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Are you strength curious? Perhaps you've wanted to learn how to resistance train or want to feel strong. I am here to help you along your path to fitness!

Or you were once an active person and hope to get your fitness groove back. Offering a bespoke service to meet the needs of the individual client so that they can improve their fitness and live the life to which they aspire, I help the client find a way to include fitness, nutrition and self-care into their life in a manageable, achievable and fun way. My approach to fitness is not your 'bog stand

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Well, all in one day I launched my website AND emptied the eternally full laundry baskets! I totally feel deserving of being celebrated this Mother's Day 😜

Public Service Announcement: This Sunday is Mother's Day in the UK.


Snacking is good for you. I'll explain.

Finding time to exercise can be a challenge and this is where snacking comes in.

'Exercise snacking' is method of structuring exercise into short bouts that are performed throughout the day. This can be a bout of pushups or air squats or doorway pull-ups...you've got the idea. You can get a complete and well rounded workout in across the day if you combine wisely.

A recent study (link in comments) has shown that a 5-minute walk every half hour of sedentary work (eg sitting at your desk) can lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure, even reducing blood sugar spikes by almost 60 percent as compared to participants who sat all with no walking breaks.

The study perhaps not surprisingly also found participants felt less tired and had improved moods. As a note, and rather interestingly, the benefits were not the same when the sedentary window was increased to 60 minutes with a 5 minute walk.

While the study was done on walking, if walking isn't an option for you, getting your heart rate up with a 5 minute bout of exercise from the exercise snack menu might be an option.

Bottom line, don't let perfection get in the way of the good and start with an achievable and more practical first step toward your end goal. Or as I like to say, move in the direction of your destination.

Check back for a well rounded “snack” workout you can perform at home.


I have chosen to run my business part time since having my boys. And while I've been ramping up my business over the past 5 years, it often feels like things are sabotaging my efforts (cats!! ). Kids get sick, clubs get canceled, pandemics require homeschooling and lockdowns.... It often feels like I'll never get to run the business I want. I've had to learn to 'be flexible' and accept that 'moving in the direction of' is sometimes what must happen. Progress not perfection.

The same is true for our goals around fitness. We can't always train when we want to, as many times as we want to, as long as we want to. We have to do what we can. There are an awful lot of people on social media telling you that you have to be 'all in' or it's not worth it. They are wrong. Some IS better than none.

I'll be back tomorrow with more thoughts on this and with an idea for how YOU can 'move in the direction of' your fitness goals in a practical and minimal way. If you have been waiting to prioritize your fitness. Check back tomorrow....the cat should have moved by then.


Head Coach Heather's Fitness Tips

Well thanks to covid, it’s ‘been a minute’ since my days with my awesome team at Field of Field of Fitness (Hi guys🖐️, I miss you all!) but this info is worth a share so bringing it off the shelf for a re-share. Dan O’s awesome graphic really gets my point across around arm position on the push up.

Save those shoulders!! Relearn your press-up/push-up!

The Secret to a Better Workout Is Probably Already in Your Kitchen 03/02/2023

The Secret to a Better Workout Is Probably Already in Your Kitchen

As if I needed an excuse 😜 but I’ll take one

(Note: read the article as some fine points worth knowing 🙃)

The Secret to a Better Workout Is Probably Already in Your Kitchen Used correctly, caffeine can help you lift more, run faster and cycle farther.

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