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Fitness Training Solutions


It’s been a tricky period but lockdown has provided an opportunity for coaches to stop and spend time expanding their knowledge and coaching skills. It’s been fantastic to see how much online learning has taken place, particularly the interest in our free mental health course with Mind.

Here’s what a few coaches had to say…

Thanks to Swimspirational Open Water Coaching, halifax sport karate, Giorgi, Kieron and Fitness Training Solutions for sharing their thoughts.
Thanks for a great session today via Video. Great to still manage to workout whilst both of us keeping our families safe and well. Keeping strong through the unknown. 💪🏻❤️
Thank you to Fitness Training Solutions for your raffle gift certificate for a free 1hr personal training session worth £35!
***Updated ***

We are so lucky to live in such a lovely town that wants to support its own community .....

Thank you to all the shops who agreed to display our Poster to promote awareness of BACKHarry and to those who also donated a raffle/silent auction prize for our events

Marc Antony Hair Salon
Majestic Wines
Churchill's fish and chips
Bupa Dental care
Tackle Up
Waterford Estate agents
De Havilland Arms, Elvetham Heath
The Tweseldown
" A Little Off The Top" Barbershop
Daden Interiors Limited
Captured Moment
Headcase Barbers - Fleet Chapter
Zappas in Fleet
Pedal Heaven
Sugarplum Boutique & Home
Hair BY Heidi
Gemini Hair Studio
Cockrams Jewellers
217 Menswear Fleet
Pretty Pinkies
Fitness Training Solutions
Mumma Briggs Handcrafted Items and other gifts.
Optimum Sports Injury Clinic
Mirrored Ltd
Travis Perkins
The Walnut Tree
The Little Wax By Sophie
KJM Salons
Phoenix Deep Tissue Therapy

Thank you for all your support ❤

Really enjoyed class tonight Reha Malika Fossati 👍🏼
Hi Reha :)
Your work is truly amazing and inspiring!

I am writing you to introduce app Payfriendz that allows sending/receiving money in a hassle-free and secure way. It is extremely convenient for modern and energetic trainers, as you'll forever forget of any problems, associated with receiving money from your clients.

Moreover, integrated messenger will allow connecting with your clients on a personal level and turn these “financial transactions” into “social interactions”.

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3 members of Reha's Runners feeling very proud of themselves after resisting the temptation of Prosecco and doing a wet Bank Holiday evening run :)
Any 'Run Club' members fancy entering the Fleet 10K? Could be something to aim for and we can train together....? :D
Vote for Reha Malika Fossati
Best exercise class
Thank you for the workout this morning and your patience as I'm clearly out of routine since holiday! Tucking into my bowl of overnight soaked oats - tad hungry :-)
Stephanie Stanesby! This is my PTs page, she's lovely x
Really sorry to miss you all tonight but I'm still feeling rotten. See you Wednesday hopefully.

Personal Training and Nutrition Advice. Giving you confidence in Body, Mind and Spirit! Over Thirteen years ago my passion for exercising and running began.

However, once I had my children it was hard at first to regain my "original" shape, confidence and sleep!!! In no time and with a bit of hard work coupled with a healthy lifestyle I was back to feeling fit and healthy again. I have spoken to so many women who feel ashamed or embarrassed about their bodies after pregnancy that they will not enter a gym due to loss of confidence! This is why I am he

Operating as usual


Good morning and well done to Monday's Classes and humid one for sure but hope you enjoyed the circuit session! Just to confirm Monday evening classes will now be at 19.00-20.00 pm. There will not be a session on Monday 19th of September at Velmead due to Bank Holiday to honour the Queen's funeral. Many thanks for your continued support and patience. 💟


Good morning! As the new season starts with Fitness Clubs and sports clubs I thought I would give you a list of affordable clothing and shoe wear, that I use and trust. I always advise not to spend more than £40 on a pair of trainers for example, and if possible buy two pairs because somehow your most loved pair of trainers they will always be discontinued. Please note I am not sponsored by any of the mentioned companies!
TK Maxx - excellent for leggings and sports wear including weights and mats!
Secret Sales for trainers!
Shock absorber for high impact activity.
Water bottles in our high street. Such a pretty shop with lots of ready available healthy snacks and spices.
For beauty try our very own Kirsty at class. She's lovely and kind and her beauty room is an Eden of peace and tranquility. But she will come to you too!
Hope this helps!


Thank you for an amazing first week back! You girls are amazing 😍




Good luck to all parents and their children/young people who are starting their New Academic Year. Carry on being fabulous 😍🤩😍. See you all for classes this evening 7.30pm! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


It's me...
Hope you all had the best summer. Group classes: I'm coming to get you, to have our best times, our best work outs and our best laughs.
Monday 5th of September. Keep an eye on your inbox over next day or two! So excited to welcome you all back xx


Well done and Thank you to all group classes this year! It's been wonderful to coach you all. Thank you for always bringing a smile and good cheer to all classes! Have a wonderful summer and see you in September 💖💖💖


A huge Congratulations to our very own England Team. You brought it home and now all girls and women will be inspired to dream big!!! Absolutely awesome.


Congratulations England!! Absolutely magnificent game!!


Congratulations England!! Absolutely magnificent game!!


Good Morning 🌞 to all my wonderful clients - just wanted to say a Huge Thank you to Monday and Wednesdays Body Blast classes! You have all been amazing this last year and I so appreciate and am so grateful for all your support 🤗. Back by popular demand there will be 3 more sessions for the summer on a Wednesday evening 18.00-19.00. I will be sending emails tomorrow. In the meantime sary hydrated use sun screen and most of all enjoy this glorious sunshine 🌞🌻🌞🌻


Glenn Close on Female Personal Fulfilment

Follow your dreams!
Looking forward to see you all this week! Of course temperatures are warm, so bring lots of water, and leave the rest to me!


Good evening all! Hope you had a lovely weekend? Just to you know, today I finished my course on How to train and support clients during the Peri-menopause and Menopause. The course included nutrition advice and sport specific exercises! I am so happy to have completed this CPD, it's a subject I am very passionate about and I am here for you to help you and navigate you in a positive way during this next stage of our lives! So, if you know someone who is struggling or indeed you want support..feel free to message me or call me in the strictest of confidence. Xx

Kellogg's in court battle over new rules for high-sugar cereals 29/04/2022

Kellogg's in court battle over new rules for high-sugar cereals
As a general "rule" I've never given cereals for breakfast, except holiday time. Cereals to consider are oats, you can add bananas, apples etc.. The reason why we don't opt for cereal is indeed because of the sugar, what happens is sugar levels spike so high and then you come crushing down, feeling more hungry and tired. Health breakfasts,like eggs, baked beans, avocados, porridge oats are all great! Children's brains as well as adults need fuel to keep us going for longer. And the breakfast alternatives aforementioned doesn't take much time to prep!

Kellogg's in court battle over new rules for high-sugar cereals The company says new healthy food rules fail to consider the nutritional value of milk added to cereals.

Photos from Fitness Training Solutions's post 23/04/2022



Happy Birthday to Fitness Training Solutions! I've been training so many wonderful and awesome women for 11 years. I continue to be inspired by you all and love being part of your Fitness Journeys. Enjoy Spring everyone 💞

Timeline photos 22/03/2022

Drink lots of water!

Are you adequately hydrated? 🤔

We've produced a free-to-access infographic on hydration. It provides a quick and easy method to find out whether you're drinking enough fluids 👍

Download as a PDF 👉


Congratulations to all clients who ran the Fleet 1/2 today! You all looked awesome in the sunshine! Refuel and nourish well now 💞

Timeline photos 08/03/2022

Happy International women's Day to all clients, family and are all marvellous: keep shining and keep strong in times of adversity and always. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


Welcome Back Group Classes! So great to see you!!

Timeline photos 06/02/2022

Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen for 70 years of service! There will be lots to celebrate in the coming months for sure.... In the meantime as we are still battling with you know what, keep eating well, keep exercising, keep outdoors and keep taking Vitamin such as D and C. Have a great Sunday 👑👑💪🏽💪🏽👑👑💪🏽💪🏽👑👑💪🏽💪🏽👑👑


Well done to all group classes! A huge welcome to new clients great to meet you!! Hope you all enjoyed Circuits this week!


What utter joy to bring equipment back! Well done on those circuits girls 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Timeline photos 23/01/2022

Congratulations and well done to all clients and friends who participated in the Farnborough 1/2 today! Hope you all enjoyed it and it wasn't too emotional! For some it's a first since the pandemic. Well done am so proud of you all!
Now.. here's a little photo as an idea to to help you with aid an recovery. You will need to re-nourish! Eggs for Vitamin D and protein, seeded bread for fibre, carbs, and to settle your tummies. To rehydrate I recommend Pineapple juice and water or simply a good cup of tea.. you will need to replenish on those electrolytes. Lots of stretching and a big hug to you all 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


Well done to all group classes this week! We have decided for Wednesday Evening Classes we will move to a new time of 18.00


Morning! Exactly this!! Sometimes, we all got to do what we've got to do! No judgement..

Dry January without the dry 😅


Happy New Year! Welcoming you back with fun fitness programmes and helping you achieve your goals for 2022! Classes are back week of the 10th of January 🤩 keep an eye for an email towards the end of the week!


Wishing all a my Clients a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Thank you for all the support, hard work and determination You have given to class and PT sessions! It's not been an easy an easy year but we found strength and purpose in one another through exercise, music and good cheer! Enjoy your families and don't feel guilty. Love every moment and love every hug xx


Good Morning! Looking forward to seeing all PT clients this week! Last week of group classes for 2021! Let's do this!!

Timeline photos 11/11/2021

Timeline photos

Our immunity is affected by many things ­ what we eat and drink, how often we exercise, whether we go outside into the sunshine, the quality of our sleep and how stressed we are.

Understanding these factors in more detail may be helpful to adopt immune­-boosting changes and habits in our daily lives.

Read more of our tips on our Factsheet here:


Wishing all my clients a wonderful and happy Diwali 🎆🎇🎆


And that's a wrap group classes! So amazing to be back over the last 7weeks! Have a wonderful half-term xx


Classes are back as of next week! Please keep an eye on your inboxes! Very excited to see you all!!


Huge shout out to everyone who has attended Summer sessions with Body Blast classes! You have all been amazing! Looking forward to welcoming you all back in September! Hope the sun shines for you all over the next few weeks!


Very excited to be seeing all clients for summer sessions "Body Blast" classes this evening!


Summer sessions are starting on Monday! Open to all!


Good Morning Group classes! I was asked last night if I could put extra sessions on! Dates are 26th July,2nd,9th, 16thof August! Let me know in class this week, if you fancy joining in! Hope you're having a great week!!


Just leave this here….

Timeline photos 21/06/2021

Timeline photos

Changing body shape during the menopause booklet:

Nearly all women will experience a change in their body shape during perimenopause and menopause. This is usually due to fluctuations in hormone levels and this is often a good time to reflect on food choices and exercise, with a focus on future health and . Eating behaviours and weight can be linked to many different aspects of life, including a different genetic make-up, stress levels, and quality of sleep - all these factors need to be taken into consideration alongside your hormonal health.

It can be hard to know which type of nutrition is best for you when there are so many conflicting messages and an intense focus on weight in the media; it’s no wonder it can be difficult to know where to start.

Read the booklet here:


I think a few clients may relate to this!!!

We all have that friend 😂😂🏃🏼‍♀️🏃

Timeline photos 06/05/2021

Ahhhh memories of Zoom for classes are but
A memory now! Well done to all classes this week, hope you’ve enjoyed core sessions and being back in person! Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Timeline photos 22/04/2021

Group classes!!! You were all absolutely incredible! I can’t describe how fantastic it was to see you all in person! I’ve been happy and delighted to welcome you all back! Have a great week, enjoy Earth 🌍 Day! Enjoy the sunshine ☀️ 🌎🌍🌎🌍☀️




Good morning! It’s with great pleasure to announce the reopening of my beloved studio on Monday morning! Even the before the pandemic, all equipment was disinfected and
Cleaned after every use and this will Never change. The studio doors will remain open at all times to allow ventilation and of course I will maintain the required distance throughout sessions. Your safety is as always my priority.
With this in mind as as most of you know I’ve been home testing for COVID for a while now
to add an extra layer of security when we meet!
A big shout out to all my PT clients during the winter months as goodness me: we’ve really braved all elements!! So proud of you all and looking forward to seeing you in the studio as of Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend 💪🏼💕💪🏼💕


Good morning Fitness Training Solutions family and friends! Well... I made to 10 years training the most awesome, wonderful people I have had the pleasure to meet and workout 🏋️‍♀️ with! It’s been a tough year and a bit, for so many of us, but as I keep saying.. look how far we’ve come!! Thank you all for a wonderful 10 years! Is it too early for a sip of champagne?

Timeline photos 08/03/2021

Happy Women’s day to all my clients: a big Thank you to you all for your continued support throughout this pandemic and for giving me a chance to make you feel happy, stronger and fitter! We are indeed stronger together 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

Fitness Training Solutions’ journey

One day I was at the gym, it was the first visit there since having my second child. My body felt battered and my mind was exhausted. The baby was only 8 weeks old.

Like many new mums I felt quite unattractive and desperate to feel “normal” again. Going to the gym by this point had been a passion of mine, but pregnancy took its toll... and here I was feeling like a newbie again!

I did a little bit on the treadmill and and then went into the women’s section of the gym so I didn’t feel quite so self- conscious. It was a quiet area where I could use weights and do a little core work.

As I was doing my own little workout I saw a lady who was visibly upset. I approached her, to see if she was OK. She replied saying she was feeling “rubbish” about herself, and how low she had been and how she had no idea what she was doing there or what to do! I tried to comfort her and told her I was feeling the same and asked her if she wanted to do a little work-out with me. We worked out together and soon both us were laughing and joking!





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