F.W.F Training

F.W.F Training


Hello. Just wondering if I need to say whether there's 3 of us wanting to come on Wednesday? Many thanks
Big thanks to Dan Fitchett for doing a pre season fitness session with my U14 football team - gave them a great work out and pushed them to their limits to get everything out of them! :) - Players loved it and already wanting another session off him during the summer

Personal Training. F.W.F Training is a health and fitness company based in Fleet willing to push you

As a professional athlete I know what it takes to really achieve the results you desire. Here at F.W.F Training we pride ourselves in giving you that extra help and attention to really help you reach your goals, we include:

*Personal one to one training*
*Planned personal sessions to perform in your own time*
*Access to online login to track progress & results*
*Circuit classes*
*Nutritional adv

Operating as usual


Just to let everyone know there is no circuit class on this evening. Hopefully be able to sort something out very soon but i will keep everyone updated.


Important Notice!

Tonight's session will NOT be taking place due to many people not being able to make it, sorry for any inconvenience but we will resume from next wednesday onwards!


Do you have instagram?

Give me a follow.. Fitwithfitch .. for loads of tips, videos and motivation!


Circuit Class is back on tonight 19.30pm at Court Moor School.

Get ready for Circuit training with an added bonus of some aerobic Boxercise!

High intensity but still great fun!

Why not bring a friend along tonight...?

Timeline photos 03/11/2015

Meal Plan Analysis

You can't out-train a lousy diet.

If you are unsure, then mastering your nutrition is just as important as training and should become part of your daily thinking to improve overall health. I say this because improving a poor diet can create rapid, increase in fat loss and muscle building progress.

For example, if you've been skipping meals and only eating 2 times per day, jumping your meal frequency up to 5 or 6 smaller meals a day will transform your physique very rapidly.

If you're still eating lots of processed fats and refined sugars, cutting them out and replacing them with good fats like the omega three’s found in fish and unrefined foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains will make an enormous and noticeable difference in
your physique very quickly.

If your diet is low in protein, simply adding a complete protein food like chicken breast, fish or egg whites at each meal will muscle you up fast.

No matter how hard you train or what type of training routine you're on, it's all in vain if you don't provide yourself with the right nutritional support.

I am now offering to review and amend anybody’s meal/food routines to see if your diet is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Get in touch today.


Half term this week so a message to all that the circuit class will not be taking place tonight.
We will resume as normal from next week back at Court Moor School.

See you next week!


Reminder for Circuit Class this evening......

Block booking for the next 4 weeks of £20 to be taken tonight.

Looking forward to another intense, fun circuit at Court Moor School Gymnasium at 19.30pm!

See you all there!


Great one to one session with Rael today, we worked on explosive leg movements including squats, lunges, plyo jumps and finished up with this leg press pyramid which really made Rael feel the burn! 💪


Great effort by the team again tonight! Smashing this circuit and enjoying the new tyre drag station! 💪


Why haven't you got those results you want?!

Is it because you lack the accountability, consistency, and patience to see your hard work through?

Do you blame your busy schedule, your hectic lifestyle, or the fact that you just don't know what to do?

If you had your own personal trainer, your own go-to person, wouldn't this make a world of difference?

I will create a fitness guide that you can rely on. I have your best interests at heart. I will tell you "YOU CAN DO THIS!" You will achieve things with your body you never thought you could!

The best part is – you don't have to go to the gym to work with a personal trainer.


That may be in your garden, in your house or local field.

Why is this better?

There is no extra fee, unlike gyms and other facilities in the area who force you to pay a monthly membership on top of the cost of a personal trainer.

You never have to spend time or money on travelling, I will come to you, at a time and location convenient to you.

I will bring all the equipment and tools needed to give you a well rounded workout, which is fun and worthwhile.

Our training sessions are entirely personalised. You are an individual with individual needs, I will give you my undivided attention, constantly adapting your workout routines to match your goals.

If you are interested in a great, convenient way of working out then please do not waste any more time and get in touch today. 07805283585.

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In life if you want to be successful at anything then consistency is key, with fitness its no different. Whatever your goal is, keep that in mind and strive to be consistent with your diet, workouts and lifestyle and you WILL see results.


Circuit Class 19.30 tonight Court Moor school gymnasium! Block booking available or £5 for one off sessions.

Great turn out last week and hopefully even more new faces this week, bring a friend and join in the fitness fun!

I am bringing my skinfold callipers to measure Body fat % and scales for overall weight for anyone that wants to know their measurements. We will then test again at the end of the indoor sessions to see the improvements made.


Circuit Class Conformation.

We will be back this Wednesday 21/09/2015 at Court Moor School's gym starting at 19.30 prompt for a 45 minute fun intense session!

Ill remind everyone that I will be taking 4 weeks block booking as rental has been paid upfront.

Look forward to seeing you all there ready to get going!

Please share this to let as many people know as possible


Exclusive offer!

Personal training one2one sessions will be discounted until October 16th giving you a month to take advantage of this amazing deal. Saving yourself a massive 20% off original weight loss / tone up package prices.

Included in package:

Free consultation
Body measurements
diet plans
Access to group sessions
Home workout plans

Don't miss out on this great value for money deal. message me now or contact me on 07805283585 for more details.


F.W.F Circuit Class Training is back!

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a gym area every Wednesday from 19.30 to 20.15pm to continue our intense fun circuit classes which by being inside means we can work hard and not worry about the weather or restricted light.

However, before confirming the booking I would like to see how many people are interested in this option and how many numbers are expected as of course the class wants to remain of high quality.

So as a show of interest then please either 'like this' or private message me.
If possible, I would like to take payment in 4 week block bookings of £20pp to cover costs for the gym.

Let me know what you think people!


A reminder to all that the circuit class will not be on again this week and next week as I am on courses and still finalising an indoor venue.

We will be back on soon! Stay tuned people, can't wait to get the sessions back on.

F.W.F Training 27/08/2015

F.W.F Training

Wondering if getting a personal trainer is right for you? Read my latest blog to really understand the advantages of having one.

If your are contemplating it then why not get in contact with myself for your free consultation today..


F.W.F Training Prepare to be challenged. Your mind will give up before your body does. I am a trainer with a difference and when you come and get , I will transform your idea of a workout. This blog will tell you everything you need to know from diet tips to exercise tips to what to eat on a night out…

Timeline photos 26/08/2015

F.W.F Circuit Class tonight is on tonight, the sun is now shining and no rain in sight!
We will be ready to start at 19.30pm at Peter Driver £5pp

This will be the last week we are outside as it is getting to dark so we will be moving to an indoor facility, keep looking out for more information about this very soon!

Hope to see everyone ready to go tonight for a tough but fun session!

Timeline photos 26/08/2015

Sugar is highly addictive and is one of the biggest challenges we face in the fight against fat.
Where are you on the cycle?



F.W.F Circuit Class will take place tomorrow Tuesday 18th of August 19.30pm. Sorry again for any inconvenience this may cause but I have work commitments I cannot escape.

I hope to see you all there as usual, ready to work hard and get FIT!

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Start the week off right! don't find excuses, just get things done!
preparing for another Personal training session this evening with 2 clients. Are you needing help or just a little motivation to kick start your fitness journey?
Contact me today for a free consultation.



Circuit class is on tonight this week normal time 19.30pm.

If you haven't already taken advantage of our loyalty scheme then make sure you do tonight!

BUY 5 CLASSES GET 1 FREE - £20 for 5 circuit classes – Just £4 a class!
BUY 10 CLASSES GET 3 FREE - £35 for 10 circuit classes – just £3.50 a class


Need a workout but don't have much time? Try this quick but effective workout.

(3-5 Sets):
- 10 Burpees
- 1 min plank
- 20 push-ups
- 25 sit ups
- 20 jump squats
- 1 minute plank.
Rest, repeat


Due to work commitments the circuit class this coming week will take place on Tuesday the 4th of Augest. Sorry for any inconvenience, they will resume as normal from the following week. Anybody on the loyalty scheme who cannot attend Tuesday don't worry this week won't be counted. Thanks, contact me if anybody has any questions.



Then contact me today for your free consultation!

My personal training programmes involve;

A complete nutritional plan so you learn what and when to eat.

Exercise sessions, combining strength and Hiit training.

Two workouts to complete yourself during each week written by myself.

Full support from myself 24/7.

‘Before and after’ measurments including body fat %, BMI, Blood pressure.

A full report of your results.

Fun and challenging workouts.


Don't hesitate to contact me for a full list of prices.

What Happens To Your Body 60 Minutes After Drinking A Can Of Coke? 30/07/2015

What Happens To Your Body 60 Minutes After Drinking A Can Of Coke?

Worst stuff you can drink.

What Happens To Your Body 60 Minutes After Drinking A Can Of Coke? You’ve seen Coca-Cola mixed with molten lead, dropped into liquid nitrogen and even consumed by a river of molten lava. But what happens to your body after you’ve drunk the sugar-laden beverage? After reading this, you may reconsider picking up a can.


The circuit class tonight will be on come rain or shine! So lets keeping getting fit together!
Tonight we will be using a brand new piece of equipment, so make sure you get involved


Introducing the F.W.F. Training loyalty scheme! As a big thank you to all those of you who have joined the team and to entice those of you who have yet to try the circuit classes out, I would like to introduce these special offers:

BUY 5 CLASSES GET 1 FREE - £20 for 5 circuit classes – Just £4 a class!

BUY 10 CLASSES GET 3 FREE - £35 for 10 circuit classes – just £3.50 a class!

To register for this offer simply turn up to Peter Driver on Wednesday’s at 19:30. Looking forward to seeing you!


Burpees, parachute runs, kettle bell swings, ladder runs and more! Together we will get results, join us and get !


Everyone worked so hard tonight it was a fantastic session, even in the muggy heat! 5 newbies worked exceptionally hard and pleased to welcome them to the F.W.F. Training team 😊



Ladies are you not involving weights during your training? My latest blog will help you understand why you should be.


F.W.F Training: LADIES LIFT! DONT WORRY YOU WON’T BULK UP Prepare to be challenged. Your mind will give up before your body does. I am a trainer with a difference and when you come and get , I will transform your idea of a workout. This blog will tell you everything you need to know from diet tips to exercise tips to what to eat on a night out…

Timeline photos 13/07/2015

Second pre-season game against Bristol Rovers yesterday. Feeling fit and strong, just aching a little today.
Great facials too!

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