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Special Offer !

Following on from my earlier post. Special offer of 6 sessions for £500.00. for 3 people.

Feeling the spirit of goodwill creeping in, and I wanted to share the news in person.

Message me if you want one of the packages.

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Special Offer !
Following on from my earlier post. Special offer of 6 sessions for £500.00. for 3 people.Feeling the spirit of goodwill ...

Give yourself permission to look after yourself.
Do you ignore your needs? Do you put others needs ahead of your own?Do you end up burnt out or so ill you can't do thing...

Gratitude. What are you grateful for today ?

Mindset flip
Doing with a good heart !Doing because you choose to.

When is the best time to start something new?
When is the best time to start something new?The answer is........NOW ! There is no time like the present.Don't put it ...

Putting things off or avoiding them hoping it will go away?
How often do you put things off ?How often do you avoid doing things hoping it will just go away (AKA burying your head)...

Are you ignoring your values?
Your values are important to living a life that has meaning, purpose and feeling content. If you are ignoring, or falli...

Knowing you want more out of life, but don't know how to start ?
Are you at a crossroads in your life?Do you feel stuck in a rut?Do you want more out of life?If the answer is YES to any...

Getting back into the Zone !
When life distracts you and you're getting back into your zone, back on the horse, whatever you want to call it.......

Sorry, not sorry
Saying sorry too often ?

Consistency is that momentum
Consistency is key, build that momentum, build those better habits.Celebrate your successes, by acknowledging your achie...

Running on empty ?
How can you take control of your life, set yourself goals and smash them when you are running on empty ?

Battle of the emotions !
Don't let your emotion rule you, take control and still achieve want you want.

Uncertainty, Anxiety and overwhelm - what can you do?
Uncertainty, Anxiety and Overwhelm - what can you do?

To journal, or not to journal ???
do you see journaling as a chore, or do you see it as an important part of your day?

Competition time
Yes, it's competition time !!!Complete the survey, and the first 5 lucky entries received will each get a free coaching ...

What is NLP and how can it help you ?
Sone of you may be wondering what NLP is and how it can help people.Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about how the mi...

Comparing yourselves to others
Do you compare yourselves to others ?How does that make you feel ?Is it such a good idea ?It's good to be inspired by ot...

Don't forget my freebie
Don't forget my freebie, "How to navigate a mid-life crisis"Don't let the title put you off, it's for anybody who is fee...

What's stopping you from pursuing your dreams?
Usually fear of something......!

The end of the week celebration.
What have you achieved this week ? It's good to reflect and acknowledge.

What exactly is life coaching ?
Hard to sum-up in a few words but......

Hello and welcome
An brief introduction to me and my page.