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Good As New Body


If your plans for 2022 involve getting fit and healthy but you have no idea where to start, I can help.
The Kickstart to Healthy four week plan is designed to get you back on track with your health goals by giving you the tools and knowledge to be able to fit a healthier regime for both food & exercises into your busy lifestyle.

For this week only it’s only £97 instead of the usual price of £197! But hurry, this deal is only available until Saturday night!
Drop me a message if you want to reserve your place! Spaces are limited though!
🤩 My annual Dorset Gift guide has now been published.

🎁 It features some amazing local Dorset businesses who are offering gift vouchers for experiences this Christmas.

🌎 In a world where we are fortunate enough to have a lot of "stuff", experience vouchers are the way to go, especially when you are supporting local Dorset businesses too 👏. Take a look and see if you can get some Christmas shopping inspiration.
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A little reminder about the FABULOUS FREE PRIZE DRAW GIFTS which are being so very generously sponsored:

1 x Family Photo Shoot plus 1 FREE digital photo from Image Box Photography
1 x studio session and a free mug to paint from My Happy Sunflower
1 x Activity Pack from Sqooll
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2 x organic skin care sets (1 for boy and 1 for girl aged 5-12y/o's) from 'Luke + Lilly' ( who are just launching in Hong Kong
1 x Personal Training session from Good As New Body at either Central or Happy Valley

THANK YOU so so so SO MUCH to all our very generous sponsors, what a lovely Christmas surprise for our lucky smart shoppers! Be the first to pay your bargain entrance fee of 50HKD and get your FREE entrance into the PRIZE DRAW.... the winners? IT COULD BE YOU! :):) xx

To all our smart shoppers! Please note the date of the Christmas event has changed from Sat 7th Dec TO WEDS 4TH DEC! It will still be at 3.30-5.30pm at Brasserie de L'ile Hong Kong.

Make sure you grab your purses and your little one's, and be sure to tell all your friends about the event so that no-one misses out! What do we have in store for you:

FATHER CHRISTMAS is ready for some beard pulling and a little photo shoot of him and your little one's sponsored by the lovely ladies at Image Box Photography, a FULL HOUSE of absolute good as new bargains PLUS we have 5 FABULOUS prizes to be WON in our FREE PRIZE DRAW including:

A free family photoshoot from Image Box Photography
A My Happy Sunflower session and free paint your own mug
A Sqooll activity pack
4 healing pillows from The Healing Seed Hong Kong
2 free personal training sessions from Good As New Body (yes given by me!)

This Christmas event is simply NOT TO BE MISSED!!! See you there... Don't forget the date change, WEDS 4TH DEC at Brasserie De L'ile between 3.30-5.30pm. ###

Personal trainer and health coach for overwhelmed and busy time-poor ladies ready to finally put themselves and their health first. My PASSION is to help be YOUR MOTIVATOR so YOU can live your BEST life.

After all ladies, there is ONLY ONE of YOU...xx Having put on 31kg when I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew that there must be countless ladies who have also lost themselves in some way for various reasons, and who would need help to get them back on track to a healthier and happier life....and I knew the person to help was me! In 2012, when my daughter was 20 weeks old, I qualified as a Perso

Operating as usual

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Do share…. I would love to cheer you on!


"I believe women, who spend time outdoors have a much higher body concept than the average person. Everything in the world wants women to hate their bodies. I think outdoor activities - hiking, biking, climbing, these things we do, it actually reframes your relationship to your body around the ability to do work, instead of the aesthetic, and I believe that is an opportunity for everybody"

I wholeheartedly resonate with these words! 💗 Get yourself outdoors ladies, Spring is definitely here and Summer is on it’s way ☀️☀️☀️

Message me or jump on my website (link in bio) to see what outdoors exercise you can join myself and my lovely crew in.

Let’s let do the work, be healthy, be strong, be fit and be happy! 💪🥰❤️

Words from Anthony Taylor on the rich roll podcast.

Photos from Good As New Body's post 23/04/2022

My ‘why’ 💗

When you start a business it’s all about ‘your why’ - why you started the business, why you love what you do and what your goals are! My why is all down to this little person right here, my angel 🙌

I want to be the best Mum I can be
I want to be the best role model I can be
I want to be around for her as long as I can be
I want her to see that being fit, strong and healthy is directly linked to happiness and a healthy mindset
I want her to be body confident
I want to be there for her at school drop off, pick up and bedtime
I want her to do the things she loves
I want to be her inspiration
I want her to know that you can be what you want to be
I want her to know that if you want it, you can have it, through hard work, determination and consistency
I want her to always be true to herself
I want her to be proud to say I’m her mum

She is my world, she is my everything, she is my why 💗

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Your kind words are a reminder of why I love what I do. I am always humbled and unbelievably honoured that you pick me to be your wellness coach and personal trainer to help you get to your goals!

I always try to make the sessions as fun as possible so that you too develop a love of feeling good. If you would love to experience some of that high energy feeling that comes after one of my classes, do reach out and we can discuss which one might be the best one for you.

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Change your mind and your body and life will follow

At the start of ANY transformation I help a client with, you can tell that an internal light switch has been flicked. Your mindset towards achieving a health or fitness goal has changed. There might be a strong why linked to your reasons to start with a healthier lifestyle and its keeping that goal strong in your mind that will help you make good choices everyday.

It all starts with a good mindset, from there, your actions become intentional and you will start to see results.
When you see the results you desire, your body and your life will also change (for the best of course)

It takes so much more than fitness to be ‘fit’
It takes so much more than a number on a scale to be ‘healthy’

So if you are keen to work towards a goal, strengthen your mindset first to concrete that goal and vision. The journey along the way may get tough, but you will absolutely love the view from the top of the mountain when you finally reach your goal!

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A really healthy spot on breakfast!

Try this breakfast spinach, cucumber and blueberries.
Avocado, goats cheese and mixed seeds. Drizzled with a bit of organic honey, lemon and extra virgin olive sounds disgusting for breakfast I know, but honestly, it works!
Go on....try it!

🥑 #avocado


Brekkie in nature! Bliss 🙌 ☀️💛

Being on holiday doesn’t mean you have to drop all your healthy habits!

Yes absolutely it’s a time to let yourself go and relax, that is after all why we go on holiday, but it doesn’t mean we have to let all that hard work go for the sake a week chilling!

Try these things to help you stay on track (even slightly) and keep you feeling fabulous throughout your holiday!

☀️If on a staycation, take your own brekkie - I made a few portions of my fave apple and cacao porridge in my Thermomix to bring with me, setting me up perfectly for the chilled day ahead
☀️If sunning yourself on the Costa Del Sol make healthier food choices at the all you can eat buffet
☀️Drink plenty of water throughout the day
☀️Take your supplements and vitamins with you - I also can’t live without my daily hot water lemon and ginger as my first morning drink
☀️If you don’t feel like doing a workout, go for a walk every day to see the sights or walk the beach
☀️Keep phone usage to a minimum (have no phone times)
☀️Get a decent amount of sleep in (7-9 hours)
Rest, relax, REPEAT!

Happy Holiday’s wherever you are, enjoy every second! 🙌☀️💛

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Isn’t this what we all want? Let’s do this ladies💪🥰 ❤️

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Client wins!

Helping this client with her transformation was an absolute pleasure. She had a goal to meet and she smashed it!
Since the beginning of January, this lady had just 2 x 30 minute PT sessions with me per week. Combined with a healthy approach to her food choices also, she was able to lose the inches as well as feeling healthier, stronger and fitter.

If you have a goal you would love some assistance working towards, please drop me a line. It’s always a privilege to be part of someone’s health and fitness journey. We take things at your pace and work out a plan that’s sustainable for you so that you hit those health milestones and you develop a love of feeling healthier and fitter.

Timeline photos 17/04/2022

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and chocolate filled Easter!

Thank you as always for your amazing support so far this year and remaining as one of my loyal followers! It doesn’t go unnoticed!

Whatever you are up to, I hope that you are spending time relaxing, recharging and laughing with friends and family.

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Another week, another fabulous testimonial! Thank you ladies, I absolutely love to hear how much you enjoy the progress you make whilst coming to my classes.
Seeing you brim with confidence makes me love what I do EVEN more!


Strength training is often considered more of a past time for men. However, the reality is we can ALL benefit from it. The bonus is you don’t need to go to the gym to incorporate it into your everyday workout.

With regular strength training, (which you can do as part of one of my HIIT sessions 😉) you can seriously reduce the risk of osteoporosis and falls leading to breakages, arthritis and other joint pain.

Strength training is a MUST to increase bone density and to lubricate those joints. By strengthening the body, we reduce risk of bad backs, putting something ‘out’ and generally reducing injury to our bodies.

Adding resistance to your workouts – such as by increasing the weight of your dumbbells at home or using household items like filled water bottles to add weight to your workout – can help you tone up, burn calories, lose body fat, boost your mental health but most importantly protect your bones and joints.

If you have any questions re how to get started with strength training, please drop me a message and I would love to help

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Services I provide are:
~ Private 1-2-1 personalized HIIT/Strength training sessions - from £40 per session
- 4 week Kickstart to Healthy Living plan - for those of you who need motivation, a confidante, nutrition coaching and a workout buddy to help you get started on your health and fitness journey. This is for those who have either NEVER exercised or who have NOT EXERCISED IN A WHILE (or if you just need that kickstart to get you back on track after falling off the wagon (it happens to us all! �) - £150
~ HIIT and Strength Training sessions - Both in person at King’s Park or VIRTUAL via Zoom - choose either £5 PAYG per session or pay a monthly subscription of £39 to join ALL sessions (or as many as you want) �

Contact me via PM, email or text/What’s app for further information. Hope to see you soon xx




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