Keeping Important Solutions Simple

Business and life coaching made easy

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take 20 minutes to sit ... be calm ... clear your head and focus on YOU.

What do you want for you, in life and/or business.

Keeping Important Solutions Simple 19/02/2020

Keeping Important Solutions Simple

im looking at doing 6 week workshops with 16-19 year olds.
looking at form filling, applications, online courses and more
I have a venue now I just need the students so I'm looking for 5 willing students who want to achieve more for their future.

Keeping Important Solutions Simple Business and life coaching made easy


I PASSED My level 5 life coaching course.

let's do this.


My apologies for the quite weeks
unit 9 has dropped and I'm almost done with the course
xx # # #


Hi guys super busy behind the scenes.
2 more units and I will have complete my course and will hopefully be qualified. almost through unit 8 so not long hopefully by the end of the week.
once I pass and a little celebrating and thanking my supporters I'll be ready for business.

so as I'm qualified already (certificates will be added to this page soon)

what are your business needs?
are you planning your own business but don't know where to start?
what documents do you need help with?
are you in need of new fresh ways to Advertise?
are you struggling with time management and need more hours to get everything done?
are you looking for a job but haven't got a c.v. and don't know where to start?

just a few of the things I can help you with right now.

feel free to message me and I'll get back to you.


hey guys

1st off welcome to my lovely newbies. thank you for joining my page.
2 weeks in and it's going fantastic. so thank you all for being here. please feel free to share with friends and family, I'm here to help you all.

And please peeps come and talk to me.


saying that I do apologise for my radio silence today ... unit 4 assignment of my advanced diploma level 5 life coaching has been submitted feeling awesome right now 3 of 4 passed so far.

if your looking to add a new skill or change your career prospects or increase your level of what you do now. send me a message and we can talk more in depth. Age is no restriction for learning if you want to make a change. I'm 38 and in the last 3 years, I've achieved so much with home courses, while looking after kids, home and several businesses my health caused a few problems and at 1 point I was taking 2 courses and volunteering at a charity shop. (probably the reason my health wasn't great). but i wanted more out of my life, to prove to myself and the people who stuck by me through everything, that I could achieve more and here I am.

so if i can do it, i know you can do it and I'm happy to help you get there. together we will keep important solutions simple. x


what is your morning routine that fires you up in preparation for the day ahead.


RIGHT I'm pretty sure I'm about to get trolled something rotten but my ethics are no b.s. starting from the get go.

when I read blog after blog about tips and tricks to get the most out of you business. 1 thing that keeps popping up is meditation.

now before anyone has a go. I'm fine with meditation I agree it does have it's benefits and yes I've seen it work on other people but meditations is not for me .. and I know I'm not the only one.

I read blogs daily and as soon as I read meditation my brain rolls it's eyes and wonders off elsewhere. (somewhere food related I think lol)
like I said it's not for me
however I'm going to give you 5 things that I do that help me get clarity and focus and still get my me time

tip 1. get all my books for each business,
set them up in front of me, make a list of what needs to be done for each biz for the next week

tip 2. take 1 day (mine is mondays) to schedule all my fb posts for the week. go through emails deleting all the unimportant ones and starring all the ones you need to go through (tomorrow)

tip 3 take breaks (you are allowed. you don't need to get everything done in one day) prioritize do most important jobs 1st the rest will get done in due course, you have your list you won't forget.

tip 4 take the weekends off for making memories with the family. be you, a mum or daughter or friend. you was that person before you got your business so you can still be that person now (I used to be a mum who said not today sweety I'm studying or not today baby girl I've got work to catch up on. NOT ANYMORE and now I have my down time hobby too and you can to. do the thing you used to love like reading or gaming or something creative the choice is completely yours and don't feel guilty.

tip 5 put your favourite music on in your headphones it can be anything and I do mean ANYTHING. The tracks or artists that make you want to sing out loud. dance around the room like a head case as if no one's watching. (they probably will be but it will make you laugh and you never know they may join in. lol

meditation helps to relax you but so does a hot bath and a glass of wine.
music sets the endorphins out to play and I am a huge believe in the happier you are the happier your clients will be the more work will get done. (yes that is obvious I know)

mind set is key I agree but how you get your head in order is up to you.
A big part in my mindset is happiness in doing what I love and by being organised I have had more time for myself (yesterday I slept14 hours due to a migraine but all my work was done even though I wasn't around) I've managed to get a significant chunk of my studies done leaving me free tomorrow to go shopping with my daughter's and my diamond art Sunday... (my down time hobby).

be the best you. who you want to be and keep it simple to succeed (k.i.s.s)


100% agree x


Keeping Important Solutions Simple


Have you done your business plan?
Do you need help with your business plan?
Do you know why you need a business plan?
Have you started you business plan but stuck on a certain part?

Drop me a message with all your questions.

Keeping Important Solutions Simple Business and life coaching made easy

Photos from Keeping Important Solutions Simple's post 05/01/2020

To get the best out of your business, you need to invest some time in you. nothing good can be produced or it's best, if your overworked. and exhausted.



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looking for 10 lovely people who are looking to invest in their business.

Whether it be because,

* they need help putting a professional business plan together

* they have hit the hypothetical brick wall and feel stuck.

* they are looking for courses but don't know where to start.

* they may be looking for their target market, but don't know where to look.

And any other reasons.

Drop me a message and I'll be happy to help




So this is me.
I've decided it's time to get real and use my skills and qualifications that I worked so hard to get.
K.I.S.S is my Coaching Business.

I've been working hard the past 3-4 months thinking right after the wedding what do I really want for myself and for the future and my family. and why did I put all that time effort sleepless nights and tears sometimes too. if I'm not going to use it.
I thought long and hard and then was approached with an idea to run my own networking group. I thought about that idea and decided not to go through with that as I know some great networking groups that I want to be a part of in 2020.
So I was talking to my hubby and it hit me. I love helping people in life and with business planning. so looked into coaching.
I've spent days, weeks, and even the past 2 months looking into it and learning more about the world of coaching. (over 600 emails a day)
And so here I am I'm currently on a life coaching course to support my business and as some of you already know I have my HNC level 4 in Business Management.
I'm very excited about this business and cannot wait to start helping you guys with any plans you have.

So Whose Ready For 2020

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