Live well with Laura

Live well with Laura


Since march ive lost 12kg but im left with the lose skin that held it. Any tips on how to tighten that. Its around my middle. 🙏
Exercise wize i walk 40 miles a week and train 5 hours a week (kick boxing) which includes hiit work.
Having lost motivation to go to the gym alone, I decided to look into personal trainers. Laura has been my PT for the last 3 weeks, I have two sessions per week, both for 30 minutes.

The sessions are varied, dynamic, fun and challenging! Laura manages to keep me motivated throughout each session and whilst I’ve only been training with her for 3 weeks I’ve already noticed strength improvements and my motivation is growing! I have recommended Laura to other people considering a PT 😀
Laura, just wanted to say how amazing I am feeling after my first 30 days!! Weight loss and inch loss, feeling healthier and fitter. Also just found a dress in my wardrobe, never worn and it looks great on me now. Thank you for your support and encouragement!! Hers to the next 30!! 🤩😍🏋️‍♀️🍾xx
I've tried both of Laura's classes this past week, LBTs and Box Circuits. I really enjoyed both classes. They've been a great way to get back to exercise after relapsing last year with a chronic pain condition I have. I was initially worried my fitness wasn't great, I wouldn't be coordinated enough or that I'd embarass myself so it took me longer than it needed to to get the courage to go to a class again. It was totally worth it and I don't know why I worried as Laura is a genuinely supportive coach and you can work at your own pace with instruction and encouragement when needed. Booked in to go back already.
Wow what can I say, i have been attending sessions with Laura since the new year. The classes (Box Circuits, Monday nights and Legs,Bums and Tums Thursday nights) are fun, energetic and suitably challenging!! With Laura keeping it fresh by mixing things up and keeping you on your toes. It's also been great to get out and meet new people too. Laura also has 1 to 1 session which I have found very helpful in building my self confidence, strength and stamina. Laura is a fantastic instructor making sure you get the best from any sessions you attend. I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looking to start a journey to fitness contact Laura. 😊🏃‍♀️
Really enjoying Laura Louise Salt LBT class highly recommend this class I’m so pleased I’ve actually gone down a jean size !! 😀

Fitness behaviour change transformation coach. I help busy career women lose 12-20lbs + in 12 weeks

Operating as usual


Wondering how you’re going to keep fit now all the gyms are closed??

I’ve got it covered.

Online group fitness and 1-2-1 Personal training sessions available.

See below my new online class timetable!

Just £2 per class. All classes are live and open to all abilities.

Message me for more information.

L x


In light of what’s going on in the world, I’m currently working on my new online class timetable.

Some of you have trialled some classes this week.

If you’re interested in taking part in an online fitness class, what time of day would you take part in one and which days of the week?
Comment below with your preferred days & times.
Thanks guys. Wanting to try and keep everyone sane and active over the coming months! 😊🙏🏼💪🏻🙌🏼


7-45-8.15pm tonight!
Legs bums and tums online.
Join us for the first trial class.
DM/Comment for more info.


Join me tomorrow night from the comfort of your own home!!


Free online fitness class tonight!
Msg me for more information & online meeting code.
All welcome!



As I’m sure you will all know the Coronavirus is an ongoing situation.

Anyone showing ANY of the following, cold or flu-like symptoms please can you contact me before coming for your training session or to a class:

Runny nose
High temperature

At 22 weeks pregnant I need to stay safe.

Thank you for your understanding 💓🙏🏼


Free space at both my Newcourt fitness classes for all Flybe Staff, for the remainder of March!!
T’s & C’s apply.
DM/Comment for more information 😊


Spaces available for LBT @ Newcourt tonight! Come along and join us. First class just £1.

Live Well With Laura 30/12/2019

Live Well With Laura

Booking now open for both Newcourt fitness classes!

Go to to book your space!

Live Well With Laura Schedule your appointment online Live Well With Laura


Last week of classes at the Newcourt centre before Christmas! 🎄

Box Circuits Tuesday evening is fully booked 🥊

Spaces still available for Legs, Bums and Tums on Thursday 7.45-8.30pm!

PM me to save a space! 😊

Live Well With Laura 05/11/2019

Live Well With Laura

Get booking ladies & gents -

Spaces still available for tonight’s Box Circuits and Thursday’s Legs, Bums and Tums.

7 weeks till Xmas. Get ahead of the game! 😁

Live Well With Laura Schedule your appointment online Live Well With Laura


Are you feeling grounded and ready to take on a new week??

People often ask me “why as a personal trainer do you pay for someone else to train you, when you know what you’re doing?”

It does seem a little crazy but for me it’s about limits.
Pushing them to a point I wouldn’t go to on my own.

It’s about not having to plan my own workouts & just turning up to be told what to do.

It’s about someone else planning the course of action for me to achieve my goals...with my input of course ☺️

It’s about training at a level I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to train at (eg. Lifting more) than I would do alone.

It’s about switching off from coach mode and putting myself first.

We all hold ourselves back to a degree with all parts of life.

It’s great to have someone see the potential in you and be that confidence boost for you.

These are all reasons why each and everyone one of you would benefit from a 1-2-1 session.

I offer a free consultation for those interested in taking their training to another level.

Perhaps you’re just starting out and don’t know what to do?

Whatever your level of fitness, I’ve got something for you.


My training has slacked over the last month 🥴

A week abroad, a week with a snotty cold, then away again...🙈 it happens, life gets in the way.
Key is to claw it back ASAP.

I’m impressed with my efforts today all factors considered 👌🏻 And it’s not often I praise myself!


Another great session with this lovely pair!
Weight training women make me smile ☺️💪🏻
Why not get some extra help achieving your goals with a 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 training session?
Bring a buddy and split the cost...or have me all to yourself! It’s a win win 😁


Why Drinking 2 Diet Sodas a Day May Increase Your Risk of Death

A quick watch! This guy is a legend.


Don’t forget to book your space for tonight’s LBT classes!!
See you there 👯‍♀️

Timeline photos 16/10/2019

Because we can if we put our minds to it!

Timeline photos 12/10/2019

Yesterday I got my almost 60 year old mum deadlifting! 🙌🏼

It took some stern words and a few kicks up the arse...(actual ones) but she did it.

My mum absolutely infuriates me on a frequent basis 🤦🏻‍♀️

Our relationship is very much love/hate.

But when we’re on a loving streak it’s a great feeling.

This woman is stronger than she thinks. Physically and mentally.

I want to take this opportunity to give her a and a round of applause for surviving the deadlifts, despite her thinking I was trying to kill her off and get her money! 🤣🤣🤣

Here’s to all the women out there that she represents. It’s time to stand together, build each other up and push ourselves on greater things #1-2-1

Photos from Live well with Laura's post 09/10/2019

Such a fab evening at dancing the night away in aid of MIND - a mental health charity 🙌🏼🎉🌟🕺💃🏼

Well done to the amazing for putting on an awesome show!

It’s official I can’t dance...unless fuelled on alcohol but hey...all egos left at the door! 🥴🤣 @ David Lloyd Clubs

Live Well With Laura 03/10/2019

Live Well With Laura

⭐️Spaces still available for Legs, Bums and Tums tonight⭐️

Both classes -
Cranbrook 6.15-7pm and Newcourt 7.45-8.30pm.

First class £1 DM to book your space or follow this link
It’s time to work on those lean legs and perky bottoms...little black dress season is coming...!

Live Well With Laura Schedule your appointment online Live Well With Laura

Timeline photos 30/09/2019

Head down & focused for a new week & a new month.

Last day of the month today...let’s make it a good one! 👊🏼

Timeline photos 27/09/2019


Huge thanks to all the lovely ladies that attended my new Legs, Bums and Tums class at last night!

I hope you’re not aching too much over the next couple of days...but if you are, remember it’s all worth it! ☺️

I look forward to seeing you all next week and those of you unable to make last night.

See my page to book again for next week!

P.S - Please message me to book if it’s your first class 👯‍♀️


3 hours to go!!

Legs, Bums and tums launches at Cranbrook Education Campus at 6.15pm.

First class £1!

Last few spaces remaining...DM or comment below to save your space.


🌟Classes this week🌟
Monday 7.45-8.30pm Box Circuits (Newcourt)
Thursday 6.15-7pm LBT (Cranbrook Education Campus🌟NEW CLASS🌟)
7.45-8.30pm LBT (Newcourt)


Super excited to be back from my awesome holiday & back to my wonderful clients and class participants this week!
Let’s do this 💪🏻

Research Shows Nutrition is Much Better at Improving Mental Health Than Prescription Medication 08/09/2019

Research Shows Nutrition is Much Better at Improving Mental Health Than Prescription Medication

Thank you!! I have had first hand experience of this with my own mental health. I now have the pleasure of helping others with their mental health using nutrition.
Food is medicine people. The sooner we all realise and accept this, the fewer visits to the GP required and life will be better!
Just because we have the NHS doesn’t mean we have to use it.
Let’s take matters into our own hands by eating well and take the strain off our hugely stretched NHS!

Research Shows Nutrition is Much Better at Improving Mental Health Than Prescription Medication Did you know that poor nutrition is a significant risk factor for the development of mental illness.


For me fitness is all about having fun!
If I had to give up one thing in life it wouldn’t be the gym.
I could easily never watch TV again (as an example) if it meant I could still go to the gym, but I appreciate not everyone feels that way 😆

I make my classes and my 1-2-1 training sessions fun but challenging.

No one gets off lightly but everyone enjoys them, at least so I’ve been told...🤔 Want to see for yourself?? Spaces available in tomorrow nights Legs, Bums and Tums class 7.45-8.30pm.

Or Monday join us for Box Circuits also at Newcourt 7.45pm 🥊

First class just £1!! DM me to book your space.


As much as we love to time trial ourselves whilst out on a road ride 😆 it’s so nice to just S.T.O.P and take in the surroundings!

Devon you just keep giving.

Moving here was hands down one of the best decisions we have made as a couple.

We have a fantastic and so many amazing spots to visit, all on our doorstep.

Just like choosing to move here, everyone of you can choose to better your life.

To have more.

To improve your health 💚

To spend more time with loved ones💑🐶

To spend more time in stunning locations🏝⛰🏕

To travel more ✈️

To give more.

You just have to decide that’s what you want and make it happen.

No excuses, no weak efforts. Just serious tunnel vision and eyes on the prize.

One week left of August...what are you going to make happen!?!

My Story

I have almost 10 years industry experience and heeps of passion for helping others achieve their goals.

I have worked for big corporate gyms, in a small private studio in the City of London and now I freelance around the lovely city of Exeter teaching group fitness classes and training people on a 1-2-1 basis from my home studio.

My passion lies in weight training and nutrition. I have found combining the two has given both myself and my clients fantastic results. Weight training has empowered me as a female and I love sharing that with my clients and helping them grow, progress and hit their goals.

Exercise is vital in maintaining a balance with both physical and mental health. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experience of that as well as my knowledge with those around me.

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