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Pitman Training Enfield offers flexible, self-paced vocational training courses in Office Administrat

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New Vacancy - Democratic Services Officer - Trainee Or Officer level (hybrid)
Location - Borehamwood
Salary range – £27,979 - £39,977 (depending on experience)
Email us now at [email protected] to register your interest.


Embracing the next generation of workers is a game-changer for businesses! Their innovative ideas, technological prowess, and fresh perspectives drive success in a rapidly evolving world. Attracting and retaining young talent ensures a dynamic workforce, ready to lead in the future. Additionally, it fosters diversity and inclusion, enriching company culture and strengthening the bottom line.

But that's not all!

Offering a robust learning & development plan to these employees is equally crucial. Investing in their growth empowers them with the skills and knowledge needed to excel, boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. Fuel your company's success by nurturing your talent with a top-notch learning & development strategy!


As more and more companies move their infrastructure to the cloud, IT infrastructure job openings increasingly require cloud-computing training and experience. Such roles include systems engineer, network engineer, and database administrator.

For IT professionals, learning never stops because the technologies we rely on constantly change and evolve. For this reason, it’s vital that anyone working in or aspiring to a job in IT infrastructure develop skills in these areas:

Cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are three key players in cloud infrastructure. This diploma trains in all three.

Data storage and security: Accessing, storing, and protecting data are each essential components of cloud computing covered in this programme.

Networking: Knowing networking basics will be valuable when integrating traditional networks with cloud services. If you do not already have a background in networking technology, consider adding Network+ or Server+ as an elective.

Programming: Common languages used in cloud computing include Python and Java. Consider studying one of these languages to strengthen your skillset either as an elective with us or in the future as your career in cloud computing develops.

For companies, cloud technology makes business processes faster and more efficient. The cloud improves the efficiency of backing up and storing data, and software updates can be deployed as soon as they’re ready. As a cloud engineer, your job will be to keep it all running.

Use this link below to find out more about the Diploma or contact our expert course advisors.



New Course Launch - Sage Business Cloud Payroll

In the world of finance, Sage training is the most popular and the most in demand. This payroll training course will help you gain the understanding and practical skills you need to use this popular payroll software in the cloud. The course will prepare you for a Sage Certificate of Competency at Level 2.


A year from now, you will wish you had started today!


🖥 Excel is more than just a data storage tool! With features like comparing two columns, it is a versatile tool for data analysts to make informed decisions.

Manual comparisons can take hours or even days, but Excel makes it easy to determine if a cell contains data. Want to learn more about how to use Excel for data analysis? Read more in our blog post! https://ow.ly/r7xY50Pc2K1

➡️Unlock your potential. https://ow.ly/B3xn50Pc2JX


🤔 Are you truly happy in your current job? 🌟 If so, that's fantastic! Keep thriving! 🚀 If not, don't wait any longer! 😊 Contact one of our Careers Advisors today and discover how Pitman Training can empower you with the right skills and opportunities to pursue your dream career. 💼

Pitman Training , 2nd Floor Niocon House, 45 Silver Street, EN1 3EF
Tel No: 0207 183 1107
Email: [email protected]

Pitman Training Watford , 171 St Albans Road, WD24 5BD
Tel No: 01923 547 400


📚💡 Step into the world of limitless possibilities at Pitman Training Centre! 🚀🌟 Discover a dynamic hub of knowledge, expert guidance, and cutting-edge resources, paving the way to career growth and personal development. 📈🌱 Join us on this incredible journey of transformation and let's unlock your full potential together!


📊 Are you leveraging Microsoft Power BI in your business?

🚀 Pitman Training's Power BI course can help you achieve data mastery!

💼 Unlock the full potential of Power BI with hands-on training on data visualisation, reporting, and analytics.

💡 Empower your team to make data-driven decisions and drive business growth!

📈 Stay ahead of the competition and boost performance with data-driven insights.

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One of our learners popped by this morning to drop off this card, which has made our day. Thanks, Sue, you've been fantastic; we will miss not having you around. Wishing you all the best in your new role! 🙏

Office Manager Job and Career Advice | Pitman Training 05/08/2023

Career Insight: Ever thought you could be a great Office Manager?

Visit the link below to learn more about the role of an Office Manager, the skills needed, salary expectations and how we can help you achieve this.

Office Manager Job and Career Advice | Pitman Training Pitman Training offers career advice. Giving you an insight into important career choices. This focus is on Office Managers and their roles and responsibilities.


📚 In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving job market, staying current with in-demand skills is critical to career success. Part-time adult education courses offer a convenient and flexible way to acquire new skills or improve existing ones. Here are some of the most in-demand skills that can be learned in part-time adult education courses:

1. Digital Marketing: with the rise of e-commerce and digital platforms, digital marketing skills are in high demand. Courses on topics like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and analytics can help you learn the skills needed to succeed in this field.

2. Data Analytics: In today's data-driven business environment, the ability to analyse and interpret data is an essential skill. In-service courses on data analytics, visualisation, and machine learning can give individuals the skills they need to be a valuable asset to any business.

3. Project Management: Strong project management skills are in high demand in a variety of industries. Courses on project management methods, tools, and techniques can help individuals improve their project management skills and become effective leaders in their organisations.

Investing in part-time adult education courses that teach these in-demand skills can increase your value to employers and help you stay competitive in today's job market.

👩‍💻 Start transforming your skills today. https://ow.ly/32U050Pc2El


Why train with us?
Whether you want to improve your career prospects, gain that promotion or get back to work, our flexible training enables you to learn from home or study anywhere, using our market-leading combination of audio guides, workbooks and live software.

180 Years
Our heritage and longevity as the leading British training provider has enabled us to provide vocational training since 1837

250+ Courses
We offer over 250+ self-paced, flexible training courses, which you can start anytime to ensure you can find training to suit your lifestyle.

0% Finance
You can choose to pay monthly using our 0%* finance payment plan. * Full T&Cs apply


Learners love Pitman Training for our dedicated, in-centre Learning Coach support! Our expert guidance gives students personalised attention, encouragement, and expert insights throughout their training journey.


6 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Skill This Year



"A supportive environment with staff who encourage you every step of the way. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely return for any future training!"
- Kayleigh Thomas

📌 Your journey to a better career starts here. https://ow.ly/KHAA50Pc2z0

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97% of students found that Pitman Training courses were helpful to their job prospects.

Our Flexible courses allow you to study at times and a pace that suits you. Fit our careers-focused training around your schedule with real in-centre support as and when you need it.

Full employability support if required and links to local employers with real jobs ready to be filled. We are focused on helping you move your career forward with a nearly 90% success rate for a career change, new jobs or promotions.

Enquire now to find out how we can help you in achieving your dream career.

Google review of Pitman Training Enfield by betsy ashman 25/07/2023

Don't just take our word for it; see how we supported Betsy in changing her life and landing her dream role. The whole team here at Pitman Training and Pitman Training Watford loves what we do, helping those brave enough to help themselves. Those that are fully committed to achieving their dreams. We are 100% behind all our learners for a lifetime of learning & development.

And she is not the only one, so why not check out all our other reviews on our Google page?

Google review of Pitman Training Enfield by betsy ashman ★★★★★ "At the start of the year, i finished my Virtual Assistant Diploma with a Distinction. I cannot thank Neil, Dip and Fatouma enough for the support they have given me. This has lead me to land a role as an Executive Assistant at a Bank in Canary Wharf! This course has lead me into a n...


🖥 🌟 Maximize your team's potential with these 3 essential staff training tips! 🌟

1️⃣ Tailor the training to individual needs: Recognise the unique strengths and areas for growth of each team member. Design training sessions that cater to their specific requirements for optimal results. 🎯

2️⃣ Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing: Promote a culture of open communication within your team. Encourage members to share their expertise, ask questions, and learn from each other. Teamwork makes the dream work! 💼

3️⃣ Evaluate and adjust: Regularly assess the effectiveness of your training methods. Gather feedback from your team and use it to fine-tune your approach, ensuring continuous improvement and growth. 📈

Invest in your staff's professional development and watch your organisation thrive! 🚀
👩‍💻 Empowering you for success. https://ow.ly/lxym50Pc2wf


Congratulations to Ja Champhom on winning the Pitman Training Selfie Day Contest! We loved seeing all of the submissions and getting to know some of our amazing Pitman Training Students.

Effective Communications as a Medical Administrator | Pitman Training 13/07/2023

As a medical administrator, you play a vital role in managing the flow of information, coordinating teams, and ensuring a seamless healthcare experience for patients. Mastering communication is crucial for enabling you to build rapport with both patients and colleagues, helping you do your job more effectively while contributing to a better working environment.

Although difficult, these are skills that can be learned and mastered.

This guide will give you a toolbox of verbal and non-verbal techniques that together will help you develop more confident and effective communications as a medical administrator.

Effective Communications as a Medical Administrator | Pitman Training The Key to Effective Communication as a Medical Administrator


Why train with us?
Whether you want to improve your career prospects, gain that promotion or get back to work, our flexible training enables you to learn from home or study at any location, using our market leading combination of audio guides, workbooks and live software.


In a world driven by data and the insights derived from it, Data Analysts have become key team members of any business or agency that aims to leverage data to drive product, strategy, and decision-making.


Pitman Training is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all. We celebrate the unique talents, perspectives, and experiences that each individual brings to our community.


Don't just take our word for it! Look at what some of our students had to say about training with Pitman Training.

Read our reviews here: http://bitly.ws/Jstk

If you are considering upskilling, re-training or thinking about a career change, speak to one of our expert advisors, who can advise you on the options available.

Pitman Training, 2nd FLoor Nicon House, 45 Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3EF
Tel No: 0207 183 1107
Email: [email protected]

Embracing AI Can Supercharge Your Career | Pitman Training 24/06/2023

Check out why embracing AI can supercharge your career by exploring the benefits and opportunities.

Pitman TrainingTraining offers comprehensive courses in the hottest IT career paths, including AI & Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Engineering. To learn more, speak to one of our advisors at 0207 183 1107 or email us directly at [email protected]

Embracing AI Can Supercharge Your Career | Pitman Training Learn how to effectively retrieve data and troubleshoot common issues. If you encounter problems with cutting or copying, wait briefly before retrying.


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New Vacancy - Audit and Accounts Senior

Location - Chesham HP5 1EG

Salary range – £23k - £27k

Email us now at [email protected] to register your interest.


New Vacancy - Trainee Account and Audit Junior

Location - Chesham HP5 1EG

Salary range – £18.5k

Email us now at [email protected] to register your interest.

Photos from Pitman Training's post 14/06/2023

Do you work for Amazon?
Someone who does?

We would love to hear from you...Amazon will pay up to 95% of the cost of a Pitman Training Certificate or Diploma to gain new skills to help pursue a NEW career at Amazon or elsewhere through the Career Choice programme.

Simply sign up or refer a friend and if they sign up you receive £200.

Call us now on 0207 183 1107 or email [email protected] to register.


Apprentice Accountant

Location - Bushey WD23 1EE

Great opportunity for anyone looking to get into Finance. This firm is willing to give someone deserving a chance.

Email us now at [email protected] to register your interest.



"A supportive environment with staff who encourage you every step of the way. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely return for any future training!" - Kayleigh Thomas

📌 Your journey to a better career starts here. www.pitman-training.com


Great Opportunity for someone looking to join a growing company. Please register your interest now by emailing us at [email protected].

Photos from Pitman Training's post 20/05/2023

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about Fatma Sallami completing her , and she recently left us a review on our Google profile. We simply had to share it. We are incredibly proud of how the Pitman Training and Pitman Training Watford teams support our learners.

Well done, Fatma Sallami, you totally . Thank you for your very kind words, and we look forward to seeing you soon for a coffee.

Photos from Pitman Training's post 16/05/2023

Congratulations to Sean Yates on winning our Pitman Kings Coronation Contest! Keep an eye out for future contests like this over on our page!

Timeline photos 15/05/2023

Sylwia had a fantastic experience with Pitman Training, emphasizing the importance of working at her own pace. She appreciated the support of the Pitman Training staff, who regularly checked in on her progress. Sylwia encourages others who are considering training with Pitman to give it a try.

Congratulations Sylwia!

Timeline photos 13/05/2023

"My name is Lara Velicic, and I am a student at Pitman Training in Carlow town. Working in Nursing Home, studying and trying to obtain Management diploma, and having a productive private life and happy family can sometimes feel unachievable. But that is me. I am a fighter, strong believer and enthusiastic. I am a thirty-six-year-old, who is well assure that chances, possibilities, and opportunities are all around us, and we just need to grab a hold of them."


Last chance to get your submissions in for our Pitman Coronation Contest! The winner will be selected tomorrow!

Pitman’s Coronation Contest! We are running a contest in celebration of King Charles III Coronation.

We want to know how you are celebrating the King's Coronation, so leave a comment below for a chance to win a £100 Amazon gift card. To enter you must like our page, like this post, and leave your comment entry below.

The winner will be selected next Friday the 12th of May. Good luck!

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