YOUR BACK! ... as the Yankees say- and Bless them, they have the most wonderful sayings, my all- time favourite being, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

So WUASTC, you can arrange to get help as it suits!! My Help Is Flexible... do not spend money every week / month! You can get help when you need it! We can sort out the Budget You Require.... but, BOOK NOW, OR BOOK SOON!
And Remember, Study Light or Study Heavy, Your Brightness Keeps You Steady! ;))



Le français est une belle langue: si ça vous intéresse, d'apprendre cette langue pendant le Printemps et l' Été qui vient, ce serait le Début d' un voyage d' apprentissage incroyable!
Je vous jure que, le français que vous apprenez avec moi sera avec plaisir et des chansons, de la poésie ( Baudelaire?! Jacque Prévert?!) et les romains super ( Mauriac, surtout!)
Appel- moi: 01505- 673787, [email protected].
Apprend le français d'un prof tout-à- fait commit à votre apprentissage :))
Bon Chance ! Roddy Scott


Hi Folks, Tutorial Work just got Busier: I'm up to 6 students, and counting, two at least in the pipeline....

if you have Prelim results back, feel you need help, there's still time-

3 months 2 weeks until the SQA Exams. They WILL go ahead, with Restrictions lifted on Monday 24th January, we here in Scotland are in a much more stable, safe place than before.

So large groups of students in an Exam Hall is just about to happen.....

also, I do Zoom and face to face meetings now, ' hybrid' learning.

If you are a parent or student reading this, or an Adult Learner, English as a Foreign Language or French Language learner: GET IN TOUCH!
There's no time like the Present. Act now, guaranteed, Guaranteed, GUARANTEED Results from a qualified, long- experienced Tutor. Try me out: once a week, once a fortnight, even once a month...... you choose!
Good Luck, until We Meet :)


2022 is here. Don't let the Virus get you down!
Be positive about the Future. Study hard, English & French are just 2 subjects at school- then they become 2 Phenomena in your Life, 2 Worlds to be explored..... and then the Learning never ends. That's why Learning is Fun. Stop worrying about exams and just Live!


Hi Folks!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
and Thank You, to all the people who have reacted and shown support for this page, although uptake from students here has been rarer than hen's teeth.... :)
Whatever. I remain Hopeful, since 2022 is a New Year, just around the corner, And by the Great Zeus Head of Olympia, it has to be Better than the last 2!!
Slainthe! And May Yer Lums Lang Reek! :)


Hello Folks!
This is a Very Special Thank you, to all my friends and family, who have over the last month or so, ' likes' or otherwise recognised my page here for Tutoring.

I really appreciate it, especially from my pals in Canada, Doug thank you!

Business has been slow but students will pick up soon, as the exam season for many will be upon them, just after Christmas.

So might I remind all parents and students reading this, that I remain very flexible as a tutor, offering both English and French at most levels, and also for Adult Learners of French and English as a Foreign Language ( etc).

I have currently an Adult Learner of French on Zoom who lives miles away in North England!

It is a pleasure to see people profiting from learning, always. These ' lessons' I deliver are custom- made for each individual I meet.

Happy St Andrew's Day! Alba Gù Bráth!

Slaìnthe Mhór!


Et si vous avez des problèmes de compréhension avec vos cours de français,
n'hésitez pas de me contacter carrément, Les Étudiants ✌😎
Je suis toujours prêt à devenir. votre prof en Zoom.
Et bien, Bon Courage 🤞 avec les examens et Santé😊


As you all know, ornithology is the study of birds.... but Literature like a bird book is only going to enlighten you about... birds.
Reading is absolutely key, in as many areas of life as you can imagine, to learning language and learning how it works. Thus reading news articles in a newspaper, a broadsheet (i.e. the opposite of a tabloid paper) will always help to make the Reading Exam Paper that much easier! However don't passively read- active reading means picking up a dictionary, finding the word you don't know, writing down its meaning, and learning it.
All you need is a pen and paper, and a newspaper, and a dictionary.
Don't relie on online dictionaries- get a few hardback copies. Books are not old-fashioned, they're reliable!
And that's it for my updating ... a wee Blogpost, as it were. Good Luck with the Prelims, you Students! :)


Hi Folks, read my tutor reviews, if you think they're good, why not 'like' them?! :)
I get more Brownie Points on Google searches as a result....


Please, Fellow Folks, leave feedback that represents your genuine impression of the Reviews for this Tutor... His Business Is Still Trucking On... :)))


Contact me through WhatsApp.... I'm The Real Deal, Folks!

Photos from Roddy Scott English&FrenchTutor's post 17/10/2021

Here are a few great Reviews, from my First Tutors Account...

These are 100% Positive Reviews from parents and Adult Learners!

If you are a parent (or an Adult Learner) looking for a Tutor for your son or daughter,
Look No Further!
You have just found Him!

Remember, if you contact me through this Facebook platform, no ' Finders' fees apply.

Go Ahead! Book Me Today :))) My Work Is Value for The Bank Vault- that would be the Student's Personal Piggy Bank :))


If you are a past student of mine and you have done well and been happy with the work I did, please post a Review here: :)


It's now 15th September and my student uptake is strong, I have 5 per week now ( this is the earliest in any year out of the last 15 years that students have got in touch) but still some space for 1 or 2 more....

This early uptake is definitely a sign of the Pandemic times, students missing out last year on their education.

So if you're a parent and worried about your son or daughter catching up after missing studies, or want them to have support to get good grades, I'm here to help - 4 students are on Zoom hourly tutorials, the 5th is a local who chose face to face at his house.

I have 1 student Adult Learner of French, who is based in the North of England. She has a very busy home life, but is progressing rapidly, with plenty of laughs too!

The strongest resource I use that works for students is BBC Bitesize Revision, which I cannot recommend enough!

Come on, jump in to Tutorial, it's cheap but excellent quality I offer, with all background work- marking, research, email advice, etc
part of the price paid for 1 hour's tutorial, I e. no extra charge for any work undertaken outwith the hour online on Zoom!

That's Value for Money, no? :))


Self-Made Man and Tutor of High Calibre Available for Hire.....
English or French, Take your Pick
Choisissez Bien!
Mais N'Attend Pas Jusqu'aux Oies S'Envolent Encore au Sud Pour L' Hiver!

Book NOW or Forever Hold Thy Breath, as next year's tutors will go like Hotcakes :))

Roddy Scott. B.A., P.G.C.E., 28 years experience in education.... see First Tutors website for Excellent Parent and Student Feedback re. tutoring with me...


This is a Non- Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of the Scottish Tutor Roddy Scott...

A talented, hard- working, creative Tutor of English & French is HERE , right now, OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Now tutoring Primary school Students online on Zoom, with Excellent Results !

Parents are contacted immediately after tutorials to give a review of the work achieved, progress so far, and reminder of Homework to be done.

My Students are HAPPY, INVOLVED, BUSY, KEEN, and most of all.... LOVELY N KIND :))

Get In Touch if you want purposeful work online tailor- made for your own kids.
Guaranteed Results.


Parents worried about their kids missing out on schoolwork? No worries. Contact me for catch-up lessons on Zoom.... I have three new Primary school students, all very happy scribbling away with new creative writing - poetry from my many Poetry Workshops :))

Timeline photos 11/03/2021

As a Creative Writer, it was a lovely big surprise to have my poem accepted for a giant 6 metre high poster, beside Paisley Town Centre's main train station, at Gilmour Street.
Hope students enjoy this as it's not every day their Tutor gets such a special tribute :))


Looking for Help for English or French N5 or Higher Grade?
You have found it! Stop worrying! Help is at hand!
As a Tutor of English & French I can assure you there IS a solution to any problems or difficulties you are facing.

I am available evenings and weekends and offer a 'Bespoke Service', i.e., whatever specific thing you are stuck with, that is what we will work on together.

Do not despair! There IS a solution to problems you may feel are insurmountable. The FIRST thing I work on as a Tutor is how to help you not to feel so 'overwhelmed'.

Prices on Facebook that I advertise ARE negotiable, especially for bulk bookings or long-term commitments to tutorial work. Just ask.

Photos from Roddy Scott English&FrenchTutor's post 04/01/2021

The students in this photo I taught in Chan Young High School in Sheung Shui, New Territories, Hong Kong, 2004-2006. The photo at the foot of the page is them in their 20s.
They were an A Level Hong Kong Certificate of Education class. There were 32 students, and for the first time in the school's history
the pass rate was 100%!! I was their teacher for the whole 2 years. They were a class of the finest students I have ever met- kind, generous, FUNNY,
friendly, warm-hearted, hard-working, respectful, but most of all, they knew their teacher cared. :)
It was a privilege to teach them. I will never forget them as long as I live.

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@ 04 Jan 2021 English & French Tutor, Freelance Writer: R A Scott.
Hello! My name is Roddy Scott and I am a Scottish retired High School teacher of English & French. I continue to tutor English & French as I enjoy it so much and have had many good & successful experiences with very nice students, one or two of whom I remain in touch with after many years.
I can also call upon them or their parents to provide references and strong testimony as to my positive and often strong results. Their hard work is what brings them success of course, but my input, in the testimony of both parents and students, is a major contributing factor and sometimes it has been essential, due to the circumstances in schools and colleges which students unwittingly find themselves placed.
I have 28 years teaching experience and of those years, the last 13 years roughly have been spent tutoring in the evenings, some weekends.
I have many happy ex-students, among these students, I have a 100% pass rate- either the student was struggling, but got a C pass at Higher, or they achieved A or B grades, at Higher. I have also taught Intermediate 1 & 2, Int 2 being the certificate that National 5 English & French courses were developed from (see SQA, or 'Learning & Teaching Scotland' online).
National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher English & French are all on offer, as well as Conversational basic Cantonese, or Advanced Oral French (I have fluent French), as I lived and taught English in Hong Kong from 1998-2006, and lived in Belgium and taught English in a French-speaking school, 1983-84, and taught French in high school for many years.
I have TESL/TEFL experience, can teach English as a Foreign or Second language, since this is what I was doing in Hong Kong.
Service Records of all schools and Certificates of Service for them are all available.
Creative Writing is also a specialty- for anyone preparing short story, poetry or drama- a script- for their Folio, this is also possible!
I have edited and proofread doctoral theses as well as helped with undergraduate dissertations, on several occasions- these Phd holders and Batchelors and Masters holders can verify and bear testimony to my abilities.
I am a member of SAW (Scottish Association of Writers) and FWS (Federation of Writers, Scotland). Both these organizations can be found online, promoting creative writing in Scotland, for all ages.
I write poetry & short story, have a fantasy novel in process for Young Adults as well as a script for a theater play, or screenplay.
All types of writing catered for, including Discursive Essay, Personal / Reflective Essay, which is classed as Creative Non-Fiction in the professional writing world.
I am a Performance Poet, and member of Word Factory*, which meets at Govanhill, Glasgow, every Friday (see Facebook*) and performs Spoken Word events, the first Wed of every month, in Glasgow.
As well as teaching for 25 years I have been actively writing as a semi-professional freelancer, since 1985, having some non-fiction articles published in various magazines, as well as poetry published in magazines online and in an anthology of poets from Hong Kong called 'Outloud', 2000AD. (For a view of poems online, see: Sentinel Poetry, Allpoetry, Dreich Poetry Online and Print, Glasgow, University of Aberdeen Pandemic Poetry, Stanza Poetry Festival Scottish Poetry Map, and many more)
Tutorials can be carried out evenings, Mon-Fri, or weekends, with restricted times Sunday, in the home of the student, ALSO in public libraries.
N.B., during 2020 and onwards, until the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted and the situation is under control, all tutorials will be online.
I use Zoom for online tutorials, as well as a Skype Account- contact me re. details.
Tutorials can be quite flexible- every two weeks, for example. I travel to tutorials on a Yamaha TDM 900 motorbike, occasionally a car.
Please Note: a responsible adult, or a sibling aged 18 or over, must be present in the home during the whole tutorial, or the tutorial can not go ahead.
24 hours notice, at least, must be given to cancel a tutorial.
Hourly rates are fixed and will be revealed at the time of arrangement, with some negotiation possible.
I look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a parent looking for help, or a student looking for help. Good Luck!
Cheers, Roddy Scott.

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Hello there!  I am Roddy Scott.
I was a high school teacher of English & French for 25 years (1992-2016, and one year as an Assistant English Teacher in Belgium 1983-84 in a French-speaking school, in Wallonie, 30km South of Brussels.)
I have been an Examiner many times- in Highland Region in Scotland, in Hong Kong, and also whilst working as a Tutor; Oral English Examiner for English as a Foreign Language, Oral French Language Examiner, Exam Setter and Lead Examiner in Hong Kong, as well as Oral Language Course Designer and Trainer to Chinese teachers.
I have been tutoring- while I worked in high school, until now, 2021- for 28 years, with a great deal of success. I tutor in the student's home, or in libraries, or via Zoom or Skype, etc.

I have an Online Tutor presence on First Tutors (i.e. I am a Tutor for them) as well as Superprof, an advert on Gumtree, and several International Tutor websites- a Google search will verify I am registered internationally.
I have 8 years as an EFL teacher in Hong Kong. As a result of studying the language, I speak also basic Cantonese. I have fluent French, written and spoken; some basic Spanish, conversational German, some Tagalog (Filipino).
I am a keen writer, Spoken Word Performer of poetry and drama, member of The Scottish Association of Writers, Federation of Writers Scotland. So I can help with any writing:-
discursive essay; personal-reflective; short story; poetry; novel-writing and drama; university dissertations, PhD theses, both undergraduate and post-grad, as I have proofread and edited both of these in the past.
As said above, I have tutored for 28 years. I have also been a writer since leaving university in 1984.
I taught in 2 high schools in Highland Region Scotland, 4 in Hong Kong and many in the West of Scotland. I have led writing workshops, have been in writing groups since 1985, have many examples of published work.
I work 1 to 1 very well. Once I have identified areas of strength and weaknesses, I work on those areas which need most attention. I have many testimonials from former students to confirm this- all available on request.
If you are a parent reading this, I have two children of my own, a young man of 28, studying to become a Maths Teacher at university as a mature student, a daughter of 18 at university studying Psychology in 1st Year (@ 2021). Confidence-building is the most key thing I do. Most students lack confidence- and someone who listens very carefully to what they say! :)

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