Transcend Yoga with Ash

Transcend Yoga with Ash

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with 5 years of experience teaching all levels of ability

Operating as usual


So much love for these 2 💖💖💖

Wishing our awesome friend Transcend Yoga with Ash all the luck in the world as she opens the doors to her new studio. Ruth & I are so happy for you & look forward to teaching some classes in your lovely new space. Big love little one! Son # # #


I am running some more taster classes at Revive Yoga & Wellness next week

Mon 7pm
Wed 7pm
Sat 9am

If you’d like to come along to any, drop me a message 🙏✨

Sign Up For More Info 14/05/2023

Livingston’s first hot yoga studio will be opening soon😍🙌 for more info and if you’d to secure your intro offer fill out your details here.. we can wait to welcome you🤩

Sign Up For More Info Please click the link to complete this form.


Yoga is ON today! Starting at 10am.. We will meet at the car park beside Calderwood primary school.. see you soon 😊🙏

Power Yoga Belsquarry - Booking by Bookwhen 11/04/2023

Online bookings are now available for power yoga at Bellsquarry🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ spaces are limited, book your space now🙏

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CHANGE OF LOCATION.. yoga outside will be at the grass area beside the primary school in Calderwood.. this makes it easier for people to find, get parked if driving and easier for myself for being able to bring my props with me.. hope this is convenient for everyone🙏


I always thought an advanced practice was to do more harder postures, to get on my mat more, to breathe more, I chased more and more became burnout.. then I was forced to sit with myself which I could barely do for 2 minutes.. with practice and dedication to learning what is advanced yoga.. I have learned and am still learning that an advanced practice is a simple practice.. to do less, to be okay with doing less, to put less stress on my body, less pressure on myself, less need to perform all the hard postures.. with yoga we are aiming to cease the mind chatter, to stop suffering and connect to our truth, to do this we need to allow time to sit with ourselves in stillness instead filling up our time with doing more, to realise we are enough, we don’t need more to be better, we need less external distractions to remind us who we are especially if we were to remove our physical body. Right now my advanced practice is learning to be okay with the nothingness that allows me to be more, how about you? 🙏


No yoga in Calderwood today as it’s too wet unfortunately☹️ fingers crossed for next week🙏



Due to popular demand we have a new yoga class throughout spring and summer🙌

Join me in Calderwood at field beside the primary school on Saturday (weather dependent) starting on April the 1st at 10am. This will be a 45 min flow class welcoming all levels of practitioners and payg £5.. if you have any questions or would like more info send me a message.. I look forward to practicing with you🙏


Today marks 6 years since my feet met the yoga mat🧘‍♀️ there has been so many highs and so many lows and so many questions, but one thing for sure is that the practice is transformational.. The oracle card I pulled today read “Your intellect and courage glistens in your eyes. You have a radiant glow to you that reflects your passion within. You are on this planet for a reason and are deeply committed to your purpose. You carry a spark of energy that uplifts those around you and are a natural-born leader. As a warrior of love, you are committed to raising the vibration of this planet. By being your highest self and committing to your truth, you are encourage others to do the same. Continue sharing your spark with others who have lost theirs.” I knew the day I stepped on the mat was the day I stepped into my purpose.. thank you to everyone who has and still shares the practice of yoga with me and for my teacher who taught me my first class and who continues to guide me to be the best truest version of myself🙏



It’s that time of year where the mornings are brighter, the days are getting longer and the air is warmer.. which brings us to the celebration of Spring. What better way to do this than to practice 108 sun salutations. 108 being a sacred number in the yogic tradition. Ash and Rachel will guide you through this meditative practice that connects mind and body to the universe and changes in nature. This is the perfect opportunity for you to let go of the old, awaken your senses, feel refreshed, renewed and inspired.

This workshop is suitable for all levels. modifications and adjustments will be given and you are highly encouraged to go at your own pace. We will start with a short awakening flow and end with restorative postures and deep relaxation for a well balanced practice. To book your space or have any question, direct message either Ash or Rachel.. We are super excited to share our first collaboration workshop with you.

Saturday 25th March
10am -12pm
Donation class.. pay what you can
Pure Gym Livingston (non-members welcome)


Props are your friends🤝
I love using props in class weather that’s using blocks, or straps.. not only can they make yoga poses more accessible but they can also help in promoting strengthening your body, enhancing your practice wherever stage your at.. for instance in king dancers pose you may be unable to take hold of the foot so without the strap be unable to get a feel for the pose and the benefits.. on the other hand you may be able to hold the foot but collapse in your lower back and lose muscular engagement.. in either one, the use of the strap allows you to work on strengthening the legs and spinal extensors whilst inviting an opening in the chest, shoulders and hip flexor of the back leg which feels so much better trust me! Yoga props can and will transform your practice.. try not to let the ego get in the way of thinking you don’t need one.. have a go and see how it feels🧘‍♀️



Starting on Monday 10th of April I will be running a weekly power yoga class at belsquarry village hall.. all levels are welcome, don’t let the power aspect put you off.. I will offer plenty of options and modifications.. you are encouraged as always to make your practice work for your body🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

To secure your spot or for more information, direct message me, I look forward to practicing with you🙏


Yoga classes starting from Monday 13th March..

Monday 6.15am
Wednesday 7pm

Book via the app or get in touch.. I look forward to practicing with you again🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️


Book classes through the app or get in touch🙏

.yoga.ash is now back on the timetable here at Livingston! Ashleigh’s classes are now live on the timetable to book. Week commencing 13th of March. Times below…

Monday morning @ 6.15am to 7am
Wednesday night @ 7pm to 7.45pm

Looking forward to seeing you all there 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️


Apologies in advanced for the long-winded post.. unfortunately the yoga studio manager job I had accepted fell through.. in all honestly I don’t even know if it’s still opening however I couldn’t wait about any longer as it was affecting my mental health more than I’d like to admit.. it is very unfortunate as I know many people who follow and have practiced with me were waiting as long as me, it was the dream! But it’s given me a chance to step back, evaluate and decide what’s next.. the beginning of Transcend Yoga.. the name is inspired from using grit, determination and discipline to turn the tough moments in life and limiting beliefs into power, strength and resilience. That knowing of being worthy and enough! I want to thank everyone who supports me in what I do, for all your amazing feedback in how yoga has impacted your life.. this is what keeps me going.. I had so many thoughts on giving up teaching but you help keep the dream alive.. I was asked what I was looking most forward to about the new job and it would have been a great learning experience but the biggest thing for me is sharing the practice of yoga as it really does change your life.. so that brings me on to setting up classes within West Lothian and offerings from my home yoga room sharing my passion and purpose.. I have a few new classes set up which I will share with you very soon, a big thanks to those who have helped to set these up, I wouldn’t be here without you. It felt like I was back at the start but in fact this time there are less ripples in the water and my vision is clear.. you don’t need a fancy studio to practice and teach yoga although never say never😜


I am looking to start up more yoga classes in West Lothian area.. I live in Calderwood so anywhere close would be ideal but willing to travel.. if you know of any venues to hire or gyms looking to put on more yoga classes please get in touch🙏


No broken wrist will keep me away for long😆 thank you for all your kind messages and to Rachel for stepping in whilst I recovered💖 excited to be back teaching next week💪🙏

Woohoooooo! She’s back! Normal service can resume on Tuesday evenings now that Ash will be back on her mat at the studio. If you’re not already booked in then grab your space now. 💕



Would you love to be able to arm balances but aren't sure where to start, does fear hold you back or do you convince yourself you're not strong enough? Whatever holds you back I can help you find your wings and fly..

“You do not wake up and become a butterfly, growth is a process”
Rupi Kaur

Click on the link to book your space


My first of many workshops😍.. come fly with me🦋

Something a little different for next month.

Are you frightened of arm balances but would love to be able to do them? Or maybe you can lift into a balance but can’t hold it. Whether it’s your mind or your body holding you back, Ash can help you find your wings.

“You do not wake up and become a butterfly, growth is a process”
Rupi Kaur

Click on the link to book your space


The yoga pose is not the goal.. The goal is to create space where you once were stuck. To break down the walls you built around your heart. To detach from the mind chatter that tries to convince you that you're not enough.. To make peace with who you truly are.. The goal is to love.. when you love the body starts to respond and open🦋


Reclaim your power, do the things that scare you to set yourself free from the fear🦋.

Last night was the first yoga class at and what a pleasure it was to guide everyone through their practice.. we flew and we fell. Most importantly we picked ourselves back up.. the beauty of practice!

You can find me here ever Monday night at 7pm and Thursday at 8pm.. book your space via the euphoric app.. spaces have been filling super fast so you gotta be quick⚡️


If you are looking for someone to inspire you, to motivate you, to love you and make you happy.. the person you are looking for is yourself🦋.


Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier to start your day with a grateful heart, a positive mindset and clear intentions.. if and when it gets tough, come back to your affirmation🦋.

Photos from Transcend Yoga with Ash's post 19/04/2022

So thought it was time I reintroduced myself and what I do🙋‍♀️

Hi, I'm Ash.. a lover of movement.. I've been teaching yoga since Nov 2018.. I specialise in Power Vinyasa which is a dynamic style of practice which helps to develop muscular endurance along with improving mobility. I have also been lifting weights on and off for 7 years.. After batteling with an eating disorder for 10 years I decided to take control and build myself back up from nothing. With this came a lot of mental strength, clarity and purpose.. that is to help others to flourish and live their fullest life.. my journey lead me down the path of becoming a personal trainer. I've only been in the business a very short time but already I've gotten to work with amazing people who continously show up for themselves, do the work and have already seen positive changes not only in their bodies but their mindset and energy levels whilst enjoying life without restrictions. Not only do I offer 121 personal training, I have been carrying out 121 yoga sessions for those wanting to improve mobility for their lifts, to gain confidence before joining a class or for a little bit of mindfulness. I'm based at xercise4less in Livingston, I offer free consultation and a taster session to see if we are the right fit.. pop in to the club or message me directly for a chat🙏💪.


Why you should incorporate resistance training into your workout routine:

💫 It strengthens your muscles, bones and joints which benefits performance of everyday tasks and helps to prevent injuries while doing so.

💫 It improve body composition (muscle to fat ratio) helping to sculpt a body that you feel confident in.

💫Your metabolic rate increases meaning that you are burning more calories at rest as muscle uses up more energy than fat.

💫 It can help to strengthen your mind preparing you for life stresses. That feeling when you reach a goal you've set for yourself, can make you feel like you can do anything (which proves that you can).

💫Allows you to be in the present moment with your body, your strength, your drive, willpower and determination.

💫A personal one- as a yoga teacher and student, I've seen huge strength benefits when moving through physical yoga practices and believe that resistance training compliments it so well vice versa.

If you're interested in getting started on building up your strength and not sure where to start, send me over a DM and let's have a chat!


The ripple effect🌊.

All it takes is one thought, one decision, one action for you to completely change your story. Whatever it is you wish to achieve make one small adjustment to start and what you might find is that this one thing has a ripple effect into other aspects of your life.

For example.. for a long time I felt down even when doing the things I thought would make me happy. What did I do? I started writing down 3 gratitudes everyday. This allowed me to start my day acknowledging things I had stopped noticing the big and small, things i am lucky to have. It allowed me to start my day with positivity. Over-time this positivity has started to ripple into my relationship with others, my work, the way I view the world and myself. This small action has only invited in more beauty, people, places, opportunities and experiences.

Need some guidance to get started on achieving your goals and living your fullest life? Send me a dm🦋


This weekend at xercise4less in Livingston, we are offering free yoga for everyone.. members and non-members of the gym.. our yoga classes have became super popular over the last couple of months and we'd love for you to come and see why.. we have 5 teachers each offering a unique yoga experience over the course of 2 days as follows..

Saturday 19th March.
11-11.45am- Flow Yoga with Pia.
12-1pm- Yoga for Sports with Ruth.

Sunday 20th March.
9.15-10.45am- 108 Sun Salutations with Ash.
11-11.45am- Hatha Yoga with Rebecca.
12-1.30pm- Seasonal Yoga and Yoga Nidra with Tracy.

You dont need to book.. just show up and we'll get you set up from there.. There are mats in the gym but you may wish to bring your own, along with some water, a towel, friends, family and yourself! We look forward to seeing you🙏.. any questions please get in touch💫.


Say hi to Xercise4less Livingston's new in house Personal Trainer😆.. its been a journey full of highs and lows up until this point, just riding with the waves of life but couldn't be happier.. I'm soooo excited for this new adventure💛.



The thing I love most about power yoga is the way it makes me feel on the inside and out. I feel empowered and free from the mind chatter that holds me back. The physical challenges leaves me wanting more and when I achieve some of my physical goals I feel a sense of achievement. The mental strength I build makes me feel strong enough to face anything life throws my way. This is what drew me to do my training in power yoga. I wanted to help people experience what I do everytime I step on my mat.. strong as hell! When teaching I like to add strength drills along side meditative flows which help not only strengthen and open the body but get you connected deeper to your body and breath. In each class, I offer you to set an intention and tend to introduce some philosophy that you can perhaps learn from and not only use on the mat but take into your every day life. I offer alignment in which helps to keep you safe but I'm a firm believer in moving in a way that feels right for YOUR BODY! The practice is what you make of it.. the harder options don't make you more advanced, just like modifying doesn't make you any less! Strength comes from stepping on your mat or even making those life adjustments you've been meaning to make for some time. We all have that power, never be scared to step into yours💥


14 days and counting until yoga classes can return🙌💫. My teaching timetable will be as follows week beginning 17th May..

Mon- 6.30am (cover) & 7pm.
Wed- 6.30am & 9.30am.
Thurs- 7pm.

Pure Gym Livingston.
Mon- 12pm.
Fri- 12pm.
Sat- 11am.

I'm so excited to be back and to see you all very soon💖


Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you💫 Got some exciting announcements coming soon, keep your 👀 peeled. Tbt to my favourite past time💖


Brighter days are coming🌞 and I'm ready. I have that same fire in my belly and passion in my heart from the first time I stepped onto my mat 4 years ago. The moment that changed my life as I stepped into my power. Counting down the days until I can teach and guide you in person💛


Flow yogis.. would you like Wednesday 7pm flow to be 6pm instead?🙏


Online zoom class timetable week beginning 18th January🙏💖

Mon 7pm- Power Vinyasa
Wed 7pm- Vinyasa Flow
Sat 11am- Power Vinyasa
Sun 11am- Vinyasa Flow

Book your space now



What an epic way to start the weekend🙌 feel so grateful for so many of you joining me this morning💖💥 awesome work, let's keep it up..

Love and light,
Ash x

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The yoga pose is not the goal.. The goal is to create space where you once were stuck. To break down the walls you built...
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