Ben Knight Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Ben Knight Fitness & Nutrition Coach


We aren’t just ‘a gym’ here at The Club.

We are a community! We work together to help push each other and smash our goals. We carry out challenges, have social events together and do group challenges like the Wolf Run.

Who’s excited for future events?? Anyone signed up for any yet or done them in the past few years?

Tell us your stories !💪🏽🙏🙌🏽🐺

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Owner of The Club Gym - Fleet

I help buys men & women who want to SHAPE UP without giving up the fo

Operating as usual


If you keep waiting for 'the right time' ... you will be waiting a long time

There is always going to be something coming up, but you need to be able to make time for YOU and make yourself a priority 🔥


Having difficulty losing weight?

The majority of struggles with losing weight are due to:

❌ Over restriction
❌ Over exercising

How do we fix this?

✅ A moderate calorie deficit
✅ A moderate intensity of exercise

Why? You need to take a moderate approach to make a sustainable change that lasts a lifetime 😅

Overdoing it WILL not work long-term 🤓

Need help? Send me a message 💪


Ever set yourself a huge, unachievable goal and then given up before you get even half way there?

I'm here to remind you

This time next year you won't care if it took you 2,4,8,10, or 12 months

If you have achieved your goal in a healthy sustainable way 💪
AND you know you will maintain it

You will be super glad you were able to build habits and achieve long-lasting results

Rush it and you run the risk of losing the weight and gaining it all back and some more 🤯


It's time to switch up your mindset! 💪

You see...once you change your mindset, everything changes on the outside too 😍

So, try swapping Mindset A for Mindset B...

MINDSET A: 'When I lose weight, I will feel good about myself'

MINDSET B: 'I feel good about myself because I am making my health a priority'

Consistently making your health a priority is the BEST possible way to achieve your goals 🏋️

Mindset A can lead to a negative relationship with your weight and exercise

This process is supposed to be a change you want to make forever!


Looking to get good fat loss results? ✅

Here are things my clients do successfully:

💪 Achieve a calorie deficit
💪 Eat protein
💪 Lift weights
💪 Eat fruit & veg
💪 Achieve daily steps & movement
💪 Get enough sleep

Don't overcomplicate it! ❌
Forget the detox teas and restrictive diets ❌

It's pretty straight forward...but that doesn't mean it is going to be easy

Want some help? Drop ME a message!

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How to build muscle 101 💪

When it comes to building muscle there are 3 scientific theories we need to be aware of.

These are:

The Henneman Size Principle
The Force-Velocity Curve
Mechanical Tension

The ‘Henneman Size Principle’ dictates that the largest strongest muscle fibres are recruited when the amount of force we need to generate is at its highest.

This could be in the following scenarios:
When we are moving a heavy weight slowly
When we are approaching failure with any amount of weight
When we are moving a light/moderate weight quickly

Only the first 2 scenarios will typically lead to muscle growth because of the other principles I’ll mention in a bit.

This is why it’s important to take sets close to failure, it’s these final few reps that recruit our largest muscle fibres that are capable of the most growth.

The ‘Force-Velocity’ curve states that as something moves slower it requires more force to move it.

I’m going to use the analogy of you holding onto someone for dear life hanging off a cliff.

If the slipping is very slow, we can still create a lot of force to hold on.

However, if the slipping became faster, all of a sudden we wouldn’t be able to create much force at all and unfortunately we’d be met with a grisly demise.

Whilst that’s not exactly what’s going on in the muscle fibre itself, it helps create an image of roughly what happens inside a muscle fibre when reps start moving slower at the end of a set.

Finally, this high level of force being applied to the muscle fibres at the end of set creates ‘Mechanical Tension’.

Think of mechanical tension on a muscle fibre like the whistle on a building site that tells a builder (the body) it’s time to get to work laying down bricks (creating new proteins).

This increase in repair typically lasts up to around 48 hours, which is why a frequency of hitting a muscle group around 2-3 times per week appears to be about optimal.

Now you know you need:
Sets close to failure
And tension on the muscle
It falls to doing enough hard sets each week to make sure you get plenty of these slow tough reps through a muscle.

And that, in a nutshell, is how we build muscle with weight training!


Are you working hard in the gym and making healthier food choices?

If yes...

Are you mindset A or mindset B?

A) 'When I lose the weight, I will feel good about myself' ❌

😎 'I feel good about myself because I am making my health a priority' ✅

If it's A ➡️ I am here to remind you that you SHOULD feel good about yourself if you're making your health a priority

This journey is more than just the number you see on the scales ❗️

Try adopting mindset B...and enjoy the process 👊


What is your motivation?

🏃‍♂️Cardiovascular fitness
⚖️Weight loss
🧠Mental health

Whatever the reason, I've got you covered 👊

🔽Join the coaching team and start working towards smashing those goals


One quick google search will show you plenty of things you can do to 'lose body fat'

Sadly, there is a lot of money in this...and not a lot of science 😰

With this misinformation being plastered all over the internet, it can be really hard to know what to believe 🤯

I have created an infographic outlining what we think you should and shouldn't do

Check it out! ✅

Need help and support to reach you goals? Send me a DM to get started 🔽


If you exercise...

I have one simple question: Do you enjoy it?

I can't stress enough how important it is for you to enjoy this process‍ 💪

Enjoyment will provide a huge source of motivation

And motivation and consistency is what you NEED to succeed

Looking for guidance or help with your programming? Drop me a message!


Feeling lethargic & fed up? ❌
Don't recognise yourself anymore? ❌
Stressed or burnt out? ❌

Did you know regular exercise can:

😆 Improve mood
👩🏼‍⚕️ Improve overall health
🚬 Increase likelihood of quitting smoking
🏋🏻‍♀️ Increase fitness
𐄷 Help you control your weight
✏️Improve thinking, learning, and judgment skills

No brainer, right? 🧠

🔽 For all coaching enquires please send me a message 🔽


No matter how hard you try, you will go off track 🍕

You can be motivated, disciplined, dedicated...but we all overeat and miss workouts

We're here to remind you: this is not a big deal!

The biggest mistake people make when they're trying to make a lifestyle change, is telling themselves they need to be absolutely perfect

And then when they arent, using it as an excuse as to why they can't do it

Forgive yourself, move on, get back on track 💪

Be consistent 80% of the time and you will get results ❗️

🔽 Need a little extra support with reaching your goals? Just send me message to see how I can help you achieve the very best results without following a boring restrictive diet and training plan 🙏


Guilty of comparing yourself to others? 👀

➡️Some people do 3 sessions per week, others do 6

➡️Some have manual jobs, others sit at desks

➡️Some people have family to care for, other people don't

So, what are we trying to say?

Your progress is YOUR progress 👊🏻⠀

Everyone is different and everyone progresses at a different rate

Work hard, be patient and stop comparing yourself to others 💪🏻


Let’s hear them below 🔽

My favourites are 😬

Don’t eat carbs after 6 💩

Skipping breakfast will slow your metabolism down 💩

Women should avoid lifting weights as it will make you bulky 💩

I could literally go on and on! Let me know some of the worst advice you’ve been given


Who agrees? Comment below your thoughts 🔽

We all have those days when we just have ZERO motivation to move or exercise...that’s OK. But sometimes just getting up and exercising can change how you feel for the rest of the day.

Have you ever walked out after a exercise session feeling better even though you were feeling 💩 before hand?

▶️ Need help with your training? Lacking motivation? Want a coach on hand to guide and motivate you to get the very best results...while still enjoying life and the foods you love? DM ‘Get Started’


Mud Monster Run ✅

I love everything about my job - nothing more so than helping people conquer something they didn’t think would be possible to start with.

I am super proud of all these guys, for all the hard work they’ve put into the gym sessions and running sessions on top of it.

Completing something that is so out of their comfort zone and then ending up absolutely smashing it and enjoying it all.

It’s challenges and moments like these that remind me how lucky I am to be able to do this as my career!

Well done guys 💪🔥 you were all amazing!

Thank you Mud Monsters Run for putting on a great event!


Fed up of not seeing results in the gym? 😩

Watch this video to find out how you can fast track your results by simply doing these three things

✅Log your workouts

✅Track your nutrition

✅Track your steps

▶️Watch the video to find out why. Don’t deprive yourself of results

▶️ For all coaching enquires please send me a message


Looking to improve you squats, deadlifts or even your running or cycling?

If so, check out this video

If the hips aren’t working properly and we don’t have the mobility, power and strength being generated by the supporting muscle groups then we are missing out on so many benefits.

We could be performing our exercises better with more efficiency and reducing our chance of injuries and issues such as hip impingements etc. When we can’t brace or have enough stability through our hips and pelvis we struggle to activate the muscles correctly. For example if we can’t stabilise the hips when doing a hip hinge movement it’s unlikely we are getting the most out of hamstring which means we are leaving out a major muscle group and force that could be generated from them

Along side these I have a few other drills I add into my warm, especially as of recent with working along side to get me squatting again.

▶️ To fast track your results and performance please send me a message


The King Of All Core Exercises

If you’re like most people and want strong as hell abs, better posture and to reduce back pain, then dead bugs are you answer!

They look...well pretty weird but dam do they work a treat!

Watch the video to find out more

▶️ For individual programming and coaching please send me a message


Press ups not feeling right? Have no idea what you are meant to be doing?


It’s not your fault! Most of the time you haven’t actually been shown the right position to be in...especially with your arms.


If you’re doing the first variation...stop! Watch the rest of the video to see how to do them properly - let’s make some gains and progress that strength properly


▶️ For all coaching enquiries please send me message


Struggling with pressing movements, weak shoulders that are prone to injury?




Give this simple exercise a go! Super simple and incredibly effective!


This isn’t about building big shoulders...but healthy strong shoulders 😜


Photos from Ben Knight Fitness & Nutrition Coach's post 09/07/2021

Getting frustrated with not seeing the weight on the scales drop?

Here are few reasons why! But remember don’t get too fixated on the scales...they don’t tell or show the full story

➡️ For all coaching enquiries please send me a DM


Do you add protein shakes into your diet?

What are your thoughts?

Let me know you your favourite brands in the comments below


Way way to often do we see this exercise being performed incorrectly

I remember back in the days I was told by my coach to squeeze the shoulder blades back and then lift to eliminate the traps...wrong!

Watch the video to find out a better way to do them and remember you’re pushing a wall a way using the top of your hands and not lifting up

▶️ For all coaching enquires please DM “ Let’s Start “

Photos from Ben Knight Fitness & Nutrition Coach's post 02/05/2021

🔥Client Testimonial🔥

Had such good results 👌🏽 In a short space of time I managed to drop from I size 16/18 to a 10/12! And with my back problems always adapts to my needs

▶️ For all coaching enquiries please DM me


Close Grip Bench Press


For me is the one of the greatest for Tricep strength when it comes to Improving your bench press. Noticed significant gains in the last few months utilising this over standard bench press. It’s translated very well and is a lot nicer on the shoulders.


Things to remember


5 cm in from your usual grip


Lockout at the top from maximise Tricep involvement


▶️DM for coaching enquiries



🏋🏼‍♀️The 10 steps to fitness success💪🏻

If you’re ready to smash some new fitness goals, here’s what you can expect. They call it a journey for a reason, because much like everything in life it will have it’s ups and downs

Once you’ve made the decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle, it’s time to get going... here are your 10 steps to success!

1. LET’S GO!🥳
2. I’ve totally got this, I’m gonna smash it 💪🏻
3.😱errr.. is it supposed to hurt?
4. I can totally do this 😅
5. Maybe this isn’t for me after all🥺
6. This feels AMAZING 😍
7. Wait, this is uncomfortable 🥵
8. 🙌🏼yasss I’m making progress!
9. Why is this so 🤬ing hard?!
10. 🤩 this journey is totally worth it!

▶️For coaching enquiries please DM me


Week Two ✅

With week two of being open coming to an end we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all! It’s amazing to see you all in person again.

The atmosphere and energy has been incredible in here with some crazy effort being put into the the workouts!

We also wanted to say well done to all the new starters for completing your first week 😍💪

Have a great weekend everyone!

Week Two ✅

With week two of being open coming to an end - we just wanted to say a massive thank you to all!

It’s been so good to see you all in person again 😍

The atmosphere and energy has been incredible in here with some crazy effort being put into the the workouts!

We also wanted to say well done to all the new starters for completing your first week 💪

👋The weekly program is designed to hit all the key areas with both push and pull movements, to train effectively and efficiently. Each day has different emphasis .... therefore it’s important to get in more than once. This is so that we can maintain good posture, a well balanced physique while improving our strength, health and fitness.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Gyms are open and motivation will be sky high at the moment

But, that can quickly change. Especially if there isn’t a plan in place or a real idea on how you’re going to get to where you want to be

You aren’t always going to feel like you want to train or follow your nutrition which is completely normal - the key is to just show up even when you aren’t feeling it. Your body and mind will always play tricks on you telling you not to workout.

For me and my clients these are our go to rules we follow to ensure we keep on track and hit our goals!


ʙᴏᴏᴍ 💥 ᴏᴘᴇɴɪɴɢ ᴅᴀʏ ᴛᴏᴍᴏʀʀᴏᴡ 💥

😁 We are super excited! 😁

If you don’t know what we’re about, let us introduce ourselves

The Club

👍 Bespoke, members only fitness facility
🏋️40min Small Group Training sessions
💪 Mix of Strength and HIIT
👋 All levels welcomed
👏 Inclusive community
🤪 Have fun whilst getting results
🎯 Achieve great results
🗓 Daily accountability and personal coach

The list goes on!


Want to know more?

Look 👀 here ➡️:


Struggling with getting into the right position for a Bulgarian Split?

Start from the bottom position up

It’s really that simple 💪


1,019 Virtual Sessions delivered over lockdown...😮

Can you believe it’s been a year since we’ve had to close our doors and all of us have had our lives turned upside down?

It’s affected us all and we’ll all look back on how crazy its been!

How on earth we lived in ‘lockdown’, survived months without seeing loved ones, wore facemasks, were all trusted to ‘work from home’ because there was no alternative!

We closed on March 12, 2020, fearing what the future held. We loaned you our equipment and started our online Space Club and somehow, with all of you by our side, we have all managed to get through this!

We have delivered;

-1,019 virtual group session,
added workshops, pilates, mobility, arm hypertrophy and combat fit.

-4,016 number of members have attended our classes

-780 PT sessions

We’ve been able to support members more than ever and added check-ins so you can see a clear progression in strength and guarantee results, whatever your goal.

We’ve created a ‘Covid safe’ studio that is better equipped and clean for you to train safely in.

We have new membership levels so you can have total flexibility of how often and when you wish to train.

It wasn’t quite the 2020 we expected but we are so grateful to every one of you for sticking with us and we are looking forward to returning to some form of normality (fingers crossed) very soon!!

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Fed up of not seeing results in the gym? 😩Watch this video to find out how you can fast track your results by simply doi...
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Press ups not feeling right? Have no idea what you are meant to be doing? -It’s not your fault! Most of the time you hav...
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