Mycotopia Fife

Mycotopia Fife has been established to provide practical training in the cultivation and use of culinary and medicinal fungi so you can grow your own.

Here at mycotopia Fife we wish to educate people to enjoy and understand growing there own mushrooms at home. sometimes fungi can seem mysterious or possibly even scary but with a little knowledge you could be enjoying the many benefits of the fungal kingdom in all its glory.

Operating as usual


Photos from Mycotopia Fife's post


It has been a very long time since I posted anything on this page, since the creation of mycotopia fife I have been on a massive learning curve with fungi.
I must say I am less excited now about the cultivation of fungi but not off the idea at all.
There are so many lessons yet to be learned about what fungi do and can potentially do for human kind to be discovered but for now here is a picture of a great example of a cep found in fife to whet your appetites.


I wish we were back in chanterelle picking season out in the sunshine,just another 6 months to wait.


Either saffron milk cap or one of few other lactarius that are also edible. I will have to sit down and get a difinitive Id.


A nice wee collard earth star hiding behind a garage in Edinburgh last week.


A nice little St.Georges mushroom (calocybe Gambosa) find today in Edinburgh today, petty it was very close to a busy road so should be avoided as far as eating goes. still nice to see them!





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