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I specialise in helping those who know that what they have isn't good enough and they want to be more successful, happier, more enlightened, more content in fact JUST MORE. My techniques and approach are incredibly powerful and are geared at releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs that hold people back from their true potential.

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Bittersweet-Story of the Day

Capture every moment ... Every breath .... Every smile .... Every twinkle ... Be present !



Laughing until it hurts and you can not breathe


Check Laughing until it hurts and you can not breathe for more


Queens Only



Sun Gazing

Artist: Minjae Lee

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Society of Happy People

What are you feeling thankful for?



Jim and Nancy voted for different guys. And today they woke up together, as they have for years, and had their coffee to greet the day. Happy Wednesday to them, and to all of us.


Heartlight Journeys

Give a child a hug today!


Kevin Hall

Be like water - an unstoppable force by Althouse


Philosophy ( philo- "loving" + sophia "knowledge" )

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Inspiring people and businesses to achieve their true potential.
STOP Existing …. START Living !

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Success Is - E-Motion NLP

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e-motionnlp.com ... Having a winning mindset As the Olympic Games are on our breath and the tip of our tongues, let’s talk about what makes an athlete a winning athlet

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What’s your Vision? | Tamsen Garrie

tamsengarrie.biz It includes the core values (beliefs that are shared by everyone involved) of the business, which drives the culture, and it provides a framework within which decisions are made.


I was so chuffed with being recognised by my Camberley Entrepreneur Circle as .... wait for it ... Entrepreneur of the Month. Thank you Chris Waters and Martin Norbury - really really pleased !


Fantastic workshop this morning - Learn from the past and embrace your future. We had 9 attendees and the feedback was fantastic - thank you to all who attended


Great session with Tom Evans - he reminded me how important it is to step into what you want rather than keeping yourself stuck in what you don't want - yes sometimes even people like me need a reminder

4bn.co.uk 13/07/2012

Do You Manage Your Social Media Reputation? | 4 Business Networking - Entrepreneurs Network

How do you manage your social media reputation? 3 tips what everyone have to know http://4bn.co.uk/community/articles/do-you-manage-your-social-media-reputation?goback=%2Egde_3852022_member_133978806

4bn.co.uk Reputation can affect purchase decisions and influence the growth or decline of a business.Many businesses are using social media to develop online reputations, manage and respond during a crisis and monitor the conversation to prevent future crises.Try searching your company and product names to ma...


When someone can't learn the way you teach, maybe you can teach them the way they learn ... Estrada






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