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A wonderfully multifaceted conversation with dedicated fan Sandra Pyne, Founder of Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring.

💡 From a discussion of why in English is so hard to teach to the story behind Sandra's own entrepreneurialism, to whether pre-prepared lessons are a good thing in to where Sandra will be driving off to in her camper van this winter, there's something for everyone here.

🏆 As laid out so beautifully by Andrea Gadesby Hope Tuition Clinic at the in June, literacy runs across the curriculum and is not limited to tutors of English - understanding how children read and write is for *all* educators.

🎧 Catch your 30 minutes of inspiration this week at:
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Jigsaw Phonics

Helping phonics teachers and early literacy educators start their own private tutoring business.

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The peer learning environment of group tutoring

✅offers so many advantages to many children

✅is price-effective for parents without a compromise in the quality of outcomes

✅means your tutoring business can become sustainable more quickly, so you can help more people

👨‍👧You can still tutor 1:1 if that's what you like and that's what works.

👉But it doesn't have to be your only model.

💥Giving your clients choice is really powerful: it moves them away from the binary buy/don't buy if you only offer one option because they feel they own their decision-making. More choice = more chance of them booking you.

🥚🧺And when was putting all your eggs in one basket ever a good idea anyway?

In the Tutor Like a Pro! Membership for phonics teachers and early literacy educators, we have all you need on pricing, packaging and launching your group tutoring offer so you can trust the process - because we've mapped it out for you.
Link in bio, or go to http://www.jigsawphonicstutoring.com

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🏠One Tutor Like a Pro! member was moving house alongside tutoring online and said:

🕜"This is only possible because all the lessons are there. I can log on a couple of minutes before the lesson starts, teach it, log off and get straight back to moving house."

🏆And that couple of minutes is all the preparation you'll ever need to add to any tutoring session.


🕛Not everyone can make our weekly live group calls because they are at work or in another time zone.

📩So members are prompted by email to send in their questions.

🧑‍💻We answer them in our calls.

🔁And members watch the replay. Simple!

Find out more about the Tutor Like a Pro! membership
by clicking the direct links in bio!


🌉Tutoring at its best is that bridge from what happens in school to where a child needs to be.

☹️Kara's tutee came to her with speech and language delay and shattered self-belief because her reading was so far behind.

🧩So Kara used the ready-to-tutor Jigsaw Phonics lessons to fill the gaps.

⌛And because children get so hooked in the Jigsaw Phonics characters, this little girl didn't want the sessions to end.

🐼🚀🤖She just wanted to keep going with her favourite characters Puzzle the panda, Wug the alien and Trick the robot.

🎉And after about 3 months working with Kara, her self-belief is solid again and she's reading above her age level.

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🧑‍🏫Think of your clients like your students.

🛣️Potential clients are on their own learning journey, too.

🆘They are learning about the problem they have.

🚏They're on a 5-stage journey. And it's only at the 5th stage that they are going to spend money on the solution to their problem.

💁So if you can help them by adding value at the first 4 stages

✅you are on their radar
✅they'll be highly likely to believe you have the solution
✅and because the relationship you have is one where you add value, when they choose to work with you it’s not the hard sell - it's just a natural progression

🧩We spend most of our time on marketing inside the Tutor Like a Pro! membership. Not only do you have self-access training supported by live calls - and learning about the customer journey is one of them - you learn from a whole bunch of amazing teachers-turned-tutors who are building their phonics and early literacy tutoring businesses in the UK and across the globe.

🤳You are welcome to book a free, no-obligation call to find out if what we have is right for you. The only way to join is by invitation, after a call, so we're both sure we're a great match. It's all about adding value, not the hard sell, so you are in safe hands :)

👉Link in bio, or go to http://www.jigsawphonicstutoring.com

Photos from AT Primary Education's post 04/08/2023

Great ideas - and so easy to do 👏🏼 AT Primary Education

Photos from AT Primary Education's post 04/08/2023

Love what the children are saying AT Primary Education

Photos from Just 2 Imagine Tutors's post 04/08/2023

Great job Just 2 Imagine Tutors

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👀Are you looking for a really passionate, experienced, online tutor?

➡️You need Kara Cook (if she isn't already fully booked!)

💯Her results are amazing. Here's one example: a student came to her with speech and language delay and was struggling with her reading. Kara used the Jigsaw Phonics lessons, at which point it all "fell into place", as Kara put it.

🎉After about 3 months, her student had regained all her self-confidence and was reading above grade level. She was a completely different child.

🖥️And all of this with online tutoring.

✅Because here's the thing: this student was withdrawn and anxious. New people and new places put her on high alert. So tutoring in her own home was exactly what she needed. And her mum, who had a new baby, did not need to be a taxi.

To meet Kara
👉Head over to the link in bio where you'll find her website
👉She's also over on the blog, so you can find out more about her directly from her

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👉Link in bio! Go to the resources page to download the freebies.

🧩Check out the amazing quality of the Jigsaw Phonics resources, all for free :)


🤯One of the hands-down biggest realizations inside the membership is that everything you put out there isn't about selling all the time.

🛣️Because potential clients are on a journey. And it's a journey you want to curate by adding value along the way.

🎯So when your ideal client needs you, they know where you are. And they book you.

🔎As educators, that's especially easy for us because we know very clearly what the customer journey looks like.

📅We know how the school year looks, what happens when, and where the problems are.

🗣️So we can speak to those problems and add value where potential clients are at.

☁️So far, so abstract, right?

Here's a concerete example in our signature membership for phonics and literacy tutors:
➡️Parents may not know all the technical phonics terms their children will be getting to grips with in September.
➡️So we're creating some ready-to-go content that busts phonics jargon to add value exactly where parents are at.
➡️If their child starting school needs a tutor, they almost certainly won't know that in September.
➡️But when their child needs a tutor, who will they know, like and trust when the time comes to book one?

🙋‍♀️The one on their radar who has been adding value along the way. YOU.

❓How do you add value over the customer journey to create that all important know-like-trust?

👇Share your top tips in the comments!

🤝 Or come and join us to absorb more of this kind of goodness in our signature Tutor Like a Pro! membership for phonics teachers and early literacy educators :)

📲Link in bio, or head to http://www.jigsawphonicstutoring.com

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🧩How much live support do you get inside the Tutor Like a Pro! membership?

🎉A lot!

✅An email prompt to submit questions for our weekly call.
🔹Not everyone can make it due to work commitments or time zone differences, but you can always ask a question which we answer live in the call.

✅You get a notification in the private group on the membership platform when the recording is available to watch - always within an hour of the live call.
🔹If we've worked on something, or if there has been extra training, those documents are uploaded with the call.

✅Twice-monthly coworking sessions.
Because sometimes you need dedicated time with the option of feedback to

✅ Quarterly planning sessions. Members always have access to all the planning documents inside the membership, but get them emailed quarterly as well to get prepared.
🔹If you want to know exactly how we plan, it's all shared in detail on the blog.

✅Bookable 1:1 calls - because sometimes members need individual help.

✅As well as the private group on the membership platform, we have a hidden private FB group and an Instagram group.
🔹Such a good way for members to refer clients to each other!

🤔What else would you like to know about the membership ?

📲DM me and I'll get back to you!

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🧩A member of our signature programme (for phonics & literacy tutors) had an enquiry for in-person tutoring.

💻But this member only wants to tutor online because she knows it works.

👌🏽So she offered the (very sceptical) parents a paid trial.

✅Paid is key here, because clients who have spent money with you once will be more likely to spend money with you again.

✅You are also sending the signal that working with you has value.

🚫Offering your core, paid service for free devalues your offer. Don't do it.

💥The child LOVED the lessons (which are included in our signature membership, btw) and gets to improve her IT skills in the process. She now knows where the laptop camera is! 🤍

🌟And the parents booked an online package.

➡️Here's the thing: communicating the value of your offer and following up with options, even if it looks like an initial no, is going to be your superpower.

Photos from Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring's post 12/07/2023

💡This week we're breaking down the steps to providing a successful “one and done” offer, a single offer that

✅delivers fast, valuable results in just one session
✅is priced so it's an easy ‘yes’
✅positively showcases what it’s like to work with you
✅starts relationships with your ideal client

🔤The reading level check inside the Tutor Like a Pro! membership is an easy "one and done" offer because it's all there, ready to go.

📈Tutors can assess a child's reading level, give parents valuable feedback on what their child can do ... and be in a great expert position to get booked!

👩‍💻If you can tell your client what's really happening, they are more likely to believe you can offer the right help.

💱And if somone has spent money with you once, they are much more likely to do it again.

🚫Of course this would also be something to offer for free, but it's a great reminder that freebies often attract freeloaders, so it's worth YOU valuing your time and expertise to attract clients who will do the same.

👇Tutors, what kind of "one and dones" are you offering in your tutoring business? Please share in the comments!

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Tag a teacher pal who needs to hear this in the comments below.

Photos from Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring's post 07/07/2023

💣💥truth bomb💥💣

80% of starting your own tutoring business is

1️⃣mindset and confidence

🏋️‍♀️So we get the the biggest job done first - in a really practical way - so you can move on to

3️⃣pricing and packaging your offer
4️⃣getting your business online
6️⃣tutoring online
7️⃣next steps (& nice surprises :)

Which one do you need most help with?

👇Drop the number in the comments.
✉️And I'll send something helpful your way.

Regenerate response


Just celebrating out there in Malaysia 🇲🇾


🌟We had an excellent Q3 planning session inside the membership this weekend.

🧠We started with a quick SWOT analysis to get into the headspace for the detailed planning for the next 90 days.

💬And one of the best member comments?

💯"I know I'm not going to do anything wrong - it's about trying things out to see what works."

🤓If you want an in-depth look at what our quarterly planning involves, there's a post about it over on the blog.

👉Link in bio, as always.

❔Who is a planner? What works well for you?


📢Our rescue hound wants you to know about Law Hound

🐶Meet Shadow, keeping us company in the Jigsaw Phonics office in beautiful Pembrokeshire in Wales.

☔He likes walks in the rain 🙄, sleeping on his sofa and a Friday night tin of sardines.

🎈And he's here to let you know that we are excited to be collaborating with Lawhound!

🖥️LawHound's Tutor Hub is the THE place for tutors to get all the legal help they need so they are confident that their tutoring services are on solid legal ground.

🔗There's a link* to Lawhound in bio, so it's a just direct click away.

🐟Shadow thanks you if you use it, because you will be helping to sponsor his Friday night sardines :)

*affiliate link


💡Start your own tutoring business is not as hard as you think ... once you're in the right headspace to do it.

🎧For more about starting your dream tutoring business, listen to the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast with Melitta Campbell.

👉Link in bio!

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🧩SCREENSHOT or SAVE for later!🧩

🔍Visibility is everything in business, because if no-one knows about you, how can they work with you?

🤝So here's a great way to build your network and reach new clients without being spammy.

🏆Aim for a win-win for you and the people whose audience you want to get in front of.

🕰️And the main cost to you? Time.
Getting in front of other people's audiences is a great way to keep your $tarting costs down.


✍️VIP sign up via link in bio for privileged access and exclusive early bird discount!

😉I know, you've been thinking about tutoring for a while now, but you get overwhelmed by wondering where and how to get started. You're not alone.

👌How about trusting a tried and tested process that other educators in the UK and around the world have already followed in our signature programme for phonics and literacy tutors?

✅Just this time extended for teachers and educators of ALL subjects

💥Tutor Like a Pro! in 7 steps will make you a pro at

1️⃣mindset & confidence
3️⃣pricing & packaging your offer
4️⃣getting your business online
6️⃣tutoring online
7️⃣next steps once you are up and running

✍️VIP sign up via link in bio for privileged access when the programme launches soon, plus an exclusive early bird discount!

And if you aren't feeling ready?
✨Give yourself permission to start, and see where it goes.

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🧩Get ready to SCREENSHOT!🧩

🎯The basics of getting your message across in a way that speaks directly to your ideal client is coming right at you!

🚫It's so easy - for a good reason - to get it wrong.

🤕That's because we are inside our own heads and we need to make the shift into our ideal clients' shoes 🩰

🏃‍♀️Now you've got it, go and optimize your 'mission statement' and tag yourself in the comments so we can all have a look at the cool stuff you do! 👇


🥁Introducing ... Jigsaw Tutoring

➡️for tutors of ALL subjects⬅️

🧩Tutor Like a Pro! in 7 Steps🧩
launches very soon, programme members will have the option to

👌🏽cobrand with Jigsaw Tutoring
👌🏽become an official Jigsaw Tutor

💥Here are just 3 advantages of cobranding

✅Cost-effective marketing
The graphics, colours and design concept are already there, so startup costs for your tutoring business stay low.

✅Increased brand awareness
Recognizable branding generates a buzz and catches attention.

✅Enhanced credibility
Cobranding lends credibility by association with a quality, premium brand.

👉🏽VIP wailist signup via website for privileged access and early bird discount


✅We know what we have to offer is brilliant.

🕴️So we make the false leap of thinking everyone else understands that too.

🛒And we only talk about how to buy that brilliant thing from us.

🩰When in fact we have to put ourselves squarely in the shoes of our ideal client - who doesn't know us from a hole in the wall - and needs to go on a know-like-trust journey with us before they will buy from us.

🌟Such a brilliant insight from Kara, who not only is tutoring like a pro, but marketing like a pro by adding value all along the client journey.

Photos from Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring's post 16/06/2023

💫Imagine tutoring effective phonics and early literacy with zero prep because lessons are ready-to-go.

💫Imagine children loving a character who hooks them into their learning and motivates them.

💫Imagine havining metacognition covered because 🐼's real job is to show children they can use their deocding skills to read real, decodable words.

🧩You don't need to imagine it.

💥Because we've done it.

Inside the Tutor Like a Pro! membership for phonics teachers and early literacy educators

✅90 ready-to-teach lessons

✅90 vocab preteach games for EAL learners

✅assessment, homework, certificates - the wraparounds for 100% pro tutoring

👉Check out the pinned post on the blog for a video walkthrough of what lessons really look like. Link in bio.

Regenerate response

Photos from Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring's post 14/06/2023

🧩Get ready to SCREENSHOT!🧩
➡️Swipe through!

🛠️Here's how to use your own network and other people's networks to get the message out about your offering.

🔍Don't underestimate (or overlook) leveraging the power of your network's network, as long as you follow this process which is always about

✅asking permission first and

✅giving clear instructions to make it easy for your network to publicize you.

➕Also - think about how you can add value to them in exchange for their help, to make it a win-win for both of you.

👉screenshot this process📸

👉adapt it to your situation

👉let me know how it goes, because it's all about celebrating the wins!


🙋‍♀️When you start out as tutor, you have so many questions.

🔄And businesses evolve, so the questions keep coming: what you thought might work may not, and someone on your journey who has been there before will have some helpful insights for everyone.

☎️Here's how our live weekly group calls work:

1️⃣members are prompted by email to ask a question every Monday, because not everyone can make the call in person - or members just bring their questions to the call

2️⃣we answer questions in the group call on Wednesday, which is recorded, and members are notified on the same day when the recording is available in the membership to watch back

3️⃣members can watch the recorded call if they can't make the live call, and all members have access to a bank of calls which answer questions already asked

4️⃣some of those calls are masterclasses or trainings with invited experts so members benefit from a wide range of expertise

🤔Curious about some of the questions we answer? Here's a sample:

How long should tutoring sessions be?
Should my prices be on the website?
How much should I charge?
How can I create a waiting list?
What's the best way to take payments?
How do I showcase my services to really appeal to clients?

👉If that sounds like something that you'd like, head to the link in bio and book call with me, Sandra.

💬We'll have a very non-salesy chat so I can make sure we have what you need and we are a great fit to work together. I don't expect you to make any decisons on the call. I even ask people who want to join straight away to sleep on it for a day or two before committing.

📲The only way to join is via a call - membership is by invitation only - and because prices are on the website, there are no shocks in store.

🏃‍♀️So head to that link in bio, check out everything on the website, and book a call with me right now.

🙂And do it right now, because you're busy, and you might just forget :)

Photos from Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring's post 06/06/2023

🤔It's a more complex question than it looks if you go beyond the obvious age/concentration limits.

🕰️Timing is a brilliant way to adjust the value and flexiblity of your tutoring offer to move away from the more obvious adjustment - price.

1️⃣Example 1: Offering the option of 1 x 30-minute session a week (for older or younger learners) gives clients a cheaper way of trying you out without you offering freebies. They can always increase sessions later.

2️⃣Example 2: Offering 2 x 30 minutes per week for cheaper group tutoring is a way of adding value and moving clients away from a more expensive 1:1 50-minute session.

❓How could you get creative with the timing and frequency of your sessions to adjust the value of your offering? There are plenty more ways.

👏Thanks for sharing your wisdom in the comments👇

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