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Our 1st prize is from Farnham Eyelashes

There are 9 prizes, so the winner of each category will receive their 'An Introduction to Layering and Blending' manual.

Thanks Fisher ❤️❤️
This map was used to create an 'open eye' style. With the focus being on the midsection (longer lengths) where the pupils are.

The shorter lengths were placed on the outers to emphasis the longer midsections, giving the illusion of a nice rounded shape.

Farnham Eyelashes used all C curl lashes and used 3D on the inners and 4D elsewhere.

Do you map out your style before you start or do you wing it? Let us know 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Episode 19 is here and it's the first in our new INTERVIEW SERIES. 🎙

We are speaking with some of the most experienced and knowledgable lash artists, trainers and personalities to get their views and opinions on the big wide lash world.

This episode is a great one. We have invited Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes on to talk about her history, how she can charge such high prices, work/life balance and the importance of ongoing education.

Let us know what you think and don't forget to share that you are listening by posting on your Instagram stories.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2qk9W8qwBuk0LCKqRFpH1r?si=vIM8WIBSTaifWqILluuBaQ
Medication and lash extensions might be two words you don’t expect to hear in the same sentence.❓❗️

However, did you know that your client’s medication and medical conditions may have an adverse effect on how their natural lashes grow and the retention of their eyelash extensions?

You may wonder how your client being on medication can affect their lashes, but Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes and an Official LashBase Ambassador has the answers. So in today’s blog post she goes into some more detail and provides her advice on what to do if you experience this as a lash artist.

It is a very insightful blog, which you can read here: https://lashbase.co.uk/lets-talk-about-medication/
Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes has very kindly written us a blog about retention issues - the reasons for it and the solutions or how to fix the problem!

A very good read, take a look here: https://lashbase.co.uk/retention-issues/
How do you make yours?

Here is a LashBase Top Tip for those who make their fans on a sticky pad.

Watch here 👆🏼 Read ’how to’ here 👇🏼

Draw 2 lines on your lash palette either side of the first fan you make so that the fans have the same consistent width the whole way through your set! 😍

Top Tip from Farnham Eyelashes
Caught on camera 🎥

From cleansing and prepping the lashes right through to fan making and application!

Created by Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes 🙌🏼
Caught on camera 🎥

From cleansing and prepping the lashes right through to fan making and application!

All products: LashBase

Created by Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes
Lash views are the best views 💕

Agreed? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Beautiful set by Farnham Eyelashes
Products by

Collaboration Alert 🚨

We are joining forces with mega volume pro Mia Clark Makeup to bring you the ‘LashBase Mega Volume Masterclass’. 🙌🏼

This is certainly a course not to miss out on. There are limited spaces, so you need to be quick if you want to secure a place.

Here are the details👇🏼

Trainer and syllabus:
Mia Clark

October 6th 2019

10:00 - 14:00

£200 (£50 deposit & £150 no later than 10 days before)

Nuffield Health Centre, Weybourne Rd, Farnham GU9 9EL

Kit included:
Expert Volume Tweezers
Eyelash Mirror
0.03s mixed tray LBX Collection Lashes
Empty shampoo bottle and sachet of purified sensitive shampoo
3g Extreme Plus

To book on DM Tara at Farnham Eyelashes
Want to know the best way to store your Lash adhesive?

Tara Fisher of Farnham Eyelashes, shares her top tips here: lashbase.co.uk/adhesive-storage 😍
💋 Looking for a unique promotional gift for your regular clients/customers? 💋

Natural Lip Balms branded with your logo on make the ideal little Thank You gift.

These ones have now left Cognito HQ and are on their way to TIME 4 YOU(Nail/Beauty Therapies), Farnham Eyelashes and The Treatment Rooms

Available in a mouth watering array of flavours, they're also perfect as Wedding Favours.

Please do get in touch if you would like your own branded Lip Balms (they can also be used as Cuticle Balms)

12 yrs exp. award winning
Handmade Russian Volume & Classic Lash Artist & Educator
Certified ment

Operating as usual


As we hit the run up to the Festive period can I just remind all my regular clients that this is a particularly busy one this year due to my extended family time.

I love you all dearly and really value every single one of you but just wanted to remind everyone of our T&Cs and ask that if you cannot make your appointments please try to give me as much notice as possible (try not to wait for your reminder text )

It’s not very often I can fill spaces at short notice & if I do it’s normally with another regular so I’m still left with gaps in my day.

With that in mind, I just want to remind everyone of our cancellation & sickness policy.

Please do not attend if you are unwell with any illness even a cold or have any covid symptoms. Do not just arrive with a mask on please.

Please do not attend if you or anyone in your home has covid, sickness & diarrhoea/conjunctivitis. If you are unsure please contact me first.

If you cancel/reschedule an appointment and give less than 48hrs notice of its scheduled time you will be liable for 50% fee of the appointment.

With less than 24hrs notice, 100% of you appointment fee will be due .

New appointment dates will not be secured without payment

All Christmas appointments have been secured with a booking fee already. This will be redeemable against your Christmas infill with me. If you cancel at short notice this will be lost and form part of your late cancellation fee.

During the entire month of December there will also be an additional £10 fee to reshedule any appointment regardless of the time frame. On average it takes me at least 1hr to sort out swapping appointments.

Regulars please also note your Christmas infill is 1hr , I do not have time to extend any appointments so please come with squeaky clean lashes and try to be on time as we are running a super tight schedule to get you all in.

T x


The beautiful Donna Ashworth with words that to me are spot on ❤️


I have some Christmas party availability this year for 1 off sets

5th dec 12.30
7th dec 12.30
9th dec 12.30 / 3.30pm

2hr classic or handmade volume £104
2.5 handmade volume £130
3 hr handmade volume £156

Must be patch tested. £30 booking fee to secure any dates


Regular clients
Your Christmas booking fee of £30 will be collected at your next appointment by card machine (from 1st nov after half term )

Remember 9-15th dec appointments will only be 1hr

Moving any appointments in the month of Dec will incur a £10 admin fee

If you need to reschedule between 9-15th and I cannot find anyone to swap with you , I will have to see you for a full set whrn I’m back in January

The week 4th jan is already full booked
T x


Availability till end of October . Regulars whats app to book


New brand of serums have arrived .
Sold 3 tonight
£25 plus postage


Canx appointments available this week . Must be patch tested by me. What’s app to book


Advance warning


The new heated back warmer going down a storm too


I’ve had lots more enquiries this week asking for short notice appointments.

My regular clients have booked to the end of the year already so I have limited availability for 1 off sets left in 2022.

Generally if you’d like a one off full set (no infills ) you will need 6-8 weeks notice (remember you will also need a patch test /consult at least 48hrs before)

Please don’t expect an appointment within a few days or a week

Please also note there will be no one off full sets sets available between 9th Dec - 10th January

Thanks 🙏
Tara x

Tara Fisher Lash Artist on Instagram: "Lash Shed Season ⁣ ⁣ Don’t panic!!! It's that time of year again! 👀⁣ ⁣ Even though it just feels like we’ve only just got out of Spring in terms of lashing, the autumnal shed season is fast approa 06/09/2022

Tara Fisher Lash Artist on Instagram: "Lash Shed Season ⁣ ⁣ Don’t panic!!! It's that time of year again! 👀⁣ ⁣ Even though it just feels like we’ve only just got out of Spring in terms of lashing, the autumnal shed season is fast approa

Tara Fisher Lash Artist on Instagram: "Lash Shed Season ⁣ ⁣ Don’t panic!!! It's that time of year again! 👀⁣ ⁣ Even though it just feels like we’ve only just got out of Spring in terms of lashing, the autumnal shed season is fast approa Tara Fisher Lash Artist shared a post on Instagram: "Lash Shed Season ⁣ ⁣ Don’t panic!!! It's that time of year again! 👀⁣ ⁣ Even though it just feels like we’ve only just got out of Spring in terms of lashing, the autumnal shed season is fast approaching 😞⁣ ⁣ Twice a year, Spri...


Managing clients expectations ⁣

This is a skill learn over time but it certainly isn’t easy to master ⁣

We all have those clients who want longer/thicker styles that their naturals just can’t safely support but learning to manage your clients expectations can be tricky to do ⁣

Lash health is paramount so if you have lots of long thick strong naturals your end result will be very different from someone with 6mm weak sparse naturals ⁣

If you need any help explaining to clients please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll try to help ⁣

Feel free to share and repost ❤️


Back to School and back to more road works , sorry 😞


New purchase for the winter months for the studio 💕

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 02/09/2022

Advance warning ⚠️ 🚨🎅🏻

Regular clients please familiarise yourselves with these December T&Cs



Sorry for the typos . To tired to re do the post

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 21/08/2022

Such a fun day !


All lash related enquiries will be dealt with after 6th August

Family time pending 💕

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 27/07/2022

Price increase from 1st Sept

I’m keeping it simple and below the rate of inflation


This weeks spaces


It’s always a real honour when another lash artist asks you to do their lashes

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 19/07/2022

Swipe ⬅️ to see the before

Another amazing transformation today . Just bloody love the results

I love classic lashes
I love deep set eyes
I love a challenge


Infill available Thursday 2pm

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 12/07/2022

Important during the heatwave 💕

Regular clients if you need more lash shampoo just ask


My air con has never let me down in the summer before BUT we are heading for some unprecedented extreme weather this week .
Let’s keep our fingers crossed 🤞🏻 as the temperatures rise that I can keep my room at 21/22 or my adhesive will not work

You may find you need infills a bit sooner. To help your retention please wear sunglasses and avoid sun cream and please please wash them more than normal

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 01/07/2022

Birthday fluff for

Happy 30th Sam 💕

8d Premade M curl fans from


A little pop of colour 💜💜💜on the outer corners to match my clients company colours for an event next week

Gold star CL ⭐️


Availability next few weeks
1hr infill appointments only


Important message for clients this week


Spiked classic set was the brief with a natural twist

I think we nailed it 💕

M curl classics lashes from 0.12 & 0.15


No excuse to keep your lashes clean here at Farnham Eyelashes

Not only do you get a free cleaning kit inc oil free makeup remover, cleaning brush , mascara wands, and these lash shampoo sachets at your full set (even if it’s a one off set )

But I have plenty sachets in stock for regular clients to replenish when needed

During this hot weather /hayfever season you want to be cleaning your lashes at least once a day, maybe twice

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 11/06/2022

Hayfever suffers please read


Have a great few days off celebrating the platinum jubilee

🇬🇧 👑💂‍♀️

All lash related enquiries will be answered 6th June

T x


Wedding ready 💒 🌞🇮🇹

Always a great pleasure to catch up with the gorgeous

We opted for some beautiful classic lashes today

Have a super time in Italy. We aren’t jealous one single bit

Photos from Farnham Eyelashes's post 01/06/2022

She’s show ready 🏋🏾‍♂️💪🏾

We pushed the limits a little bit today due to depleted diet, stress & general genetics for Monique’s show lashes

Using the new and fabulous 0.05 8d M curl Premade lashes


Take your lashes from lacklustre to lashtashtic in just 4 weeks . For maximin results use for 8 weeks .

I have trialled this high end serum during lockdown and it was amazing !

retailing at £60

Pre orders being taken now as I will have limited stock available next week

Dm me for payment details. Postage £4 or local drop off or collection


Bridal season is in full swing 👰🏻‍♀️

I was thrilled to be asked by a fellow lash artist to do her wedding lashes 💕 (no pressure)

As Julie is a lash artist she knew what she wanted and didn’t want above 10mm which I think was the right decision.

I love a short dense set . The inners were a tad tricky so used some 4 5 &6s

Have a super set Julie & thank you for choosing me 💕

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Lash Shed Season ⁣⁣Don’t panic!!! It's that time of year again! 👀⁣⁣Even though it just feels like we’ve only just got ou...
Borboleta serums will be here early next week 3 have been reserved today already £60 dm for payment details
Brides/holiday one off sets This is a super busy time for enquires . I cannot hold dates. Dates will be released from my...
After tonight’s announcements FACE MASKS ARE BACK 😷
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Hump day classic lashes as we start to get back into a routine 🙌🏻Normality is finally returning to the Fisher household ...
Lash serums are now back in stock





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